Skinny bitch or Medifast Diet?(10 easy points)?

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My question is Skinny bitch or Medifast Diet?(10 easy points)? Looking forward for any response. Another quick question... Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstenance from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

Getting the banner:.

1. Copy the following text using your favorite method:.


2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Congratulations, Chickie on your 4.2 lbs loss! Happy Dance, or Happy Vacuum from me to you..

Yes!. TLers. I was able to vacuum yesterday and plan to do more today..

DH returns home this PM, so I have to straighten up the kitchen a little too. I'd say my newest Rx is doing a good job. I'm staying on it at this dose before I increase to a whole pill. Kind of like Transition, I imagine..

Good Morning Everyone! Enjoy you day OP and using every muscle you possibly can OP. It does feel so good not to be trapped in bed 24/7 and to be able to accomplish something..


Comment #2

Last night I looked for satinsback exchange in order to understand her position better. Yes, I have the time (was exhausted and played detective). I'll leave it for now. I posted a comment on her blog asking for specifics. We'll see. I know this isn't an urgent issue, but is important to me that I understand how she's processing and interpreting exchanges..

Thank you all for being a positive and encouraging group! I love being here with you all..

Need more H20..


Comment #3

Good Morning, Beth. We've been doing a "you know you're on Medifast when..." thing over on the crew thread and I smiled reading your post..."You know you're on Medifast when you're excited about getting up to vacuum". It's probably due to your new meds, but I like to think Medifast & the TLers have a part in it too.

Thanks for starting us off, Chickie and.

For your 4.2 lbs!!.

I'm down 2 myself, so I'm pretty happy..

Hello to Penny, I know you'll be there when I press post.

Waving to all the TLers just waking up, you west coasters still sleeping and Rachael off in an opposite time zone..

I guess I had a little chopped liver in me, but no chopped tofu (thanks De, for the explanation <again>).

I just previewed this and the woo hoo guy is a little big, but I'm leavin' him in cuz WE DESERVE IT!..

Comment #4

Good morning Jan, Beth and Chickie!.

Great loss this week for me - down 2.5.

Busy week - creating presentations, werk trip planning (Wichita, KS), house remodeling and so on and so on..


No Chopped Tofu!..

Comment #5

Morning all! Coffee in hand ready to face another week at w*rk..

Congratulations on the losses guys!.

Woohoo on the vacuuming victory, Beth..

No chopped tofu here...

Comment #6

Morning all!.

Chickie, Jan, Karen great job on the losses!! I'm down to 200.2, 1.3 for the week, it's so close..

Bethie it's great that you can get up and move a little.


Penny, Joshie, has a apparently had that nickname since he was a kid (he posted on the television without pity boards). I still think it's ridiculous..

MOnday's I volunteer from 10-2 at school so I'll be gone/on my phone until then. Have a great day everyone..

Comment #7

Good Morning!.

Beth - I was going to leave it alone b/c I dont like to feed drama with more drama but since you asked - I hate to see you waste anymore time on it (when you could be vacumming!). I looked at her profile and a couple of her blogs yesterday. I believe it was a blog of hers she was referring to - someone used the term "tough love" I'm new here so I can't even tell you if that person posts here regularly - I don't remember seeing them here since I've been posting here (but that's only a week or two). You had commented as well but I thought you were completly appropriate. (as was the commenter giving the tough love). Apparently anyone using the words "tough love" will be attributed to this group..

Beth - hooray for vacumming! Glad to hear your new medicine is helping!.

Congrats to all those who had an OP Super Day yesterday. I was OP as well but no parties to tempt me - just a regular Sunday. Back to work today. I think I need a vacation. Tomorrow is my official weigh in day - today I am the same I was last Monday and a few days before that. I will keep plugging alone - somethings gotta break at some point - right?.

My good news for the week - my iphone comes Tuesday! I can't wait!..

Comment #8

Ok caught up on yesterday..

