Pros and Cons of 123 as compared to yahoo small business?

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My 1st question is: Pros and Cons of 123 as compared to yahoo small business? Looking forward for any answer. My other question... Renew or not in April.

Maybe this will help..

"The term blook is one of a short-list of new words being considered by a panel of experts for inclusion in the Oxford English Dictionary according to an article which appeared in the news blog of Guardian Unlimited in October of 2006 and is a runner-up for Word of the Year according to that article.".



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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could answer your 123 reg question..

Comment #1

That contest is run by a 123 reg website who sells independent publishing services... Therefore, it seems more like a marketing gimmick than an authoritative affirmation of the blook industry... Who knows though...

Comment #2

I said it would fail... It was just someones attempt as a spin off from "Blogs"!.

People always to create new things from the latest big thing, but they never take off... they never have...

Comment #3

I have never heard it out on NP either...

Comment #4

Blooks = dead. I made $30 off of it (one of the lucky few)..

Comment #5

So, the general opinon is that a new word, only 7 months down the line, that is likely to be added the english dictionary and is under consideration for word of the year is a failure - hmmm..

Comment #6

There are a lot of words in the english dictionary now that no one cares about..

Comment #7

Hey wot unit,.

I am still on board and biding my time except that I will let all but my 3 or 4 best names drop. Top Blook Sites is just sitting waiting for the next period of interest..

But what do I know..

For those who say there is no such thing as blook outside NP & Lulu look at.


There are more but don't have the time to dig right now...

Comment #8

I tend to agree, but it does mean there will be a premium harvesting time around June next year as I am sure others will let some potential goodies go..

To be in this business and to consider "new trends" dead in the water after a short time in my opinion means you won't be very successful (I make a nice retirement income supplement buying and selling names). I have held names 3/4 years before getting buyers - why should this be any different.

Drop em whenever you like, sharks will be patrolling the waters.

Yes, I noted how badly blogs have failed, along with .mobi etc.

Perhaps Futurology is the next big thing, you will need vision for that..

Comment #9

"new trends" wot?.

Doesnt seem to be a trend first off..

Second off, having to MANUALLY search google for mentioning of the word "blook" already shows how far off mainstream..

3rd, great theres a blook competition- so what?.

And congrats on earning retirement income, I will stick to my quick buy and sell technique (well not buy but reg). Its already netted me some solid income (though probably not retirement income)...

Comment #10

Cool site.... just inspired me to try a "blook site" with my daughter..

However I've had almost zero interest from blook buyers. I feel I have some strong names too ..... They are soo strong they wont let go of me and I still have them.


Comment #11

I was questioned for selling amidst the hype. Made 1000% return in 2 weeks. Perhaps I could have made more if I held, but I like to sell into the hype. I'll let several drop and hold onto myblooks .com as an option play...

Comment #12

As always time will tell..

I do both damitssam , look for future trends and reg and hold. Also reg and sell quickly , 9 .mobi most recently. The most successful combination - , regged some 800+ , sold 600+ quickly for a total substantial sum, retained a bunch of premiums for the future..

As I said , a few months is far too short to determine a trend, even blogs , the best names were regged 5/6 years ago and it is the last 2 years that have seen the major sales..

It also comes down to what works for the individual which of course is not the same for everybody- but what a fun biz it is...

Comment #13

I'm going to renew , I can only lose a few dollars....

Comment #14

Gets about 30 uniques a week at present..

I have a few more which I will hang onto and probably a few which I will drop..

I will certainly hang on to and along with and

By the way wot, I still have my and

Here's hoping !!!!..

Comment #15

I forgot about this thread...and blooks. I did a quick search and and were available. I figured the 3 dollar investment was worth it for the .info, but the .org is up for grabs if anyone wants it...

Comment #16

As I recall, I did reg.

, just in case the phrase took off ..... and hey, I will happily sell it for $30 to anyone still willing to gamble...

Comment #17

My most popular blook HostGator is It gets about 30 uniques/ mo but I'm not sure how much of this might be the result of some sort of bizarre typo or web developers who are searching for a catchy branding term that they can purchase for reg fee..

