Port 80 redirect on yahoo Godaddy domain names?
First off, Port 80 redirect on yahoo Godaddy domain names? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question... Does a typo have to be a .com or can you make money from .net and .info typo's..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can help you..

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Thanks guys.

If both were available would you buy both just the .com or would you get the same amount of traffic from a .info. A .info is alot cheaper to buy so if it got the same traffic that would be better?..

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Typos can be anything but the popular ones are .coms..

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Nope. depends on what typo you are aiming for. and ccTLD's are also an option..

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Would you make the same sort of money from a cheaper .info typo or does the .com generate more..

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From my experience, a dot com typo with a certain ovt will receive more traffic than another tld with the same ovt score...cctlds are significantly lower in some cases from what I have seen...for example, a dot com with ovt score of 30 will generally receive more traffic/revenu than a dot us or dot ca or whatever with ovt of 30.....

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I'd like to change my mind that dotcom typo is the best one that will have most traffic than other extensions!..

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3 weeks into the game and I've learned my lessons about typos. I'd search for a popular .COM and register a typo based on it, i.e. you expect where they'd go after typing in the wrong address..

For example, for

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Make it .COM by default. Then if other typos are already taken, then that's the time to shift to the other extensions...

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I don't think that it is a good idea to concentrate on .com. Most of the good ones I find aren't .coms. They convert the same and they are easier to find. Too many people trying to find .coms...

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I've got a few .info typos which actually get some traffic. Typos are universal.


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Well, if there is big GoDaddy site with .info or .net domain, then you could get some hits, but I guess doesn't get very many visits...

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Agreed. This typo was for some Quentin Tarantino site, heh...

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Well I dont think that necessarly has to be a .COM but it sure is better..

- SW..

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One of the biggest sites for traffic on the net is or net..

I have Galleries listed there that eat around 50 gigs of BW a day.. used to get great traffic from typos as the n is right under the h....

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I have a .net mistype that does ok in sedo, admittedly it's a 5 letter domain, using a very popular (adult) term..Certainly a keeper, but I think this would be rare, like most people have stated, 90% would be .coms. In terms of securing mistypes, it's best to keep up to date on the news and watch sites grow alongside topical news. Mistypes from very well known websites are basically all gone, or will cost you a pretty penny to buy..

Read up on the latest trends...look at the sites bringing news and views on those trends/topics, and take a stab on the ones you think will be popular..keeping in mind length of domain, and complexity..short .coms with easily mistyped domains...

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If it has good keywords, it won't matter whether it's a .net or anything else...

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For example. is gone is it worth buying or would all the typo traffic go the the .com..

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