Side effects to the Medifast Diet? I feel odd and kind of weak.?

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Question I have... Side effects to the Medifast Diet? I feel odd and kind of weak.? Many thanks for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!.

Old intro thread:.

New intro thread:..

Comment #2

Diana, Thanks for getting us started!.

Happy Sunday one and all. I am happy to report this week:.

On plan 7/7.

Water 7/7.

Exercise: 238 minutes, a few good runs!.

Willy Wonka is keeping me busy. Lots of "fake" candy. I love it. No temptations with styrofoam wrapped in cellophane or clay lollipops. Chocolate river of fabric. It is an on plan Willy Wonka!.

I am due at the theatre, but it is suppose to be warm today, so I am hoping for a little outside run before I head over..

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #3

Hi all. Just stopping by to say hello. I am leaving today for a training class in our St. Petersburg office. I will have limited time and access to the internet. Last week was horrible for me.

I am hoping that is mostly water weight. I have packed lots of Medifast meals and even pre-made some brownies to take with me. It is extra hard for me to stay OP when they are bringing in food for the next 3 days, plus we have to eat dinner out. I am focusing...... focusing.....

Has anyone heard from Christine? Is she on her 3 week run yet?.

Waving to everyone~~~ see you when I get back!!..

Comment #4

Happy Sunday, Crew!.

Weekly Summary: OP:7, Water:7, Exercise: 0.


- are you SURE that river of fabric chocolate is OP? Lots of fiber in there.

Your post on FB made me smile - you're a runner all right!.


- Good luck in St. Pete. CU when you get back!.


- my thermometer said 45 at 3 p.m. today and the sunset cast a nice glow on the yard...could be spring is a' comin...or perhaps our January thaw is just a month late....


Thanks for getting us started...I sure do miss you hangin with us, though...

Comment #5

JAN - the sky was gorgeous, it just had such a pretty pink tint everywhere! My favorite, sunsets. It was really a treat. I loved the 45 today, hope it stays a while..

BARB - River of chocolate, well, there are antioxidants, but I'd have to step away from the river....

DIANA - so glad you check in with us and start us off with a cute welcome and graphic every week, hope all's well..

SHERRY - safe travels..

I'm going to try once again to go all the way back to 5 & 1, I just received a new order of my must-haves, so it will be easy. One more cappuccino to go tonight..

Cooked all day, healthy, of course. Made ratatouille with chicken in it, chicken soup from those great roasted chickens at the grocery store. I think they make super soup. I had one in the freezer. Made and froze some Boca crumbles chili, made bean salad with peppers and celery and a pinch of dill weed for the week - I love to grab that for lunch every day. I'm pooped and just going to sit down and veg now.

Have a great week everyone, we are actually home now for a stretch and I am so glad I can really buckle down once again and just eat at home. I used to find it very easy to stick to my one OP meal a day and now little things creep in, but I let them creep, I know. No more creeping.....boldly standing with the great 5 & 1 or at least 4 & 2's of the crew. Hope your week is as fabulous as you all are..


Comment #6

Jan and Debbie.....our sky was beautiful as well! I stopped my car at the lake and just stared at the sky for about 10 minutes. Very calming..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

Cooked up some chili for the week tonight. Already packed my lunch and dinner for tomorrow. I will get through these next two weeks without gaining weight. I think I can, I know I can!.

Debbie, if you want to cook a little more, I am only stocked up for the week. There are two more weeks until the show is over!.

Have a great evening everyone!..

Comment #7

Sherry, have a great trip! Sounds like you have a plan for staying on plan. I love the fact that you can get grilled chicken and salad just about any where...

Comment #8

For the week.

OP: 7.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 0.

Weight 167.


Comment #9

Does anyone shop at Chico's? Today I shopped there for the first time. When I told the saleswoman that I had no clue about my size b/c I had just lost 73 pounds, she couldn't do enough for me! I got five pairs of their 'Travelers' pants (stretchy knits) on sale in size 1 Short. (If you've never shopped @ Chico's, their sizes go 0, 1, 2, 3.) These will replace my ancient ones from Coldwater Creek which are so big that the crotch hangs halfway to my knees..


