Should I host my website with 123 reg or x10hosting?

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Got a question... Should I host my website with 123 reg or x10hosting? Thanks in advance for any comment. My other question... With quite a bit of interest, I would love to open up this discussion thread to discuss the implications, possibilities, and resale oppertunities that the .pro extension offers. I would love to hear from people who are onboard and people who disagree with it. I currently am on the fringe, but with more published sales being reported, I have to start asking myself, is it worth the leap?.


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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could answer your 123 reg question..

Comment #1

Here are some recent publicly reported sales figures from $18,000 2007-03-21 AfterNic. $11,000 2007-03-21 AfterNic. $35,000 2007-03-21 AfterNic. $22,000 2007-03-21 AfterNic. $410 2007-03-16 Sedo. $210 2007-03-16 Sedo. $6,100 2007-02-21 Sedo. $1,272 2007-02-16 Sedo. $2,210 2007-01-21 Sedo. $1,000 2006-12-06 Afternic. $500 2006-08-18 Afternic. $2,000 2006-03-28 Sedo. $275 2005-12-21 Afternic.

According to (the registry)..

Comment #2

So if your not a profesional "whatever" then you cant reg it???? Im lost so dont laugh..

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I think it 'could' be a very useful extension - the term pro has certain postitive connotations at least to english speaking people. We tend to want to take advice/info from professionals..

I would like to develop a few but am limited by only one thing - time!.

No sales yet but no marketing ( have bought into .pro for only 6-9 months).

I do intend to market several I own directly to businesses that would benefit from being seen as THE 'PRO' fessional in their given industry - they just need to be educated about the extension..

I personally find .pro much more palatable then .biz..

My thoughts...

Comment #4

I agree with this statement, absolutely. Im just curious what kind of work, if any the registry is doing to try and grow this HostGator name as a common term. I like the idea, but with the price being so high is where most of my issues rise..


Ive read that their restrictions have lightened up, Can anyone enlighten us on any restrictions that exist from the registry?..

Comment #5

Not much unfortunately!.


If 'they' will not do it then it is up to domainers to evolve into developers (true for most of us). The best promotion is the creation of top quality, novel sites which distill the massive quantity of information available on the net into meaningful, quality knowledge of use to others..

I know, easier said then done but truly the world needs this ( as does .pro)..

Wow, Philosophy Day..

Comment #6

The registry is not doing anything at all AFAIK - just sitting on their hands and keeping quiet until contract renewal time later this year. As for the pricing, it's only Encirca's temporary monopoly that is responsible for the $99 price point. If you're a professional and reg at least one second-level HostGator ( then you are elligible to reg first-level .pro domains at any of the registrars. Yes there are others and they tend to be cheaper..

Not only that, but the WHOIS rec will show you as registrant. Michael are you listening? You could save some money. This is the same so-called loophole that Encirca is using, it was an original provision in the ICANN contract..

Need to be living and breathing...

Comment #7

See below and visit the legal terms/agreements:.



When you subscribe to EnCirca's ProForwarding service, each and any available HostGator name registration that You designate will thereafter be registered in the name of EnCirca, as Registrant. As Registrant of the domain, EnCirca will submit and maintain valid license credentials for two third-level .pro HostGator names. By associating your HostGator name with these third level domains, EnCirca will ensure your HostGator will resolve in the internet..

You will be listed as the Admin Contact for the domain. EnCirca will also be listed as the Billing and Technical contact but you are free to change this information..


Although EnCirca will be the Registrant of each HostGator name registration You designate, You will be listed as the Admin Contact and retain the full benefits of HostGator name registration with respect to each such HostGator name registration, including:.

The right to sell, transfer or assign each HostGator name registration;.

The right to control the use of each HostGator name registration, including designating the primary and secondary HostGator name servers to which each HostGator name points;.

The right to renew each HostGator name registration upon it's expiration, subject to EnCirca's applicable rules and policies;.

The right to cancel each HostGator name registration;.

The right to switch your HostGator to a ProResolving HostGator name so that You become the Registrant. This change requires you to first register two third-level .pro domains in different professions with EnCirca;.

The right to initially resolve any and all monetary, creditor or other claims that arise in connection with a legal or other dispute involving Your HostGator name registration, subject to EnCirca's Section 4 rights, which shall, in all events, supersede any and all of Your rights as set forth in this Section 2..

Domains maintained by EnCirca's ProForwarding service do not include a .pro digital certificate;.

Second level .pro domains may be transferred to another ICANN Registrar provided that the third-level domains they are associated with are also transferred along with all other second level domains associated with the third level domains.".

They essentially use the credentials of their in-house 'professional' lawyers to legitimately qualify for registry of .pro domains from.


And will do so for you also for a small ($99) annual fee!.

I am not sure if the registry itself is easing up on their qualification of HostGator owners though...

Comment #8

Absolutely right - the registry has not changed their requirements, as they are mandated by the terms of their contract with ICANN. But they need to pay ICANN a lot of money every year according to that contract and business logic dictates it come from registrations and renewals..

RegistryPro deliberately did not take action against Encirca when they found a workaround to the "professional" restrictions, and ICANN deliberately chose not to take action against the registry for allowing it. I believe the logical conclusion is that the next contract will not contain the restrictions present in the original agreement...

