Business name being held hostage by false registrant-doug ryder-1905
Quick question... Business name being held hostage by false registrant-doug ryder-1905 Thanks for any response. Another question on my mind: $100,000 a year....

Is this a figure that seems possible for you to achieve? If it is, then how likely is it for you to garner that amount in a singular calendar year?.

Is this something you strive for, hope for or what are your individual goals in this industry? What would it take to make you happy from your efforts in the field of domaining?.

What are your expectations?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could help you..

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I plan to make $150,000 a year with dn, I'm starting a parking service, auction site, and droplists site. and selling names of course...muhuhahahhahah..

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That would be great for sure... but I am striving to make $100 a month from ads, so at less than $15 a month right now I have my work cut out for me. I have at least 3 sites in the works right now, hopefully I will double my adsense $$ when they are released, then I am focusing on generating traffic and then I hope to get to $100 a month....

As for domaining as it pertains to reselling HostGator names, I would just like to get a decent sale here and there maybe make a couple hundred or so off of a few, and who knows, maybe hit a 4 figure sale sometime... Not quitting my day job anytime soon, that's for sure.....

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I hope to achieve this with domains by next year, it's possible, but I wont be happy with that...thats my problem, I always want more more more....maybe ill learn to live a little someday..

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It's all a numbers game. If you had 10 domains for sale, it's unlikely that you'll reach $100,000 a year in sales. If you have 200 domains that sell for an average of $500 each, or 1,000 at $100 each, there you have it. But that's assuming you sell them all within a one-year period. My point is, the more domains you have for sale, the more money you can potentially make. The quality of the domains is another huge factor.

Hopes and goals? My goals are based on much more than just domaining. Domaining is just one of my 'products'... and I haven't set a specific goal for just HostGator sales (maybe I should.


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And the reg fee is like tax, off of 1000 of then that's like $8000 in "taxes"..

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For three years I held on to domains I had registered / bought wondering if I was doing the right thing especialy when renewals came around. Still having the bug I continued to reg more names, on reflection,some absolutely awful. By the end of 2003 I had sold one name for $900 and spent a lot of money, relative to return.

As 2004 got in to it's stride I was suddenly getting inquiries, then offers ,then sales- ended the year just over $40K in income..

2005 gave me the opportunity I had been looking for, a niche to add to my existing portfolio, and pre regged a large number of .co/.in / .in names. I was very fortunate to get in excess of 80% of the names I pre-regged..

Subsequent sales of a large number of those Indian tlds, mainly resellers but about 10% end users, has produced just over $xxx,xxx, added to a few other good sales I am now around $150,000 for the ytd..

With a portfolio numbering some 700 names , some very good JMO, I am fairly confident of maintaining a high level of income from sales/purchases of HostGator names over the coming years- with lots of luck.

I am not really in to development as I do not have the skills so it is purely from sales and some parking income that I anticicipate will be the source of income..

The long and the short of it is that yes, I have earned well in excess of $100,000 in one year, but it took me nearly five years to get there!- never give up..

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Wow very nice... Most HostGator sellers do it as a hobby... so it would be hard to make 100,000...

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I sure wish I had a hobby pulling in 100k...

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If I had $100000 per year budget.... would be lot easier...

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If you aren't making 100k a year domaining you aren't working hard enough or your just don't know what your doing...

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As Gene stated it's very possible. I will add, You're more likely to acquire 1000 $7-$8 names and sell them for $100 if you know how to pick them than you are to acquire 10 $700-$800 names and sell them for $10,000. Then again there may be a few people who might be able to do the later just as easy. Just some additional food for thought...

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Why wouldn't it be possible? if you grab the right ones, and are willing to invest the time......

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Yes , Bingo somebody with some Clue about making money.

We are talking about 100K here not $20 million.

But only 100K , my sister earns more than that as a teacher of snotty nosed School kids.

I was earning that as an Micro-electronic engineer 10 years ago.

Fair enough if you only doing as hobby ,but as a Business ..

What is the point if there is more money in Sweeping floors at the local Stop-n-ROB Gas Station..

It is BIG Business and should be treated as a business..

No penny ante investment and that is how you should treat HostGator names ,.

As Capital investments..

Do you think the Really Big Players in Internet, made money by keeping their Domains for only days or in some cases hours..

I consider myself a very small player ,but I have 60+ Domains I consider Keepers.

And another 80+ I would consider selling (given good offers). But every one of them will be renewed ,not dropped..

There is rarely Names you can buy and then expect to get $5000 instantly ,yet I see that here and elsewhere all the time..

