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My first question is R you looking for cheap iPage web hosting? see this Looking forward for any response. Second question of mine... I have used the construction:.

"<A HREF="http://www.Your_URL_Here" TARGET = "_top".>.

With varying degrees of success. This is supposed to be what they call a "frame buster." IOW, if the page you are on is a frame and you want the next page to pop up and float outside the frame (instead of in one of your frames) then this will do it..

But it only works some of the time. I use IE 5.5 and have no problem with it. But on an older computer I have running IE 5.0 it does not work. Nothing happens when you click on the link. And people have been calling me and telling me the same thing when they are on my web site..

Anybody know about this issue or how it can be resolved (other than not using this feature)?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can answer it..

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But you lost me after that initial "frameset anchor in a frame window set of anchored set frames framed" or whatever..

I think I will try the above poster's idea of using "resource=" and see how that works instead..

Tnx anway..

P.s. Did you used to play on "Star Trek, Next Generation"? You were "Data", right? I knew it!..

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Are you sure that you don't have a typo in one of your links? I see no other reason why it would work in a later browser and not an earlier one (it's got a typo, but the later browser is making it work anyway). Can you post the link to your page please?..

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What is the typo that you spotted, please?..

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He didn't spot a typo, he just asked if there was one. And what's up with the links. Why do they turn purple after the rollover. How about after the page is visited?..

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This is the page that you are having trouble with? This page isn't in frames..

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Ok, I found the frameset page:.


And the navigation page within the frameset, and I'm looking at it now:.


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So sorry, but I thought he had spotted a typo in there, which I was willing to take some input on..

Now as to your request, why do the links turn a certain color, well, it's just a JScript I picked up somewhere. I think it looks nice, but I have also noticed it does not keep the "visited" link color either. I don't know how to preserve that, do you?.

Here is the code I use:.


<! This script and many more are available free online at >.

<! The JavaScript Source!!.



<! Begin.

Function doColor(item, color, bg) {. = color; // changes text color. = bg; // changes background.


Function undoColor(item) {. = "#800080"; // sets color back to purple. = ""; // sets background to default.


// End >.


Sorry I can't give you more than that, as I am really a C and PHP programmer, and just wanted to jazz up my web iPage site a bit. Maybe that was not a good idea...

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Where on your page are you tryingto break out of frames?..

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Sorry about that. I commented out the "frame busting" since it was not consistently working, but here is a bit of source code..


<A HREF="" TARGET = \"_top\" onMouseOver = "window.status = 'Local Weather'; return true"; onMouseOut = "window.status = ''; return true";>Local Weather</A>.


This link takes the viewer to ye old Weather Channel online, with the correct zip code already supplied for this area of the country. You might also notice that, since this is PHP code, that the quote marks around "_top" need the backslashes to get by the parser. The rest of the stuff is just that silly Jscript I got dinged on..

Like I said, this works fine with my browser (IE 5.5) and puts the new page on top of my page. But other browsers seem to be choking on it and do nothing. So, as a fix, I took this out and now I just let the new window pop up in the right frame. Not sure why it doesn't work all the time, but I can't have my customers complaining at me...

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Do you have an example of where the output is displayed (I'd like to see the live output from it)...

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It's just that the purple annoys me a little. I couldn't help you (I know my HTML, and can at least make a few changes in js, but that's about as far as it goes)...

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