Poll: Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem? Why?

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First of all Poll: Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem? Why? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: I'm back from the Y, tired. Had a big salad and pudding before I left. Would want to go to bed, but since it is a RULE that I have to eat everything...I have meatloaf and potatoes entree, bunch of stir-fried peppers and onions and a damn extra protein (for lifting, counselor said to). Plate is full. HAve to eat that all..

I can't beleive I keep losing when I stuff my gullet like this..

Peppers and onions taste interesting. Had some different chili peppers in there (sans seeds). Kinda cool. Hot and half burnt. I was in a hurry to cook...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

That's late for eating a heavy meal. If you're still losing weight doing that or if it's an occasional occurrence then okay but if you stop losing weight that could be a contributing factor. Like Gordon said, skipping a meal when you don't feel like eating is okay in the grand scheme of things. It's when you are constantly undereating (or overeating) that problems arise. Good for you to hit the gym, however. Keep doing that...

Comment #2

As long as you keep losing, that will answer your "over eating." Keep stuffing your face!.

Can you imagine all of the calories you had to be eating before. All the bad calories also! Just saying!..

Comment #3

I would rather skip than go to bed on a full stomach (acid reflux). Just jump right back on in the morning...

Comment #4

I find that nowadays, I no longer get bad feelings from food in the tummy when sleeping. I can even exercise more now on a full tummy..

I will think about excising non-desired food if I start stalling out. For now, am just mechanically working the plan. It seems to be working for me. And I never go off plan. I guess I could work on life balance to try to schedule time better...

Comment #5

Same thing here. If fact I think that may be what got me restarted earlier this year. I was shovelling in things like Gaviscon and Zantac at my pre Nutrisystem levels...

Comment #6

Our household consumption of Tums dropped to zero 8 months ago when Nancy and I started NS. Another seldom-reported NSV!.


Comment #7

I take Omeprazole everyday. My reflux was so bad I had to sleep sitting up until I started on Protein Pump Inhibitors like Prevacid and Omeprazole. I'm afraid, really afraid to stop taking it...

Comment #8

Yeah, but I know the gas level only shifted to a different output location!..

Comment #9

I would bet you money that you would be able to come off of that stuff! Acid reflex is a direct link to the foods you are eating. I had it once and changed my diet and it immediately went away!..

Comment #10

Not entirely true - other factors can contribute. A friend of mine suffers from acid reflux, and while it's worse after eating certain foods, the only way she can avoid it is via medication. That said, I take FAR less antacids than I used to - from one or two a day to less than one a month..

As for the OP, be a man and control your schedule. Don't want to deal with eating so much late in the day? Eat it earlier...

Comment #11

I figured I was being a man by still getting it eaten. Whiney man, maybe. But still accomplishing the mission...

Comment #12

2200. Eating romaine lettuce, diced apple, FF ranch, walnuts (fat). Had corn on cob. Still need to eat an entree and 1-2 non-fruit veggies. Started a foodie thread on it..

Really getting behind. Y is a real appetite suppressant. Feel like I should eat though as I don't cheat (may be a cause-effect relation there) and I want lifiting to be healthy..

Tired. Whiney. unmanly. Still have cherimoya to use up...

Comment #13

Speaking of unforseen benefits on nutrisystem (or I should say sensible eating), I dont know what it was that was doing it to me, but I use to go through a lot of exedrine for head aches. I'd get head aches maybe every other day..

Knock on wood, Ive only had to take exedrine once or twice since starting nutri, month and a half now..

Not feeling hungry, following the program to a tee. Spaceing out the food really keeps the cravings away..

Only thing I am not doing, is increaseing my excersise. I have gone from 255 to 236 so far. Yes, I should increase my excercise.. I know.......

I'm just happy I'm loseing by just following the plan and very light excersise (walking the dog, yard work, etc)..

Have others reach goal with only light excercise? Just curious. I kind of would like to lose more fat before thinking about weights and all that..

Edit: I forgot about something, and I need to keep it real or i'll jinx myself.. I did eat out at Outback Steakhouse (anhi tuna for a starter. steak and shrimp for the main) a couple nights ago, and the day before that had 3 beers. As well as I can remember, those are the only fallin off the horse ive done..

But hey, whats wrong with one cheat meal once a month...

Comment #14

Diet (non-cheating) is way more important than exercise or water. You will be fine..

You have similar loss to me. Keep it up. What is your goal? Height?..

Comment #15

Height is 5'10'' and goal is 185. I was always big framed/broad shouldered and dont think i'd even want to be under 185. My weight was always very evenly distributed, and I did not really start looking "fat" untill well past 200..

