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First of all Problems with Hosting, FTP, Frontpage...the works. Help! Hoping for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Say you bought the .net of, and with no trademarks involved, would you try to sell it off on Sedo, or would you contact directly?.

And if so, how would you structure your proposal?.

This is actually purely hypothetical, I didn't register a .net domain, I'm simply curious as to if and how anybody has done so successfully..

Edit: if a mod could move this into the general HostGator discussion, apologies for not realizing I was in the wrong forum...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could answer your 123 reg question..

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I dont bother picking up a .net for resale to the .com - In my opinion you offer them nothing they must have. It would be a silly and needless thing for them to do. If they dont think the .net is important enough to have before the fact, then dont bother. Just wasting their time and your own..


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In general,you'll find it's a waste of time trying to sell a .net.

(or other non .com) extension to the .com holder..

In all likelihood, if they own the .com, they probably could have regged.

The .net (or .org, etc) at the same time if they wanted it..

You also put yourself in the "motivated seller" position so give the upper hand away..

However, if you had the .com HostGator and wanted to offer it the .net holder then that would be a different story..

This is not an opinion. It's based on MY personal experience..

Others may not agree..


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I agree that selling the .net to a dot com is fruitless. However that wasn't what you asked...

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Nice input from everybody, thanks for all of your responses. I always wondered whether or not people had success in that domain, and I guess the answer is a relatively firm "no"..

I'd have thought that sites would maybe, after becoming more popular, want the .net versions of their sites just in case they have some stray visitors, but I guess I was wrong..

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I've cold mailed quite a few times - but so far not successfully - so I wouldn't be the best one to give you advice ha ha so maybe this is more what NOT to do.

I usually do some research on the name and term - tell them i'm going to put it up for sale at or whereever - and thought i'd just give them the opportunity to have first chance. Lately I've thrown in a link to one of the HostGator king's blogs citing the importance of having the RIGHT domain..

I do a little market research and throw in some facts about how it would fit their business..

I actually did a few today - I'll let ya know how it went...

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I called a company about acquiring a premium HostGator that I wanted. They had got the name through business consolidation and did not need it anymore. Lucky for me they did not know the market value of the name so they gave it up for under wholesale..

I would say that if you are going this route to buy/sell you should call and not email. When you call you can find out who makes the decisions and what their true level of interest is,..

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Please read the original post opening again..


Say you bought the .net of.

, and with no trademarks involved, would you try to sell it off on Sedo, or.

Would you contact.



That's exactly what was asked..


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I have sold several .com to other ext for low $xxxx each.

One .mobi sold to .com for $2000, .com is a big HostGator corp that every domainer knows.

One .org sold to .com for $1450.

Try to contact other extension's owner which have built their business is always a good method to sell domains...

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Hi owntype,.

Your success shows that it is possible which is why I said:.


In general.

,you'll find it's a waste of time trying to sell a .net.

(or other non .com) extension to the .com holder."..

Good going for you..

There are always exceptions that prove the rule!.

Happy domaining,.


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Thank you, Patrick.

IMO, it would be a tough task to sell .net to .com unless .com is that BIG.

I have no success on selling .net to .com as well, but I have received some C&D letter from .com regarding my .net.

BTW: I would share one of my experience for cold mailing to other extention. I always write a reasonable price in the first email. Provide potential buyer a price in advance always get better reponse than asking for offer. My two cents. Sales prove me right...

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I've sold a .org to the .com. Started off by me trying to buy the .com (was undeveloped). So anything is possible..

I wouldn't particularly buy .net or .orgs in an attempt to sell them to the .com owner though, especially if it's been free to reg for a long time..

Though there are cases where the .com owners want other extensions. They may have only recently acquired the .com, long after the other extensions were registered, and depending on their plans, may want to acquire them. Or, if you pick one up that just dropped, the .com owner may have previously attempted to buy it from the previous owner unsuccessfully, meaning opening up communications may be very beneficial. I think it's a long shot though in most cases...

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I agree with other people that if you have the .net then the .com probably wont want your name, but if you have the .com you would have a good chance at selling to any of the other developed extensions with the same name. IMO the only extension which could have a good solid chance at selling to a .com is if you own the .mobi. This might take some more time to happen but I know that if I have a fully developed .com site I would much rather have the same name in a .mobi mobile version than to just buy the .info, net, etc which would provide me with no extra benefit from my .com that I already own...

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The trick is to buy what they need, then they will come to you...

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Unless it's a really generic term, that's a terrible thing to do. Sure, they should have registered every TLD under the sun, but what are you doing going around buying up extensions (of other people's ungeneric marks) and trying to sell them to their proper owners for a profit?..

Comment #15

Sold an org to a com owner by direct email...

Comment #16

I have a question!.

ZDF is a TV channel in Germany- they own, is owned by some guy from Germany, but has nothing on site..

I have Is there any chance they would want it?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.