Should Santa go on a Medifast Diet?

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Quick question... Should Santa go on a Medifast Diet? Hoping for any answer. My 2nd question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' SUNDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Welcome home Lori and Ang!!! We have missed you madly!!!..

Comment #2

Hi everybody. this is Angela pretending to be Lori. So far we have had a great time. Lori is upstairs getting her camera so we can try and post pictures...

Comment #3

Okay I'm back here as myself, lol. This way Lori can post pictures upstairs. I swear I am having the best time, but I miss my kids..

Lori gave me the most GORGEOUS pocketbook EVER. It's a limited edition Coach bag and it totally rocks my world. Plus, she gave me some really cool clothes of Lorraines (lori's mom for those who don't know) which I LOVED and a fantastically fabulous trench coat in this rust color..

The spa rocked out loud...I felt like a princess. And now I feel like a tattooed princess. I tried to get out of it yesterday...there was a scheduling conflict, but Lori duct taped me to the chair and I am officially shamrock tattooed. It's a bit bigger then I thought it would be and my hubby may have a heart attack, but oh well..

Finally today is bra shopping day and then home...very excited. And a fairy godmother is buying me bras...I am truly blessed..

Lauri...we need Clif notes too! And how are you feeling? Any better?..

Comment #4

The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become...

Comment #5

I expected Angela's post to read a lot more like this:.

Arrived at Borgata on Thursday to find Captain drunk..

And then watch her get wicked drunk..

And then go back to the room to have her throw M & Ms at my head and hump my leg..

And wake up Saturday still drunk..

Lovely spa day..

Captain's BFF went home, which made me sad, because it left me alone with Captain Crazy..

A way early GERIATRIC Boogie bed in jammies by 8:00 p.m..

Getting dragged all over the casino on Saturday morning in the hopes of winning money..

4.5 hours in a tattoo parlor to get a tattoo way mo' bigga than I expected..

To sit in Captain's house with her stepdad and her husband..

And watch a violet rash break out on Captain's ***..

At least she had coffee waiting for me on Sunday morning..

Can hardly wait to see what kind of disaster today will bring.....

Comment #6

Well...she did get a cool bag and some cool clothes and she did finally get that tattoo after all of these years...even if it is a little bigger than expected...and we are going for a wicked good breakfast and to get her some righteous bras today.....

Comment #7

I would be a wicked drunk mess. It wouldn't be pretty. It would be fun (for awhile)...but it wouldn't be pretty...

Comment #8

I didn't (but I wanted to)..

I just had the color touched up in the one I got last year..

(Which I hate, but we're not talking about that.).

More coffee for me and Ang right now and then showering and heading to breafkast at my most favorite breakfast place EVER!..

Comment #9

I was a wicked drunk mess on Thursday night, lol. I don't really drink so at least I was a cheap date, lol...

Comment #10

YAY! I knew you guys would have a blast, but it sounds even better than I expected. Ang ~ are you going home today?.

Check out this web-site:.


Ang ~ There are 16 or so pickup sites within 20 miles of your zip code. There is no application process; no income requirements; etc. My brother sent the info. to me and I can't believe the prices for a weeks worth of food for a family of 4. They say if you're single, it could be enough food for a month. I'm going to try it out soon...

Comment #11

I bet I would be, too, as I haven't had a drink for MAJOR drinking since 2008...but I'd still be trying to keep up. lol..

Comment #12

We talked to you guys on Friday and Saturday, as if you were here. I'm so happy to see you guys this a.m..

Enjoy breakfast! Enjoy bra shopping!!!.

Love you both!..

Comment #13

Ang ~ you got me. The front page says the following...with MY picture on it. lol.

~*~Sexy Shamrocks - New Members Welcome 10/17~*~.

Posted 2 minutes ago.

I was a wicked drunk mess on Thursday night, lol. I don't really drink so at least.....

Comment #14

Ang and Lori - glad you had / are having a great time..

Ang - you look AMAZING!!!!! and love the tattoo....

Have fun shopping today!..

