Should I do tony ferguson or Medifast Diet..which is better?

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Quick question: Should I do tony ferguson or Medifast Diet..which is better? Thanks in advance for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Ok, Getting a jump on December as I know I will be running late in the morning....

Welcome to the thread for Daily Weighers Clubhouse team. Here's a place you can hold your head up high and jump on that scale as much as you want without judgment !.

To Join:.

Just Reply to this thread and introduce yourself.

We like to name our scales (mine is "Bones") Tell us what yours is..

Post your Daily Weigh and support your fellow DW's.

Have Fun!.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Smartmama, I hope your day isn't too bad at work..

Phrog has me down to 226 even, .2 down..

Comment #2

Stan has me down .2 this morning to 147.4. I'm very pleased, especially considering I wasn't able to get any exercise in yesterday because of my back. My back is still hurting today so unless it starts suddenly feeling better I won't be going to the gym today again...

Comment #3

Down a whopping 1.2 lbs from yesterday!!!!.

Be Back later. Have an inspection in 30 min. and still have to shower!..

Comment #4

Good morning! Happy to be down another pound today. Very snowy here, hope all of you are warm, safe, and dry today. Off to see what the day brings!.


Comment #5

Morning Dw's. Oh so happy today! Thank you Smartmomma for the link..

Dude brought me a gift for the Holidays! 169.6lbs! Finallly less than 10 lbs to goal and a new decade!.

HAve a Great Day everyone!.

Drink Water!..

Comment #6

Totally daily get's this sleepy head out of the bed faster than anything else.....

My scales is named "LMO"......said like "ELMO"..... short for "Let Me Out".....

It is my new friend, I have not fallen off OP at all in the two full weeks on it is an anticipated excitement each morning...three days in week 2 "LMO" didn't budge - ugh!.

But then it moved again this morning - so it's all good!.

I am so new to this Medifast still....I don't know how to belong to a group - is there anything I need to do to be apart of your daily feed??? How do I find you all?.

Thanks for including this "daily weigher" fun!.


Comment #7

Good morning,.

First, I would like to introduce you to my scale-y friend, Wade, (get it, weighed? :^).

I started on Sundaythree days ago..and I am THRILLED to report an 11.5 pound loss as of this morning!!.

I have edema, and the doc has not been able to figure out a way to help me get rid of all this water (can't take diuretics). I feel SOOO much better, already, which is a great motivator, too..

Btw, I just ate my first Medifast oatmeal (apples and cinnamon) and it wasn't bad at all. I put in six halves of walnuts and drank a cup of cinnamon tea. Yum....

Have a great day!.


Comment #8

Happy December, DWers!.

I am supposed to be in clinicals today (which would mean an early rising and a grumpy scale) but our professor was not able to make it today and canceled on us. That put me right back in bed to finish up my sleepy time and WL (my scale, short for Wide Load for all the new comers to the group) was pleased .. dropping me a nice 1.2 pounds today (even with the excessive diet soda yesterday). Now I need to take the gift time and finish up the group project that is due on Friday because I curl tomorrow night and won't have time to do much on it after the long day of lectures (on Breasts and on Intimate Partner Violence) - the last two lectures in the OB/Labor & Delivery nursing class. I cannot wait to put this darn class behind me and move on to something more interesting..

Maridele - Hope your day is better than you expect. It must be frustrating to work with poorly trained folks..

Caliborne - woo hoo.. You've been seeing a nice steady drop in weight. Nice trending :-).

Gabby - sorry to hear your back is sore. Mine is a bit sore too - from lowering the treadmill into position for me. DH had left a table too near the rear of it and I had to shift myself to the side in a hurry when I went to lower it to avoid being crushed and my back did NOT care for that move. Hopefully we'll both feel better soon. Back pain sucks. Also - 10 days until your birthday? Did you make sure to get an order of Brownies so you can celebrate with your own personal-sized treat? I'll celebrate with you! (I have one most nights..

Keely - I LOVE your photo! Congratulations on breaking into ONEderland! ::Ethel claps her hands and cheers for you:: You broke into the ONEs in style, too.. no creeping over the edge for you!.

Liz - you are cruising right along!! Just about halfway to your goal. (I'm envious about the snow - I love snow!).

Mia - Congrats on the NEW decade of lowered weight! I hope you'll still be posting updates in the daily weighers after you hit goal and start T&M.. you will, won't you? My DH just started week 1 of T&M on Monday and it is interesting to see how casually he is going about adding his extra veggies. I'm looking forward to watching him proceed through the program to give me hints when I start. I'm not at all shy about saying that I'd love to watch you too :-D Less than 10 pounds to go for you - that is awesome!!.

Neve - Welcome to the DWers. LMO is a great name for your scale, very creative! You've already taken the step of posting in the DailyWeigher forum - so you are ::waves her magic wand:: a member! We just try to be helpful and supportive to each other during the good and bad parts of our journey. Glad you found us! Smartmomma (Maridele) is kind enough to start a new thread for us each month and we just chat and chat on continued replies for the entire month. You look like you are off to a great start on Medifast - congrats!.

Debbi - LOL, you have a great name there for Wade. ::giggles:: Good one! I hope that Medifast works great for you, and maybe you'll see some improvements in the Edema. Sounds like a real challenge to deal with, especially if you cannot take diuretics. Glad you liked the oatmeal! I tried it in my second or third week and couldn't get past the texture. Sent 'em all back except for one lonely packet (sample) of blueberry. I may go back and try to eat it again in a month or two and see if my tongue can let the texture pass me by.

