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Quick question... Promotion Code for Online Medifast Diet/Healthy Eating? Thanks for any comment. My other question... Morning Girls!.

Up way, way, way to early this morning! Nothing new to report here! Snow finally stopped, could have been worse! At least it's not the east coast..

Couldn't believe when I was typing in the thread starter...02-JAN...OMG, it's almost 2011!.

Where in the "hello" did 2010 go?.

Hope everyone is well and warm? Have a great day!..

Comments (35)

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Comment #1

Morning !.

Sno plow driving by just as I'm typing this what does that tell you about the weather 'round here?.

I know, another year almost out the door! This one sure ripped through the pages of the calendar didn't it?.

Up since 6a just hanging out with Charlie and watching an old movie on idea what today holds. We got a new PC (Santa brought it) and I got it all setup yesterday, files copied over, Norton Antivirus downloaded. It's nice, desktop with 22in screen, crazy big but fun too..

Need to head out to the gym today and kick up some cardio sweat. Other than that....nothing apparently going on...

Comment #2

Look what I found in my inbox.

Isn't she the cutest.

She wanted to stay out and play in the snow LOL NA was freezing.

I had a great night last night, my cousin was in town so went over to my Aunt's house and we chatted for hours..

Also the boss decided he needed to switch cell phone so now I have a new phone, it is crazy touch screen and data phone. I have to learn it all over. What a day yesterday was..

Have a great day today ladies hope your not too buried in snow..

Comment #3

Morning Girls! OMG, that puppy is so cute! Glad NA made is home safely from the east coast. That dog will be so spoiled!.

Hey Monica touch screens do take a while to get used to, first thing I would do is have a screen protector put on it. Best thing I ever did..make the boss pay for it. LOL Having internet/data plan will be fun. I always look up prices online before buying anything in the store, they even have an APP for it..

Have fun with the phone..

Nothing going on here, it's cold this morning. Car goes in for it's estimate today. This should be fun. I'm thinking around $2000 in damage, we'll see. So no more snow for now but it looks like rain is coming...what's up with this freaky weather?.

Have a great day everyone! Talk to you all later!..

Comment #4

What an adorable dog! How precious!!.

Ali - yuck on the estimate!.

Monica - fun times with the phone! I couldn't handle it, I have to have a normal phone not all that fancy stuff..

Just heard the sno plow go by but we don't have new sno, sometimes these guys are too ambitious. All here is well. New computer it totally setup and functioning, headed to the gym for my run............bbl.


Comment #5

Good Morning Ladies,.

The pup is beyond cute, what a snuggle buddy it is going to be for NA!.

Ali - Good luck with the estimates, hope it is less than expected..

Charly - Enjoy those old movies with Charlie. Stay warm!.

Monica - Congrats on the new phone. Lots of girls at the barn got new phones, iphones, ipads, over my head. LOL.

Enjoy it. I went from a "razor" to a piggyback or something like that, it flips to the keyboard but has a touch front. Drives me crazy, I call people if I sit on it. LOL.

Frost on the ground here in Fl this morning. Dogs are way under the blankets, not even a nose sticking out..

SIL is leaving today, her flight has not been canceled so that is good. DS and DIL are in the car just driving thru Knoxville and on to NY tonight. They had a great Christmas at her family's house. Lots of snow in Nashville!.

Enjoy your day, stay warm and be good!..

Comment #6

Well....the estimate was more than I thought! $2300.00 and there is still more to come once they take the liftgate off. Adjuster said back end is a mess! Oh well, at least no one was hurt. Body shop said the other guys insurance is crap so that means I'll be paying my deductible and my insurance will have to sue his..only figures! Why is it we have good insurance but when we get hit, it's someone with a B rated insurance..never fails!.

Stay warm everyone! I'm baking chicken for a salad smells great!.

Talk to you all later!..

Comment #7

Sorry about the truck Ali, guess I lucked out last year, his insurance was some obscur liitle one but they paid almost as much as mine would have, not that either one came close to being enough..

New phone is making me crazy LOL but I do like the touch screen and swype, I don't have to figure out how to text talk LOL..

Comment #8

Sorry about the other guy's stinky insurance, yep, that is always the way..

Hope everyone is having a good day!.

I had a good ride on Peanut, Patrick is at a BB showcase and has hit 2 doubles so far today in 2 games, SIL left for the Orlando airport at 3, my house is a mess but that's.

Okay. I have some shrimp to eat tonight that look great and they are all mine!! LOL.

DH got a collection of Hitchock movies for a gift so I will watch a couple today and.

Tomorrow with no one bothering me..

Oh, Traci, if you ever read the posts, thanks for the card. Hope you and your family are.

Doing great!.

Stay warm everyone!..

Comment #9


Ali - sorry 'bout that insurance that does 'vaccum' just goes to figure doesn't it?!.

