Pre-diabetic and looking for info on the Medifast Diet.?

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My first question is Pre-diabetic and looking for info on the Medifast Diet.? Hoping for any comment. My 2nd question... WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!.

Old intro thread:.

New intro thread:..

Comment #2


Diana, how are you doing??? is your DH following surgery???..

Comment #3

Hey everyone! Sorry I dropped off the face of the earth for a bit!.

I'm back though and realizing now, more than ever, how much I need this group and my medifast family to help me stay on track and healthy! thanks everyone!.

How is everyone doing with their weight loss?..

Comment #4

Monday already? How'd that happen?.

Happy OP Monday, everyone..


Comment #5

Hi all, I am back from my cruise, WOW I am TIRED. I will get back on track by tomorrow. I am planning and preparing today so I might not be at 100%, but my head is back in the game!!!.

Hope you have a great day!..

Comment #6

Just a quick fly-by. Thought I would leave my stats for the week..

Op 7.

Water 7.

Exercise 7.

Weight 127..

Comment #7

I am going to work on stats tonight..

DH is off to yet another meeting and my dinner is in my crockpot, hopefully not burned. DH was supposed to keep an eye on it, but he's cooking impaired and proud of it. I tried out a chicken chili recipe that you make in the crock pot....we'll see..

My stats for the week:.

OP: 7.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 2.

Weight - down a mere .4. I guess I'll have to fess up and update my ticker. Haven't caught up, er down, to it as quickly as I had hoped..

I'm still at work and want to get out of here, but first....


, thanks for getting us started and the lovely graphics. You always find the best!.


, Welcome back!! GREAT new av!!!!.


- nice to see you checking in.

Welcome back.


Hi Dee, Hi Kitty..

OK, I'm going home...CU later!..

Comment #8

Happy Monday everyone! A busy, hectic day here. If you haven't already seen it, I blogged yesterday. You may enjoy it..

This weeks stats:.

On plan 7/7.

Water 7/7.

Exercise 6/7 over 220 minutes.

Loving all those 7 days on plans up there!!!!! This is what we want to see..

Diana, I hope all is going well with your family..

Dee, good to see you pop in here. Hope maintenance.....oh yeah......another crew member in transition and going well..

Melissa, looks like you had a great week. Don't forget a rest day. Muscles need to repair themselves. My running is coming along well. Already back over the 5K distance. I am trying for 10K, but that is so boring on the treadmill.

Jan, ticker is moving in the right direction now. That's what matters..

Sherry, the cruise pictures looked great!.

Have a great day one and all!..

Comment #9

Why should I stay on plan? Or at least why should I stay in ketosis? Or why is it so hard to get back on plan when you go off of plan?.

It is all because of carbohydrates and the effect they have on your brain..

Today in anatomy class, we were talking about serotonin. One of the things that affects serotonin is intake of carbohydrates. Basically, carbohydrates increase the release of serotonin. Serotonin is a "feel good" neurotransmitter. While carbs increase the release of serotonin, protein has no effect..

"serotonin release is also involved in such functions as sleep onset, pain sensitivity, blood pressure regulation, and control of the mood. Hence many patients learn to overeat carbohydrates (particularly snack foods, like potato chips or pastries, which are rich in carbohydrates and fats) to make themselves feel better. This tendency to use certain foods as though they were drugs is a frequent cause of weight gain, and can also be seen in patients who become fat when exposed to stress, or in women with premenstrual syndrome, or in patients with "winter depression," or in people who are attempting to give up smoking.".

From Obes Res. 1995 Nov;3 Suppl 4:477S-480S..

Brain serotonin, carbohydrate-craving, obesity and depression..

Wurtman RJ, Wurtman JJ..

Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Clinical Research Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge 02139, USA..


So even science research supports the fact that we need to break the carb cycle to be successful..


I know you were reading the Kessler book "The End of Overeating". He talks about the science of "layered" food. Sugar, fat and salt. The sugar and fat really do make us feel better and fuel a cycle. Kessler says, to be successful, we have to break that cycle..

To make breaking that cycle easier, staying on plan with Medifast puts us in ketosis and helps us to break that cycle...

Comment #10

Morning, Crew!.