In the good old days maybe ,but not now..

What you can do is get a Name and maybe ,just maybe sell at some future time for big dollars. It might be days,weeks or months ,but you have to get the buyer to find you (Yea Right) or Go out and promote and Get the Buyer willing to pay you a good price...

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Which school is this? The highest paid school teachers in my city make around $50k private mabey a bit more $60-$70k?.

No they got in before most others thought of buying and selling HostGator names. And even they had to start somewhere and I'm quite sure they have sold names for less than others might have to make profits..

You might also win the lottery but what are the odds in that? I look at it just like that. I go to the local STOP-N-ROB and get me $5 in powerball tickets and a few in scratchoffs atleast once a week. "Once in a blue moon" I might win a few bucks here and there off the scratchoffs and ofcourse have never won the powerball or else I wouldn't be here typing this post. I spend more money on a big payoff that will most likely never happen..

Now if by chance I did win a $100 on the scratchoffs which is more likely to happen I would be jumping for joy! I actually won something! wooohoo. I would then run down to the store put some of the cash in my pocket and probably end up buying a bunch more losers. But who knows there could be another $100 winner in there..

Now lets put this in a HostGator perspective. I can try to get a few names and try to squeeze out a big payoff sometime in my lifetime. Or I can take a bunch of jumping for joy losers...

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No worries.

Greed is in the nature of human beings he he..

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Yes but your School teachers work in a Country that under-appreciates.

Education and the teachers. Plus you live in State more famous for Fried Chicken and Country music...

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That's very believeable..

If you, labrocca, ever made 100K in any one year with domains, I'm a pink elephant...

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Everyone look! It's a pink eleFUNt!!!.

I'll never make that much with HostGator alone... where am I?..

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Just where is that school located and who are the students?.

Also, although I know 100K is not anywhere near retireing money, some of us live in parts of the country/world where 100K is hard to acheive and 25K is the average yearly income..

Who are you kidding, if almost any one person in the world made 100K a year and wasn't a frivilous spender, they would be set..

Comments like yours and labrocca's are very hard to take seriously and rarely are by level-headed folks...

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Heck I lived in "the part of the world" where an avg income is $2000 / yr, not mo. - YEAR so I know that 100k for a snotty-nosed teacher is pretty good..

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I'll give you the country music one but fried chicken? Thats a new one on me. Oh I think you mean >Kentucky< Fried Chicken? Nashville is in Tennesse. Close but definately not the same. Either way national average teachers pay is somewhere along the lines of $40-50,000..

Real median >household income< remained unchanged between 2002 and 2003 at $43,318, according to a report released today by the U.S. Census Bureau..


A bit outdated link but mabey it will bring you back to reality...

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I wasn't Talking about the Commercial KFC Chicken ,but the generic Fried Chicken that is almost the Staple diet of the.

Good ole Boys.

In that part of USA. I Used to live and work in USA ,before I came to my senses and returned to.

Paradise on Earth.


If the Median Wage in USA is so low ,take it up with George W. Bush.

And/or contact your Local Australian Embassy regarding Immigration...

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Hmmm, I'm sensing some hostility towards the USA..

Anyway... I live in Georgia, (southern america), and I can tell you that your Fried Chicken reference really doesn't hold true. Yes, their is fried chicken, but it's just like any other food. I'd have to say that if you were to pick a food, I would pick pizza, or hamburgers... as they are much more popular than fried chicken....

With that rubbish aside.... With regards to the economy, it is doing quite well, however, nothing is perfect... Sadly for people like teachers, police officers, and firemen, are being paid less than they should.. and in some places they are in shortage.. but as I said, nothing is ever perfect..

Now I suggest we get back on topic about domains...

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It's possible. I've done it a few years, and came close a couple times. I'd say this year is a 50/50 chance. That's mainly because I'm holding out for higher prices. I don't like to set a figure and try to reach it because it puts pressure on me to do deals I might not otherwise do. I'd hate to do it and be kicking myself a year later when the names resold for twice as much..

What would make me happy would be to be able to develop a few hundred of the names I have projects in mind for. But I recognise the reality that you can't quit your day job and retire off of a few high value sales each year...

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If I put the effort in I can make about $1500 a week. This week Ii've made a $1000.

So theres 52 weeks in a year damn why cant there be 100..

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My sister in law is a teacher in a private Catholic school and earns over $100k a year. The principal of the school (who also teaches) would be earning well over $200k...

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I don't intend to try to make money out of domains, imagine if you spent 5 years (same time as wot) spending the same amount of hours, on ONE single website. In 5 years it could be worth $500k. In five years, you could achieve at least 100k members and be earning $500k per year..