Okay - I'm off to find breakfast and then I need to see about getting some homework done..

Cheers to all,..

Comment #9

Keely You did it! ***Onederland! *** (Those are fireworks going off in your honor)! Congratulations. You rocked it! You showed us it could be done and you did it. So happy for you. Loved the picture of the scale. Not that we wouldnt have believed you otherwise..

Smartmomma you are doing well. Just hang in there. I am so impressed with what you have already accomplished!.

Caliborne So glad you are with us. Love your music notes on your ticker. Are you a musician?.

Momto4boys Hope your back gets better quickly. If I had 4 boys my back would hurt all the time!!.

Liz I think it was very cold here in Southern California this morning when the temperature was 43! I cant imagine how cold it must be wherever you are!.

Mia Congratulations less than 10 pounds to goal. That is awesome! You are good at reminding about the importance of water. I havent been drinking all my water so yesterday I ate on plan and drank 112 oz. of water. On the scale this morning up 1.2. arrgh! Well I will just drink lots of water today and see if it whooshes out of me by Friday my official weigh in day..

Neve welcome to Medifast and to the Daily Weighers. Weighing everyday can be motivating but sometimes frustrating. (like today for me). But no matter how I go up or down each day, I have never had a week that I didnt lose so dont get discouraged by the variations in what happens day to day..

Debbie Welcome. Wade is great. You have a great attitude and you will do well. Just follow the plan and read these posts everyday because they truly make a difference!!.

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #10

Jan, I like to sing and I love music..

Keely that is AWESOME!.

Everyone is doing great.


Comment #11

Hey Everyone! Was just checking in real quick before I hit the sack. Welcome to the new faces.

I'm glad you joined us..

So, my daughter had a riding lesson tonight.

And I got to ride again.

I really love riding. So scary and yet fun!! I can't wait to get to goal. My reward is to take 4 lessons. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I think at 180 I will buy cowboy boots and around 165, time for a cowgirl hat.

I will be looking so hot and ready to ride!!! Does anyone ride?..

Comment #12

Morning all. Bones is at 341.6 this am. Off to work...

Comment #13

Good morning everyone. Welcome to all of our new members..

Stan has me up .2 this morning to 147.6. I was absolutely expecting this because I had eggbeaters for dinner. Every time I eat eggbeaters my weigh it up the next morning. It's the sodium. It doesn't matter how much water I drink either. But, eggbeaters were a necessity yesterday.

I was able to get to the gym yesterday and do a little even though my back was hurting. It actually felt good while working out. It's feeling a bit better today, not as stiff. I hope everyone has a great OP day...

Comment #14

Morning, everyone! How fun to see new faces, as well as familiar faces!.

I don't have much time this morning before I have to go throw on clothes for work, but I have made a new vow to write at least something every day. Otherwise, I feel disconnected from all of you, and I don't like that..

"Bubba" has me holding steady today, which is just fine. Thank you all for your words of encouragement! This has been a great program for me so far, and I'm just going to keep going. I like how I am feeling, and I do find that tasks are easier when it's easier to move my body..

Snow is beautiful here in Eastern Washington State, but treacherous driving..

So many people are doing great. Keep it up!.


Comment #15

Good morning DWers,.

WL has me up 0.6 today - but considering the less than 5 hours of sleep I'm not at all displeased. WL and I both prefer to sleep in ;-).

Long day of lectures today - but these are the last lectures in the OB/L&D nursing course at least.. ::yawn:: Have a major group project presentation day tomorrow, an exam on Monday, a review day on Tuesday, and the final on Wednesday. My clinical group still needs to figure out when to make up that cancelled day at the hospital too - maybe the Thursday after the final. Then? Winter break, baby!.

Keely - You made me laugh and laugh with the red rover comment over on the 200-205 thread.. I didn't catch it the first time and noticed it last night when I was glancing to see what was new. :-D Does it still seem unbelievable to see the leading 1? I can't wait! I used to ride horses too, and hope I"ll be able to get back on after I get to goal. Last time I took lessons was maybe 3 years ago and they were my first formal lessons as an adult, but I used to ride all the time as a teen.. I traded mucking duties all winter in exchange for a summer lease of a horse and a lesson a week for a few years. It worked great for both the owner of the stable (17 stalls) and myself.

Maridele - Glad to see you back these last few days.. I missed you during your break from daily weighing. You can still skip the daily weighing if you want of course - I just want to see how your days are going even without that :-).

Gabby - seems like a good plan for yesterday.. at least you knew what to expect and stayed on plan. Do the packages of egg whites contain less sodium than the egg beaters? I honestly have never looked at those, but it certainly makes sense. I can't do an entire day's worth of lean from either category.. half of it at most, and then half my lean from cheese or such to go IN the massive omelet(s) works best for me. Still not great on the sodium, but tasty! Glad your back is starting to feel better..

Liz - glad you are going to be a regular poster again. You are another one that I missed seeing around :-) I'm envious of your snow, but yes - do drive carefully!.

I'm off and running - long day today ending in a curling match. Wish me luck!.


Comment #16

Morning all, we are behind b/c I overslept by 15 minutes this am and would still be asleep if my 8 year old wasn't so loud with the bathroom door!.

I'm steady at 226, I'll take it, I haven't gotten a ton of sleep this week and have neglected my water...