Well, I should know better than to plan my evening from work at 6 o'clock. By the time I got home, had my chicken slop (pretty good, a little overcooked perhaps) and got logged on, I was overtaken by events. My sister Skyped me, DH got home, and the night was done! Never even got my thumb drive out of my bag.

I'm off to a specialist about a lump on my face. The dentist sent me, of all people. It wasn't there last fall when I went to the dermatologist for a whole-body check. I think it's just part of the aging process...DH has one, but best to see what it is..

Which means, I get to go to the backup center instead of HQ.


- You look FABULOUS in your cruise pic - is that your avi? You're steering that ship straight to goal! Won't be long now....


- thanks for more words of wisdom. Gotta love the science teacher! Your persistent support keeps me going. Yes, the scale is moving in the right direction....4 lbs.


2 sticks of butter, after all..

Gotta do my paperwork for the doctor..

Have a FABULOUS OP Day!!..

Comment #11

Barb: cycle broken, thank heavens!.

Fish gotta swim, and she did! Look at my ticker - I'm out of the 170's!!!.


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no..

Comment #12

Morning Crew. I am back with both feet on the ground. OP today and getting ready to have some Medifast chili and some salad for lunch. I must admit I miss Medifast food after a few off plan meals. Nothing is as satisfying as Medifast meals. I will weigh in on Friday and see what damage I may have caused.

The food on the cruise wasn't really all that good..

Kitty, You go girl!!!!!.

Thanks for the compliments on the pictures. I used to avoid all camera BIG TIME. Now, it is nice to dress up and have a nice picture taken. There were so many photo stops set up on the boat. I just stopped at a bunch of them and picked out a few favorites. Wish I could have kept a few more bnut they were very $$$.

We don't have any professional pictures together..

Diana, Did I miss the results while I was gone?.

Hope you are all well...

Comment #13

Dang Sherry, nice pic!!! Glad you had fun on your cruise. And I know what you mean about the food not being that great. And about missing your Medifast stuff. Great to have you back..

Hi Barb. Thanks for the reminder about Carbs. They are vicious little things that derail me regularly..

Hi Kitty. Look at you go. A new decade to swim through. Imagine yourself in the 50's???? Soon, I hope..

Hi Melissa, Hi Jan. Hi to the whole crew. Thanks to everyone who posts successes and failures here. They are appreciated and provide inspiration for the rest of us..


Comment #14

Hi everyone! Snow on it's way...again. Well so far not as much as last year. Just seems colder. I am glad I'm not in Maine right now!.


On plan: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

Water: Yes.


On plan: Yes.

Exercise: Yes, but only 20 minutes of abs, backside and arms.

Water: Yes.


I am with you about pictures. Almost like there were 30 lost years..


I am here for you!.


I hope to someday get those carbs in line forever..


Get that guest room ready, I am on my way south. Time to thaw! The only problem is that I am afraid I can't get out of PA with the oncoming stomr. UGH..

Have a great evening all!..

Comment #15


- WTG!! A new decade!!! You're melting your way to goal!!.


- We haven't had the snow, but it continues to be.


DH likes to say "Colder than a well-diggers a** in the Klondike".

That about sums it up for me..

Waving to Diana, Christine, Sherry, Melissa & the rest of the crew....where is everyone??..

Comment #16

Hi crew! Just a quickie from Austin, tx. DH has a conference this week and I am enjoying the 56degrees and no boots and scarves....

I left for Chicago on Thursday and we returned on Sunday. Saw the kids and our friends' got married. Lots of fun with great friends. Then I woke up in the night sunday with a touch of flu! Despite the flu shot, I think this nagging bronchitis made me vulnerable. DH flew out last night and I had to reschedule to today. Spent all day yesterday in bed..

Got to the airport at 6:30 this morning, just in time for security lockdown due to a suspicious package in a plane in the concourse I was in. Ugh!! We departed at 11:30. Long morning, got here at 3:00. Anyway, pooped and will catch up when I get back on friday..

Stay warm all! JAN, that 30 degrees this a m was downright balmy! Chicago was Brutal this weekend. Brrr..

Happy week everyone. Miss you all..