Comment #15

Good mornin' Andi!.

I'm going to go eat my oatmeal. You all have a wonderful day!.

Oh! There were lots of recipes shared amongst the group on Friday night...

Comment #16

Ang and Lauri - I was at a meeting where they presented Angel Food Ministries - sounded like a GREAT program. only reason hubbie and I didn't is cuz we could NEVER eat the amount of food they were talking about..

Jo - might be an option for you guys too... maybe you and Paul could share with some of the kids....?.

Heard they have different "specials" for the meats... and a big holiday spread......

Just really wanted to agree with Lauri - worth a look into! Usually run out of either community centers or churches. and no need to belong to the church... and NOT charity - just an organized food service. basically - as I understand it - (prob more info on the website) they order in bulk based on pre-orders and the bulk purchase is the reason for the low prices. Kind of like meal planning at CostCo but the planning is kind of done for you.....

Comment #17

It's WAY too early here. back to bed for this Shammie!..

Comment #18

Thanks Andi ~ You worded it PERFECTLY!.

I was thinking: Jo's kids; Barb's kids; my kids; Andrea's; gosh...just about everyone with a family and/or extended families. It sure looks good to me. It's sad that many of us can't even afford to buy meat to eat on a regular basis these days..

I watched a program that explained why there is such an obesity issue in the U.S. It focused on the fact that it's cheaper to buy processed; fatty foods; than it is to buy meat; fruit; and veggies. Often times, it's cheaper to eat fast foods than it is to cook at home..

A program like Angel Ministries appears to be a blessing to me.. soap box...on to couch...

Comment #19

Good Morning Sexy, Sassy, Swaggerin Shamrockers.


Totally too kool..




What a good time. Lori is a awesome hostess...from the sounds of it I would love to be a visitor of Lori's!!! I would have to abstain from the alcohol only because it is the one thing in life I cannot control.

But I am 100% sure I would not even want it.....I would just love to party with ya'll///.

Lori, Ang, Andi, Lauri.

And all the sexies!!...I am so happy for you two I could just burst. Honestly. The pictures and the posts tell the picture of a great bond between you two..

AFM: My weight is down...yeh for me. I am under one lb, but under goal..

I beleive my excercise routine and my water guzzling is the reason...cuz my eating habits have sucked lately. Gotta get back on track with healthy eating....I KNOW how much better it is for my body, mind and total well being..

My hubby invited one of his service mamngers and wife out on the boat, I must go get ready...Mad Love..

Comment #20

Morning sexxies..

Ang and Lori- Like everyone else, I'm so glad that you all have had such a great time. It looks like you've had a blast, which was the goal! Love the tat Ang even if it is a little bigger than expected. You only live once- my philosophy! Have fun bra shopping and a safe trip home. Lori- I doubt seriously that you could be considered a bad hostess..

Lauri- I've ordered from the Angel food misisteries once. It was ok. I'm not a big cook, so some of the meat I got I had no idea how to prepare it. But it's worth the money. I ought to look into it again. My neighbors church participates in the program so she the one that told me about it and even picked up my food for me..

Andi- Hope your getting some more sleep out there on the west coast..

AFM- need to read back as I have been mia for a couple days. Busy as usual. Friday I had a beotch fest with bossman so I left feeling better. Then I came home to me dd grades for the week which included some d's and a U (same as an F) so stress came flooding back. I am no longer letting her play for the addition indoor soccer this winter, so now I'm also the mean mom in everyone elses eyes including my own mother. Oh well, school and grades come first! Yesterday I went to a arts and craft festival in a little town about 45 minutes away.

Then mom and I worked on Halloween costumes as we are all dressing up as hippies for the camping weekend. today I have to go to gs meeting with dd and then back to mom's to work on costumes again. Oh Plus a crappola of homework- YEAH what another fun and exciting day...

Comment #21

Good morning my lovely shams,.

