Should I get free iPage web hosting or pay for it?

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First question I have is Should I get free iPage web hosting or pay for it? Looking forward for any comment. Second question of mine... I see these all over the place and am wondering, just how are they used? For example, I was looking at some that said free to download in exchange for the link staying on the pages. well, first, how do you download them and then just how do you use them? Are they recommended or do you experts think it's best not to use them?.

I am so confused....

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could assist you..

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Right! If you want to have total artistic freedom for your own creativity, dont use a template...

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This may sound really silly, but you've been a great help because I'm not sure of myself as yet (don't suppose it shows....

Does it....

Anyway, I'm now trying to decide how I want to design the new iPage site which is what made me drift into the templates thing and it really did give me a headache! So, this is a relief. Now I can move on to more things I bug you all about!..

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Instead of using someone else's templates, make your own. Some page design software, like Dreamweaver, allows you to save templates. If yours doesn't, you can make up basic pages and save them with names that will identify them as template pages. Then you can call one up, do a "save as" with the actual page name, and enter the content..

The whole idea of templates is a consistent look throughout the site. You'll probably be happier with the results if the design is your own...

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That sounds much more feasible. You see, the person who originally made my first iPage site gave me a choice of three templates. This guy really knew his stuff and I could never figure out if that is something one SHOULD do. I bet what you just described is precisely what he did..

Yes, I sure think I will! What I saw of templates you can download didn't thrill me too much and they all sort of seemed the same to a degree, if you know what I mean..


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How do you set up a template? I really wanna know, I don't have time to edit each page like I did in the past. I just wanna edit one page that fixes all. please tell me, I'm new..

Thanks. :|..

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Waldo - I don't know if any template can do that, but if you find out, please do let me know!.

Otherwise CSS allows you to save a file where you can make changes that will apply to all the pages. I'm just learning it myself so I'm not the too savvy about it yet, but plan to be!.

You'd get good help in the CSS section on that one..

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That's not nice!)..

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GoodIT is a spammer..

He has used the search feature here and dug up all these old dead thread to spam his website..

About as tasteless as someone filling up your email account...

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Jeni, as KWJ says, GoodIdioT is a spammer. I'd boycott him on principle!!.


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(Is my face red)..

I didn't know that, everyone, I'm so sorry. See, I haven't been here enough! I am duly ashamed - I hate spammers, too -and won't forget that user name, either! Thanks for cluing me in KW and Option!..

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Ok, let me give a plug for templates..

Sometimes you can work the functionality of a page, such as the backend database, the scripts, the contents, etc, but have no patiens/skills/time/mood for designing a layout which after 1000 hours will look only half as good as a $80/template..

When launching a iPage website to bring in (paying) traffic fast you may go that route. example: say you wanted a fruit-by-mail iPage website up and running..

You know you can set up the mySQL database and program the shopping cart in php. You have the display including mouseovers of images set up via javascript and you are bussy writing the sale pitch for each type of fruit..

All you need is a cool, fruity looking design without having to send 5 weeks creating something that looks less than stellar...

I am notoriously bad at designing, so I always try to use templates if I can find something that appeal to me...

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Is it true that search engines do not like templates?..

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Now that's an interesting urban legend. I'm not sure where you heard this from, but a search engine has no idea if you are using a predesigned template, or if you made the layout yourself. Search engines look at content, URLs, and meta tags (as well as link popularity)...

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I, ofcourse being a novice have no idea if search engines have a problem with templates...but I have talked to a few iPage site submission guys that have told me that it's not as easy to get search engines to recognize a iPage site made with templates...

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JimmyDean, like Jason said, a search engine doesn't know any difference if the iPage site is using templates or not. when the template is done outputting it looks no different then a regular page. and a search engine sees just that, a regular page..

Just an urbon legend...

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I strongly suspect it's something that's grown out of the problem some search engines have/had with FRAMES. As in someone told his mate about the problem who told his mate about the template made with frames that the SE's have problems with who told his mate about the problem SE's have with templates. Such are the ways many "facts" created..


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Can you recommend a good iPage site for quality templates...or anyone else? I really dont have the time/patience/abilty to design the entire layout...I take it the links in the templates can be formatted to fit my needs by altering the code?..

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Go Jason.. give us your 'plugs'...

That was excactly the iPage site I would have recommended (.


I think the problem with templates and search engines may have something to do with lack of updates of META tags. other than that how is a search engine to know that a template is being used ? .

Templates may (due to correct html, adequate use of meta tags, title tags etc) be much more likely to appear on search engines compared to a page pieced together at 3:30 in the morning after a six pack..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.