Comment #17

Hi everybody! I have been catching up with the last weeks posts and this new one. My life is just so busy right now that before I know it a couple weeks pass and I havent posted.....

My daughter broke 4 bones in her ankle kind of covering all sides, she has a large plate going up the outer bone, a plate on the inner side, screws galore.

Right now she cant put any weight on it at all but they said that by week 5 she will be in a boot walker and start to learn to get around again. I will be glad to see that day. we got her a wheel chair to get around a little easier. some days she says she is just sick of the constant pain, I think I would be too..

I ordered more food so I can get back on plan. I am even having trouble exercising lately. I am still in school and at least gives me something each day to look forward to. Yes, it has been that kind of week.

So my little goal for this week until my food gets here is to get back to exercise. we go a spinner bike which I enjoy but it only works the legs so I do it just to burn calories. I am going to get back to leslie too....unmotivated for sure..

Sherry that is a great pic of you. glad you had a good time on your cruise..

Barb I am so glad the mileage is coming back for you. I know it is so important to you.....

Jan, we will get back into the swing of things.... really it will happen.

Christine, I just noticed your avi.... that is cute..

Debbie, I am so green with envy... you travel alot and I just love to travel too. It is nice to hear about your adventures..

I am home for the day. Kind of under the weather a bit so I am going to lay down. I hope you all have a great day..


Comment #18


I am happy that you are doing so well. I have been thinking about you and your success lately. It will just continue to be great for you. I cant run but I enjoy hearing about you and barb and your running. It is motivating for sure to see such success..

Off to bed now, I am sick....


Comment #19


Oh no!!! I hope your daughter is okay and that the pian subsides soon!! Good job getting back on plan!.

Everyone else.

How is your week going so far?.

I weighed in this morning, brining my weight loss for.

Three weeks.

To a total of.

12.9 pounds!!!!!.

Wooohoo! needless to say, I'm thrilled. Oh how I missed happy I am back!..

Comment #20

This is how you know you are a runner. There is a big storm headed your way. You decide to go into work early (5:30 am) so you can get your scheduled run in (because you are too cheap to buy a treadmill for home when you have one at school) before your AP Biology coffee club at 7 and your meeting with your grad student at 7:30. You pull out of the garage and notice that it is really snowing. Like, cancel school snowing. You go anyway, because the run is the most important thing.

But I got my run in!..

Comment #21

Happy Wednesday everyone. I'm off early due to snow. Lots of snow. More on it's way. Of course I have a facial scheduled for tonight which will probably be cancelled. UGH..

Hey Bobbi! Thinking about you. Prayers for your daughter..

Alyssa, congrats on making over 12 pounds gone. Woo hoo!.

Debbie, glad you got home ok..

Jan, hope all goes well that the doctor..

Anyone want to shovel me out?..

Comment #22


Big congrats on getting up to 5k numbers! I agree working out every day is not a good plan. This week kind of slipped away from me in that regard. I get so stressed if I don't work out. This week I have already had my day off though so I'm good to go! Yoga tonight though.


Thinking about you as well! Hope your DD is healing nicely. How are classes going? My success has been hard fought that is for sure. Every day is a struggle but I'm making it!.

Well as Jan knows via our daily chatting online I joined last week. I figure if I have a new body I need some new dates to go with it! Went on one so far and it was a big dud. Here is one of the many funny things he said "I want to get a sail boat with hot tub so I can sail around with a lady" LOL! Anyone else have any funny dating stories?..

Comment #23


, thanks for making me laugh! I have two friends that have found Mr. Right online. I will admit, they may have met many duds along the way, but it was fairly painless. I can't wait to hear how it goes!..

Comment #24

Not sure if I remembered to check in on Tuesday or not. Tuesday: OP, yes; Water, yes; Exercise, no..


OP: yes, Water, yes; Exercise, no..


Comment #25


Thats inspiring that you know people that have made quality matches online! Glad you could get a good laugh I certainly did!..

Comment #26

Happy Thursday Crew! Snow day in PA! Woo hoo! I enjoyed a nice day in front of the fire with a good book. Snow days are like "free" days. You don't know you are going to have them, so you don't have anything scheduled. You get to play outside in the snow and sit in front of a warm fire. You get a "me" day..