Comment #10

Good Morning!.

Weight - 159.8, down 1.4 for the week and into a new decade!!.


- I.


Chico's Traveler's!! Got a whole Traveler wardrobe for our cruise in May of 2009....I could barely fit into a 3. At our store, the salespeople are rail thin - no one gave me a second look until I started asking questions (like sizing) and they realized I really was a potential customer, i.e., I was going to buy. Then, they couldn't do enough for me...but we had to pour me into the 3's with spanx and I was never very comfortable with the degree of clinginess..

But they were wonderful for our cruise...and so cute!.

I'm replacing the basics for our cruise this year and I'm in a 1...even have a couple 0's.

Gotta shop those sales, though..

And they send me coupons...gotta love it..

Congrats on your size 1's!! Isn't it fun to shop?.

Have a Wonderul OP Valentine's Day, everyone!!..

Comment #11

Corrections for the week.

OP: 7.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 1.

Weight: 166.


Fish gotta swim!..

Comment #12


Sounds like you have been busy! I know you being the great planner that you are you will do great during this ramp up to the play!.

Well I had my Valentines date with Mr. Sludge on Friday. It was good. He passed up FREE cake at dinner and had frozen yogurt with me instead. That was nice. He also bought me 2 dozen roses and a box of my favorite salad mix that he had seen in my fridge.

How was everyone elses weekend?.

Huge NSV yesterday I ran 9.5 miles with my new running partner! Can't believe I made it that far. My farthest run yet. My partner that I met on an airplane she is great to run with and it made the time fly by. This run made me feel like I will be ready for my half in April and very read for Barb and my half in November!.

Weekly stats.

OP 7.

Exercise 6.

Water 7.

Weight 128..

Comment #13

Good Morning, my Crew !.

LOVE Chico's and love that JAN and KITTY are shopping their heads off. YOU GO GIRLS!!!.

Still holding in the 40's today, hope to get a walk in again when I get home from work..

Off I go, see you all later on this evening..



Comment #14

Melissa, I just love that - salad for Valentine's Day!! Very thoughtful of Mr. Sludge!.


Comment #15

Jan, very inspiring of you, going from a Chico's 3 to a 0..


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no.


Comment #16


Love your Chicos trip story! Especially interesting how they do sizes so differently. I wonder why. Yes mr. sludge was definitely making an effort. Now watching him eat better would be the best gift but guess thats not meant to be!..

Comment #17

Hey Crew,.

I'm back home. My race started well but I made a major human error and it ended about 414 miles in instead of the desired 1000. I did not pack enough dog food or human food and water for the 200 mile run between checkpoints and my dogs ran out of energy in the hills before reaching Dawson City. Boy do I know now what a parent feels like when they don't have enough food to feed their children. I was able to melt snow and fill my empty water bottles and give the dogs water but needed to use the SPOT tracker to summon outside assistance and get more food for the dogs. It wasn't enough to get us up the last 4000 foot climb into Dawson, though, so the Canadian Rangers came out the next day and brought us in on snowmachines.

But I picked a doozy of a race for my first attempt at a 1000 miler. The trail the second half of the race has been incredibly tough for the 15 mushers still moving along..

To add insult to injury I picked up a nasty Flu on the drive back home and have spent 2 days in bed battling a 103 fever, and the accompanying respiratory and full body aches and pains. But this is temproary, it too shall pass and life will go on. I will have one more potential 350 mile race the end of March if I have the energy to keep the dogs miled up to participate..

Perhaps the neatest thing I've noticed in my 2 days back home is the increased daylight. It is the middle of February and now it's staying light past 5:30 and the sky is pinking up earlier in the morning. That is always good for everyone's mood up here..