The point is, you need to look at things relative in time that you have put in to them.....

I would rather work with websites than domaining as a means of making long term money..

If I was working full time atm, I would be earning $20k per year (not bad considering that I am 17), working just 30 hours per week, that money would be far better off being invested into websites...

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So true... with all the expenses involved in just basic living these days I think anyone who thinks that $100,000 a year is not a lot of money is a little off. Consider how much you have to pay for daycare, gas, car insurance, etc... I would quit my job and work from home in a heartbeat if I could even make $25,000 a year. The problem is how consistent would it be? For a regular joe like me, $100,000 in a year could carry me through 3-4 years (with my wife working too, of course) so I think the majority of domainers fall into this category....

Obviously some of the better domainers can pull it off, and my hat is off to them... But I really think that the rest of us just need to keep ourselves grounded here in the real world and have fun and try to get that one nice little sale that makes us feel good, and maybe pays the light bill for the month....

Just my $0.02..

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What the hell I got wanna buy it for 100k$? hehe JUST KIDDING..

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,you seem to have a problem with the concept that there is people who make 100K in year ..

Yes in some third world countries ,It is a lifetime income..

Here in Australia, Where the cheapest small house in capital cities can cost 500K. Households on welfare can make >30k a year .100k a year is quite common for a Professional income.

My sister works for a Catholic private school ,but public school teachers get nearly as much ..

Australia has one of the highest cost of living in the world ,but also one of the highest standards of living...

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Or maybe you're just not interested in '.

Working hard.


Or maybe you make the bulk of your money with other things...

Or maybe you have to much shit in your life going on to fully focus on making 100k (domaining or otherwise)...

Or maybe other other reasons.. Yeah, I realize that that may be hard to fanthom for 'some' of the mind-sets here....

Just as it may be hard to understand for some domainers making way way more than 100k with their domains that there are people that make 'only' about 100k... or 200k.. 300.. etc..


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My guess for the school location is Singapore. Could be Dubai, Monaco, Tokyo or Beijing but I'd put my money on Singapore..

Just to keep this thread on course... Any income from sales would be nice. For me it's only small stuff from traffic at the moment. Trying to get the names to pay (with traffic) for their existence and to pay for more expanding the portfolio. I do not want to make tiny sales the sales under $100 - whats the point. You make more money flipping burgers if you count all the time it takes aquiring, promoting, selling, transfering etc etc....

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Here's a little senario..

I have X amount of dollars to invest in domains. I can do several things..

1. I can buy a few good names with X. Sit on the name and decline good profit offers and wait for the "big one." In the mean time all my money is tied up in these names so I can't buy any others. Eventually, who knows when eventually may come, but eventually someone pays my unwarranted asking price. The buyer will never speak to you again because they can't stand the thought of having just paid you all that money for said name..

2. I can buy a few good names with X. Develop the names slowly. All the while I'm developing issues arise that make me have to spend more money to fix. I've spent alot of time developing these sites aswell. Eventually, who knows when eventually may come, but eventually the GoDaddy site starts to just cover the expenses.

Sure if yo uhave a niche or a concept you might get half a million five years down the road. But again, thats finding a niche and five years worth of hard work and who knows how much money spent..

3. I can buy a few good traffic names with X. I can park those names and hope to see a profit 2, 3, 4 years down the road? Or I can do the number 2..

4. I can buy a bunch of names with X. Promote those names to the best of my means. Cut a profitable deal with the first "Buyer" that comes along and very shortly you're in the Green. You keep buying more and cutting more profitable deals. You've given the buyer a good deal and most likely can earn some other type of business out of them because they didn't get bent over and greased up...

Now all of the above senarios time frames are going to be different. Most of the difference will come from luck. Some might say "I make $100 dollars in two weeks of developing a name." Or "If you target end-users you can make $30,000 off of a $500 name." (I've tested both of the previous senarios and neither of them worked for me. Wanna try your luck?) Or you can use mine. "I've been in the green since my first sale over three years ago.".

Which of these senarios are you more likely to make $100k a year?..

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Exactly, the problem is opportunity cost. The question is, would your money be most productive being tied up in a HostGator name? Or would it be gaining a higher ROI elsewhere....something to think about...

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Thats why I fall into category #4..

As far as flipping burgers goes. I would much rather flip domains than burgers. I've actually been in and out of the fine dinning restaurant business for years. I spent six months out of last year as a server at a upscale steak house with restaurants in some of the most exotic spots around the world. The other six months I bought and sold domains. I made more money sitting at home on my ass than I did at a job where a waiter makes well above average income...