I can't wait to hear about all the dates. The good and the bad!.


I am so glad you are drowning in water! You are officially in the 160's! Woo hoo!!.


Stay warm..

So we got a foot today, snow called for tonight and Saturday morning. Why does it always snow when we have stage crew scheduled? How am I going to finish this set?.


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

Massage: Yes.....a girl has to take care of her running muscles!..

Comment #27

Hey Crew,.

Sounds like everyone is either busy or under the weather. We have been gettin gbits of fresh snow up here. Yesterday we took the dogs on a 40 mile run out to the Yentna Roadhouse on the Yentna River. We stopped over for 6 hours, let the dogs rest, had a cheeseburger, and then ran 40 miles back. The Yentna River had a foot of fresh snow but the rest of the trail only about 5 inches. The dogs worked hard on that 80 miles.

The first leg is 63 miles, then a 6 hour layover, then 53 miles back. That will be our last training run/race before we leave Monday for Whitehorse..

Nothing else really to report. It's all about the dogs right now. I'm not OP, but I am watching the carbs and trying to a high level right now, and will go higher in the next 3 weeks. And I do take my packets and bars with me and try to keep 3 Medifast meals a day in me..

Hope everyoe has a great weekend!!!.


Comment #28

Haven't checked in in a while. I've been OP all week, water is a BIG YES all week, too. 2 days of exercise. I'm easing back into the exercise since I was off plan for so long - it's really a drastic calorie reduction being back OP, so even though my body is much more used to moving than when I first started, I think it was freaking out. I was doing a lot the first week and I think I overdid it..

Anyway, it's been nuts at work - what else is new? We're expecting 3-5 inches of snow tonight. That's not much by NE standards, but it'll be nice to cover up all the brown snow along the roads..

I'm pretty brain-dead come Friday evenings, so I'm going to go veg for a while..

Have a great OP Friday night, crew!!..

Comment #29

Happy Friday Crew!.


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes, but not as much as Melissa!.

Exercise: 4.1 mile run.......loving my knee.

Weight: no change.

Loving my plan. Oh yeah!..

Comment #30

Hi Crew, sorry for being MIA. Crazy week at work and a lot of distractions. Good news is I am only 1 lb up after my cruise. Hopefully that pound will be gone in a day or two. Hope you are all doing well, I will try to catch up tomorrow....... maybe...

At least that will count as exercise...

Comment #31

Hi Crew. I'm still busier than I'd like to be so I can't even remember if I checked in. Thursday and Friday: OP, yes; Water, yes; Exercise, no..


Comment #32

Happy Saturday Crew!.

Congrats Kitty for being on plan and swimming in water Go fishy go!.

Hi Sherry!.

So far on plan, watered and exercised today. Going out for dinner, but I've already got my dinner planned. No weight change for this girl..

Have a great evening!..

Comment #33

Good Morning, Crew! It's a new week and almost a new dawn for me. Had a great time at the Folk Festival last night - good thing we had aisle seats as I was up to pee about every other act. That's what I'm doing up so early now. Normally, I wouldn't stop in here while on poddy break from sleep, but our dear 4-legged daughter's just like mom - she's outside doing her business and communing with the animals..

The woman in front of us at the concert last night was me 2 years ago - barely fit in the seat, took up all the space around her - she was even encroaching on my space behind her. Certainly blocked my view of the stage!.

I was grateful to have wiggle room.

DH even commented that used to be me..

Judi Collins was the special guest. Her voice is still as pure as an angel. She looks and sounds great at 71 - still going strong! Lots of other good acts and a fabulous OP dinner from Ruby Tuesday's secret menu before hand - overall a great evening..

I'm hoping my house will be filled with all the wonderful cooking smells later today. Gonna make some OP vegetable soup, do some Medifast baking and hang out in front of the fire..

Stats for the week:.

OP: 7.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 2.

Well, the princess sounds like she's ready to come back in, so I'm going back to bed before I get too wide awake...

Comment #34


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no.

Managed to drink the first 50 ounces by 8 a.m. Must have had over 100 ounces for the day. World's record for me..


Comment #35

I love it Kitty! Glad to know we could be a good influence on you!.