Corbie, RE: diet foods as a trigger. The pancakes were like that to me. I threw them out, never to go back again...

Comment #9

I'm a daily brownie girl...last meal of the day. I never have them during the day - that could prove to be dangerous. Sometimes a bar will trigger me - the chocolate ones...I'll want another one, or another something, so I drink my water and chew my gum. There were no brownies or pancakes or soft serve when I first started. I resisted making shake cakes or any of the other recipes that imitate desert foods. But after a while, when I felt stronger, I started making shake cakes and muffins, then bread. Then the brownies came along - no more shake cakes...

Comment #10

Just a quick check in from me this morning. Monday is my early day, so I have to be out of the house in 30 minutes..

Regarding our rude intruder, a person who barges in, runs off at the mouth without having her facts straight, points fingers, makes accusations, and then storms out, slamming the door behind her is someone to whom I would not give the time of DAY in real life, except for maybe an eye roll and a giggle, so she and her little tantrum are of no further interest to me online..

I am down 1.4 this morning! I'd hoped for more since I had the standstill week last week, but I'll take it. I haven't measured in a couple weeks, but I'm sure that those numbers are going down. The size S pants I bought yesterday? I bought the same ones the day after Christmas in a size L, then bought a couple pairs online in a M. When I bought the L ones, I couldn't pull the M ones up, so wearing them in a S today is a victory!.

Happy Monday, all! See you all at the office!..

Comment #11

Hello! Good Morning! I'm off to my Stress Management Seminar, I hope it helps. BBL..

Comment #12

Morning, TLers! Just a fly by, this morning, and off to meetings with my Europe-based folks... Great run this morning, and it's going to be a great week!..

Comment #13

Thank you Sugargril and Penny for the good advice on handling difficult people. I'm going to be to busy thinking about what to tidy up next to spend more time on my "investigation.".


Comment #14

Beth - The best possible news I could wake up to is to hear you are able to get up and move around a bit more!! Great way to start my Monday!!! As for the poster, she's not worth the time or effort to figure out what her problem is. I'm fairly sure it really had nothing at all to do with us. I have better things to do with my time than to try and figure out why others throw tantrums..

Chickie - Big WOOT WOOT on the loss!!.

Penny - I simply can NOT believe how quickly that weight is falling off!!! I've never been able to lose like that, at least not since I was a teenager!.

Haven't gotten all the caffeine needed for proper neural function so I'm not going to shoot for responses, just wave to all of you!!.

I got up and did my Zumba Abs workout this morning. Yay me!!.

Going to try and get back on a regular schedule. Express, abs, day off, repeat, then the sculpt and tone on the weekends when it's easier for me to get in higher calories. In the evenings I'm going to spend some time with my pups and my shake weight. I now have a goal in place to shoot for and damn it, I'm going to tighten everything up if it kills me!!.

Off to work. bbl..

Comment #15

Good Monday Morning TLers.

Beth - I'm so happy you were able to get around. Sounds like you are doing it little by little. I bet it feels good for you! Great job!.

Congrats on the weight losses so far this morning. You're all doing awesome!.

Trigger foods - my main trigger is salty foods. I have never ordered the Medifast salty snacks. Never will. I can handle brownies and chocolate, but no thanks on parm puffs and honey mustard pretzels. I'd probably eat a whole box..

Time to wake up the little one. No one likes Monday's in my house. Hard to get started for us all..

Oh, and I'm taking leftover baked goods to work today. Let them eat them all and get full. I will eat my last brownie and pray that the UPS delivery man shows up on my doorstep today. Which is kind of funny. Because I ordered from TSFL this time and it ships out of Texas so I was thinking "Yay, faster shipping to me". Well Texas has a dusting of snow and heaven forbid the UPS people drive their trucks. So my package was not in transit "Due to unforeseen circumstances"...

Comment #16

De, YAY for Zumba! And Goals! And Proper Neural Function! Heh heh....