I slept in today and am just getting going. Caught up on yesterdays threads (so very few) but Lauri kept it going. What a trooper that girl. So very sorry to hear of the money woes of both Lauri and JoI'll say prayers that God will give them some carefree time to hopefully relieve some of the stress. Remember, we're all here for you. Wow, having the boys for the day really wrecked my family and dining roomlol.

Want to go get some coffee and catch up on todays posts so bbl...

Comment #22

Ang & Lori - pix were terrific and just shows what a great time I missed. We MUST do it again somewhere as a group. I'm thinkiing of just coming to Lori's house so she can spoil me rotten. Of course, I'm a giver too so anyone wanting to come to northern MI, I'll see what I can do. Sorry to say not alot of city life near me but we can drive for an hour and do fun thingslol. Oh never mind, I'll just come to youlol.

Ang, you do look great and I'm so glad you got to enjoy the whole weekend with Lori. Good luck bra shopping and a safe trip home. Love and miss you guys. Jo, enjoy the boat trip!!..

Comment #23

Up and well rested. weird dreams tho - UG..

Anyhow - working 10-10 and gotta get my butt in gear. have a great day and see you tomorrow...

Comment #24

Hey peeps..

I just wanted to check in and see if Ang had hit goal. OMG, Angela, you look SO GOOD!!! And I have to say that I am jealous of your weekend rendezvous! Fun! The tattoo is awesome..

You are so awesome!.

I am feeling not so awesome right now. I am in a wedding in 2 weeks, and I think I have gained a couple of lbs since since I sent in my measurements for my bridesmaid dress. I picked it up from being altered yesterday, and when I dropped it off 10 days before, I could zip it up by myself. Yesterday, my husband had to zip it for me, and I could barely breathe. It serioulsy felt like it broke a rib. I think that maybe she took it in? OMG, it's a halter, and pinched my back so bad, that it looked horrible.

Anyway, there was a language barrier with this lady that I took it to. I think she took it in where it didn't need to be taken in, so I have to go back. I seriously hope that she can fix it!!! And not charge me!! In the meantime, I was thinking of a 2 week Medifast crash diet, because I still have a ton of food, but I just don't know if I can do it again. And I really want to keep up my workouts, so that worries me too.....I don't know what to do..

I might just eat some Medifast meals in the AM, then salads for lunch & L&G dinners maybe & see how that goes.... The thought of the taste of the food is making me nauseous to even think about it

Anyway, I was coming here for some inspiration, along with checking on Ang. I gotta get my head on straight again..

Love you guys!.


Comment #25

Love your *** in those jeans, Lori..

I got some Miss Me jeans online, they were on sale, and they totally don't fit..

I need to use them as motivation to drop the summer beer gut. Or should I say beer butt. lol...

Comment #26

Jo ~ Congratulations on being under goal!!! I know you've been working your butt off. It's especially awesome because you had some time off during the Summer...YAY YOU!!!..

Comment #27

I'm glad a couple of people have used the Angel Food Ministries. It sounds too good to be true. Miss Lara ~ It's funny you would mention that you weren't sure how to cook some of the meat...the EXACT thing crossed my mind. I think that's where the crock pot and Internet would come in. lol Any type of roast and I am at a loss...although I used to cook Prime Rib every Christmas and it was awesome...I just stick it in the oven with some seasonings...but I was quite good at it. lol My mom & dad have always teased me saying that I "can't" cook.

They had a kids type box on the web-site that looked like it would be perfect for Nevan, as he is such a picky eater. Some people say if he gets hungry enough, he'll eat whatever I prepare...I think he'd starve to death or eat a limb or something first. He's also one of those kids who want stop what he's doing to eat (or sleep)..

It sounds like G-ma (your mom) is not being fair to you. I think you're totally doing the right thing with DD because of grades. You are much stronger than I am, but I admire you. Perhaps G-ma would like to come over and help with homework everyday.? lol It bothers me when people pass judgment on parental decisions..

Glad you got some stuff off your chest with boss. Sometimes it has to be done. I used to do it daily with my boss. lol Sometimes he'd get so mad at me he'd just get up and walk away. But remember...we dated for 6 years or so and then still worked together and I was a little bitter and he felt bad, so it was a extra fun for me to be mean to him and give him h3ll whenever I wanted to. Poor guy...