This week's stats:.

On plan 7/7.

Water 7/7.

Exercise: 6/7.

Had a little blog in me today for those of you who struggle with off plan foods...

Comment #36


OP: yes; Water: yes; Exercise: yes..

For the week:.

Weight 169.

OP: 7.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 1.


Comment #37

Kitty, You are soooo focused! Way to go!! I sometimes get distracted with shiny objects. Today was not perfect, but I have all my Medifast meals packed for tomorrow..

Comment #38

Sherry...shiny objects...LOL...thanks, I needed a laugh! Shiny objects...hahahaha.


Comment #39

ACCOUNTABILITY!!!! That is my focus. Today, I am accountable..

Getting ready to eat my 4th Medifast meal of the day and 0 off plan foods. I am really ready to get to goal and stop playing around. I want to transition and add fruit back into my daily life..

I went shopping this weekend.... I LOVE buying smaller clothes. I am ddicted to a good deal. I bought 3 pair of Liz jeans, originally $50, for $8.50 (size 6), also bought 3 dresses, and 2 shirts..

Hope everyone is doing well. I has been very quiet in here lately... this is not normal...

Comment #40

Happy Monday Crew!.

So far so good:.

Monday: On plan: Yes (not likely to eat off plan anymore today).

Water: Yes.

Exercise: 50 minutes, 4.57 mi run and abs.

Trying to up the mileage and make some changes to my diet. I feel like I am transitioning again. I am trying to change my food plan from a diet mentality to a running mentality. I am having a hard time eating the carbs my trainer wants me to eat. Not sure how this is all going to work out, but I'm trying. We shall see...

Comment #41

Hi Crew! Ditto what.


Said - it has been really quiet in here. I've not been around a lot....with the new security at the office, I can't check in from there anymore..

OP: Yes!.

Water: Yes!.

Exercise: no...

I'm down a pound this week. Still in the right direction. I've been too lax with my condiments, for one. I'll have to go over to the Tough Love thread and turn myself in for a <SMACK>.

It's coming off so slowly, I'm going to have to update my ticker to my.


Weight. I thought I'd leave it at 158 cuz I'd be back there so quick, but it ain't happening..

We're hunkering down for a big storm...we're supposed to get 12-15 inches, starting sometime tonight and getting really heavy by tomorrow afternoon. The good news is I get to go to the backup center (close). If it's too bad on Wednesday, I can work from home.

I know Barb has had her share of snow already this winter..this storm's gonna hit the east coast, too, but I think they're predicting ice for them. Over 1/3 the country will have some effect - rain, wind, tornadoes..


Happy Shopping! A woman after my own heart....I'm a bargain hunter, too. I never pay full price for anything!.


- listen to your body and your trainer. It's yet another change in your mindset, but.

You are a runner!.


Keep drinking that water!! You're swimming to goal!!.

Waving to the rest of the <missing> crew!!..

Comment #42

HI CREW! I'm so glad to be back and relaxed on the couch with the pups. Had a great time in Austin, TX, lots of 'me' time, DH was so busy. Good dinners and I avoided the carbs, but did have wine. Actually, I was able to walk both days and really enjoyed being outside. PA and MI and all of the other cold-dwellers know what I mean. (Christine the out-door cold weather expert doesn't count....she's awesome about it.) I decided to walk outside on Wednesday and the best place I could find- the shopping 'village' called The Domain in Austin.

It was in the 60s and sunny, just perfect. Thursday was even more beautiful, 70's, and I could NOT resist staying outside. I went to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center. There are acres of trails and outdoor classrooms for grad studentsl and others and I walked until my calves were screaming. Actually, I spent over 2 hours on the trails and with my iPod got lots of good walking in.

Well, I love the break and anything to make Jan and Feb go faster..

Like Jan said and Barb already knows, this storm is going to be a doozy and all the high school has their heart set on a snow day for Wed. Me, too..

BARB - that couch time with a good book is SO nice on a snow day. I have trouble sitting and reading with lots of other things I should be doing. But a snow day - no problem! It's a gift..