Blooks may or may not develop into a popular or broadly recognized term. Presently, the vast majority of blook domains are, undoubtedly, owned and supported by HostGator name and web development speculators. But, it is unfair to single "blooks" out and make it the whipping boy..

Virtually, every new term that is spawned by a new social trend or an emerging technology is supported on the internet by HostGator name resellers and web development speculators. To see this, all one need do, is go to their portfolio, draw up a list of domains that contain new keyword terms and run a search on the other tlds. 9 times out of 10, the domains will resolve to the generic directory or the parked page of a speculator..

Everyone hopes that the new term, that they just raced to the registry to snatch before someone else beat them to it, will be the next pokemon, xbox, anime, Mp3, wi-fi, amoxil, thumbzilla, walmart, or blog but for everyone of these top 100 terms, that wasn't in the lexicon a decade or two ago, there are millions that never made it there and if they did, they got lost and, now, can only be found in some desolate, sector of the internet, holding space for a directory page earning someone .07 for the click that it receives each month..

Wow! I wasn't intending to sound so bleak. Good stuff can happen, too. I must've forgotten and left that part out...

Comment #18

Not bad! Expireguy sold just 8 short months ago or so on NP via auction for over $1200. I sold for around 1/2 that a couple weeks later. So I'd say $3 was worth it...

Comment #19

Ummm, then how do explain blogs? aren't blogs a spin off themselves?..

Comment #20

I got out just in time and made money from the buzz here about $140..

I don't think the word "blook" will ever take off, personally. Most have given up hope, and there are a lot of weird words like "blook" that aren't used very widely...

Comment #21

Nice buy. I'll keep hold of, just incase...

Comment #22

Maybe to promote blooks and get domainers excited about it again, I'll make up a story about a lonely computer nerd working his way up the domaining food chain until he owns names like and Would you guys be interested in reading my future life story?..

Comment #23

Heh, a quick OVT of 'blook' showed 50 searches last month.......

......... for "Kelly Blue Blook"...... errrr, uhhh, okay maybe in 2008...

Comment #24

Looks like someone grabbed

Where are my np$ ? .

Any ideas for development on When you see the name, do you feel "blook directory" "blook definition/history", or "actual blooks"?..

Comment #25

Ohh so no one backordered ? heh I saw them two dropping and I checked only .info..

Comment #26

Speculated on a few high OVT "keyword"blook(s).com at the time. No real traffic & no income. If anybody that really believes is interested in these drop me a pm..

HentaiBlook. com - Nov 975,697 ovt for hentai.

MLSblook. com - Nov 137,164 ovt for mls.

MLSblooks. com.

DogBlook. com - Nov 4,864,293 ovt for dog.

DogBlooks. com..

Comment #27

Wow, I seem to have missed the craze completely. I offered to someone looking for trendy names and was pretty much laughed at...

Comment #28

That must've made, whoever it was, feel powerful..

Structurally, "Blook" is a very good word blend, IMO- a lot better than most of the non-intuitive scribble-scabble that's around. 5 letters, a combination of 2 common words that are easily identifiable within the term. The problem w/ the term is that it hasn't developed an identity- people don't know what it represents or what it is supposed to do. This can change w/ time, but the process will be a slow one because, presently, it is only being supported by a small, grass roots contingent of believers and lacks the marketing clout and money that a term like "zune" has behind it. If it wasn't a Micro$oft property, "zune" would be just another so-so , made-up, 4 letter term that would get a low-mid $xx appraisal on the boards if it had a .com at the end of it..

"Blook" is being derided by people who don't understand that the incubation period for the vast majority of new terms is measured in years. Criticism is also coming in from people w/ unjustified superiority complexes- people who have nothing better to do w/ themselves than to come here and take shots at NP members, (and at NP, by extension), because this is where the term's HostGator name start-up took place and this is where most of the the majority of the HostGator name community support for the term rests. The criticism is aimed at a new and creative concept that is, admittedly, outside of the box, because some people equate new w/ fresh meat. Thes critics seem to forget that the object of their ridicule never came w/ a guarantee- offered or implied. Every group has a small minority of members who are d~ck-heads..