I'm all confused this moirning. Apparently there were "changes" here over the weekend, so when I punched my security code into the private entrance I use, it didn't work. Enter heart-sinking panic attack. Every time they change the code, my first thought is that they decided they didn't need me anymore. Being the only part time person and a natural worrier is a bad combination. Then I go around to the main entrance and see that my computer has been turned on and I was logged in already.

Still, I am quite a didtance yet from proper neural function!.

So, of course, I'm thinking about why I "only" lost 1.4 this week. Possibilities: I ate shrimp as my lean yesterday (pretty high in sodium). I worked out with weights on Saturday (water retention in muscle recovery). I've been taking Rx Motrin for my back for three days (also makes me retain water). I swore I felt a whoosh this week!..

Comment #17

I just got my report for weight lifted for January - I wasn't even TRYING and I lifted the equivalent of eleven and a half African elephants!..

Comment #18

Morning TL'ers!.

Penny - at your weight, isn't 1.4 a whoosh?.

Anna - SOON!.

Beth - Whooopeee on getting around!!.

Everyone with losses - GREAT job. So nice to come here and hear about success. I just soak it up..

Still sneezing and blowing this morning. I wish I could figure out what this is. I'm going to call my doc again today and let him know. The z-pack hasn't helped and Clariton-D works for about 2 out of the 24 hours it claims. Probably need allergy testing. I'm sure this is messing with my metabolism too.

I did change my body wash soap recently so I will get something for allergy folks and see if that helps..

Have a terrific OP day!.


Comment #19

Happy Monday morning TL'ers......

Beth-OMG you are up and about.....What a fabulous improvement.......

Congrats on all the losses-Chickie-at your weight over 4 is astonishing........Great job.........

Never even turned the computer on yesterday, I am trying to be up and about and active most of my waking hours....Once I sit and go online, I am doomed and with spring coming I am trying to get back in the habit of out and about........

Comment #20

Morning all.

Going to the gym before work. Have a Snarkie day!..

Comment #21

Beth, so happy to see you up and about! I see this as a sign that this will be an amazing week for all of us!!.

I was sooooo cold this morning! It's not that cold here, but I felt chilled to the bone! Just spent 35 minutes with Chalean, so I'm nice and toasty now..

I'm looking for a breakthrough this week, there must be a whoosh in my future! How much water could my muscles possibly hold?.

When I left work on Saturday I only had one appointment booked for today (very bad) but that means I may be here a lot (very good). See ya'll later on!!.

Btw: 32 oz of water in already, going to have another 16 before my shower!..

Comment #22

Penny - I know exactly how you feel about the code change. There have bee a couple of times when I've come to work and my entrance card hasn't worked on the door to my office and I immediately jump to a similar conclusion. Usually turns out they are having issues with the card pad, but it certainly gets the adrenaline pumping! And 1.4 is a GREAT loss! I would kill for a 1.4 loss!!..

Comment #23

Thanks, De. I'm happy for ANY loss! But I was hoping for a bigger number after last week's debacle. It's okay, though. Just a number. I'm trying to be better about NOT letting the number on the scale dictate my mood this time around..

YUM on my morning mid-meal: I have some spring water with natural lemon essence - no nutritional value, just smells like lemon a little. I made my vanilla pudding with it and it's delicious! Holy moly - I wish my tongue could reach into the bottom of the shaker jar. I just licked the lid when no one was looking. I'd better stop scraping with this plastic spoon.....

Comment #24

Penny - It was probably last week's debacle that slowed your loss this week. I've found that when I indulge in something I shouldn't, it doesn't always show up right away. Your body needs to process things. This is one of the reasons I get so irritated when I read posts about how people have lost weight the day after a binge. I want to hear how their weight is the FOLLOWING week!..

Comment #25

Congrats on the losses TLers..

I don't know about any drama on this site, as I was glued to the TV all afternoon and evening..

I did take time out after church to meet The GIRL for lunch and we got all caught up..

Things are going well here. I gave my team the day off. We hammered out everything so well last Monday, I told them to enjoy the day..