It will be a happy day when I get below 200 again. But I think 185 is the weight i'd like to maintain at. Maybe transform some of the chunk at 185 to muscle mass..

Seems 2 or 3 lbs per week is what should be expected and desired? Seems thats how it's been so far for me. I just hope the loss stays steady and I do not get stuck somewhere in the 220s...

Comment #16

Because of a back injury, I have only been able to do light excercising. I have reach Maintanance that way. However, as the weight came off, my back hurt less and I have been able to do more. Another NSV..

Comment #17

There is a huge variation in loss rates between individuals. "Results Not Typical" is not just a cop-out by NS. If I stay 100%, I can count on 3-4/week. My wife is happy with 1, and she's a lot more faithful to the plan than I. Some guys can count on more, some guys less. No foul.

This is a long way of saying that 2-3/week is very good. That will give you 10/month, which is considered a "healthy" rate (whatever that's supposed to mean). That was my loss rate over most of my time from start to goal, which allowed me some "deviations" along the way..


Comment #18

I have been about 10/month but am not as big as some of the fellows here. I think I will start losing at a slower rate soon, but that is fine...

Comment #19


From your posts, you seem to be a very focused individual and are staying on-plan with a vengeance. Way to go! As long as you continue, you'll keep losing. Just don't expect a perfectly straight-line rate or get thrown by a slow-down or stall. They happen, I don't know why. I deviated fairly often, then stayed strict just enough to get my 10 lbs. every month, so I guess I was lucky to have that wiggle room.

There are a lot of other variables too. Your dedicated approach certainly seems to be working! Keep it up!.


Comment #20

I have to call foul on this idea you have that water is not all that important. nothing could be further from the truth. Water is every bit as important as the food..

And lose the word "diet" it has a negative connotation for some. You are either on-plan or you're not. This is a way of life for many of us here...

Comment #21

Damon: Let's have a slap fight (kidding). I call BS on the idea that drinking some extra water makes up for pizza eating. It's nothing against you...just an intellectual point..

I can follow Nutrisystem and ROCK the house, if I NEVER CHEAT, but don't even pay any attention to water versus someone else falling off the wagon a lot and making up with extra water. There ain't enough in the tap to make up for that slice of Domino's. Much less the whole pie!.

I agree with your point about the word "diet" and take a similar attitude. It is much more of a regimine or a lifestyle. That is a strength of the system as it promotes adherance with less willpower needed. However, physically what makes people lose weight is calorie deficit. The key to this "diet" is not some special magic fatburning, but that it is a sustainable system that reduces cravings.*.

Gordon: You rocked the house. I'm proud of you. I'm sure some amount of cheating is allowable (it's just physics...figure out some average calorie load). I have a lot of sympathy for your "life is too short for FF sour cream attitude"..

That said, I just think this thing is easier (for me) to follow at 100%. If I allowed myself lapses, I would screw up. I just know it. I would not lose weight. I would give up. And I would be one more guy who dissapears from the boards..

*Big salads, big salads, big salads. Big mother of king (FIFM) salad!..

Comment #22

No one said drinking large amounts of water makes up for eating pizza. That came from your own warped mind, so you're calling BS on yourself. If you're going to make an intellectual point then it should be intelligent. If you don't want to drink the water fine, but your losing will slow down when your liver has to start doing the kidney's job. I posted the reasons why water is so important..

Ps. I don't slap, I don't cut, hell I don't even shoot, I pour gasoline all over you and set your a$$ on fire, and laugh. Stop trying to correct your elders and drink the friggin water!..

Comment #23

About big fooking salads.... I got tired of cold lettace fast. Ive found "fried" (not in oil, just some water and the frying pan are enough) cabbage, steamed brussle sprouts, and steamed mushrooms are my best friends..

If any of you get tired of lettace... take a head of cabbage, slice off some of it and lay it flat in a frying pan with some water. Cook till you see some brown on it and the water is gone (flip it over once, maybe add a tad more water). This is all covered of course. Taste good~..

Comment #24

That does sound good. Try using Crisco fat free zero calorie butter flavored cooking spray. Looks like this. Great for anything you saute'. Veggies, Mushrooms, whatever...

Comment #25

Got cooked veggies and entree and bread eaten. Doing ok on schedule. Still need to do my Y time and eat a huge salad and dessert. Nother 2200 meal, but not 2300, and smaller...

Comment #26

Very cool! Is 2200 high? Or is that what the Counselor said? I'm not that active now. My knees have put a slowdown on the walking and I'm back in a knee brace for the time being. So, I've cut my intake..

You're doing great, Drink your water...

Comment #27

I meant hours. My xtra addins are about 200 cals on top of the basic 1500 cals. Gotta jet...

Comment #28

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