Blook HostGator names and development are not for people who are impatient - a few people were able to make the connect and flip a name for a quick tidy profit, (and props to them for doing so), but those sales represent the frosting and not the cake. Those who require constant reassurance that a term, that represents a new concept, will be a success, should look elsewhere, as well, because, this early in the game, the only projections that can be made about the ultimate success or failure of blooks, are all going to be based upon speculation and conjecture. Personally, I'm going to play the middle and hold onto some and drop some...

Comment #29

Cannot believe available at this moment, in the last fever is there no people reg it? or it dropped?.

Anyway, I still own some blook names, like, seems just like the purpose of this thread, How about Blook Today? is it?..

Comment #30

Hey wot..

I assume you've already introduced "splog" (.


Am Bl.


), to the crowd. It also works for sports blog, space blog and sperm blog, (for those who like to keep count.)..

Comment #31

I notice that and have benn regged also but is still unregged...

Comment #32 would have been a nice one to get. If the term does ever take off, the ones that will reap the rewards are those who have the term in it's simplest form...

Comment #33

I have and plan on renewing it unless I sell it in the meantime...

Comment #34

This may have a positive effect on Blooks......

Microsoft starts online library.

December 07, 2006 09:35.

US technology heavyweight Microsoft will unveil an online library today that will compete with Google's controversial project to digitise the world's books..

Microsoft said it would launch a US test of Live Search Books featuring tens of thousands of out-of-copyright books, including works held by the British library and major universities in Toronto and California..

'With this initial release we've focused on making the reading experience as natural as possible,' project director Cliff Guren said. 'The US beta launch of Live Search Books is a big step forward in advancing the way people discover information through the integration of content that has been off-limits to the traditional search experience, until now,' he added..

Microsoft has made fresh book-scanning partnerships with New York Public Library and the American Museum of Veterinary Medicine, according to Guren..

In late August, Google restarted it's Google Book Search project initiated in 2004 with the lofty aim of scanning every literary work into digital format and making them available online. Google has formed partnerships with major universities such as Harvard, Oxford, the New York Public Library, Complutense of Madrid and the University of California to add their collections to it's virtual book shelves..

After outcries from publishing houses and authors, Google modified it's online library to offer only summaries of copyrighted works along with information regarding where to buy or borrow the books..

Neither Google nor Microsoft would reveal how many books they have already scanned. At stake for the companies were revenues that could be raked in by placing ads on web pages visited by book-seeking Internet surfers...

Comment #35

I don't know, that might actually hurt the blook. People will have even more places to go now to read actual books, that they might not want to read blooks...

Comment #36

Grilla, your name blookbusters is almost certainly a typo of - the most popular video/dvd store in the UK - hope this helps you with your traffic $$. I am slightly bitten by the blook bug- am selling mine off on ebay right now.


Comment #37

Speaking about Blooks - anyone ever hear from Blookmeister no 2 - Dominic ? .

I think he is MIA.


Comment #38

Haha... so true. I do own a few, don't think I'm renewing...

Comment #39

Yea i'll be letting.

(you know a play on writers block) drop unless anyone wants to offer me a couple bucks ($10) to transfer it to them.


Comment #40

I'll probably drop all but It gets some occassional "views of offer" on Sedo. If anyone wants or childrensblook(s).com I'll push 'em to you for reg fee...

Comment #41

I've seen a few articles lately that are saying blogs are over with. Anyone have comments about this?..

Comment #42

What about those big blogs? BBs. Beyond Blogs..

Or what about funny blogs? Flubuns..

Or boring blogs? Borogs...

Comment #43

Sure. My comment is whoever wrote this probably doesn't have a blog and probably doesn't read blogs, and they probably feel like they are an average internet user, so if they don't like 'em, everyone must not like them. I would be interested in reading these articles, please find the links if you can. Saying blogs are over with is pretty much like saying forums are a dying fad...

Comment #44

November Overture results for "blog".

619269 blog.

334010 blog com myspace.

119409 radio blog.

57044 myspace blog.

54651 radio blog club.

45113 band blog blogging cl finding forum friend friend group join journal journaling music networking photo pic rate sharing.

37940 free blog.

35759 blog video.

35003 pink is the new blog.

34846 blog offer store top.

33486 music blog.

28651 news blog.

28490 blog love.

28464 blog blogging com myspace.

28214 blog stuff.

28110 blog book.