Comment #17

Morning Dw's.

Dude is feeling under the weather today. I came home sick yesterday. I think this is like the second time in three years. I slept most of the afternoon and drank about two pots of hot tea and my water. I did force myself to eat 4 out of 5 Medifast meals and my l&G. I'm off today to run errands and sicker than yesterday.

Yes, I plan on staying with Medifast even when I hit 160lbs. I would really like to get to 140lbs or least a size 10. I can fit into 10's now but I would never go out in public in them. My DH asked if I would work on losing more in the stomach area! I found that rather funny because since his heart issues he has a rather big buddha belly! I guess he will have to go to the gym with me more often..

Have a great day everyone!.

Drink Water!..

Comment #18

Morning DW's.

Only have a second again this morning. We are so busy..

Somehow, Dory managed to drop down another pound this morning. I had to re-weigh 3 times to believe it! I'm now at 198.2!!! I was so afraid that the big loss wed was a fluke and I would jump back up again but I didn't. I'll take it. I want to get solidly into the 190's so when TOM comes around I don't have to see that 2 again. Although last month just slowed down. I don't think I actually gained...but I can't remember for sure..

Ethelfleda-I would have loved to ride like that as a kid. But it's something my parents never let me do. Oh well, I'm doing it now. And it's very motivating. Anywho, have fun at lectures. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead.

Gabby-Glad you back is starting to feel a little better. I have a ruptured disk in my lower back and every once in a while I do something and end up barely able to move for about a week. It STINKS!!!.

Caliborne-Good job maintaining. Now get some sleep and drink water!!!!!!! lol.

And welcome and welcome back to all the new faces!! The more the merrier...

Comment #19

My scale Sunshine was very overcast yesterday and up over a pound but today the sun is shining and I dropped 2 pounds. I think all the water I drank Tuesday finally whooshed! Tomorrow official weigh in day so that's good. Have to run. Keely, so glad you dropped again so you might never see the dreaded 2 again...

Comment #20

Morning all. Bones is at 336.6 which is not bad since I was at 346 on Monday.....

Comment #21

Good morning. Stan has me down .8 this morning to 146.8. Today is also my official weigh in day and I am down 2.8 lbs. That is my biggest loss in quite some time now. I think it's great considering TOM is here. I lost decently last time TOM was here too so I think I am one of the lucky few who do not gain. *knock on wood*..

Comment #22


That is fabulous.

Phrog really enjoys 226 even, this is day 3. It just dawned on my TOM is due in a week so that may be the problem, also I have been hungry which also leads me to believe that is part of the issue..

I am going to wrap the gifts I need to mail today and clean my house a little. This is the first day this week we haven't had something to do in the evening!.


Comment #23

Good morning DWers,.

WL has me down 0.4 today - and with another round of not much sleep I am quite pleased with that. I've got a major (group) presentation to make at school today so I went shopping with a friend yesterday to find a professional looking outfit that fits and was PLEASED! When I last purchased nice pants/dressy shirts I was wearing 24W pants and 3XL tops.. I walked out (and am wearing now) a 16W pant and a 1X shirt. Wow - looking good! I had actually taken a Size 18, 20 and 22 pant into the dressing room with me on the first round since I didn't know what I"d be in.. had to go out and get the smaller size!! :-D.

Jan - gotta love the roller coaster that is daily weighing, eh? Just strap in tight and enjoy the ride. The trend is DOWN! :-).

Maridele - great progress!.

Gabby - I am with you on the timing. I tend to lose the most during TOM most months (with occasional backwards months.. LOL) I tend to do the least losing during the 2 weeks leading up to TOM..

Caliborne - maybe you'll be like me and drop like crazy once TOM arrives :-) Hang in there and keep on keeping on!.

Have a wonderful day everyone,..

Comment #24

Good morning, everyone! Bubba shows me down a pound this morning. I'll take it!.

Maridele, glad to hear Bones is behaving better. :-).

Gabby, that is so great, that you are continuing on your downward trend, in spite of TOM..

Anna, it sounds like you have a good day planned. Gift wrapping is always so satisfying, you can really see your progress. House cleaning is the same, so I wonder why I don't do more of it, haha..

Ethelfleda, I'm looking forward to reading about your day later on. You always have such good stories..

Off to work a bit early again this morning. Have to pick up one of my bosses at the airport and drive him around in North Idaho today, should be interesting. Hope everyone has a great OP day, and to steal a line from you, Mia, "Drink Water.".


Comment #25

Morning DW's,.

Jan-Good Luck on todays wiegh in. Hopefully it'll be a nice big number.

Smartmomma!! Awesome!!.

Great Job for the week, Gabby! You're basically half way there! That's gotta feel awesome!!.

Caliborne-Hang in there. stick to the plana nd drink all your water(half your body weight in ozs). I bet you'll get a whoosh all of the sudden.

Dory has me down .4 today to 197.8.

I don't usually update my ticker til my official w-i day on Monday but decided being under 200 was a good reason to do it early..

So one of my goals was to be down to 195 by the end of the year. I think I may accomplish that goal early!!.

Have a good OP day everyone. And drink your water!..

Comment #26

I should have waited to do my daily weigh in b/c now I'm downs 1.8 lb to.


! Hopefully tomorrow morning will be the same..

I don't do much house cleaning so don't be fooled!.


I think I'd be updating my ticker for that too!!!.


Congrats on the 16!!!.


That is great!.


