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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Question about Website tonight from 123 Many thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... I ask this because I decided to see if a HostGator was already registered. I did my search on GoDaddy, and also typed it into leapfish..

Everything but the .com was available. I checked out some other names, went back and registered the .us domain. Did some research and decided to pick up the remaining ones... (.org, .net, .info, etc) and make a package..

Within 20 minutes there was nothing left. I registered the .us, but the other ones are gone now..

Does this sound fishy to you too?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could answer your 123 reg question..

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I checked more than 150 domains on 123 reg last 2 days for fresh registration and Guess what ! 110 domains out of them registered by 123 reg with Registrant ( Go France , Go Canada , Go Australia , etc.. )..

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Ill echo what some others have said, do not search at 123 reg unless you register right after you make the search. Moniker so far has been a safe place to search and one of the reasons why they have be getting all my new registration business...

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Aprilfocus, check it again in 5 or 6 days. You may find that it's available again. Most likely it has been picked up by a taster who has a deal of some sort with 123 reg to monitor HostGator searches, or perhaps even by 123 reg themselves. They will "taste" the HostGator for five days to determine the traffic and profitability, and if it doesn't meet their requirements they will drop it. Yes it sucks, but now that you're aware of it, when you find a HostGator you want you should register it immediately...

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Then let's check those available ugly 's on godaddy. Hopefully they will be bought..

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One interesting detail about your story is that you registered the .us version while only the .com was taken. Why? I would have never done that. I would definately pick the .net first...

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Not in my experience. I have definitely had my Namecheap searches registered by automated HostGator tasters within minutes. I have only seen it on .com before though. Things must be getting worse if they're registering other extensions now. These days, I usually telnet into the Internic whois server..

Anyway, I suggest being ready to purchase all names immediately at the time of your search...

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HostGator tasting will only occur for gTLDS, so I dont think this would apply for ccTLDs at all...

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I do all my searches at Namecheap and never have any problem.....

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Always check at moniker, I of course trust fab too but obviously you can't run as many at once there..

I used to believe in this rule myself now I line up 20-30 gradually and then replace them with better names until the start of a new week, whereby I register the best 20-30 I have. (This applies to purchased names when I am in the market also but obviously less quantity). I find this avoids the mistake of listening too much to your gut..

I did just miss out on 3 of my last weeks list to a HostGator drop service and an end user! by 5 days on the end user which was quite frustrating. Still it lets me know I am on the right lines...

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Although some registrars might be clean, I wouldn't do a HostGator search on ANY registrar's whois. You can use the linux shell whois command if you use linux, you could use your own whois php script, you could use each registry's whois command, or you could use an online whois service known to be clean, such as iWhois. Using registrar's whois for HostGator searches is just being lazy, and fraught with risk, since not only could the registrar be your competitior, but also their whois could well be compromised in some way...

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HostGator search stealing? I wonder why some people still believe that when the.

Things they search for aren't theirs to begin with..


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Namecheap is my no.1 registrar but I find moniker a safer experience for HostGator searching...

Comment #13

Any instruction on how to do this would be greatly appreciated...

Comment #14

Telnet 43.

Then type in the HostGator and hit enter...

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I was using 123 reg yesterday to check a decent HostGator that I knew was available just for kicks, and today it's been registered by

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My taste in names must really suck because of all the times I've searched on GD, I've never had it happen to me. I'm going to call them and ask why they won't steal from me! What's wrong with the names I look for? HMMM...?..

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