28050 blog editor.

28012 blog forum.

28012 blog game.

27798 how to enter a blog.

27615 blog download.

I'd hardly say they're over with...

Comment #45

I don't know, there is a little bit of a dip in the end of the google trends graph.....


Comment #46

The final paragraph sums it up nicely:.

"It is just an alternative reading material and a new medium to express one's opinions, especially for those who are not involved directly in the media industry but would like their writings to be read and heard by the masses.".

Nice find carlton..

Comment #47

No No.. Wot.. not everyone.... you are a proven winner.. I do what you do!!!.

Blook on!!!.


Comment #48

Nice - naysayers - Wot say you.

My hair is falling out and I have bowel problems - hope you don't go down that route...

Comment #49

What's the consensus? Thumbs up or thumbs down?.

I've got and also am considering whether to renew it.....

Comment #50

Reading about it, makes me want to do it!.


As soon as I learn how to blog, I'll use

Comment #51

If anyone is looking to buy a premium blook domain, just toss me a pm and we can work out a deal for

Comment #52

A little more of the Blook for you all..


Comment #53

I wouldn't give up on blooks. People have been writing blogs for months/years and they will need a way to condense it into a more compact format down the road - hence the need for blooks IMO. We are maybe just not at the stage yet where people are doing this, but if it starts to snowball people will need tools to make their blooks, making the term in demand for domains. I own a few, like createblooks/com, createblook/com, and I think blookthings/com..

Comment #54

A question: what would be the *blook* equivalent of blogger (for blog)...? Blooker, Blookster, or something else?..

Comment #55

Consolidate your blog in electronic form and publish formatted to be read on mobile devices..

Big G is moving in the direction of 'electronic' libraries with their public HostGator books being scanned and made available in electronic form..

I can see the blook concept becoming a form of electronic as well as hard copy publishing. It may not be called blook but it will come to pass. Maybe not in my lifetime but...(hey wot unit - sure is hell to be getting old.


<edit>Just struck me. Maybe electronic Blooks might become eBlooks (damn that just cost me $25.90)..

I am going counter to the general trend but got a site idea to try. A learning project as I have just discovered some cool functionality with Drupal If it becomes a success cool if not a nice learning project.</edit>..

Comment #56

Wot you mean - I feel younger every day.

It's my pet name for &*&%$%..

I think I own - can't remember , memory is going...

Comment #57

My Chronological age isn't so bad is the 43 years as a 'gimp' that is a real bitch..

Just when I had decided to let all but 3 of my blook names drop I go off & reg eBlooks-mobi which I still think mobi is stupid should have bee mob or mobl mobi makes me think of Moby Dick..

Can I assume you will not be playing in the .asia space?..

Comment #58

I decided to keep a few of my best names. But there's still a chance. Some others are on sell now, visit link in my sig. Many names are top quality...

Comment #59

I'm still looking for a buyer of If anyone is interested, please pm me. I'm willing to sell at wholesale...

Comment #60

I'm glad I just got the one -


Unique Visitors per month*: 5.

Visitors to this Sedo Listing*: 10.

Taking offers !.


Comment #61

I'm selling all of mine right now in auctions. I had some "nice" ones. There going for low to mid.


Have a look!..

Comment #62

I buy it firesale.

And I don't even know what blook means, and I own 1..

Comment #63

Ooops - forget the above....I forgot to renew it.

Never mind - do you think it will go for XXX,XXX > at snapname.

(I am now officially BlookLess).

Best of luck with your ones guys/gals - I hope they work out as winners for you..


Comment #64

Yes, can't sell it for five bucks, but at snapnames, xxx,xxx, for sure, lol. Isn't that the way it goes?..

Comment #65

I had to look it up too. From wikipedia:..

Comment #66

Just because GD has a $6.21 renewal foe .com I just renewed BlookBits and DiscussBlooks..

I get a kick out deleting the spam at Discuss. Bits.


Has dropped from 4 to 2 which is no surprise considering I was using it to play with different CMS scripts..

I am starting to wonder why I keep any names at GD. Hell there are days when I get more GD junk (borderline spam IMHO) than the true spammer scum and trying to do anything on that site reminds me of the 14.2 dialup days...

