Should Nutrisystem change their phone number to 1-800-867-5309?

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Quick question... Should Nutrisystem change their phone number to 1-800-867-5309? Many thanks for any answer. Second question.. This is no one's fault but my own, and I am owning up to it, so don't take this as whining. I just bet there are many of us out there experiencing the exact same problem..

I am having a terrible time making it through days completely 100% on plan lately. I really think I have some sort of food addiction (not a joke). My mother was a drug addict. My father was an alcoholic. I'm beginning to think addiction has some genetic pulls to it. It's my own deal and I have to overcome it like any other obstacle, so I'm not making excuses, just stating a fact..

Man is it difficult right now to avoid eating off plan. It's not because NutriSystem isn't adequate, tasty enough, or whatever. I just have a problem with food. I'll overcome it, and like I said, I'm not whining, just stating. Man is this hard. And anyone who's ever had an addiction (a real addiction) knows that simply "manning up" is sometimes not enough to overcome the problem...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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I view food addiction as being similar to being posessed by a demon. As one pushes more and more against the demon, attempting to dislodge him, it is only logical that the demon will dig in his heels and push back. BUT the mere fact that he is pushing back shows that you are winning the battle. Never let up for a moment, KNOWING that this is a wrestling match and the way to win it is to keep on pushing!..

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Haggis, I feel for you. This is a serious battle. You have to start by winning meal by meal and you get 6 chances a day. Theres no debate in my mind food is a necessary addiction/obsession for some of us. The only thing that Ill mention is that is supposed to take 16 weeks of consistent behavior to make or break a habit, regardless of what it is..

Fall back to what you know. Heres how I do it. Get pissed and make it happen..

It's a lot of work, but fill out your planner (pencil) first thing in the morning. Pull aside the Nutrisystem products for the day and plan out each add-in. It takes time and seems obsessive, but I can't do this consistently any other way. Then every (EVERY!) three f'n hours eat only exactly what is on your list and check it off and ink in each deviation. After every time you eat, say to yourself "that's it AH, you've been fed, see you in three hours. Try it for one day, then two, then a week, then a month..

"Get mad at dem damn'd eggs" What movie is this from?.

Good luck brother, you absolutely got to want this or you are just piss'n away the time...

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Recent scientific studies have shown that addiction is in fact genetic. It's kind of a round about answer but there are genes that regulate the "thrill" that certain people get from taking risk. Others don't get the same thrill and in fact some are adverse to thrills. People who have this gene seek to fill this need in a myriad of ways - sex, drugs, cigarettes, roller coasters, fast cars, food, etc. Now, what to do about that is a whole different question...

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I believe you can change your addiction. I used to smoke (19 years) and quit cold turkey and took up another addiction...............internet posting...

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I feel your pain! It seems that lately I have been giving in to the demons and eating off plan.. it seems to be getting harder to stay on plan the longer I am on trouble during the day but during the evening the cravings attack... Be strong brother...just knowing that others battle this problem is a great help for me..

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I know the feeling! Still having a tough time distinguishing between actual hunger and merely wanting to eat...

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I believe it's:.

"Cool Hand Luke".


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I imagine I have a bucket next to me where I keep all my addictions (alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and a bunch of others) that I am not carrying around with me right now. I keep them there because I know that at any time I want to, I can reach in, pull one out and be right back in it. Right now, I am working at putting my food addiction in to the bucket. Its a moment by moment kind of thing..

Whether genetic or not, we are left with the affects. As with each of my other "bucket-holding" addictions I have had to accept the facts that (a) I am powerless over the craving to eat, (b) God, could if I sought him, provide me with what I need to make it and (c) today, I choose to let Him..

In other words, I am following a "12 step" approach. This means that.

1. If I need to, if I don't think I am going to make it, I don't think about tomorrow or tonight or ten minutes from now all I am concerned about is now, not eating now..

2. I call some one when I am weak..

3. And I continually pray, giving thanks for the ability to make it in the past minute or day, and asking for help to make it through the next minute..

You know you are not alone in this..


Start: 22 Aug 09: 280.2lbs.