How awesome to go down over 2 lbs..

Comment #27

Morning Dw's. Everyone is doing Great! This weather is wild! Wednesday it rained so hard the streets flooded, Thursday was blistery winds and today it's snow showers. Ah, welcome to the Greater Northeast! Love Upstate New York. (Don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes it will change.).

Have a Great Day..

Drink Water!..

Comment #28

We have the same saying...If you don't like the weather in Cincinnati, just wait 5 minutes..

Comment #29

I would update my ticker too! It's such an amazing accomplishment. I definitely think you will be to 195 well before the year is over. You are doing such an awesome job!..

Comment #30

Down a pound on official weigh in day so a loss this week of 2.6. Feels great. I have to get some new pants. They are all saggy in the butt and legs!..

Comment #31

Jan congrats that's great, I hope you find great pants..

Comment #32

Good morning! I'm so happy! Stan has me down a whopping 1.4 lbs this morning to 145.4. That puts my BMI at 24.9 which is NORMAL! I haven't been down this much in one day in a while. I'm hoping that it stays this way and I don't gain it back like my body has been known to do. TOM has been here and is trying to leave so maybe this is because of that. I don't know. What I do know is that I'm thrilled. I haven't been a normal weight/BMI in at least 5 years...

Comment #33

Phrog said 224.9 which is down 1.3 from yesterday morning but up .9 from mid morning yesterday...

Comment #34

Good morning DWers,.

WL has me up 0.2 today which isn't bad because I had teriyaki chicken yesterday.. more sodium than usual for sure! It was tasty though, and among the better choices on the menu at the restaurant I was at, after switching out the rice for lightly steamed broccoli..

Gabby - Congrats on your NORMAL BMI! That is awesome! What BMI would you be at when you get to goal? :-D.

Caliborne - isn't it funny how the scales bounce? That said - the trend is down, Down, DOWN! :-D.

I'm off to the curling club today.. have a game at 9am and a game at 2pm. Wish me luck! :-).

I did Week 1, Day 3 of the couch to 5k program yesterday and that was SO HARD for me, but I gutted it out. It was harder than day 1 or day 2 for some reason (same intervals, but I had a rough time gutting through them). I"m going to be repeating week 1 because there is absolutely no way my body is ready for anything more yet..

Cheers to all,..

Comment #35

Good morning, everyone! "Bubba" shows that I am down a pound this morning, so I am officially half way to my goal weight, woo hoo!.

Hope you all have a great day!.


Comment #36

Congrats, Liz!! That's awesome.

I am up .2 today. Oh well. Lots of water today.

I only had about half yesterday. We're going to dinner tonight to Bonefish Grill. I can't wait for some yummy fish and veggies.

Hopefully I will still lose today..

Comment #37

Good morning all,.

Wade has been soooo nice this week (my first week on MF) as of today I am down 14.5 pounds!!!!!!! WHoo Hooo!!!!!!!!!!.

I am facing a challenge tomorrow, tho. I have to attend a funeral with a dinner after at a restaurant (Italian). I'm going to study their online menu today so I have my order in mind without looking at the menu..

Have a great day all!.


Comment #38

Wow, Debbi!! You are workin work!!! Keep it up.

Sorry you have to attend a funeral tomorrow. You are doing the right thing though, checking out their menu. It's the right idea to go in with a solid plan. That way you don't get all flustered and overwhelmed and end up ordering a big plate of carbs!.

Great job on your first week..

Comment #39

Down .2 but after 1# loss the day before so that is good. Bought a size smaller in black pants and jeans yesterday! Was so hoping to be in size 16 by Christmas and I made it last night!..

Comment #40

Stan has me down to 144.6 this morning. That is .8 lbs less than yesterday. He's being awfully good to me these past few days. I'm anticipating that he will be showing me an increase in the next few days. That just seems to be my trend; lose a lot, gain a little, etc. I'm going to the gym today.

DH has been working a lot and I haven't had a chance to go since I don't have anyone else to watch the kiddos. I'm looking forward to going. It's my only me time and I find it to be fairly relaxing...

Comment #41

Good morning DWers,.

WL and I are doing our normal dance for this time of the month.. I"m in the first of two "slow" weeks for the 4 week cycle we usual indulge in but cannot complain since I am down more than a pound for the week. Hopefully that'll hold up for official weigh-in for the week tomorrow. My team did well curling yesterday, so much so that we are in the first event final of the curling bonspiel this morning. I really love the tradition of the sport and have decided to drink the Drambuie before my match - I researched it and if I wound up with a full oz. it will still only be 9 carbs.

(They have a bag piper lead the curlers in a parade onto the ice and then we all line up. They pass out shots of Drambuie (or gingerale or something for the non alcohol drinkers) and the chairman will say a few words about congratulations on making an event final or something, and then raise his glass and give the traditional toast "To the Piper!". We all raise our glasses and repeat the same, drink the shot, then play the game. They usually hand out "short" shots.. so I figure I will get an oz or less of booze, and can handle that carb load.

Wish me luck - I"m up against my arch nemesis.. he almost always wins, so I'd like to make today an exception :-).

@ Debbi - I'm sorry you have to attend a funeral today. I hope that you were able to make a good plan of action for the restaurant. Don't forget that there is always the option of asking for food to be prepared differently for you if the menu itself isn't ideal. Almost anyplace will grill or steam or broil some protein with little extra anything, and can steam your veggies "plain" without oils or spices if you ask them..