Comment #67

Well at least you had the sense to check it out unlike others who ask the question " what is".

Age of the web and free info - duh!..

Comment #68

I turned off all my free email accounts at 123 reg entirely because of the amount of spam it generated..

Comment #69

If anyone has any interest in, please pm me. It is coming up for renewal shortly... Not sure if I am going to renew it or not...

Comment #70

Hey fonzie, I'll trade ya, for Might be the first blook trade in the history of the world, lol. It would save you $20 in renewal fees, lol...

Comment #71

Thanks for the offer, but I'll still with for the time being. If someone want to offer me a few bucks for it, I may let it go...

Comment #72

'Blog', 'cookie', 'wiki' top list of hated Internet words: poll.

...and "Blook" came in 5th....


Comment #73

Wow, I think "spam" "enhance" "cialis" "viagra" "munky" "x10" would be the ones I dislike most...

Comment #74

Hmm, it says "blook" was fourth..

But those are some really annoying words. I can live with "blog" since it's so used now, same with "wiki" but, like RogueWriter mentioned, throw those words on the list..

Nice find...

Comment #75

Yeah, but I was also thinking "cybersquatter"....

I thought so too when I first skimmed it, but:.

"netiquette", or Internet etiquette, came fourth and "blook", a book based on a blog, was fifth...

Comment #76

Never heard of the word "Blook" before this..

Is the HostGator you have or.



Comment #77

I dropped most all of my blook names. Goes to show what hype can do. Senseless registrations based on hopes without reason...

Comment #78

I knew the risks. I deemed the idea worthy of speculation so I invested 1%-2% of my yearly registration expense into it and gave it a year. I won't be putting that into the pot for renewals this year but I am keeping a couple as a hedge just in case , including a typo that gets some modest traffic..

You know the drill, Lee. You win a few and lose quite a few more. At least the concept was rational which is more than I can say for some of the mad cap schemes that I've gotten involved with from time to time..

BTW. It's good to be back. Looking forward to catching up w/ news and will have an update on some solid if not spectacular sales that I've had since last we spoke..

PS Lee- I hear you on the hype. Most of my wasted money has been the result of overbuying on the supposed next hot new widget that's coming along. In most cases, it's been registering the long lists or feeling like I'm in a frantic race that's been where I've gotten caught. Usually a couple of well thought out, choice names from a new group are more than ample for the average portfolio, IMHO...

Comment #79

Good plan those few domains you kept may be worth the pennies you're putting into them now (pennies, in terms of potential payout in the future)..

Being the impatient person I am, I cashed out on Blooks while their hype was just beginning, and I found myself $140 richer...

Comment #80

I'm with you. I only regged half a dozen names (kept 2 good ones) but flipped for 10X what I paid on Sedo. I guess the reason I brought up this article was that there's (seemingly) no value to the word and yet it ranks 5th in the list of the webs most hated words - words everyone has heard of. Go figure.....

Comment #81

No one has bit yet....I have up for auction in the auctions forum, opening bid of .99 is all that is needed to start it of......

, shows that there is not a whole lot of interest here, leastways...

Comment #82

I sold my HostGator name. For a small profit..

I'm glad I only bought one of these names....

Comment #83

A whole bunch of blook domains are dropping tomorrow - somebody must be eating their investment...

Comment #84

Sorry, but the Blook domains were the worst domains I ever invested in...

I cant remember the domains I had but I had 3 and took a loss...

Comment #85

I'm glad to say I did'nt get too carried away with the BlookWagon and only bought one ! Which I have just dropped and someone else bought it.

Best of luck with your ones guys.

They seem a pretty long shot IMO.


Comment #86

I read somewhere that someone sold a blook HostGator for like 500 bucks..

Comment #87

Who wrote the blook on this keyword?.

No, seriously, the blook domains have a very good chance of being hot soon, just hold on to it...

Comment #88

A long shot gave me and a colleague one of the biggest ever tierces at Happy Valley a few years ago...

Comment #89

I've got and

Maybe I should make a site from them...who knows...could end up making the world record blook sale.


Comment #90

Jumping on the bandwagon is a sure way to lose money. The "blook" fad was a prime example..

That said, I own one blook name... which I may still develop...

Comment #91

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.