Problem with HTML and 123 reg web design?

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My question is Problem with HTML and 123 reg web design? Thanks for any answer. My other question... I quiet often see people recommend countering an offer with a multiple of the initial offer price. Is this a common/sucessful way to go ? (generally speaking).

Before I have always just replied with a price I previously had in mind..

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this and to what multiple you usually use/try. What has worked for you ? .

The initial offer was $700 from a well backed travel related company, of course as always, they do have other options. The name was a hand reg'd after a drop which I bought because I have an personal interest in developing it..

Any thoughs, advice appreciated.


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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you help..

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Hi Gaz,.

It's hard to tell as you mentioned yourself without knowing the HostGator but you mentioned as well bringing in a sale right now wouldn't hurt so as their initial offer is $700 and as you mentioned you got it on the drop (Hopefully for a small figure) then it's already profit made...but like Justin said go for the counter and keep it under $2,000 to make the number less [intimidating]..

Why not counter with $1,800 and see what happens then? Perhaps you can bring it to 1,200 to 1,400.

And you'll probably think that would be a nice number to put in my pocket..

What number would make you content? Then go for that.

It would suck if you would later on realize you could have had...instead of having a acceptable result realized...

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I've not much experience in this game yet, but here's a story that might have some value in terms of illustrating how non-domainers (or even just inexperienced negotiators) might view the counter offer process..

When I was very fresh at domaining (couple of weeks), I saw a name I liked up for offer / counter offer at godaddy, with a minimum offer of $30, so I offered $30. The seller came back and said he couldn't let the name go for less than $250. My response was terse. I asked why he was wasting my time by listing with the min offer at 30, and then coming back with 250, if he wanted 250, just list it at 250..

Now, six months in, I'd simply respond that $30 was my best offer, sorry, good luck with your sale..

I think how you handle the negotiation depends a lot on the other party. How did they find the name, was it listed somewhere with a min offer? Were they savvy enough to contact you directly from the whois? If they are inexperienced, they may just walk away from a massive counter offer without even attempting to negotiate. I assume the catch is of course that it's often not possible to know who you are dealing with..

In this case, it sounds like a large company, so in *theory* they have some negotiation skills - however my company does web development for an extremely large company here in the uk, and I happen to know that the marketing department are responsible for the web division, haven't a clue about it and have assigned a very junior person to look after all their thousands of domains!..

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It has and I am keen to develop it with affiliate links and my own photos I took so I think I'll just go with my initial price, If it does'nt sell it's not a problem at all and after taking the weekend to think about it I'm willing to take that chance. If I wanted to find another similar HostGator for what I need it for it would be near impossible to find anything as good..

I think that can still happen regardless of how much you ask for a domain..

Yeah, I had a similar experience at 123 reg / TDNam recently - I offered the guy exactly what he was asking for and I got a higher counter offer back.

- I walked !.

Not a good move eh !.

So nobody works on multiples anymore.


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In that case you could definitely take the chance.

Unless you're really need some cash flow....

(BTW, I'm digging up those affiliate programs so a PM is on it's way...)..

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Thanks Damion.

Do you have any good cruise related ones too ? .


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Well....that pretty much went as I expected.

I tried shooting for a $3,000 sale but he cancelled..

He actually managed to buy a longer but.


Better HostGator from Buydomains for $2,100 - Like I said, he did have other options..

No worries, I'll stick to plan A and develop it in the next two months or so, hopefully with affiliate links and eventually banner advertising..

Do I regret pushing for more?......nahhh.

I have a personal interest in this one..


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Gazzip, as long as you can wake up and be happy in the morning.....

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I always do regardless.

Lifes too short to live any other way !.


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I always wake up grumpy... I think I'm gonna die young - lol..

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