Jan - Congrats on your size 16s! I just bought a pair in that size earlier this week and was thrilled :-D Yay us!.

Gabby - I love how you and Stan have been getting along lately :-) I hope you make it out to the gym :-D.

I'm gonna find some food and clothing for the day, and then head over to the curling club. Finals are at 10am today..


Comment #42

Morning Dw's. Just a quick hello! I had been sidetracked by a head cold and now trying to refocus..

Have a great day!.

Drink Water!..

Comment #43

Good morning, everyone! Bubba has me down another pound this morning, lucky me! I am cleaning and organizing today. We are getting a new puppy on Wednesday, so I'm just making sure everything is ready for her. Puppy potty training, should be fun - NOT!.

Gabby and Ethelfleda, good for you for getting in that exercise! So far, that is my weakness - or, with the power of positive thinking, my greatest opportunity..

Have a great day, everyone!.


Comment #44

Hi everyone, getting on here late today. My youngest was in a Christmas musical at church so I'm just getting home..

Phrog was at 224, down .9 from yesterday..

Comment #45

Hey Everyone, I really wanted to just skip checking in here today but it doesn't help to avoid the issue. I am up 2 pounds since yesterday!! In one day! Yesterday was my birthday and I was really good all day. Thenwe went to Bonefish grill for dinner. I order salmon and asparagus. Not bad, right?!?! It had spinache on it and gorgonzola cheese and a few peices of bacon crumbles. It was heavenly.

I skipped the bread even though it was calling out to me and had one...ONE...bite of the brownie my husband ordered. I did have an apple martini. So after my husband ate bread, chicken(loaded with crap on top) and a huge brownie, he lost weight!!!!! I on the other hand was pretty darn good in comparison and I gained 2 pounds! I did not drink all my water yesterday(or the day before) so maybe that contributed? We will see tomorrow at me official w-in. At lease I am still under 200...barely.

On a positive note(because I refuse to let this hinder my motivation) I did buy a new pair of jeans yesterday and a top. The jeans are a size 16 so that feels good. I actually posted a pic on MyPage. It's my before pic for the 100 crunches a day challange I joined.

After looking at the pic I decided 1. Thank God I am doing that challange cuz my muffin top has got to go and 2. The next time I put on that shirt will be to take the after pic.

Have a good day today and I'll check in tomorrow with my final number for the week..

Comment #46

Keely, hang in there, you are doing great! The lbs will come back off. I was off plan again this weekend and Bones reflected his displeasure this am, but life goes on and I will get it back off, again......

Comment #47

Keely and smartmama, you will both do it!!!.

I was down to 223.8, down I think .2 from yesterday and my official weigh in down 2.4 for the week! My TOM is due too so I'm more than happy.

Monday's I volunteer at school from 10-2:30, keeps me busy. Have a great one everybody...

Comment #48

Morning, DWers!.

Bubba is staying the same this morning, which is just fine. I brought some work home with me to do over the weekend, but since I didn't do it (!), I have to go in early this morning to get it done. Hope everyone has a great day!.


Comment #49

Good morning DWs. Well, I knew it would happen. Stan has me up .4 lbs to 145.0 this morning. I don't know why he does it. It's a pattern that I hate. Down a bunch, up a little.

I don't have too much planned for today. I have to go to the school for a meeting for my nearly 3 year old. He is going to be starting school when he turns three next month so that he can receive speech therapy and physical therapy. So, we have to have a meeting to get the plan in place for him. I'm also going to be going to the gym tonight. Gotta get in that exercise!.

I hope everyone has a great day and week...

Comment #50

Wade is such a sweetheart todyI met my first mini-goalin ONE week! I have NEVER lost this much weight this fast. Can you tell I'm excited? :^).

Have agreat day everyone!.


Comment #51

Debbi that is FABULOUS!!!!!!!.

Gabby, I hope your meeting goes well..

Comment #52

Quick post before I have to leave...Down a total of 2.2 pounds this week. I'll take it. Should be more but what can I do now.

I'm at 198.8..

Comment #53

Morning Dw's. Dude is back to my official WI. I didn;t get all my water in yesterday but I will today..

Congrats on loses this weekend. We can do it!.

It's snowing out! Yeah what fun! Have a great day everyone..

Drink Water!..

Comment #54

Good morning DWers,.

I've got an exam this morning, so I"m just in for quick hellos. WL had me down 0.6 today for my official weigh-in day - which is great! Usually he likes to take a little back on Mondays..

Glad everyone survived another weekend, and is stepping out on the right foot for the week. Mia - hope you continue to get back on track.. being sick is so hard on MF! My DH is sick now, and is doing his best to hang in there..

Only 3 more days of school this semester - plus a possible make up day for Clinicals for that day that our professor had to wave us off on. (or a project is possible instead)..


Comment #55

Morning Daily Weighers,.

I am down to 223.2, down .6 from yesterday! I'm all for it.

Have a great day everyone!.


Comment #56

Good morning. Stan has me down .2 lbs this morning to 144.8. I have been doing really bad with me water lately. So today my goal is to get all my water in...

Comment #57

Morning Dw's. Up and out early this morning. Dude is still at WI. yeah! Errands to run before 8 am is not my cup of tea! Have a great day! Keep warm it's snowing out!.

Drink Water!..

Comment #58

Sitting at the coffee house waiting for my car. Sliding on the roads this am was FUN! I have not done that in YEARS! Writing from my Nook. Love IT! VERY SENSITIVE!.

