Roughly how much is Nutrisystem food?

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First of all Roughly how much is Nutrisystem food? Many thanks for any response. My 2nd question... The one in my mouth that keeps letting all that food, back in..

Ok so I am back I actually started a thread in the main board, than I remembered I rarely left the men's room when I was here before and successful..

I started last year on january 1st 2009, at 218 wanting to be at about 180-185. I got about 5 lbs from my goal at 189 within about 3 or 4 months. I maintained for about 6 months and knew I was gaining after that, but was not doing anything about it, that worked.. I couldn't manage my own food plan...

I was at a jobsite of a friend of mine on firday who is 5'10 and big boned and 220, although he is solid and he looks great. No visible signs of fat..

We weighed in on his scale and I was at 209 fully clothes I am 6'0 and unlike him I dont look great my gut is creaping back out over my belt. In conclusion, I really missed the program. I was at my best when particiapating in this forum so here I am again. I just put in my orders again and hope to actually meet my goal this time.. And stay connected.

I am at 205 and want to drop 20 to 25 lbs, most of it is in the gut...

Just thought I better put myself back in the game, the ups and downs over the years are taking a toll on me, the funny thing is I feel great when in shape but the mentality of being a lazy bastard is hard to beat! LOL!!!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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Ulti - I feel your pain; because I've been doing the same thing - order is in - today I'm no longer experimenting....

Let's make this work!! I'll see you here...

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I advise daily weighing for the rest of your life. No more creeping...

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You did well before. You can do it again. Stay after it...

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Damn Tom, you were defintely an inspiration in my first run. I look forward to working it again with you!!.

I really have eaten healthy food, but what I noticed is the portions and the irregularity of eating times have changed dramatically. I stilll have a bottle of water with me daily and drink plenty of it. The other thing has been late night eating. I cant seem to sleep without having a full stomach....

I know it will take some days to get my food. For now my goal is to get back to eating more, smaller portions and exercise daily!.

Daily weighing, I think your right. I will add that to the regimine...

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I advise having a huge salad a couple hours after dinner, shortly before bed. Do it even if you're NOT hungry. It's to prevent hunger and late night cheating more than to correct hunger. (This helped me stay on plan...I was honestlyh more stuffed when running Nutrisystem than the reverse...)..

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Ulti- you could be making my posts for me. I've read over and over about the value of a meal plan/log - I started using an app on my iphone to get back in the groove - I was surprised about what I needed to do to stay under 1500 calories. I also found a new resolve that kept me from late night snacking..

Let's do this!..

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Sorry to have both of you back! We will walk with you all the way!..

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Wow, great support, the tough love **** works fine with me, too. I need to find an app for my blackberry, I am digging the large salad Idea much better than anything else. I actually was craving the n.s. chocolate pudding last night.

I settled for a large spoon of crunchy peanut butter with nothing to wash it down with, that ought to teach me, I think I almost suffocated!..

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