Patti - sounds like good times having the house to yourself. Oddly enough Rob and I are getting along well having the same time off together....not sure how much longer that will last.

Monica - I think some of the new phones are cool but not sure I would like the aggravation of learning them (LOL).

Did a run to the base yesterday to pickup a prescription and then we went to Sam's. Loaded up on tissues, canned chicken, canned tuna. Always spend more then intended (LOL). Off to the gym for a run then a workout. Down to my brother's today to take down the tree and put away all that stuff, check in on Dad & Mom then back home. Tomorrow is another workout morning then free time the rest of the week.


Comment #10

Morning Girls! Woo Hoo a heat wave is coming on Friday! LOL 52 DEGREES! Then dropping into the 20's again and snow! Freaky weather! At least we will be able to get my nephews drive cleared off with the packed up ice and snow! You would think his friends would help him out with that while he's on crutches..


Charly wish I could take my Mom's stuff the "halls" but her stuff has to stay up until after Little Christmas on the 6th of Jan..

Went to the big box Christmas/Pool stores around here searching for a new tree for her and their 50% off, isn't cheap. I think they were cheaper before Christmas. Oh well might just wait until next year to get one then..that one she has now is still going out in to the garbage though..

Monica the phone will just take some getting used to. I went from a Blackberry to an iPhone and it drove me nuts for the first few weeks. I thought I would never get used to texting on that touch screen. At times I still miss my Blackberry, I don't miss the service from Sprint though..

Patti hope your days are filled with quiet now that "you know who" is safely on her way home..

Enjoy the time relaxing..

NA where oh where are you?.

Have a great and safe day to you all later!..

Comment #11

Morning Ladies.

Well the new phone may not last long LOL coverage vacuums, I can't see the boss being happy with it but you never know, he does like his phone. Mine is OK and I can hook up to my wireless at home but here at work it just doesn't work well. Which could work out LOL no plying on the phone at work just at home LOL.

I am really really liking the swyping for texting it goes so fast, but my screen is small so it's is kind of hard to get back to just the right place to do corrections. Not that it matters it's not like I'm paying for it or anything LOL.

We might get some snow tonight and tomorrow Im hoping so.

Huggs ladies guess I"ll find some make work to do and pray for enough money to cover the bills I sent out ekk..

Comment #12


Monica - too bad about the phone!.

Ali - what are you up to today? Lots of sno melting going on 'round here, I'm looking forward to the high temps they are predicting (higher than 32 anyway) LOL.

Patti - what's up in your neck of the woods?.

NA - how goes it with the new puppy?.

All is well here, huge sore from yesterday's workout, heading out for spinning class soon. If the new class at the gym that starts Monday is any indication of yesterday's workout it's gonna be a longggggggg 11 weeks (LOL)..

Have a great day!..

Comment #13

Morning Charly, morning ladies,.

Slept like a log last night, heat cranked up and 2 snoring dogs in a king.

Size bed, can't beat it!.

Ali - enjoy your heat wave!.

Charly - your classes sound good, not fun,.

But butt kickin' as always..

I should be doing it, flabby "trunk" needs a swift kick and a work out..

Monica - good luck with the phone thing. Too many choices. Hope you end up with the one you want and like to use..

Waited all day for the UPS man yesterday as we got a notice "sig. required" - he finally came after 6, I was ****** by then, but he is a nice guy so I didn't gripe. It was nothing, don't know what the signature thing was all about. Got the outside decorations taken down and some laundry done. Boys will be home tonight. Babysitting the beagle down the street so I better go take him for a walk..

Have a wonderful day everyone!..

Comment #14

Morning Girls!.

The snow is melting but it won't last for long. Temps of in the 50's tomorrow day, and then in the 20's at night and snow starting to fall..

Patti yesterday I had a replacement gift for my brother that was being sent by FEDEX, I forgot and ran out to my Mom's. Got home and it was sitting in my planter box in the snow on my front step, quite viewable from the street. I would have thought for sure I would have had to sign for it, considering the amount of money I paid for it but the FEDEX guy just left it. Today, the UPS guy is coming to pick it back up because it doesn't work..only figures..arrgghhh! Sorry I'm rambling!.

Charly be careful with the exercising..I'm another one that needs to jump on that bandwagon. My brother bought my sister in law that XBOX with the Konect attatchment, OMG what a lot of fun and movement. She exercises everyday, weighs about 105 dripping wet and she was huffing and puffing on that thing. My new wish list item! LOL.

Monica, I know about crappy coverage, that's the reason I dumped Sprint, couldn't wait for that contract to end..

Maybe you can go back to the old service but get a new phone?.

NA hope all is well with the puppy! Send Monica more pics to post!.

