Registered domain with and a advertisment is stuck on it?
First question I have is Registered domain with and a advertisment is stuck on it? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Http://

The screen shots from adSense show over $9,000 a month... yet it is going for under $1,000....

When you look it up on alexa it has virtually no traffic, I know StatBrain is not the most reliable source for traffic rankings but it only shows about 22 visitors a day....

I am not saying this is a scam, but.....

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably know..

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Doesnt look right to me, be careful with this one..

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Just noticed this line over the Adsense screenshot.....

..::: What are we making money on a Similar Website :::...

So the screenshot is not for that GoDaddy site at all.......

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Nice catch, knew something had to be wrong there....

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The $9,000 figures are NOT for the GoDaddy site you are seeing advertised. It says "What we are making in a SIMILAR web site"...

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On eBay concerning this sort of thing? If I sell you a car and I say it has 10,000 miles and then you get it and it has 100,000 miles I am pretty sure you can take action... after all you have the car and the odometer....

But if I sell you a HostGator and I say it makes me $x,xxx a month and it only makes you $x a month then what can you do?.

I assume you can report them to eBay but how would you prove it? and how can you dispute their "proof" of earnings....

I would love to buy a GoDaddy site that has even 1/4 of the earnings they say they get, but I am not sure eBay is the way to go....

If anyone has ever been scammed on ebay from buying a GoDaddy site like that it would be cool to know about it, if they are not too embarassed to tell us anyway.....

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You guys, it's just a brand new website selling...and they get you by saying look what we've done at another GoDaddy site and show a screenshot.. But they dont tell the site.

Really you get the GoDaddy site and content and it's up to you to try and make that much!..

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Yep total con.. done my research, first thing I noticed was that is nothing like a adsense report screen. Might want to drop the chap bidding an email he obviously didnt read it right. Also Ebay should be warned of this scam..

Anyone could fabricate that by just registering a new name and coming up with all that saleman speel....

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I see... I guess it isn't "false advertising" just "crafty marketing" ???..

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Well that's just it nowhere do they say you will make a specific amount of money. They just talk about the 'potential'..

So a better analogy is if someone sells you a car saying it can get to 100,000 miles, even though it currently has none..

But don't get me wrong this a a very deceptive ad and Ebay SHOULD be notified...

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I dont get it alexa show these results.

Traffic Rank for 4,070,773.

But my search says theseoinfo or has not been searched for in the past 4 weeks??..

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This seller recently sold a similar GoDaddy site for far less than the current high bid on this domain..

The Listing.

, it appears these develop using bargain templates and php scripts, along with average HostGator names, at best, have provided nice dividends for this eByer...

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The first thing I noticed is also the sentence:.

"..::: What are we making money on a Similar Website :::..".

Very similiar to the people who look like they are selling a unit of DVD player for $0.01, when in fact they are merely selling the information on where to get them for $0.01.. potentially...

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YEah seems a little bit sketch to me. Im not sure why they would have bought the name for $50,000 and now set the reserve for so little...

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Sales trickery like this is appalling these type of sellers are the types you here knock on old peoples homes and use clever words to get them to buy stuff they do not need like insurance and timeshares..

Ebay should really shut these type of syndicates down. Yes the $0.01 auctions are common too people selling the link to a GoDaddy site where a wholsaler is. all rubbish..

It is sad in my opinion...

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Haha this guy rocks, I hope he makes alot of $$ from the sale..

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The words that they are going after are high paying words- and they are words that wont fade away... but still anyone could make a GoDaddy site like theirs. IF it's making so much money, why sell it?..

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I would hate to be duped into spending my money on this shite. I really hope ebay bar these people..

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