***Say, who else is reading a good book that wants to share the title with us?.

We will get to spend Thurs. - Sun. in Charlotte, NC because DH has a big corporate meeting at their NC office, it took only one time to ask me if I wanted to think about coming and - I was packing my suitcase once again. I hope the airport is cleared by Thursday at the crack of dawn..

Struggling to stay on the 4 & 2, mostly because I have not been taking packets with me every time I leave the house or hotel room and then get 'stuck.' Not getting enough meals in period. Today was the first day back to school and I was all packed up last night, so it felt good today. Now, if I can just get those early morning pool aerobics HABIT going. My exercise is still sporadic at best and I want so badly to make the routine really stick and feel good. I am just going to keep fighting the good fight!!!.

Missed you all and have surely needed to check in and read, read, read..

Keep those ice scrapers on hand and your boots, hats and scarves at the ready!.


Comment #43

Hey Crew, I hope you guys hunker down and ride out the storms safely. And I hope it is not as bad as they predict. I'll be thinking about all y'all down there..

I am about to live my dream up here. I have signed up for, qualified for, packed for, and am on the road to do my first 1000 mile race. The Yukon Quest starts February 5 in Whitehorse and ends in Fairbanks. It follows the old gold rush trail and mail routes. I hope to be finished by the banquet on the 18th, (14 days). Some of the super mushers that do this sport professionally will finish in 10 days.

I love MF. I have dreamed of this chance to do a long race for 4 years. Before Medifast I just never made the cut. This year has been so different. My confidence has increased so much, mostly because I am phyically able to handle the challenges and my stamina is so much better. And I can fit into gear that keeps me warm in the really harsh weather and conditions..

The Quest has a good web page that will have the trackers going. I will be unable to access any sort of internet after Saturday for the duration of my race. I will be thinking of you guys and missing my inspiration from the Can-Do Crew. So glad I found you guys. Hope to check in a few more times this week. We will get to Whitehorse late Tuesday night and then Wednesday and Thursday we have meetings and trail briefings, vet checks, media events, and the start banquet where we draw for starting positions.

I took the dogs on a 100 mile race last weekend. I left my 3 best leaders home, sure that my next best leaders could handle the load. They did not do very well without their more experienced teammates. It ended up that 2 of the 18 month old pups stepped up and led the team for 2/3rds of the race. Jubilee and Rogue are my new superstars. Wow.

I'm still amazed at those 2 little girls. They got a special treat after that performance. (hot dogs. They love hot dogs. Hold the bun.).

Stay warm down there and gather your emergency things in case power is out for days..


Comment #44




Because I can......and should!.

It has been awfully quiet in here. I'll be around today though as school is closed! Another free day. Although I have quite a few things on the agenda. I'm planning to spend some time with Gilad on Fit TV. I had a little "ab" workout with the 20 something football coaches yesterday. I have been asking them to show me a new exercise or piece of equipment every day.

They were so sure I couldn't do a set of 10. I showed them and did 3 sets of 10. Woo hoo. Take that guys. This 51 year old woman has been working her abs for the last year.

They were so convinced that I'd be in so much pain.....but I don't have any! Hmmmm.....maybe I have abs. Loving this new body!.


I know you know this, but fail to plan, plan to fail. I still stuff Medifast bars and pretzels just about everywhere. There is a compartment in my car where I've got a box of pretzels. There are 3 old shakes in the top of my lunch box. There is a box of bars/pretzels in my closet at school. No matter where I go, there is something in case I get caught.

Some are other types of protein bars or a handful of nuts, but the point is there is alway ssomething on my plan close by. It probably is the biggest reason I have stayed in maintenance and below my goal weight..

Now I need to start to make the switch from those "protein" snacks, to a higher percentage of calories from carbs. I am scared to death of this. Not sure I am ready. Kind of like going into transition. The thing I have learned is that I just need to stick with my calories in = calories out and I should be ok. But it is still really scary.


Enjoy the warm weather! I hope you can get out on Thursday morning as well. I need a little warm weather..


I wish you and the dogs all the best. Isn't it amazing what a healthy body.


I know that every day I celebrate the fact that I found Medifast and have gotten to goal. Of course, it did take a great deal of internal searching along the way.....and I'm still a work in progress. But I'm glad I have started this journey..


