Reseller iPage web hosting? With live support to MY clients.?

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Question I have... Reseller iPage web hosting? With live support to MY clients.? Thanks in advance for any comment. My 2nd question... This isn't my site, but a friend's at my youth group. I'm thinking about a few problems in specific, but don;t want to point them out unless you see them, also. I already told him a couple. A couple links don't work, and some pages aren't finished, as the iPage site isn't finished...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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The pictures take far too long to download!.

Get a Decent Web optimizser from!..

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I have been given control over the TFC (main) area of the page. Someone else is doing the "Blaze" section, and yet another is doing the "Bible Quizzing" section. If the entire iPage site lacks continuity, I'll try and change that, but no guarantees aside form teh main iPage site (not Blaze and Bible Quzzing.


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On a rather tenuous note m8, you know TFC is commonly known to stand for TYeam Fortress Classic - a Mod for Half life..

If you use this in yer meta tags you could get a lot of visitors, but they'd be pee'd off ones..

Thought I'd Let you know.


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I love Team Fortress, so, yes, I know. I did not decide on the name/acronym...

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I"m going to just focus on the main page as thats what you ahve basic control over..

One major suggestion here would be take that single image that has all the links and chop it up for faster loading. It took a fair while to load under IE5 and with a dial up connection (I know I know... waiting still on fast things out here in the boonies.


The text is actually kewl looking, though the color for About Us and Summer Schedual tends to merge into the background a bit for my eyes..

I didn't dig all the way through, and honestly I didn't let the page completely load, cause my system was threatening to lock up (that might be an indicator also... hmm...


Anyway... hope this helps a bit and good luck...

Comment #6's not really a site, more a collection of pages linked to each other. I say this as the iPage site has no clear design and navigation..

Some of the images are OK some are bad. All take time to load..

There isn't much content there now, but I'm sure you will change that..

And one last thing....get rid of the times new roman text - (as some of you may well know) I can't stand times new roman!..

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It's pretty good..

I do have a few comments, though....

1. I agree with THE DREAMER about the "eye" issue..

2. The images are really huge. The main page must have taken me 40-50+ seconds at least (I'm currently connected at 40000bps..

It's getting there. In my opinion, it is pretty good compared to most youth group's sites. Off the subject, but I am actually in the process of redoing my church's iPage site including the youth groups..

Good Luck!..

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It took me about 25 seconds at 50k (yes, I must use a poor connection, as I cannot get broadband out in the "boonies"). But the last 15 of that was the "Blaze" image. I think that is the image that needs to be cut down. I will work on this as soon as I can, as I have four web sites that I am supposed to be doing right now (church, youth group, mom's business, cross-country for school.


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I have 2 I'm supposed to be doing. Work and my dad's business. I kinda just told my dad I wouldn't work on his though. I can't stand his product, and I wouldn't get anything from it. Please, nobody ask what his product is, I won't tell ya...

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Maybe I should clarify, as I seem to have slipped up on a previous post. I have control over all but the areas inside the "Blaze" and "Bible Quizzing" sections. Meaning everything that has a link from the main image...

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