So that frees me up to tackle one of my closets. I'm taking them one at a time..

Penny I agree with De, there tends to be 'lag' time in indiscretions for me too..

For Today, I am OnPlan...

Comment #26

I make my vanilla pudding and shakes with lemon extract......So so good.....

Comment #27

Morning everyone...congrats on the losses and the vacuuming and the blowing-oh wait, no, not congrats on the blowing...sorry, my dirty mind automatically went elsewhere!.

Last night I had a dream that I was eating bread and turkey bagel sandwiches but tearing them into tiny pieces, trying to make them fit to the Medifast plan! Horrifying. But, in a weird twist, I also dreamed that I was trying on adorable sundresses in the aisle of Target and kept going down another size. Why I didn't use a dressing room is beyond me but people I knew kept coming by and I'd pretend I WASN'T trying on clothes. It was madness..

In the end though, I ended up in church with my family wearing this adorable pink sundress and a headband and my hair was all done up and curly. Hm...was it a vision of my future?..

Comment #28

Connor - I love dreams like that!.

I don't know if this week's less-than-stellar loss is a result of that indiscretion or not. That incident was 11 days ago. I suppose anything's possible, though. I've been really good since then. My calories have been at or about 900 and my carbs between 60 and 85...

Comment #29

And you are also lifting the equivalent of African elephants!!! Do the math Penny!!! hehe..

Comment #30

True dat, De! Maybe I should stick to lifting my cat Gary.....

Comment #31

Hi all!.

Its afternoon already, I hope the rest of my 12 hour work day goes as fast as the morning did!.

I'm eating an awesome salad with grilled chicken, and will the eat the other half tonight for dinner. I don't usually split my lean and green but with a long day like this I think it will help..

Congrats to all on their losses this week! It must be all of that African Elephant lifting!.

Have a great OP day everyone! Don't know if I'll be back until late tonight, stupid evening staff meeting!..

Comment #32

Hi all! Just popping in quick to report a loss of 1.5 this week. That's still a good loss for me, so I'll take it. I feel like I might be retaining water, and I started exercising, so my body will retaliate. Doesn't matter really. I feel better when I exercise. Only 20 minutes, and nothing too strenuous yet.

Congrats on all the losses big and small. And Beth, such great news that you were able to vacuum! That is fantastic!.

I'll try to pop back in tonight to report that I have exercised. Well, I WILL exercise, I'll just TRY to report it!!..

Comment #33

Hi everyone..

I had a moment of stupidity while backing my car up in the garage (I was only planning on moving it a foot or so, to give us a wider area to walk in front of it). Left my car door wide open, backed up the foot or so that I was planning on and then decided to back out of the garage completely, to wash the car..

Yeah, too bad I 'forgot' to close my blessed car door!.

Popped the driver's door window out of the rubber channel, scraped off the privacy tinting and some of the door (interior edge) paint. Thankfully there was a metal cabinet between our garage doors and the edge of that is what caught the door (window) instead of the garage wall tearing apart the door..

Stupid, brainless accident!.

I will take it into the shop later today to have them take the door apart to see what the extent of the damage to the power window mechanism. DH was able to get the window back into the rubber channel but the window motor sounds like it is straining to move the window. There is a large 'wrinkle' in the outer rubber window seal, too. Could have been worse (thinking about broken glass, or the door hinges being torn loose), but this is bad enough..

The value of the car is low and we've been talking about a 'new' car for me. But this vehicle is paid off and with the economy the way it is, we decided I would continue to drive this one. UGH! Stupid move on my part!.

One good thing-I did wash the car and it looks nice...

Comment #34

Fabulous losses, TLers!.

I was up for about 40 min collectively. I'm back in bed and hope to be able to get a shower and wash my hair before DH comes home. Thank God DH will be happy to put everything I've moved around back in place..

I'm sure tomorrow I'll have another burst after I take my pill. It is a miracle to me..