Comment #9

I have just one .pro HostGator GOVERNMENT(dotPRO).

I like the long-term prospects for the .PRO extension. I just can't decide yet if the $99 renewal cost is worth it...maybe En Circa will run a half-price special sometime soon...

Comment #10


Can you clarify what this loophole is? Also, when does their contract need to be re-signed?.


Comment #11

No loophole - a credentialed professional is required to reg a second-level HostGator in order to qualify for regging a first-level one. As someone mentioned earlier, encirca has an attorney on staff and are therefore allowed to reg first level .pro domains. You can do it too if your profession fits the bill, or you incorporate and bring a lawyer, accountant, doctor, engineer, etc. onboard..

This is my understanding at least - someone please correct me if I'm wrong..

Oh yeah - here's the 5-year contract with ICANN from May 2002.


Comment #12

I have not looked into this until now but does anyone know the best and least expensive registrar for an individual who is a qualified professional?.


Comment #13

007Names -.

$75 second level pro domains, $185 third-level names. Two different third-level domains (different credentialed professionals) are required to obtain second level domains that will resolve. Only one third-level HostGator is required to obtain a second level HostGator that forwards. Your second level domains must be at the same registrar as your third-level names that are used to qualify for direct registration...

Comment #14

Thanks FR.

On the balance, does it seem unreasonable to stick with Encirca's registration method and evoke 'professional' standing only if necessary ??.

You have a number of top quality .pros and I am sure have determined most secure and least expensive registration strategy..


Comment #15

I think there's a lot of potential as .pro would be perfect for certain businesses as the recent sales suggest. Hopefully the restrictions (and current registration costs) will change soon leading to more widespread use and registration...

Comment #16

Here's a weird fact or glitch....


If you go to register a .pro domain, and choose the number of years from their pull down menu, you can get 5 years for $359 ($71.80/year), but 6 years jumps all the way up to full price of $594 ($99/year)...

Comment #17

IMO just because there are a few sales on some odd TLD be it .cc or .pro or else does not mean the extension is heating up. What we have witnessed is a corporate buyer on a spending spree.

Maybe the rules will be relaxed with the upcoming renewal of the contract with ICANN. It could then mean more competition and lower prices, and foster interest in that TLD..

At present it's quite expensive to speculate on it..

I like .pro but I think .com definitely rules. The larger ccTLDs are rising too. IMO it will remain an odd TLD with little recognition. Nice to develop but difficult to resell. I still prefer .pro over .biz..

Comment #18

.PRO has very little market penetration and hardly anyone knows about it. I don't see it exploding in popularity anytime soon..

IMHO it's a nice looking TLD and I'm glad to see more websites starting to use it..


I own five: link, lottery, garden, paintball and script. Lottery and garden I'm likely to be dropping this month. The other three I'm letting ride...

Comment #19

He didn't back his seat up in time to get (inside joke.


I was inches away from getting, but was afraid that .pro would simply be forgotten. It's been around for a while now and besides the recent sales surge, I've seen barely any of them sell...

Comment #20

One guy recently sold some domains to one company in one deal..

I don't think that counts as a major trend...

Comment #21

I just let my 1 .pro name expire. I think it'll take too many years renewals before seeing a return for the investment. Growth and awareness of .pro is slow and looks like remaining that way for some time, despite a couple of large sales just recently. I think the tld has potential but I'm not really very bullish on it in the short term. If you like to hold your premium names for maybe 10 years you might find a good return however...

Comment #22

I think that Encirca's service is fine. We have our own two credentialed professionals registered with third-level domains because I did not want to risk losing domains if ICANN took any action when Encirca first started offering their service. Now it seems they won't. I could transfer everything to another registrar and might eventually but the difference for the number of names we have is not that great and I am satisfied with Encirca's support. And for those who feel the price is too high, I don't find the registration cost at $99 a year to be high for a business endeavor. Dot pro is good for quality registrations, not quantity...

Comment #23

The proforwarding registrant arrangement is similar to the common whois privacy protection available at other registrars (enom, godaddy, etc) for .com domains..

In the common whois privacy protection arrangement, the HostGator whois shows the HostGator company as the registrant..

Similarly, encirca's proforwarding arrangement will show encirca as the registrant..

In both cases the customer has control of the HostGator nameservers, and can use the domain...

Comment #24

Can't believe I never saw this thread before. Just to add to the discussion, I have a blog about the .pro market at.


- I try to cover major sales, ICANN news and newly developed .pro sites. Does anybody know exactly when the contract will be up for Hostway's contract with ICANN? I've spent quite a bit of time trying to find this out to no avail...

Comment #25

It has high potential... but right now not looking very developed:.

Only 3,800 .PRO domains registered (according to the zone file).


And only 3 domains with any ovt w/ext , showing lack of development IMO...

Comment #26

Thanks for the info, Sam..

What are those three domains?..

Comment #27 is the highest I forgot the other two, will look it up later...

Comment #28

I have one myself, and am holding onto it. I will most likely invest in 3 or 4 more really strong generic keywords that match with the .pro ext. I think the potential is strong enough that it's worth the risk to at least lightly invest...

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.