Have a great Day! Drink WATER!..

Comment #59

Good morning DWers,.

The only thing on my mind today is ONEDERLAND!! I woke up and got on the scale... and WL gave me a huge gift. 199.8! Down a pound from yesterday to jump into the ONEs. I may dance across the line a few times (my pattern of ups and downs) but I saw a ONE in front of my weight today!!! ::does a happy dance::.

Downside, I"m having some discomfort in an area that I can only guess is gallbladder related - LOL. I've got an appointment with my doc on Thursday to check in and see what her thoughts are. Not an uncommon problem with rapid weight loss, and to be honest I don't really care.. but I"ll get it checked out before it gets worse..

Thanks for the good thoughts at the end of the semester, caliborne. I felt okay about yesterday's exam - will find out my grade today and then we have our final tomorrow. Fingers crossed! I'm right on the bubble as far as A vs. B - but either way I'm just going to be glad to be DONE with this class..

Cheers to all,..

Comment #60

WoooHooooo, Ethelfleda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to Onderland!!!! Isn't it awesome?!?!?.

I am back to my pre-birthday weight of 197.8 today. So I dropped a pound yesterday. I have high hopes for this week. I want to get to 195 by monday. Not impossible, but it means 100% OP...including drinking allllll my water, making sure to get all 5 Medifast meals in, as little condiments as possible and exercising everyday. If I don't make it, I'll be fine with that, it's just a little goal to shoot for.

Sounds like you all had a good day yesterday too.

Mia-My sister just got a Nook and she loves it. She showed it to me yesterday and it is really cool. It's like a mini laptop. Book reader, e-mail and internet...what else do you need??!?!?!.

Good Job on the losses, Caliborne and Gabby!!.

Have a good day everyone and Drink allllllll your water..

Comment #61

Good morning. No change this morning, I'm still at 144.8. I'm not going to complain about that. I hope everyone has a good day...

Comment #62

Congrats on ONederland...

I am down .5 to 222.7, sounds good to me..

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #63

Good morning DWers,.

Thanks for the congrats - I was delighted to see that WL didn't take ONEderland away from me today anyway, and I"m down another 0.2 pounds. I"ll take it!.

Final exam today - yay! Cannot wait to be out of this OB/Labor & Delivery class and into a nice long winter break :-D.

Gotta run to hop in the shower. Have a wonderful day,..

Comment #64

Morning Dw's. We are doing it! Dude was down a full pound for WI! I will take that. 168.6lbs. Not bad considering Tom and a head cold last week..

Have a great day everyone..

Drink Water!..

Comment #65

Dang!! We all had great weigh-ins this morning!!! Myself included.

I am down 1.2 lbs from yesterday to 196.6!!.

Keep up the awesome work, everyone!!!!..

Comment #66

Good Morning all. Stan has me up .2 to 145 this morning. Apparently my body really likes those .2 lbs and wants to keep losing them and gaining them. Tomorrow is my official weigh in day and I'm hoping for a better loss in the morning. So today I will be getting in tons of water...I hope (I've been really bad with water lately)..

Today is going to be a rather slow day. I have to go to a meeting later for one of my sons. I'll head to the gym tonight as well after my husband and the older two boys get back from Cub Scouts. I hope everyone has a great OP day!..

Comment #67

GAbby, sorry you have so much to do today. Do you have any of the infusers? it might help to get you to drink your water and also get rid of that same .2 lbs for good.

I'm the same at 222.7, fine with me I started TOM and feel bloated, I'm happy not to gain...

Comment #68

Good morning DWers,.

WL and I are both happy that school is over for the semester (grades should be released in the next hour or so and I"ll be able to see if I have an A or a B - I'm right on the bubble, but think I got enough right on the final to pull the A.. hope I"m right!) I'm down 0.4 this morning and continue to be thrilled to see a ONE in front of my weight. It never gets old.. I have to admit I get up and down a few times to enjoy the show, LOL..

Mia - sounds like a victory - down a pound despite feeling cruddy!.

Gabby - I find that my weight tends to "stick" at weights that I lived at for a while. Did you happen to spend any time at this weight at a prior time in your life? :-) Hang in there, keep on keeping on, and you'll break through that pesky 0.2 soon!.

Caliborne - good attitude.. sometimes just not gaining is a victory!.

Cheers to all,..

Comment #69

Morning DW's..

Ethelfleda- Awesome school is done for a while and the weight is still coming off!.

Gabby-Drink Water! I hate when I gain/lose the same lb over and over..

Caliborne- don't let tom win! drink a little more water..

Keely-Keep up the good work..

Dude has me down .2lbs this am. It may even be more but I got up with the kids @6:00 am then went back to bed when they left for school. I don't usually get up with the kids. The DH does that. He has been going to work earlier than normal..

Oops! not watching my time. Time to go to work..

Have a Great Day..

Drink Water!..

Comment #70


Wade had me at the same, which is fine. 15.5 pounds in ten days is making me happy!.

I have been absolutely OP, soI am expecting another good loss any day :^).

Eating my first scrambled eggsnot too bad, butI'm gonna look for some recipes :^).

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #71 Everyone.

Ethelfleda- I'm glad Schools out for awhile! I hope you get an A!!! And good job on the .4!!.

Gabby- Drink a ton of water today! Maybe you can get past the .2 lbs once and for all.