Comment #28

Barb ~ Thank you sweet thang for the kind words. I could have taken us to 100 yesterday...but talk about boring. lol You guys would have stopped reading..

I bet the boys had a wonderful time. It made me feel better knowing that they wrecked your family room and living room. I try so hard to keep Nevan's destroying to one room...but it doesn't always work. Then I got some plastic tubs to put his toys in, hoping he would take one box at a time; clean it up and THEN go for another one. Ha! It works when I'm watching him...but daddy just lets everything go everywhere. I think he thinks the cleaning fairy comes in the middle of the night, so not a problem (FOR HIM!).

That was nice of DH to clean up stuff. I bet you enjoyed your drive home. Peace and quiet..

You're a wonderful grandma!..

Comment #29

I think you and I would be in the same place. EXCEPT that I'm always tired...but when you say CASINO...I am so there! I used to joke with people when they'd say "Oh, I love Reno. They have such great shows!". I'd always respond with "they have shows?". I wish I had an endless supply of money...but then that sort of takes the thrill out of it, huh? I just like a machine that will play with me for awhile. I do get bored when I'm just feeding it...I can do that at home...

Comment #30

Cathy ~ It's so nice to see you! I come across your picture all the time (on my friends), and I have been wondering how you're doing. I'm glad you stopped by. You know this is the place for the motivation. I don't have any for you...except know how GREAT the program works AND FAST, too! You could totally do it in two weeks..

I hope you can get the lady to understand what the problem with the dress is. I picture you going in, waving your arms around, and then holding your breath (indicating that it's too tight and you can't breathe)..

I bet replacing your morning meal(s) with M.F. and eating low carb; high protein would work. Oh! and the water, of course!!! People say it's not magic, but I sure think it is..

Again, I'm so glad you came back here. I know the veteran shams will have some advice for you (and the token kick in the can take it)..

Don't be a stranger!..

Comment #31

You crack me up!.

But yeah, the jeans should work as a motivator and of course, seeing Lori's cute little butt while she's humping Ang's leg won't hurt either...

Comment #32

Guys! Listen! My "Plan" from Friday is working!!! I'm not sure what part of it...but the whole thing is working. I'm not at my ticker weight (which of course has been up from my "real weight"...confusing, I know)...but it is SO much closer. Man, did I need to see that. It's at 224.8 and that's with following my plan for three days. I gotz this now. Thank you all for helping me through the tough spots and I've got plenty of them.

Much love!..

Comment #33

A real quick check in...I am having a cow, a kanipsion (sp?), a fit,etc that I need to read back from Friday-mid day to catch up..I think at post #60 or much good stuff from everyone. Now I cant stay and play until I get Timmy settled and breakfast for back when I can and to share a pic of cakezilla...

Comment #34

Morning Shammies,.

Love the pictures and boy does it sound like you had fun. Thanks for taking the time to get the pictures to us. I have been thinking about you guys since you left. I am so glad for you guys..

Ginger got her stitches out this morning. Super busy day for me so probably not around much. Hope everyone has a fun day...

Comment #35

Sand and Darlene ~ I'm glad to see you guys. It's already been a more active day today..

Enjoy your day!.

Much love to you all...

Comment #36

Ginger ~ Congratulations on getting your stiches out! Now...stay out of the spiky's not food...

Comment #37

Darlene- can't wait for pix.

Cathy- glad to see you. You must have had a birdie in your ear telling you to come check on Ang- how funny. You can do this, keep coming her. I met goal back in June and if it weren't for checking in here eveyday, I'm sure I would have gained more back. It makes the weight a part of my everyday thinking..

Lauri- I looked at the Angel Food website and they had recipes also. I don't remember having that much choice, so that is great. I may have to try it back out. especially for the kiddos to have things that are quick..

AFM- hubbie got to come home early so he will get to go to GS with dd today. Yeah- one thing off my list but I have a few more already...

