Should Nutrisystem Be Informed Of This?

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First of all Should Nutrisystem Be Informed Of This? Looking forward for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. I just went to edit my order to include a few more Nutrachocolates and they aren't on the menu!!!!.

Did I miss something while I was away??.

I need my NC!! I'm out on the ledge here people!!! I'll jump...I swear!!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

They may be out of stock or on back order.otherwise "unavailable"..

Best to call and ask.and the meantime. there is a trade thread in the Food and Tips Forum. Believe it or not, there are some people who actually want to get rid of their chocolate! Don't jump go get some Special K protein snack bars - -double choco something or other check the stats with the desserts - you'll get by...

Comment #2

People have called and been told the nutrichocolates are temporarily out of stock...

Comment #3

I've really been trying to hold my tongue with the typos....but when you misspell, twice, the biggest font word on each and every page, on each and every item you eat, for God's sake man, It's on your credit card statement, every month. Wow. Look for the lil' green leaf..

Btw, stop whining..

Btw to the other Btw, I was wondering too. But I went to update my auto-delivery to take the choc stuff off. I tend to eat more than one at a time. So, it's all chips next month...

Comment #4

Just as a little history lesson here, the Nutrichocolates were OFTEN out of stock "back in the day", so I think this is probably a regular thing with NS. You might want to try and stockpile some when they come back in stock..

And to throw out the olive branch to JulieSam_1, here's a package of 12 packs of them for sale on Ebay (NOT BY ME):.

Http:// _nkw%3D270398834323%2509%26_naf%3D1%26_fvi%3D1&_rd c=1.

And here's some included in a Nutrisystem "Snack Pack" from The Shopping Channel:.


Oh and Damon, +1 for the "stop whining" deal...

Comment #5

Can't understand why anyone would want them! The flavor is really strange, not really chocolate, and the texture is worse. I would give you mine, but my husband actually likes them. Ugh!..

Comment #6

For the best use of them, let them melt over a baked apple. Uh-oh, I just drooled on the keyboard...

Comment #7

I agree with trying new things with ALL the Nutrisystem items. No where on the package does it say you just have to eat it as is..

Some of the very best suggestions I have heard include taking the Nutrichocolates and melting them over strawberries, putting them in coffee, etc. I bet if you could somehow "shave" them using a grater, the shavings would taste pretty good over some rice cakes..

But I like them plain too...

Comment #8

Haggis, you're trying to get me into trouble. I just told a guy to stop whining on the regular blog page. I'll probably hear about that one!..

Comment #9

I've been told this group does not melt. Anyone know?..

Comment #10


(I know you know this, but...).

This is the ONLY room on this board where that is appropriate, LOL! These discussion boards are divided up into different rooms for a reason. I would NEVER use the type of tone outside of this room that I do in it. I just know that some guys need a kick in the pants every now and then. I can't imagine the beating you're going to take in the other room. Heck, I'm taking a beating in here, where it's SUPPOSED to be a "tough room for guys"..

But yeah, when I post on the other boards I am polite, kind, caring, etc. But in here it's "unleash the hounds"!..

Comment #11

I am. Believe it or not. Granted, I don't go to the other boards most days, but I am. I am a minister, and part of being a minister is discovering what helps people the most in each different situation..

In the Emotional Rescue Room, it's kind words, coddling, and hugs..

In the General Information Room, it's straightforward information and encouragement..

In the Food and Tips Room it's all about information..

In the Men's Room, it's all about shooting straight and cutting through the nonsense, without all the emotional bullcrap on the side, with a heavy dose of humor, sarcasm, and lots and lots of pictures..

I recognize that some people may not pay attention to what room they're in, poor lost souls, but for the most part everyone on these boards knows EXACTLY where they are and EXACTLY what kind of response they'll get given the situation. People that stir up trouble in here know that's what they're about to do..

On the other boards I don't stir up anything...

Comment #12

I have about a dozen bags of those and I hate them!!..

Comment #13

Well there ya go. I bet you all could set up a trade or something...

Comment #14

Ok...I know I misspelled Nutrichocolates...but I'm kind of at a loss here as to what this is supposed to mean. Now...granted...I'm coming off my second 16 hour shift in a row (going into my third tomorrow) and my mind is a soup sandwich right now...but wtf??..

Comment #15

A trade would be great anyone who wants them pm me..

Comment #16

Does this usually happen around the summer? I don't think Nutrichocolates and hot UPS trucks play together very well...

Comment #17

This I can confirm. My peanut butter chocolate bars and the chocolate nougat, and mint chocolate crisp bars all had some melt to them when I got my package. Cant say the same for the Nutrichocolates since I hate them and refuse to order them again...

Comment #18

Don't think anything of it at all. Just have fun with it. The candor of the Men's Room is sarcastic, edgy, and fun. Sensitive people may have a harder time in here, but don't take anything personally, because nothing said in here is meant as a personal challenge to anyone's manhood (or is it?). LOL..

Anyway, don't worry about it, have a good time, and get over it. Nothing was meant by what Damon (or anyone else said)..

Try this thread:.


Comment #19

Like you, I'd gladly trade my 6 pkgs toofor the cakes or chocolate nougat bars...

Comment #20

I just went to read that linkyikes, sorry guys, didn't mean to tread here..

Altho I do like the telling it like it is approach, and it seems that's my style on the answering the blogs section. (Just thought I'd throw that in.)..

Comment #21

The shear fact that I ragged on you means I like you dude. Don't take it personally, it's a grammar Nazi thing, you wouldn't understand. j/k I'm really not a grammar nazi, I just have fun pointing out the FIFY's at the poster's expense. All in good fun young man, all in good fun..

FIFY = Fixed It For You..

Comment #22

Bro...believe me when I tell you I never even came close to taking it personally..

I am the biggest sarcastic jackass you'll ever meet. (When I'm not working overtime like a complete madman!!).

I knew it was all fun....

That said...I still want my mutha#$%$# nutrichocolates!!!!.



Comment #23

Ahh, the nice clean, fresh scent of spring cleaning. Well done men; it looks like we're taking the cave back!..

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