31 Aug 09: 270.9lbs..

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Hagis - You are so right! Food is an addiction. Unfortunately for us it's the addiction that everyone accepts. If we over eat no one is going to pull us over and take the keys away. No one makes us go outside to eat like is now the norm for smokers. People may say things behind our backs but most of the time they do not say anything to our face..

I have come to realize this over the past 8 months. I have also learned how easy it is to fall back into those bad habits. Much like my dad did when he quit smoking. He eventually kick it but had many stops and starts..

This is an addiction that we fight everytime our elbow bend with food in our hands. Just keep fighting the addiction and do not fight yourself...

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They may not be.

"pulling us over and taking away our keys",.

But they are considering.


Junk food, increasing the air fare for those of us whom they deam a.

Wide Load.

, and definately will charge you more for your.

Health and Life Insurance...

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That is so true, food is an addiction. I go along fine staying on plan all day long but at night I get these insane cravings even when I am not even hungry but I just feel like I must have a slice of pizza, a cheeseburger, a beer or a huge helping of ice cream. I try very hard to fight these urges, sometimes I win but sometimes I don't. I think this will be a battle for me the rest of me life...

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Want something to help break your addiction? Do what I do and put the ugliest, revolting and most embarrassing photo of yourself in your wallet. That way every time you open your wallet in front of those snacky cakes you've got a reminder of what that leads to. Its amazing how well self loathing can motivate yah (hey it works for me)..

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Haggis - I understand. Really. I too have the highly addictive gene or whatever, as Dick mentioned. It's real, so I treat it like anyone with a disability. Easy 1-2-3 has the right of it. AA rules! We're pretty much powerless.

Thank God, I have been sober 12 years. I liken it to a gal I know who's wheelchair-bound. She can't walk. I can't drink. Simple. It's easier to give up drinking than to give up walking..

Still addicted to Nicorete after 7 years of no smoking. Oh well....I can do that in church..

As far as food goes, total abstinance is not an option. I find myself binging, but have been succesfull by limiting the binges. Planning 'em, anticipating 'em, then doing 'em and going right back on-plan. That's been how I've been dealing with it. If I really get a craving, I cave. Defer it to a planned time and eat incredible amounts of it, then seem to have no problem going back on-plan.

Those mini-goals tell me how much and how often I can deviate and I plan accordingly. Don't know if that's a "good" idea, but it works for me..

Hope some of this helps, Haggis. You can make it work for you!.


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Don't assume that because there's a genetic link that it's totally out of your hands. Genes show part of the picture but your environment and your reaction to both complete the canvas. As Niner said, he replaced his addiction and while he may have said that tongue in cheek, he's spot on with regard to how best to deal with a propensity toward some destructive behaviors. Don't try to get rid of a bad habit by just giving it up. Put something else in it's place...

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Food is a bit@h because we can't go cold turkey. Imagine telling an addict that you can still drink, five times a day even, but only one beer at a time, three hours apart. Good luck with that..

Hell, if I could wear a food patch so I didn't have to eat, I'd be all over it..

Smokers and drinkers have it easy..

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I've been called to task via PM to not advocate off-plan eating. I hope we're all adults here and take anything ANYONE says with a grain of salt. What works for me will NOT work for everyone. We're all so very different. Some lose easier than others. Staying On-Plan is always best and is a reliable option for everyone because it works.

I'm a bit of a contrarian and simply refuse to be a slave to anything - including Nutrisystem - and figured out it's principles and how to make it work for me, even if it took a bit longer to get there..

Haggis has been around the block enough to not be led astray by a knucklhead like me. Right, Reverend?.


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Lots of people I know eat out of boredom or because they are used to having something in their mouths while at a desk watching TV etc. Now change some of the habits ( if you eat at your work desk then you need another solution), like instead of sitting and watching the tv, maybe play a video game instead. Not saying this is the best solution, but it's harder to put food in your mouth (like when you sit to just watch a show) when your hands are occupied with a controller. I notice that I don't eat when I play Madden..

If you feel like you have to eat, then eat something good for you that takes a long time to consume. For example, sunflower seeds take time to unshell and many people end up not eating a whole bag because of the work entailed, however they may feel satisfied because they at least had something in their mouths...

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