Calibirne and Debbi-Good job on's better than gaining. Drink all your water.

Mia-Good job on your loss too. Don't you love that your husband gets up with the kids. Mine does too. Our youngest(she's 3) has to catch the bus at 7AM!!! Thankfully he gets up with her and gets her on the bus. I get up with the older kids but that's pretty easy in comparison. They are pretty self sufficient at this point.

Typical boy. He could care less what he is wearing and half the time his clothes are too small or don't match AT ALL. And he doesn't have to be dressed to the t's for school but come on...put something on that's clean, fits and matches. My daughter is almost as bad but at least she tries.

Sorry, Rambling......

Dory has me down another .8 today to 195.8!! Can I just say that when I started Medifast on Oct 18th, I created a calendar to hang on my bathroom wall. I write down my weight everyday. At the end of the year, my goal was to be at 195. It is Dec. 9th and I am ay 195.8!!!! I LOVE MEDIFAST!!!!!..

Comment #72

Good morning. Today is my last official weigh in as a MFer. For those who don't view the other boards, I'm leaving due to financial reasons. I'm going to be transitioning over to WW with the food that I have left..

Anyway, Stan has me down 1 lb this morning to 144. Today is my official weigh in day as well and I'm very pleased..

I will be checking in to see how you all are doing often. I wish you all continued success. Much love......

Comment #73

Gabby come and see us at least once a week.

You will do great on the new WW plan..

I am still 222.7, going to have a couple of calorie burns today..

Have a great one everybody!..

Comment #74

Gabby, we will miss you. Make sure to check back in with us OFTEN!!.

I feel like poop this morning. TOM is here.

I gained 1.2 pounds yesterday and I feel too crappy to care. I know it is just TOM. Oh well. Going to get a heating pad and sit on the couch. My son is home sick today to so we can be miserable together.....

Comment #75

Gabby, I wish you well. You are so close to goal that I fully trust you can take what you have learned and go the rest of the way using that information. Keep coming to the boards for motivation. WE want to hear from you!.

I have been real busy and not able to post daily. Down 2 for this last week so now at 215 with a 35 pound loss over my first 12 weeks. Feeling good. Down 2 sizes. Love it!..

Comment #76

Hi, I'm Shawn - I lost some weight on Medifast a few years back, but didn't get to goal. I've gained some of that weight back, but finally feel as though my head's in the right place and I'm ready to go for goal. I know, the 10th of December seems like a weird time to start, but if not now, when? right?.

Anyway - I am, and have always have been a daily weigher I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I haven't gained back ALL of the weight in the time I was gone. I was involved with this group before and I would like to be a part of it again..

My scale at home is "Dub" (because it's a weight watcher's scale with a big "W" on the face). I try to remember to weigh on him before leaving the house, but some days (like today) I forget and I end up weighing on the scale at the Gym, who I'll call "Mab" I'll have to test on Monday to see how close they are in weight by weighing in on both..

I weighed in on Mab this morning at the gym and she surprised me by saying I was 212.2, as I said though, I'll have to wait and see how close she is to what Dub says I am..

At 212 that puts my weight GAIN since leaving Medifast at 25 lbs. I had lost over 51 lbs so I've gained about half of it back - just something I'm going to have to deal with. I'm not going to get too upset about it - that's not going to help me move forward. As I said, I'm a daily weigher, so it's not like that gain was a big surprise to me..

My ultimate goal is to get to 130 - so that leaves me with about 82 lbs to lose - THAT's the number I'm going to focus on. Onward and upward!..

Comment #77

Hi Shawn!!! It's good that you caught yourself now only 1/2 back. It's nice to meet you..

Well Phrog still says 222.7, I have sucked at the water this week and I did two days with no calorie burns, so I'm drinking one now. Water, water, water..

Have a good Saturday everyone..

Comment #78

I'm loving Wade today!!.

After an up and down weekStayed OP, but I have water issues, I am down today. In less than 2 weeks I have lost 18.5 poundshoping for an even 20 by tomorrow. Whoo Hoo!.

Stay Strong,..

Comment #79

You guys are doing great!!!! Dory has me down .4 today to 196.6. Still a little up from my low this week but oh well. Nothing I can do about it. I've been OP but TOM is a pain...literally..

Comment #80

Happy Sunday all!!! Phrog finally budged I drank all my water and had two calorie burns yesteray and well down 1.9 lbs to 219.8!!!.

Hope all you have a great day!..

Comment #81

Good morning DWers,.

I've been off and running the last couple of days, but I finally got on the scale again this morning to find no change from a few days ago. I'm good with that, because I haven't been perfect at getting my meals in or drinking all my water. Hoping to get back on track today!.

Shawn - welcome to the daily weighers :-).

Gabby - Aww man - I get distracted for a few days and come back to find you are having to transition and move to WW? I'm sorry to hear it, but certainly understand. I hope you do keep checking in with us though.. just because you aren't doing the Medifast thing doesn't mean you aren't a daily weigher! ;-) Best of luck! I also wanna hear about WW and how their new changes have updated the program from someone actively doing the program. Please give me the scoop :-) My MIL is going back on WW, but she isn't real good at actually FOLLOWING the plans, so I doubt she'll know the real deal..

Everyone else - hello! :-) Sorry not to catch up individually but I"m on the run again. Cya later!..

Comment #82

I have been going to the gym everyday. I gained two Lbs! I think maybe I should stop the challenge I jioned of 100 crunches a day. Oh darn I really like doing my crunches. Writing from the nook in bed on my day OFF! Heheheheh!.

