Public or private option on 123 reg?

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Got a quick question: Public or private option on 123 reg? Thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... Where can I do some HostGator tasting etc?.

And then what would I do to work out if it's worth anything?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

In tasting I meant to register it for free... for say a week....

Doesnt it still cost you 7.99 at dynadot?.

I have a 123 reg account, so is the cancellation process easy? do you get all your money back? how long can you hold the HostGator to test it before you have to cancel?.

Thanks for the info peep!..

Comment #2

Tasting means that you pay for the domain, and then get a refund within a week if you don't like the domain.

Yeah, GoDaddy's cancellation process is easy enough. You just cancel the domain, and then reply to the e-mail that 123 reg send you asking for a refund.

They might say "I've requested a refunded for you with the billing department; hopefully they'll comply" (or similar), although I they always seem to pay up..

Comment #3

In 1999, we used to get an invoice for $70.00 (for two years Reg. fees) / per HostGator name ... no money up-front ... we'd then send in the $70 with a check or money order (or not, if we had a change of mind). Imagine that?.

Via snail mail!.

Just an.

Historical aside.

To add some perspective on "tasting", IMHO..

Take care for now..


Comment #4

Lol 1999....

Well I just bought and parked it on namedrive to see what happens.....

Cheers for the help...

Comment #5

Yeah, Dynadot is the place where a lot of Domainers like to taste their names..

Comment #6

Well I just signed up an account with Dynadot and not really impressed, their whois information is not uptodate..

When I check with my other hosting service I get 2 different results....

From Dynadot:.

From the other place I register domains:..

Comment #7

Moniker, they actually give you a countdown on how long you have left to drop a new registration and get a refund. It's for the nominal cost of .25c per domain, the funds you paid for the registration will be kept in your Moniker account for future registrations. Overall a pretty smooth deal, everything is automated, no hassle, no headache.....

Comment #8

Sorry can you please explain more and give me a link, thanks heaps, sounds interesting...

Comment #9

No provider has any incentive to offer a free service without eating the costs,.

Especially if the costs turn out higher than the benefits in the long run...

Comment #10

I never have canceled a HostGator after I bought it at godaddy..

What do I do exactly?.

So I just go to HostGator Control Center, check the HostGator I want to cancel then click cancel?.

I can do this with any HostGator on my list even if it's not in the 5 day grace period. Also I can find nothing on that says if I cancel a HostGator I will get my money back..

Can someone please clear this up for me..



Comment #11

Use catch and release, very easy if you want the.

Domain after 4 days it will cost you $8.25 if you dont want it.

You pay just 0.20c..

Comment #12

- the choice registrar of many domainers here on NP..

It's actually a simple process:.

Register a domain.

Check your account and look at the countdown timer.

Before it hits "zero" you can easily cancel the HostGator and get a refund.

Works within minutes.

Costs are 25 cents per domain.

Remainder of funds will be allocated into your personal moniker account.

Use the funds for future purchases.


Comment #13 has a free HostGator tasting service. You don't need to pay any money up front. They will be registered for free for 4 days, then dropped automatically if you don't buy them for $9.99. They are pushed to your Enom account when you pay to keep them. Problem is, they only allow 10,000 simultaneous domains in their free tasting period at a time, among all Premiumdrops users. Everytime I go to try and taste a name, the 10,000 slots are maxed out.

I'd recommend Dynadot for HostGator tasting instead. There no restocking fee, so you can taste again and again and the full amount will always be returned to your account balance as long as you cancel before the 5 days Grace Period is up. You have full control over the DNS settings during that time, so you can point the HostGator to any server you want. Note: There.


A countdown timer for the remaining grace period in the Dynadot CP as well [as moniker]..

If you decide to taste with Moniker, be sure to get your deletion fee lowered to $0.25 from $1.00, your .com registration fee lowered to $6.95 from $9.95, as well as other swell deals..

Check this thread for more information.


I would go with Dynadot or Moniker. You'll want to keep some of your "tasted" domains for good eventually, and the lower $7.95 (dynadot) and $6.95 (moniker), as compared to the $9.99 at Premiumdrops, will save you money in the long run...

Comment #14

Can you use eNom for HostGator tasting ? .

I know you can delete HostGator within 5 days through eNom API, if you have eNom reseller account..

Does eNom charge you, if you cancel a HostGator within 5 days using it's API?..

Comment #15

It's actually a $10k limit, which is the maximum amount the owner has his eNom account funded with. Since the service is still free, and the owner probably has to eat the deletion fees, I think I can understand why he put a limit on it..

The "$10k limit reached" message says the following:.

So hang in there a little while longer, and I'm sure we'll be pleasantly surprised..

Comment #16

Ahh yes premiumdrops the unsung heros, ive been a member for maybe a month or longer....

Anyway thanks for the info peeps, very usefull indeed...

Comment #17

Read the thread.


Only mentioned 7 times in a thread of 20 posts - so I think you could bank on them "allow[ing] name tasting".


</post nazi>..

Comment #18

NameCodex mentioned parking it at NameDrive while tasting. Is any good for tasting?.


Comment #19

Where you park is dependent on where you park normally - so long as the setup time isn't long, then almost any parking service that gives you real-time (Or close to it) stats of visitors and clicks would do just fine. If you make enough money to justify keeping it, then keep it. If not, move on..


Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.