Sounds like you guys are all doing great!! Loved reading all the posts and catching up on your activities. I too love MF. First meal I had after my race was over was my favorite oatmeal..

Jan and Debbie, thanks for the Lenten reminder. I downloaded the confession app just for kicks. That was quite an examination of conscience in there. With the proper focus and attitude and the help of Medifast I intend to reach my goal weight by the end of this Lenten season. Easter is quite late this year. With our daylight up here in April our Vigil won't start until near midnight..

I'm glad to be back. Here's to a fabulous Spring season for all of us..


Comment #18

Hi all! It has been a while again.... it seems like when I feel like I can start again that something else happens. I am here now and will begin now, back op..

My hubby had multiple heart attacks and the docs found three completely blocked arteries and put in stents. He looks so much better now. He was looking grey alot over the past few months and now he is just pink and rosey.... kind of has a glow. He was in the hospital for 10 days, he got pneumonia and before he left they told him he has congestive heart failure and gave us all the info on that. I am telling you, my head was spinning there for a while.

Wow! for me that is my go to when I am tired. So I havent gained alot of weight with this new way of eating but I am getting back on plan this day..

I thought I would drop by and say hello, what is going on in my life and that everything is looking so much better today..


Comment #19

Wow, Bobbi, you have your hands full. Welcome back..


Comment #20

Did I check in on Tuesday? I can't remember..


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no.


Comment #21

Sorry.....very busy. Quick stop, I only have a few minutes. On plan, watered and exercised and spending my waking hours at work and the theatre..

Prayers for you Bobbi..

Will catch up later..

Take care all!..

Comment #22

Freezy Weezy, you can call me Sneezy. The cold I had last week lasted 36 hours, then vanished. Today I have another one. Whassup with this nonsense???.

Does anyone own a Hamilton Beach Half Pint Soft Serve ice cream maker? I just got one and gave our Medifast soft serve a whirl. I had not frozen the bowls long enough, so it didn't gel, but it made a very nice cold soup. HA!! I'll try again tom'w when the bowls are frozen per the directions..


Comment #23

Ice cream soup sounds good to me! Could have used a little of my freezy weezy! I think I am going to have to try those Chico Travelers. I tried some things on there in the fall. Talk about feeling good about sizes!..

Comment #24

Work, theatre..

It was 64 degrees outside today and I can't run because I am at work all day and go straight to the theatre. There is just something so wrong aobut Willy Wonka and all this candy for me..

But.....I remain:.

On plan: Yes.

Exercise: Yes (in the early morning hours).

Water: Lots and lots.

THinking aobut everyone!..

Comment #25

Hi, Everyone! A quick stop in to say a few things:.

CHRISTINE - way to go! You are amazing with those races - always learning, always growing, always an exciting story! Sorry you are not feeling so hot, but hoe you are almost mended by now! Take care..

JAN - the Confession App. Oh my gosh, I am telling you, Lent will be a real time of focus for me this year, I have been so sloppy about discipline in several areas of life and intend to straighten that out and do the right things..

BARB - hope the play is providing some fun for you..

I'm off to battle with the elliptical machine and will check in over the weekend. I have been in ketosis finally and it's been a while! So happy to have that 'too-sweet' taste in my mouth - truly it is a real reminder tome and it makes me smile..

More later, it's sunny and windy and getting colder - but at least there is SUN!.


Comment #26

KITTY - how much space on the counter does the Hamilton Beach Soft Serve maker take up? Sounds interesting and perhaps another thing I should check on.....


Comment #27

Oh, #$%^! I had a long post that vanished with a touch of the wrong button..

The Hamilton Beach soft serve maker takes up no room on the counter. You have to keep the bowls in the freezer, or you must put them in the freezer 8 hours before use. So I just keep 'em in the freezer. The small motorized unit with the paddle is part of the lid which fits snugly on top of the bowl. (You can only make one bowl at a time, BTW.) So it only takes up as much room on the counter as one bowl takes. The lid gets stored in a drawer or on a shelf or whatever; it is not big.