Have a great day everyone...I'm cleaning out the pantry today, waiting on the UPS guy! LOL..

Comment #15

Good Morning Ladies.

Wow you gals are way ahead of me, my lights probably won't come down till next week, I hate taking them down..

As far as the phone goes, the only reason I got the data coverage is because the plan the boss bought had 2 data lines, I'm the only one that would use it so he gave it to me. He does want me to pay a token amount for it which is no biggy just $20, other then that I don't pay for my cell. As far as coverage out here goes it vacuums no matter which service you use, trucks just don't break down on main roads they always seems to do that way out in the boonies LOL.

Ok strange heater doesn't seem to be working at work today not good.

Have a great one..

Comment #16

Earthquake Update:.

Ok, this morning as I sat at the table with my first cup of coffee, I could have sworn my table was shaking, but then I thought..Nah, probably the shakes from not getting that coffee down fast enough.. was an earthquake. Guess it started in Kokomo, IN and we felt it up here. At least I'm not going crazy. LOL..

Comment #17

Hey Ladies,.

Ali - WOW an earthquake, now that is scary. Fedex DOES leave things in plain sight, what's with that. I had a pair of earrings, not over the top expensive but enough to worry, just like your package, I had to have them repaired, there they were leaning up against the door for hours. Yikes, guess we are both lucky no one took the packages..

Where is Nancy Anne? Is she still up with Kelly? I can't remember s**t anymore..

Tonight after I walked the beagle, we sat in the recliner at their house and watched Jeopardy and Wheel, poor pup in lonesome. One more day until the family gets home..

Thank heavens he sleeps alot..

Hugs to all, sleep well....see you in the a.m. for NY eve!..

Comment #18

Morning Girls!.

This is it......the last day of the year! Where did 2010 go?.

It's currently 44 degrees outside, high in the 50's today and almost all of the snow is gone. It's a muddy mess out there. Ground was still frozen so no place for the water to run off. At least I don't have kids playing in my yard so my grass is intact..

Speaking of kids..haven't seen any of those rugrats lately..maybe they took another trip to the other side of the world. At least with it winter, the windows are closed and I wouldn't hear even if they were around..

Well UPS was here right on schedule, dropped off packages and picked up the broken one going back to Amazon. Made sure to tell Amazon that I didn't want FEDEX delivering the replacement either. My UPS guy is so funny...tells me "yep they (FEDEX) just ring the bell, dump the package and run back to the truck." And the FEDEX guy that delivers here has absolutely no personality at all. MY UPS guy is a riot, always stops to chat a little..

Other than that, nothing else is new. Same old stuff! Oh I did start back exercising yesterday..holy moly my legs are feeling it this morning..2011 will be a better year!.

Have a great day girls..catch you all before the clock strikes MIDNIGHT!..

Comment #19

Weather Update: We now have thunderstorms! What's wrong with this picture? Chicago, December 31st, 50 degrees and thunderstorms?..

Comment #20

Morning Ali!! Good for you on the exercise, just downed 3 aspirin myself so I'm with you on the pain (LOL). 47 here, I had to look at the thermometer twice to be sure that is what it said! We've dark clouds and it sure looks like rain..

Got myself into the tanning bed yesterday, need a bit of color and thought the intense heat would help the body aches. Those 27miles on the spinning bike coupled with the workout the day before sure are playing hellwith my body. We've got early dinner reservations tonite @ 6:30 at the Simon Kenton Inn. We never go out but I decided earlier this month that we need to at least eat dinner out. We'll be home in time to leave the roads to the partiers..

I too can't believe that 2010 is out the door. Our UPS peeps are just the opposite here, they never ring the bell or anything so if you don't see them in the drive there is no way to know they have been here. The FEDEX guy is the best, he rings the bell and waits for you to come to the door. He's very nice and always a chat up..

Might as well get this day started. Figure a 2mi run might loose up these muscles and since it's 47 and no rain yet, I can do this right here on our road and not have to drive to town to hit the treadmill, Oh the joys of having to work out for the rest of my life..........ugh!!..

Comment #21

LOL on the Fedex and UPS guys, at work both guys are great but the UPS service it self vacuums. We fight with them all the time at work, I feel bad for our guy, it's just loverly to get charged for overnight delivery, but then get told we are not in an area that is available for overnight delivery HUH even worse the package will be at the depot but since we are not on overnight so they make no effort..

At home I don't see either guy and they always just drop off the package on the porch and most of the time they make the effort to some what hide it, even the mail man does that. I've been lucky and never had any problems, but then I've always lived on closed streets where the only peeps who use are the ones that live there..

Ali scary about the earthquake, glad it wasn't a bad one..

Miss Patti I think NA is busy with that little darling LOL.

Charly 2 mile run for loosen up? I would need to loosen up from the loosen up LOL.

