Should I use GoDaddy to make a website?
First off, Should I use GoDaddy to make a website? Hoping for any answer. Another question... Laying in bed the other night (and forgive me if this is in the wrong forum) I was thinking as I one does about future technology, the immediate future of this exciting and ever changing market we find ourselves in (probably with a view of registering domains) and what impact this is going to have on us.. I then got thinking about freedom2surf's announcement that they are launching their 24Mbps broadband service later this month..

Now ive always been a great believer of TV and the internet becoming one and doing so very very soon but what struck me this time was 'what' this speed up of ADSL and wi-fi is going to have on the mobile phone networks....??.

Lets say within 2 years (e.g.) the entire UK / US has an active wi-fi or WiMax connection available everywhere. And that speed is now up to 24? 48? 128?Mbps??? Ok, lets take it as read that something along these lines is bound to happen / imminent..?.

Well, the question then has to be asked is; Why do I need my cell phone anymore when I can stream live TV from any station worldwide into my pda, talk at the same time, see the other person of whom I'm talking to and do this all for free??.

How much did those 3g licences cost again.?.

Ops: I guess I wont be buying up any Vodaphone shares for a while..


Anyone else have the same thoughts????..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could help you..

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I dont understand the haircut comment? well I do but not how it fits in.

Annnyway, mobile phones actually do a hell f a lot more now that just calls, I was on the train yesterday coming home from birmingham (about 90mins for those of you not from UK incase your interested) some guy had a laptop which was connected to his phone for internet access, I'm sure at some point trains will come with some kind of internet connection so you wont need to do that, but virgin trains are in my opinion very modern and so it will be a while before mobiles become obsolete to connect to the internet..

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The haircut comment relates to the this..

Putting it in another way...

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24 Mbps.. hehe. We're having 1 Gbps option from $100 a month here in southern part of Sweden, and had that opportunity since April. For individuals...

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You sure...???.

You are talking megabits here aren't you??..

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Why does this thread remind me of an Abba song?..

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Manifest your dreams into this empirical dimensional world.

Live your life the way you dream it , and trust in yourself.

Almost everthing can be bought but your vision and dreams.

Are the priceless gifts in life..

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<rant>Ah yes all this technology. The U.S. is supposed to be the cutting edge etc. Let me tell you a small story. I live in a semi-rural area. 30 min to downtown Kansas City, 13 miles from Kansas City International airport, 6 miles outside a town of about 6,000 population, 4 miles from another town of 2,000 population, 1.5 miles from a major Interstate Hi-way, 20 miles from another 60,000 population city..

I can not get DSL, Cable or anything else except VERY, VERY bad slow dialup or expensive and not true broadband satellite service. I doubt the conditions will ever improve as the population density will never be enough for the providers to upgrade. There are 4 Direcway users within a mile radius of me..

Hell people are making fun of India the most rural villages in India will have broadband before me. </rant>..

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Your post reminded me of.

An article I read this morning about "Social Machines" and "Continuous Computing".


Anyway, good buzzwords in the article and some unreg'd domains that include them..



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