(I know, I know, I'm not at goal yet, but my doctor has insisted I add fruits and veggies to my plan.) So. I ninja'd up a shake + water, and then ninja'd it again after adding the frozen strawberries. Put it in the bowl, turn on the motor for about 12 minutes, and voila. Strawberry ice cream...or a reasonable facsimile thereof. It came out better this way than the other night with nothing but a Medifast soft serve packet + water but no ice..


Comment #28

Wow, KITTY - that sounds so good and easy. Thanks for the tip...

Comment #29

The wind blew out our power and I lost my I'm on my way out the door. I'm still here, still OP, still losing!! Got my pedometer a day early and I've already got close to 10,000 steps. Spent 2.5 miles of that on the treadmill at full tilt boogey! Bring on the warm weather, I'm ready to RUN!..

Comment #30

There goes Jan, walking her way to goal! {{waving}}.


Comment #31

Whew, JAN - sure this isn't the windy city? I'm sorry your power is going out, so far so good here, but it's sure howling around the house..

I don't know when is a good time to jump back into recording the challenge stats, perhaps we are just posting them for ourselves...? I forget what we said in the beginning of this phase 2 of challenge.....anyhoo.

OP YES (just came from Ruby Tuesday).

Water YES.

Exercise - yes ( have been enjoying being outside all week!).

Good Friday night everyone - bring on Saturday!.


Comment #32


OP: yes.

Water: yes, probably double.

Exercise: no.


Comment #33

My first day op again... doing okay. thinking of food..

My hubby goes into cardiac rehab next week and they told me I was welcome to join in and exercise. Nice change of pace. I have been doing jillians 30 day shred with my daughter.... fun. I want to make sure that I dont follow hubbies footsteps, I mean for ever we ate horrible together. His problems will be mine if I dont change alot of how I behave.

Have a great day all of you..

I am op and exercising and eating right for today..


Comment #34

Bobbi, I hope all is going well with your DH. Been praying for you!..

Comment #35

Seems like I just got home and I'm back off to the theatre. Long days, lots of calories out. Watching calories in very very carefully. Big old protein breakfast this morning. Willy Wonka will not get to me!.

At this busy time of the year, it is important for me to check in and stay accountable. I will not gain weigh during this show. Period..

Thanks for being here for me everyone!..

Comment #36

Hi all. Some of you might remember me...I am back, week 2. down 8.8 lbs. about 20 to go and then on to t&m. wishing you all an op day. drink your water!.


Comment #37

Day 2 and I am still thinking of food. I am op today and on my 4th 8 ounce glass of water. had 2 meals already. Planning my dinner..

My hubby is doing really well. In fact, he is doing much better than I am. He can easily turn down foods that he shouldnt eat. He says cuz it was him who had the block of cement feeling on his chest and he couldnt breath..... well good point. That would be really motivating.

I try to eat healthy with him and the family and it seems to trigger other food cravings and I gain weight. Go figure..

So I am back on Medifast so that I can get some of these cravings under control, get back to goal and reintroduce foods slowly but never never bread.

Its funny how when you first begin on Medifast or even again to begin, how much you only think of food. I am catching up on homework today hoping that helps me stay distracted. I got 2 chapters behind when I was staying with hubby at the hospital. My teachers are all great and are allowing me to turn in late work..

So my plan is to come here at least once a day, put down my struggles and be totally honest about my love for food and how I can deal with that..

I dont want to have a heart attack. I have that thought alot. I mean, my veins and arteries must be almost as bad as my hubbys was, we have eaten poorly all our adult life. I have never been more serious about changing everything about my eating and how I look at food. It is a difficult transition tho....One I will make..

Oh well I am going on and on. Relationships with food are so complex..

Barb I hope your play goes well..