Here is hoping you can string together a string of on plan days to get you to goal. Heres to size 6 clothing!..

Comment #45

Good morning Crew! More dating adventure updates. Had a date on Friday with this guy who seemed really nice over the phone then he shows up and I instantly realize he has a tongue ring! I about died that is definitely not something I would expect for a 35 year old guy! We still had fun but probably no 2nd date. Then I met ANOTHER guy on Saturday and he was a lot better. We had dinner and walked around downtown. I really need to get over my food issues in regards to him though. He ordered extra french fries with dinner! Its not hat I was tempted by them it's just that I was kind of repulsed someone would want to eat that nasty food.

Any help would be very appreciated. We also played tennis last night..


He has also ran 3 half marathons and couldn't say enough good things about how much fun they are. He will help me get my mileage up before my April race if we continue to hang out..

Op 7.

Water 7 (all the dates made comments about my water intake!).

Exercise 6.

Weight 128..

Comment #46 make comments about your water consumption. Ok.....I agree, no to the tongue piercing. Too much dental work required in the long run. Yuck. 1/2 marathon runner.....possibility.....although extra french fries could be an issue. I agree how can he eat two helpings of sludge.

You will just have to have another dinner date to see what he does. Ah......can't wait for the next update..

Running is going well. Not sure if I have a 1/2 in me or not yet. I won't know until I get outside in the spring and push the mileage. I just get so bored on the treadmill. I find myself wanting to jump off and do something else..

I did smack Jan....more than once.... for her condiments..

Have a great day!..

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I can't help myself with the water it's soo good! We need to get on my water intake gene cloning. One guy said to me well the water is working because your skin is amazing. So that makes me want to drink more! ha! Glad you agree on tongue piercing I mean how could I introduce a guy like that to my family? No thanks. I've never been to dinner with anyone and had them ask for extra french fries of all things. I mean those greasy wet looking things? He kept trying to justify saying there wasn't enough to begin with. okay.

I feel your pain in regards to the treadmill they can become so monotonous. Running outside is definitely a luxury that I appreciate! Jan told me you texted her smack as well! That was hilarious!..

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And I appreciate the support! Enjoy your snow day tomorrow..

I'll be working from home - the easier to g-chat,.



- you enjoy your day at home, too. I'm envious that you get to keep escaping this lovely winter we're having..

I'm going to go check out the storm - it's nice to watch from indoors...

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JAN - that graphic is outstanding! It could be us right now, right? Except this wind is really rattling the house and that's rather unusual...DH thinks he's going to work tomorrow no matter what the weather, but I have news for him. I told him I'd hide his keys... teehee..

He'll be home, I'm sure, and I hope we don't lose power. I have my chafing dishes ready ( a small one to boil water in) and lots of sterno in case we ned to warm things up. I have my book lights at the ready and the flashlights. Oh, and fingers are crossed. The 40 mph winds are brutal..

CHRISTINE - hope you know that I will keep you and the pups in my prayers for safe and exciting travels. You are SO gutsy and courageous, you just amaze me at every turn. It is SO exciting that you get to reap the Medifast rewards in such a amazing way. The Crew is sending you on your way with tons of LUV, do you feel it? Can't wait to track your progress and hear that you finished safely and happily. Great Great Great Good Luck!!!.

BARB - you are so right the failure to plan thing....For some reason last week I failed to take my big bag of Medifast stuff when I traveled to Austin. I was so surprised when I unpacked and only had a few with me. I've felt better the last few days being more on plan, but need to be handcuffed to you to keep me in line!!!.

Adding those carbs back in were scary for me at first and now petrifying, because I haven't done a good job of it. Having to skip transition was really tough and I still struggle in what is the right thing to do. My goal is to keep as close to an anti-inflammatory diet as I can and that helps. Lots of veggies, beans, fruits, chicken... Steak once a week on Saturday when we are out. I'm going to finally try again with tofu.

I find I have to make myself add whole grains. Bread is the tough thing for me, but I don't have trouble with barley and quinoa and the like. It's a constant thinking game for me and I really hope I get a good handle on this as the winter continues. The exercise, well there are no excuses. Ugh..