I hope you each receive miracles OP..


Comment #35

Beth - so happy for you being up and around!!!!!.

So many congrats for all the big fat losers! What wonderful losses this week!.

Diet trigger foods - I'm not that interested in sweets, so I could eat brownies and bars all day long and just be bored and irritated by it. Not triggered by snackie foods, so the puffs/pretzels are no problem at all. I said to Morty on Sunday that I didn't know how I would handle it if they made a space food chicken-fried steak with gravy, and helpfully, he immediately needed to go eat just that at a diner. Hilarious..

I guess he's not too worried about spinning me off the deep end....

Luckily it just looked good and I didn't even have to fight myself not to want to eat any of it. I can only imagine how painful that would have been 8 months ago!!!.

Good morning, no chopped tofu for the 2-3 days I've utterly missed. Been enjoying the crap out of a bunch of time with Morty. Yay!..

Comment #36

Thank you for that happy dance guy YiaYia. I love him..

Bethie! Woot! Woot! for vacuuming!! How awesome!!! It is a miracle and I truly believe in them..

Congrats to all the other fabulous losers today as well. I love Monday's. hehehe!.

I'm so happy today that I think it's making me hungry. lol! I think I will eat my L&G for lunch today. A nice chicken salad is in my future...

Comment #37

Well, there's our wayward TLer. Obviously Morty's depredations weren't permanent. lol..

Comment #38

Oh and the only Medifast trigger food I have are the "snack" crackers. I cannot have any of those any where near me..

I even drool for the brownies, but don't have a problem like I do on the crackers. It's just the snack crackers too, not the puffs or breadsticks...

Comment #39

Freya we were starting to get worried about you. I hope you ate extra for all those calories you burned...

Comment #40

I have a question....

Do any of you donate blood? I am a regular donor and I just scheduled my next appointment for March 18th..

I'm starting to wonder if that's wise or not. I don't know if it's safe to do it with our low number of calories we are eating. Maybe I could just eat my L&G for breakfast before I donate that day...

Comment #41

Chickie, I donated blood when I was first on 5+1. I didn't suffer any ill effects at all. The next time I wanted to go, I posed the question here and was told that it wasn't a great idea. Of course, I just drank water after, not juice and cookies. But I didn't get light headed or anything...

Comment #42

Ok, good to know Penny..

My iron is typically on the borderline anyway, so I don't know if this diet would make it low or not. Since they test that first, I may not even be able to donate..

At least I have a few weeks to think about it and how I'm feeling. I could always have steak the night before too...

Comment #43

Morning everybody. Haven't been around much for the last week or so, although I did go back and read yesterday's "drama". Been traveling for work, which I hate, but staying on plan and doing fine..

Changed my goal weight, again, although I think 154 is going to have to be it. There just isn't a lot left of me and I think that I'm falling in love with just getting skinnier. Even a pound or two makes such a visible difference at this point and I'm probably enjoying it a bit too much..

A little husband brag, I couldn't fit into a lovely Elie Tahari leather jacket at Christmas time and made some comment to my husband about "maybe next year". Turns out he bought it anyway and pulled it out this weekend because he knew it would fit now. How freakin sweet was that! And it looks awesome. I used the "Oh, you shouldn't have" line but I really didn't mean it...

Comment #44

My hubby wants to go to the gym tonight. It's leg night. I think I'm going to do what I did last time around on 5+1 and skip the gym a little. I always lost more on the weeks where I exercised less. My own little experiment in lazy...

Comment #45

Just returned from 45 minutes at the fitness center with DD18. She is now in my spare office doing her homework and drinking a vanilla shake......

She comes for dinner every Sunday so last night asked us to come to her place this Sunday so dad can hook up her cable....So I just said "How nice you are going to cook dinner for us!!!" Her look was priceless. I guess we are bringing dinner. It never dawned on her inviting us meant cooking for us.....LOL..

