Pls suggest a good free iPage web hosting can run wordpress?

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Got a question... Pls suggest a good free iPage web hosting can run wordpress? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... I've been banging my head against this problem for over an hour now, and I'm struggling to see what the problem is, let alone a solution..

The problem seems to be related to the 'Main Title Graphic' code, specifically the colspan property..

If you change the colspan property to 1 (and shrink emove the title graphic since it will no longer fit in the cell) everything works perfectly..

But as soon as colspan is set to 4 to stretch it across the page everything brakes down..

Thanks for the help...and for not laughing at me if the solution is too simple..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Stupidly enough, that was the problem..


Is an example of what the page is supposed to look like..

The problem was that I needed 6 rows for the design, but because of my rowspan\colspan set-up I only ended up having 4. Hence, everything brakes..

To fix this I just placed a row with 6 columns across the bottom (There along the top in the above example, and are used to mark out where each colmn starts)..

Not the ideal solution, but I'm can't think of any other way around it..

Slightly OT: Why place your table cells all on one line? It is easier to read if you split them up...

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Why place your table cells all on one line? It is easier to read if you split them up.


Code that has the.


Stuff spread over several lines of code often seems to have some odd extra 1-pixel spaces between the elements inside that cell, or other such sizing, padding and border problems, in.



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Why do that? just take the rowspan out and the colgroups out...

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What do you mean? If I removed the colspan in the title it wouldn't stretch past the borders, and if I removed the colgroups, all the dimensions would be off..

What am I missing?..

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You don't need colgroups to do a table. you can set the size in the cell itself. just have to work at it...

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But even if you set the width of the cells individually, all the cells in a row have to be the same width, don't they?..

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As long as all the cells equal up to 100% of the total width of the users resolution then they can be any size you want...

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Hmmm, I'm using a table width="750"...Is it possible if your specifying a width?..

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If you don't use a width like that then it will go by the users resolution. if you do use a set width then it has to be that big...

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I can't seem to create a table without having the rows share cell widths..

Do you have an example of this?..

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What do you mean? you don't know how to do a simple table?.

That is each cell will take half the page...

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Yes, that makes sense and works properly, but if you do something like this:.

The system breaks down some...

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I only said to get rid of rowspan NOT colspan. you have to use colspan on the last row if you want that row to fill 3 cells...

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Ah, yes, so you did. My mistake..

Excuse my persistence in not following the play, but how would you create a table like this:.

...without using rowspan? If I can't use rowspan itself, I need an alternative to use for my borders and menu...

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Well if you don't use 2 table (nested tables) then you dno't have a choice to use rowspan. nothing wrong with it the way you are using it but the other way was...

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Ok, I think I get you.....

Going back to the original design, I want to do something like.



(I kept the the colgroups, since I prefere them to setting cell widths individually.)..

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