Will check in later..

Have a great day. Drink WATER!..

Comment #83

Oh and I'm saying it here so you all make sure I do it.. I AM going to go to Curves 3 times this week...

Comment #84

Happy Monday everyone!!!.

I am up from yesterday to 220.5 (so up .7?).

My official Weigh in for the week was today and I was down 3.3, making a total of 15 lost in 4 weeks!!!!!.

Today I volunteer from 10-2 at school and then my 8 year old is having a friend over. I can't wait for Friday last day of school before the new year...

Comment #85

Hi all,.

Well, it has been a weird week with Wade. (Try saying THAT 5 times real fast LOL).

2nd week OP (lost 15.5 the first weekbut I have serious water retention so that was a big part of it.) Sometime during the week I was at 18.5 lost, but today I am back up by a pound, so only lost 2 pounds total last week. Now, I realize 2 pounds is fine, but I was hoping for a little more since I am only in the 2 nd week..

I have been strictly OP, so I hope it will catch up with me..

Oh, and btw, if I was debating between weekly vs. daily weighingI have decided. If I hadn't weighed daily this week, I would have missed seeing another whole pound of loss!.

Stay Strong!..

Comment #86

Morning Dw's!!!.

I am up from yesterday too, Caliborne!!! That was a shocker because I was 100% OP including 100 ozs of water. Oh well, I am officially down 3 pounds this week. I feel far enough away from the 200's to confidently say I will never be going back to Two-derville!!.

I have a question for you all. Do you think that eating late at night, or right before bed, will cause a gain in the morning? For example, I was 100% OP yesterday but in order to get all my meals in for the day, I had 2 chocolate crunch bars at around 10 and 10:30 last night. Then fell fast asleep. So do you think eating right before bed affects your loss the next day?..

Comment #87

I think part of mine was I had to eat two meals at 8 last night (I go to bed at 930) and I had two bars. I was also bad with my water...

Comment #88

Good morning DWers,.

Down 1.2 pounds today.. I think WL and I are both happy NOT to have class to get up for until mid-January! I did get an A in the class (90.1% - just squeaked it in... if I had missed one more point on anything I'd have gotten a B because they do not round grades). That weigh-in puts me at a 2.8 pound loss for the week - I've had my second best week since I started on Medifast - I guess breaking into ONEderland was good incentive! I hope the 2 pound buffer is enough to keep me from dancing back over the line.. fingers crossed and a bottle of water handy (thanks Mia - your reminders help!).

Mia - Even if you are gaining a little bit from going the gym it will just be temporary until your muscles adjust to the load, and you'll come out fitter and better able to keep burning off calories. You go girl!.

Caliborne - what a great start!! You are just about a quarter of the way to your goal already - I bet you feel awesome! :-).

Debbi - I love the weird week with Wade - I did say it, and laughed at myself for doing so :-D I hear you on the weighing debate. I personally really like it, even with my weight goes up and down.. but most people would be tearing their hair out. Daily weighing is not for everyone! In my case I also log my weight at and it really helps me see that I"m trending down, down, down - even if my weight is up for a day or three in a row. This is what my last 30 days looks like, and I only missed one day of logging my weight..


When I need a real boost I just run it for the entire time I"ve been on Medifast - here it is from 7/26/10 the day I started.


I have used since sometime in 2007 and can see what happens when I stop weighing daily (can you say yo-yo?).


My next milestone will be when that overall trend line since 2007 tips downward instead of upward - and it should happen in about 12 more days. I can't wait!.

Keely - I do think that eating a couple of meals close together at the end of the night do cause the morning weigh-in to be artificially high. That always happens to me too. I try very hard not to wind up in that situation, but I"m also mortally afraid of running out of meals before I want to go to bed so I have a tough time with that. At least our overall trend is DOWN :-).

Hope everyone has a great day! I need to hit the post office to mail a package, then Costco to buy more water, cheese and lots of drugs (we happen to be running out of almost all the pills we get there at at once - Previcid for DH, Probiotics for DH (maybe I"ll try them too this time), Allergy meds, and Advil. I'll be a pill bottle buying fool :-D.

Cheers to all,..

Comment #89

Well, this morning I had a 1 pound loss. I am down to 194.8!!! My original goal was to reach 195 by new years. CHECK!!! I decided this morning to try and get to 188 by new years. I think that is doable if I stay 100% OP and drink all my water and start c25k again. Oh, and no more eating right before bed...

Comment #90

Good morning DWers - up 0.2 today but that's fine. I ate my last two Medifast meals right before bed, so I"m pretty happy with that result. Headed to the dermatologist today for a patch of weird non-healing skin. I'm sure it's nothing, but if you have insurance there is no reason not to get things looked at..

Wow - Keely, you have really kick started a great weight loss these last couple of weeks. Go you! I'm going to be restarting C25K too.. my back feels better and I"m headed to the treadmill tomorrow (I curl tonight, so I don't think I want to do both or I'll put myself in starvation mode for sure)..

Cheers to all,..

Comment #91

Hye all, hope you all are having a great day! Keely congrats and I bet you can get to 188!.

Ethel hope the derm can fix it for you.


I am down a big .3 to 220.2, hoping to see 219 again.

I haven't been eating all my Medifast meals and when I have been they are bunched up before bed, should be able to fix that today...

Comment #92

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.