Problem with ASP.NET server setup to connect to my 123 reg SQL database?

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First of all Problem with ASP.NET server setup to connect to my 123 reg SQL database? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question I got... How many domains do you register a month? I mean register outright, not buy from someone else or something. I'm really curious on the buying trends of people in this forum, especially considering that 123 reg just reported registering 1,000,000 domains a month or something insane like that...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could answer your 123 reg question..

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I register over 1,000 domains per month for my clients, mainly at

There are plenty of people accumulating domains right now so the number quoted by 123 reg doesn't surprise me. They're the McDonalds of HostGator registrars in my opinion..

If I buy a name to flip it, I'll buy it at 123 reg since everyone and their brother has an account there. If I buy a name to develop or hold as a long term investment, it'll be reg'd at


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It depends on how much spare cash I have, I would certainly register many more if I could but I also have to eat & live..

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I register a few odd names here and there. Lately, that's been picking up (as my sales plummet.

). I register most at NamePros or Namecheap. I'm taking a look at Moniker, though...

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Since January, I've been going at about 15 per month. About 3-5 are for clients monthly..

I tend to buy at 123 reg and NameCheap. Unless I am going for drops, then DomainSite, as they seem to have the fastest WhoIs updates...

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It's the people who do 100+ a month i'm interested in... how do they find that many domains to reg?..

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I registered most of my domains in 2000 - 2002 since then I got side tracked developing websites, now I am back into domains and find good domains only rarely so only register 1 - 10 domains each month...

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For me, it goes up & down every month. Seem to be doing between 8-15 per month..

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I normally register between 30 & 40 per month. They are all registered at Fabulous or Moniker unless the are intened for a quick flip, then I'll register with 123 reg as it's easier because everyone has a GD account...

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I don't know many people who reg more than 100 per month and are not buying some of them on behalf of clients or are engaged in tasting, typosquatting, or large scale speculation (examples: new extensions, current fads). Nowadays, it's pretty hard to find 100 "reg-worthy" .coms in a month, if you exclude the aforementioned methods...

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I'd have to go with 26-50, more than 5 but usually not more than 15 per week..

Have around 320 with Godaddy, 10-20 still at, a few at Moniker, some at ipower and less than 20 with Yahoo..

I'm moving all to Godaddy. I was buying them fron Yahoo and ipower for around $2.99 per at the beginning and found out there no good..

Ipower at that time and may still have a different sign on and user for each name , that's rough...

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That's what I figured. i'm not at all experienced in finding domains to reg, so I wondered how you could find so many...

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