Comment #38

The kids foods looked like something you and I COULD cook (okay, heat up)...same thing. lol..

Comment #39

We just finished cleaning the hot tub. Boy, that's a workout in itself. The scale from the water builds up so we drained it a couple days ago and today I threw on shorts and just got in an went at it. Used a scrub brush and hosed it down several times. It's already filled (we have a great pump here) and just turned the power back on to warm up. It's under 60 degrees right now and I like it at 104 (the pre-set temp).

Cathy, thanks for checking in and be sure to get that dress done so you can enjoy the wedding. She had to have goofed cuz it wouldn't be that bad in 2 weeks. Glad Ginger got the stitches out, Sandy...

Comment #40

So glad you had a good time Ang! You so deserved it!..

Comment #41

I so don't believe you are a bad hostess. I happen to know you are a frickin' wonderful hostess!..

Comment #42

Ang & Lori - So glad you girls enjoyed your weekend. Hope you had a wonderful breakfast and enjoy the bra shopping today!.

Lauri - So glad the plan is working and the scale is moving. I am not sure what the "plan" was so I am going to go and back read but as long as it's working, then work it!.

Lara - I don't think you are a bad mom for pulling daughter from the activities. I think in the end, it will teach her a little bit more responsibility and more about the consequences of her actions. (I grew up with a strict mother and she would have done the same thing, without hesitation.).

Andi - Hope the 10-10 shift doesn't kill ya! Kind of a sucky shift..

Jo - Enjoy the boat trip today..

Barb - Sounds like you got a good little workout in cleaning the spa..

Sandy - YAY!!! Ginger is getting her stitches out! Awesome! That poor doggie has been a mess lately..

Darlene - Can't wait to see pics!.

Cathy - So glad to see you here again. 2 weeks of Medifast should fix your dress "issue" no problem. Come here and let us help you..

Any other Shammies I missed - Hope Sunday is treating you good..

AFM - Sorry I have been MIA lately. Been mad busy finishing up the work week, then spent all day in class yesterday til 2:30, got on a flight at 4:30 and didn't land in Texas until 11:30. Just barely finding some time to catch my breath now Sunday morning. Got me in some good exercise.

And I am feeling good now! Going to go back read now, want to check out recipes that Lauri said were posted Fri night..

Mucho love hookahs.

Peace out...

Comment #43


Barb, Lori, Sandy, Andi, Kori, Lara, Cathy.



And any Sexy Shammy I missed....

Got back from boating...went to Walmart, now need to make dinner.

It was a nice ride. Beautiful weather...nice people...I have some color once again..

Just cant get over the much fun it looks like you two had!!!.

I didnt take my camera today...but if I did ya'll be seeing the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Later gators,..

Comment #44

Sweet dreams sexxies. I'll catch you in the morning...

Comment #45

Hi all,.

I am no longer missing from here. long day with BF and then kids. going to try to catch up...

Comment #46

Hi all.. I need some seriosu cliff notes..

Ang and lori.. love the pics and stories..

Andi... hi and hope work goes well..

Hi cathy and barb and jo..

Lara... I'm with kori. do what you need to do. you are just bein a mom who cares, not a meanie..

Hi kori... hope you enjoy your time off with BF.

Lauri... thanks for keeping things interesting today..

Super tired and hungry tonight. have not eaten on schedule all weekend... love to all and ill be back..

Comment #47

Ang & Lori - Love the pics while bra shopping. Especially Ang up on the horsie!.

Andrea - Glad you are back with us!.

Jo - So glad you enjoyed your boat trip..

Night Lara, Night Barb!.

AFM - Going to grill some pork tenderloin for dinner and then go to the movies with BF. Then make some yummy peanut butter cookies with vanilla shakes...

Comment #48

Hey kori... let us know what movie you see. question. does the pb cookies with shakes inovolve actual pb? sounds dumb but cant keep the pb in house. hope you guys have fun!..

