Questions about Nutrisystem? Cost per week for food? Platinum plan years later?

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First question I have is Questions about Nutrisystem? Cost per week for food? Platinum plan years later? Many thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... Any good threads about stalls in the past anyone can link for me? Seems like it's mostly the ladies discussing stalls when I searched..

I'm at about a 2 week stall where I havent really lost anything. Following the plan the same way I was when I lost about 40 lbs in the first 3 months. I know it's common, but looking for some good reads on other experiences with stalls. Thanks..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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Started out at 355, lost 39 in 3 months, rate of loss has been about the same throughout. Kinda plateau'd last couple weeks. lost about a pound. Moderately lift weights 3 days a week. walk 30 minutes on the treadmill everyday, usually at about 3.6 mph, ive increased speed as my body allows me too, I walked slower in the begining. Follow the plan to what it says, rarely do anything besides that, and if I do it might be a little more veggies than it says to do.

But I eat all the food it says to eat. I drink about 6-8 bottles of water a day..

Thinking of adding a protein shake as it seemed to have helped some guys. THis thread (linked below) was informative, and was hoping some guys might remember some other similar ones..


I like to read old threads. Usually find good info and most topics are discussed over and over. thanks..

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1. Either you are eating more than you think you are, exerting less, or it's a temporary phenomenon related to water/stool/scale variation (most likely)..

2. Words like "kinda" show an imprecision in monitoring yourself. I find this imprecision correlated with imprecision in other areas..

3. But anyway, if you just want to read and learn, then read and learn from the chica threads. The logic applies...

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Adding a protein shake won't help you lose more weight. How could more calories (of ANY sort) ever help you lose more. That is wishful, non-scientific thinking. This myth has been debunked even for stalled out women and you are far from that..

Now, you might want to take one ANYWAY. For nutritional reasons, since your long term loss rate can afford it, etc...

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I disagree. Totally. I know it makes no sense, and will not try to dissuade anyone who has not experienced it and who does not believe it. No foul. I mean, there are no 2 professional nutritionists who agree on anything, so what makes anyone think any of us are going to "know" how it all works??.

If you are indeed, in too deep a calorie restriction for your activity level, there is one VERY SIMPLE and NOT HARMFUL way to find out. It only takes 3 days..

Add a 330 cal Muscle Milk every day after your workout. If you don't see an IMMEDIATE and dramatic drop in weight, that was not it. If you do, you can come back and say "I told you so"..

If it works, you can fine-tune things to find your sweet spot for losing. Maybe a 160 cal, rather than the high-cal, high-fat Muscle Milk. The MM is just a dramatic way to Kick it over if that's your problem..

No harm trying!.


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You can't make judgements off of a 3 day test. Inherent variation is too high and the guys is arguably due for a drop anyhow...

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I basically agree with where you're coming from, Poly. I argued strongly against it as well way back when when I experienced it. I know exactly what you mean with your post above. It really can have been just random, extremely coincidentally timed fluke variations. Not going to argue it since I can't back it up. When I tried to press for logic from others who promoted it, all I got was circular logic and nutri-babble.

I tried it. It worked. Many MANY other guys (usually the bigger guys who are lifting) have reported the same over the time I've been on this board have reported the same..

No arguments here. No judgement needed either. He can make up his own mind and pick his own timing. Does not really matter if it's true or not. It's results that count. I'm only talking a 3 day experiment of adding 330 cals to the basic plan.

If it works, cool! If not, no problem, stay the course, and like you say, his loss may well resume on it's own at some point..

What's the downside to giving it a try?.


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I hit a stall for almost 4 weeks when I was losing. I just stuck to the plan. What I did notice my body changed drastically during those weeks. Waist size shrunk, love handles shrunk etc..

I have heard that the protein shake worked for some people. I, just stuck to the plan...

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It is all about input and output..

If you are "on plan" and recording your calorie intake, that's great. If you are not keeping track, start now. If you are exercising, which in my opinion is a great thing, then you need to be realistic about what you are burning. If you can't figure it out use a BodyBugg or a gowear fit device. Calories burned - calories eaten = Calories deficiency. 3500 calories deficiency is 1 pound lost..

That said, you have to eat the right stuff, and this is where the debate/uncertainty lies. If you are exercising hard, then you may need to add in some more fuel to exercise or may need to help recovery..

Call the Nutrisystem advisors. They will help you figure it out. Shake things up. Eat dinner at lunch/lunch at dinner. There are lots of ideas. Don't abandon ship...

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