Well ya'll sent me winter for sure LOL 13 here, with the wind chill -3 tomorrow is supposed to be the cold day 5 with winds of 15 to 20 so no telling on the chill factor. Guess I'll go get my winter coat out finally. Going to make it all the way up to 28 and the wind will get worse..

Ok BBL going to ride the train with my sis back to SF then turn aroung and ride it right back here LOL taking both my book and Ipod as I'm not sure if I want to read or listen on the way back...

Comment #22

57 degrees seems like lawn chair and sunscreen weather (LOL)..

Comment #23

Ahhh you're too funny! It stopped raining for about 2 hours, sun was, it's pouring again, temp is dropping and it's dark and gloomy. There is so much water on the sidewalks I hope it doesn't freeze that way or it's going to be a mess..


Monica, the train ride sounds like fun!..

Comment #24

Hey Girls,.

We are hitting 70 today, don't throw things at the screen! LOL.

Okay, I have had enough winter, it was "fun" for about a week..

Son got his car stuck in 3 ft of snow that the plow man (NY Sanitation).

Loaded on it. I said mass transit til spring, you have to go with the flow.

Up there..

Charly - I am with Miss Monica - I'd have to loosen up to loosen up for the 2 miler..

Walking that dang beagle who trots, wears me out. Getting old vacs. - LOL.

Ali - My BFF since 7th grade has a daughter up in Chicago, she hates the weather, born on the bayou where 50 degrees is coat weather. Her fiancee, a doctor, has a 3 year contract there so they are stuck. But will move to Miami when it is over. It's hard to live up north when you are born down south. Much easier, weatherwise, the other way around in my opinion..

NA - enjoy that pup!.

Sandy - thinking of you and sending you the biggest hug possible..

I have to go out and get the black eyed peas and cabbage for tomorrow..

Be back later, be good, stay warm and all that jazz!..

Comment #25

Since I'll probably be in bed.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!.

And the dogs barking starts already as the caps go off..

Comment #26

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I was actually up...couldn't believe it!.

Check back in later.......

Comment #27

I had no doubt when it was midnight.

The dogs did very well though, didn't even have to get up, fell back asleep after about 10 minutes..

Welcome to 2011 ladies may it be a fantastic year for all of us..

Comment #28

Happy New Year girls!!.

Wow 2011 hard to believe isn't it?! Fell asleep around 11:30p but woke in time for the new year to arrive..

Dinner out was nice and the Inn was so pretty, we'd never been there before. Today hold most likely a trip to the gym to get rid of the snug feeling of my jeans and then start undecking these halls. Rob slept in his chair and is still there, Charlie crawled up there in his lap and is sleeping as well. 57 degrees but it's raining..


Comment #29

Morning Girls! Happy New Year again!.

Quite a change from yesterday's 52's now 29. LOL.

Fell asleep on the couch around 10pm but woke up just before Midnight when I could hear the countdown on the tv. LOL Waited for my text messages to stop chiming in on my cell, the child to call and off to bed I went. Uneventful as always!.

Staying in today, it looks like a big sheet of ice out there..

Have a great day! Talk to you all later!..

Comment #30

Having to keep my attitude in check is very difficult. Undecking the halls and Rob is no where to be found..........go figure!!..

Comment #31

"Happy New Year".

I want to thank you all for being so patient and supportive of me and my family this past year:.

Heres to 2011....

May it bring more joy and success.

To our dreams....

May we never stop believing in them.

...And taking the actions that will make them a reality..

To our friends and loved ones....

May we take the time to let them know.

How much it means to us.

To have them in our lives..

Let us encourage more and criticize less,.

Give more and need less..

And whenever we can,.

Let us create harmony and peace..

To new beginnings....

Let us start fresh, right now,.

To make this the very best year ever..

Much Love to you All!..

Comment #32

Sandy so great to see you post! We miss you! In my prayers always! Take care!.

Hugs to you all! This will be a better year for all of us!..

Comment #33

Good Sunday Morning Girls! I had to type Sunday as my mind is saying Monday!.

It is freezing out there this morning! Currently 14 degrees! Saw snow when I looked out before bed, but nothing on the ground this morning..

Other than that, same old same here? What about you?.

Did you get everything accomplished yesterday that you wanted to?.

Exercise is killing me but it's a good feeling to be doing it again. My arms are just so weak but I will build them back up..

Well, be safe..have fun today and stay warm! Be back later!!..

Comment #34


I did get everything accomplished yesterday that I set out to do!! Hooray for me!!.

Ali - no pain no gain (LOL) rock on sister!!..

Comment #35

Hey all day 2 back on plan for me I will reach my goal by April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This summer will be all about me and time with family!!! was part of this group a few month back. now ready to start and finish this!!.

Happy shaking all.


Comment #36

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.