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I was asking almost same question over and over and over, when I just came in this forum. Now I have suggestion/idea. I understand that people who are making high numbers profit on domains would not be interested to share their secretes.... But may be if somebody will write some nice analysys or something for dummies some kind a step-by-step instructions..... or domainer diary (by the way is available) he would make big buck on it. Here is an example:.

First of all I made research in this________ place about this ________ subject, because it was ___________. When I bought this(fill needed).com/net or whatever HostGator of this________ cathegory , because this _____ cathegory is what sells good. Also bought hosting for it and developed this ________kind of site. After it connected or linked it with this________ web site, when put it on sale in this __________place, at this __________ amount, and usually I am selling my domains in this _______exact place, not other, because I am more lucky there). I made this _________ kind of strategy with buyer. I found buyer in this__________ place, and targetted him by doing this __________..

..... More and more and understand what I am trying to tell..

People even can buy this kind of handbook to understand how to do it..

It is very easy to give an advice such as: "buy nice HostGator name and develope it". I have been hearing this a lot. But nobody tells how to do it. Nobody tells how to found out before buying domain, if this exact HostGator will be valuable, nobody tells how and where to find the right buyer, the person, who will pay big buck for it, or how is better to develope domain. Everybody telling, before buying look for that word at overture, but nobody telling how did they come up with a right words combinations to look at. I am sure this is not something just popping up in the mind.

Where are you looking people???.

ANd one more question. Here is some people, who has hundreds of domains. How do you manage them? How you can develope them?? Is there some sort of programms which you use to do this?.

Thank you...

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I consider domains as my risky stocks in an overall portfolio. I have International equities, sp500 indexes, and some mid cap funds for retirement..

Instead of small caps I invest in small coms. I think, at least I get to pick the risk, and am in complet control of this aspect of the investment..

I recently sold my first 1k plus domain, talk about hooked for life, and it was only worth that because I have been in the web dev biz so long. Never even thought about doms till someone inquired..

Imagine that, someone wanted to give me A GRAND for something I paid $35 bucks for in '99 AND they came to me to buy! INSTANT JUNKIE..

I haven't done that again, but really the secret to millions is find something that makes a grand, then do it a thousand times, and I got the first and most difficult one out of the way...

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There you have it someone finally came out and said it. "6 years" for a nice return. Not trying to knock you lextalionis don't get me wrong. My whole point is there are people here who "wait six years for a good return." I on the other hand will take my $$-$$$ much sooner re-invest over and over again..

Those stock you have for example. Lets say you have something at $35 a share. The stock jumps to $45 a share and thats the highest it's ever been and most likely won't ever go higher if it does it "could" be years down the road. Wouldn't you sell and reinvest? Or would you leave it hoping it breaks all barriers sometime in your lifetime?.

Also mutual funds. As you said you have a diversity of stocks. Some stocks naturally grow with age sure they have ups and downs but you can pretty much be guaranteed most, all, or more than your investment.. But most are highrisk your money is spread out over a bunch of different companies. SOme of which are losers but alot of them bring you higher returns every year..

Think about all of those people some of whom actually commited suicide after enron collapsed and they lost all of their money. Why? All of their money was tied up in one stock...

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Thats almost right..

I have been in the web biz for six years. By chance I had some domains from friend's sites that I did that they lost interest in etc..

Out of the blue someone offered me money for some one of them, that piqued my interest. Now I am trying to be an active trader..

10 bucks on 35 roughly a 29% return, pretty tough in the market..

1000 bucks on 35 is almost impossible in a lifetime of investing..

Sorry for the cliche, but domains are very similar to the current US real estate market, they are worth what someone is willing to pay..

There are several advantages one could have in the biz; smarts, ingenuity, finger-on-the-pulse careers, scripting abilities, graphic abilities or even A-type personalities. It seems all of these things would give domainers advantages. For example, a salesman might get bucoos for something along the lines of, while more lucrative names exist...

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I wish someone would show me how to make even $20,000 a year in domaining. Heck, Id like to learn how to make ANY money in this. Anyone want to teach me?..

Comment #41

All wrong plain old Sisters of Mercy in Queensland , Australia.

She lives and Works in suburbia at a local Private Cathoic School , not in some elitist School for foreign Residents in Unusual part of the World..

Internet related business is how I earn my total income ..

Not flipping Burgers ,selling cars , Whatever else.

I have done all of those and more in the past including professional Stand-up..