A couple of times this past week, I have been tempted to buy bags of candy - What's up with that?????? I didn't, but got really close. Perhaps I need to text someone for a 'smack!'.

I'm going to go and plug in my charger for the computer, in case the power goes out. Too much reliance on electricity, in my opinion. :.

Love it until the power is out then - panic!!! Charging up everything I have at the moment..

Night all, stay warm and JAN, hope you don't blow away in this crazy wind - the flagpole is actually arching!! Take care!.


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JAN - did you hear that down in Taylor they had thunder with their snow?????.

Chicago had a 53 mph wind gusts earlier. Hope my kid didn't blow away!..

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Hi girls, they had thunder with their snow in Manhattan, too, where my bro lives. BTW, bro started Medifast two days ago..

Debbie: smack. And I mean that in the best possible way, LOL..

Barb: just a thought, but the carbs don't have to be refined carbs, do they? In other words, fruits have carbs...other non-refined things must have carbs, no? I hope it's not too awfully freezy-weezy where you are..

Barb, you have turned me into a heavy drinker, water-wise..

Fish gotta swim. Swim, fishie!.

Monday and Tuesday: OP, yes; Water, yes; Exercise, no..


P.s. Do we have a new thread for this week? Not that I'd know how to start it, ha ha, but I just want to make sure I didn't miss it...

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Just a quick check in..

Kitty , you are right, I am focusing on fruit and other non-refined carbs. But carbs are carbs and they still worry me. be honest the scare the heck out of me..

Toasting my glass to our newest heavy drinker!.

I love it when we convert someone..

Be back late...late....late....tonight..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes....and my abs again....because I could!.

Loving life!..

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Good Morning everyone! Lots of snow here and still coming down. If there was freezing rain overnight as predicted, I didn't hear it and it's already covered with snow. I'll know more once I venture clear a path for the dog and fill a couple bird feeders. DH got most of them yesterday, but my suet feeders are low or empty. Gotta take care of my feathered friends in this mess!.

I'm working from home today, so I KNOW I have all my Medifast packets. With 2 offices, I sometimes don't have what I want where I want it. I have a drawer in both places that is filled with MF, but sometimes I want oatmeal and I end up with a shake muffin (remember last week's mess?). Not to refill my coffee with some cap and get to work...I just turn my chair around for my work laptop....gotta love it, back to back computers in my home office.

Simplest commute.



Have a great OP day everyone!!..

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KITTY - Thanks! I needed that..

JAN - aw, so nice to the little birdies..

The dogs are so little and they have made a tiny little path down to the backyard. Off to the kennel this afternoon for another few days at camp while we (hopefully) leave for NC tomorow a.m. Ah, snow days, I'm in my warm grubbies and just putzing around the house, shortly to hit the couch and write bills and read..

BARB - you are speaking to me today, oh wise one....

Happy Snow Day to all who are watching that crazy white stuff and enjoying the day home!.


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Hey all, drinking my water and waiting for a roast chicken to cook. Once it's cooled, I pick the meat off the bones, portion it out into plastic containers, and then I have my lean for the next few days. I like to chop it up and throw it on my salad..

I've changed my goal from 150 to 155. This still gets me out of the "obese" BMI category and into the merely "overweight" category. At this time I really need the encouragement and gratification of feeling like I'm closer to goal. I want to keep it realistic so I don't throw up my hands in frustration and give up. Here's a nice NSV: from a 44 bra to a 38..


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Woo hoo.


You can shop at Victorias now. Go buy yourself a pretty bra. It is so worth it!.

Sorry I haven't been around. Very busy two days..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.


Have a great trip. I hope it is warm..


There are so many days when I wish I could work from home, but I really don't want my kiddies here. Plus there is that perk of the treadmill, which I love..

Have a great day everyone...

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Sorry I hadn't created the new discussion board thread sooner, this past week was crazy: I spent four days going back & forth to the hospital in lafayette to spend time with my sis-in-law during her last days, she died, helped another sis-in-law with arrangements because the rest of the family lives out of town, and spent two days at the funeral home, this is the first time I've been on the computer. She was so young, only 47, and was diagnosed with lung cancer Dec 21. It progressed so quickly, very unexpected..

Here is the link for the new thread:..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.