Comment #49

Hi my friends...not sure if these pics will load up or not. I have tried to show yesterdays cake and a couple others from other weddings. I may need to break them up or some other trick. Love to share...

Comment #50

I dont think the pics loaded up. =(...but will try something else. I really want to thank everyone- for all the wonderful recipes and hint from Friday!! I really needed to have some gems to turn to, and I felt all your favs and passion..

I loved the pics of our heros on their mucho deserved Borgata Biotch Bonanza =}. I would love to think of a getaway to Las Vegas for as many of us could make happen,at goal, near goal, working towards goal and newbies to bond!?? start saving pennies now?.

I have lots of other cake pics would be proud to share, but need to figure how to post. I also have the very wonderful Michael Buble stories to share when I can..

Big tests in store for my hero Mr. Timmy this week. Most on thurs in La Jolla. couple little, blood work and pre op EKG, echos tomarrow. I am praying and going to try with just oral sedation and not big time general anesth. for thurs.

Too much to describe, but I know I have some wonderful new support cheerleaders in you all, so just askin for good prayers, thoughts, vibes,namaste, auras, white lights, and just good ol' best wishes..

Bbwic=== be back when I can, hugs..

Comment #51

Darlene - the cakes are beautiful Thanks for posting..

Andrea - glad to see you around tonight..

Jo - how is DD doing?.

Lauri - how did you new plan work today?.

Lori and Ang - glad to see all the fun you guys had. How special..

Had a busy good day and still need to practice piano but I knocked the lens out of my piano glasses. Dear Hubbie is trying to fix. We have a neighbor that is dieing of cancer and is learning to play the cello. He told DH yesterday that he would like to play a duet with me. They enjoy listening to me practice. So I found some pieces online.

Enjoy the roses..

OK, night from here. Sweet dreams to all my Shammies...

Comment #52

Darlene - you have my prayers and positive thoughts. Thanks for letting us know..

I am in for a trip to Las Vegas. Would love to meet you lovely ladies. I won't be a goal for awhile...

Comment #53

Hi Sandy- Glad to connect with one important Shammie, as I have been out of touch. I admire and crave your piano playing =). How precious to play with your neighbor? I want to hear if you get make that happen...I am very melancoly and sentimental this week. It is my moms birthday. She passed away, too soon, two years ago. Sweet Lorraine.

My DH plays piano and it my pleasure to "cook dinner" while he plays....My recent disruptions of Timmy's health, Medifast lean and green, and more has brought our usual habits to a change. I love to have him play as I putter in kitchen. How American Gothic is that?.

Night and sweet dreams back to you...Iguess the cake pictures did post up?.


Comment #54

I won't be close to goal either, but the friendship and fun could be so inspiring???..

Comment #55

Darlene ~ I love the cake pics. Yes, they posted..

Timmy is in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the sedation works out. I know how hard it is (for both of you) with anesthesia..

Sandy ~ Plan was PERFECT today, too! The moving of the scale ALWAYS inspires me to keep going..

I hope your neighbor can play with you. That would be so sweet...

Comment #56

I am off to bed, too. I think..

I missed you guys today..

I will check back later..

Love & hugs!..

Comment #57

Oh I feel the sandman coming for we call it the night-night express pulling into the station =) even now for Mr. Tim age 23..the express is blowin it's calming whisle. you are feeling the and hugs...

Comment #58

Oh! Sand ~ I think within a couple of days my ticker will no longer be fraudulent and a few days after that, it will go down FINALLY, and within a couple of weeks, I should be back where I was..

Thank you for all your support!..

Comment #59

Shhhh. Night night Darlene, Timmy, and Sandy..

Nevan is really fighting the sandman right now...

Comment #60

Good night ladies...good night ladies...good night ladies..I hate to see you go...u......m...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz=)..

Comment #61

Lauri - I am so glad your plan is working. That is great. I have a ton of water to drink and then I will go to sleep. Chat with you in the morning...

Comment #62

Hi Ladies,.

I would love to be a member to Sexy Shamrocks! Losing weight and having fun at the same time! How great is that!..

Comment #63

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.