But domains,Hosting Management , and Template design is all I do now.

As a former Qualified Electronic Engineer,who now sits in a Wheelchair 24/7 and Can only Use a Computer, Internet Business was the Only viable Career choice, in a small country town in Australia..

BareFootTech is a Description ,not a lifestyle choice.

ALL Domainers can make money ,although some ,because of lack of time,money or oppurtunity don't have the means to make 100K or even 1K per year..

Like most activities ,there is various levels of involvement in domains.

The hobbyist with maybe 2 or 3 Domains.

The Part-timer with 10 -20.

The small business Player who has only a few Domains as a Sideline.

Or like a few, the Full-timer with 100's or more.

If you can make $1 a year , rather than lose $1 , You are still a success at Domaining...

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1.00 USD United States Dollars =.

1.29631 AUD Australia Dollars.

$70-$75k USD would be roughly 100k AUD.

So in a sense your teachers are making just about the same as the "under-appreciated teachers" are in our country music listening, fried chicken eating city. Mabey you should have a talk with your president or whoever aswell?..

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I adjusted her income into $USD for the benefit of the US Majority. She earns 100K Usd equivalent..

Comment #44

So thats where you would consider cost of living. As you have stated it costs $400k for a house in the slums. Just like here where a person making 60-70k could live very comfortably whereas a person in NYC couldn't.. I can buy a very large home on the lake with a boat dock, buy a boat and a new car here for 400k but would get a crackerjack box of an apartment for that in NYC...

Comment #45

Maybe I should move to Australia! lol! I have always wanted to visit. But then again, the cost of living in my part of the US sounds like it is a lot less. You can get a decent house here for 100k and a very nice house for around 200k. You were saying that even some of the cheapest houses can be 500k? Ouch!.

Anyway, BareFootTech, you are an inspiration to us making your full living off of template, hosting, and domains. As a college student who has had many crappy jobs, I think that maybe there is hope in making a living online!..

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Just a rider to my taking five years to get to the first $100,000 + in one year from HostGator name sales..

It is purely a hobby, my business was a full time financial services company- now part time as I am semi-retired, and very little time was dedicated to buying/selling of names..

It is just about two years since the market turned and names started selling again, that is one of the main factors - there is a very active market for the product that we sell- that will not always be the case.

- " make hay"..

Comment #47

The difficult I will do right now, the impossible may take a little while..

Comment #48


Median value of Australian homes in 2002 = AU$250,000, or US$192,000..

Also, median household (not individual) income = AU$47,500, or US$36,000..

BFT, it seems that you and your sister each appear to be earning something like 3x the average Australian household. Your US$100K per year income level is spectacular even by Australian standards..

I'm nowhere near $100K per year in domaining-related revenue (including sales, parking PPC, etc). Personally, I find development of my own sites a more stable and lucrative enterprise. However, I get ten times more fun out of domaining than development, and it.


Profitable, so I stick with it...

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I would love to move from Canada to Austarlia or better NewZeland I heard in NewZeland there is no bad animals like in Australia Kroks, snakes and spiders.

Anyways I just started in this HostGator business but I have about low XX,xxx in them now invested about 1,2k$ so I proffit in my first year about 10 to 15k$ I am not gona sell them since I hope they will go more with time.. But one sure thing is that it's not impossible to make 100k$ a yr. just to get to that will take a little while but when you do it will be a roothin it's same like any other business first year NIKE wasn't NIKE it was just another pair of shoes but as time goes everything advances so do you. If someone gave you now a capital of 100k$ to work with you will if you are little smart make 100k$ in a first year and double but if you are starting small like most of us are with 20 to 200 domains a yr in reg. so you invest about 1,500$ in a yr it's next to imposible make 100x profit from what you start with in a first yr or even 2 but as you gain confidence and knowledge of this businss 3-5yr down the line you will have about 10k$ invested in domains and you will 80% sure make your 100k$ profit in a yr after first 100k sky is the limit...

Cheers I think it's goo read.


Comment #50

Armstrong, your stats are Three yrs old and Housing has had immense growth in major cities..

I Never said that ALL Houses were that expensive , Like USA some houses in country areas are cheapEast Coast Australian Cities are some of the most expensive Real estate in the World..

Plus I never said that was the normal wage ,But it is typical for Professional's in capital cities..

Median Salaries have also risen and range between below those Figures quoted and much higher in capital citiesMin Wage is 25K USD eqv...

Comment #51

I will get 100K for my then I will buy your.

Name from you...

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This is sad good topic was started and it escaleded to totaly something different....

Comment #53

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.