Comment #38

My Internet connection was so slow earlier that I gave up trying go online for awhile. Darned old Comcast. But it seems better now. On Sunday I will be out all day, sinus infection or not, so I won't be checking in except if I have time in the early a.m. and maybe when I get home in the evening. I am taking with me shakes that I'll whip up tonight, and pretzels, and puffs.


Comment #39

Well kitty, I hope you have a great sunday .... sounds like you are prepared for a day.


Comment #40

Kitty - have a great Sunday! So close to your goal!.


Comment #41

I am so hungry.... I am going to make some broth. eat a pickle..... 3 days.... hmmmm.


Comment #42

Hi Bobbi - Glad to hear you are on plan and drinking your water. You should try not to compare yourself to anyone else. Each of us is unique and you will lose wt differently than your husband. Medifast is the place to be to lose wt & get healthy - stop those cravings...etc. I am a food addict so I think about it alot. Medifast helps with that.

They have helped me over the years. You are taking the right steps to get healthy and avoid a heart attack. My health has changed so much thanks to medifast. I got to get off of all but 1 of many medications including diabetes meds. It is a very hard thing to do...change...but it is for the better.

You might be interested in a book called "100 Days of Weight Loss" you read it each day for inspiration. It used to be recommended reading on the Medifast website per older MF'ers out there..

Best to u. Stay 100% OP - and you will achieve all of your goals..


Comment #43

Well thanks shari. I appreciate your comments. I wasnt really comparing myself to my hubby, only irritated that he loses so fast and easy. Such is life..

I have bought 100 days of weight loss and I have read some of the recommended books... the beck book and a few of dwayne dyers that I really enjoyed. I know if I follow the plan the weight will come off but what everyone of the veterans say is true and that is that each time you do this plan it gets a little harder. I dont know why but I am still doing it. I cant wait til ketosis kicks in. Day 3..

I also am diabetic and my meds have improved alot. My insulin amounts went down to only the background for a while....until I went off the program..

I am trying to change lots of things in my life so when I do get back to goal my transition will be easier..

Are you back trying to get to goal or you just dropping in for support? I appreciate your response, I need to hear it all again and again......


Comment #44

Bobbi - you r welcome..

My husband is the same way..

You can do this. Harder or not..

You have to want it. Be committed...not just interested in losing wt (100 days book advice). It is a great program for us diabetics that's for sure. I made the.


Mistake of not doing T&M before. I am back to lose the wt I regained - my own fault...and get support. What other things are you trying to change? What kind of exercise do you do?.

Have a great Sunday..

OP 100% Shari..

Comment #45

Today is a beautiful sunny day outside.... but it is 21 degrees. Supposed to warm up to 40 degrees by the end of the day so I should be able to get outside and do some walking..

Day 3 and I feel better today. I am seeing weight loss and my mental hunger is not as bad today..

I am learning to cook differently. That half a plate of veggies is great, a small portion of meat and a side dish (not out of a box) is really healthy. I am teaching my 2 grandkids that this is the way to eat and they are happy with it. Good luck for me that they are studying nutrition at school and the pyramid of food. So I let them help me with good choices. I think this will even make my T & M easier..

I am starting to do relaxation and stress relief cds during the day and at night. Need some good training in that as I carry alot of stress..

I am concentrating on beginning body sculpting and I exercise alot. I change it up alot. I do 2 basics every other day and that is spinning and step. I like the 30 day shred, leslies walk away the pounds.... I have a great yoga cd that I do. So lately I do the 30 day shred and one other activity per day..

Shari, what do you do for exercise? ARe you doing the 5 & 1? I have just started to see my sugars come down again also. I have been hovering around 350 for a few months. It is a good feeling to embrace health..

I have been going thru my L & G recipes and gearing up to do this until I hit goal again. I think that it will be easier this time to go into T & M..

The first step for me is to get it straight in my head then just do it so that is what I am doing..

Now I am off to do more of that homework that is waiting for me. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and maybe some sunshine???.


Comment #46

Here is the link for the new weekly thread:..

Comment #47

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.