Comment #46

It is, I know it is.....Somewhere it is nice and springy and moving our way....Please don't tell me otherwise........

Comment #47

Gigi - YAY FOR TAHARI!!!!! I love your husband, that's the best ever...

Comment #48

I noticed my hubby changed his profile pic on FB to a nice beach scene... So I got curious. I asked him if he was taking me there. Really, what if HE also booked a cruise?!.

No such luck. He said he just misses seeing what summer looks like. But he wishes we could leave today. I am the best wife ever...

Comment #49

I stole it off a bumper sticker, but I'm thinking of putting it on my gravestone someday...

Comment #50

Hello all! (for the 2nd time, the 1st never appeared. Boo).

Glad to see we are full losers!.

Beth, what a great morning. I hope you continue to have more mornings like that!.

I had a great weekend filled with outdoor activities (hiking, biking and more hiking) and sports. I stayed OP and felt good. Well smug actually!..

Comment #51

Man you all were busy while I was doing my volunteer time at school..

Comment #52

Seems to me she was confusing this thread with another one, maybe a different diet/support website she belongs to, since there was NO 'exchange' that went on here. We didn't miss anything, either, since thread posts can't be deleted. Her only thread post was about how she met her DH online..

Just popped in to read....gotta stay AWAY from the blogs...they are full of off plan talk & 'only human' excuses. Just needed a bit of reality during my lunch break..

Wishing you all a lovely, OP day!.



Comment #53

SO glad to hear you're up & about Beth!!! Miracles happen around here ALL the time when we have faith!.

Biggest hugs.


Comment #54

Yeah, but she even posted on her blog about how she "vented on the TL thread". Probably sent by one of the fans that lurks regularly and is too afraid to cause trouble themselves..

Freya - Good to see you back..

Penny - I second the Duh! hehe..

Lynne - It IS spring here. We're back up into the high 60's-70 this week. Very nice..

Waving to everyone else...

Comment #55

Actually, I just checked her blogs & on 1/24, she wrote one about her mom & how they went to Carrabba's where she ate dessert, and then her mom told her she had no "willpower" *one of my MOST hated words* and she received a 'tough love' comment.....this is the comment I believe she was responding to, HERE on the thread. In any event, it was a perfectly reasonable, helpful & kind comment, as all the rest were..

We speak the truth here & some people can't take it. Until I was willing to face the truth, I stayed FAT & that's that...

Comment #56

I think we've all spent way too much time discussing an obvious troll, at least a troll to our thread...

Comment #57

Me too...just thought I'd save Beth the time & trouble...

Comment #58

Oh, my goodness - I just had to look. It's like the car wreck you HAVE to look at. I guess, from here on out, every time anyone uses the phrase TOUGH LOVE, it had better be all unicorn farts and pink puppy bellies, because we're gonna get blamed for it!.

Cheez Whiz & Pickles, everybody!..

Comment #59

Okay poll time-If you are married with or without children, how social are you outside of time with hubby and kids?.

I am curious because I am 41 and in the younger days of course I did the "girls night" "girls weekend" "my time"....Now I am content and actually really happy just being with H and/or one of our almost adult children. My me time is when everyone is at work and I can putter and clean and read.......

Sometimes I feel so anti-social and I will see other folks in their 30's, 40's with "the girls" all hanging at a local bar or one of their houses all of them totally boozed up and wasted and I think for a minute am I missing something? Then I think, No I don't want that life back...

Comment #60

My boy gets more brownie points today. I told him a couple days ago that I wanted to try zumba...well not only did..

Comment #61

(sorry puppy decided I was done typing) My boy gets more brownie points today. I told him a couple days ago that I wanted to try zumba...well not only did he do some computer thing that I can have the disks...he also saw a place where they have classes where I'm from.

It was really sweet. However....I can't go to any of the classes! BOO. they all start at 6 M-F M-W I have class, Th I have work, and Friday is advance classes. BOO TO THEM! Oh well he still gets brownie points (MF brownie points that is.

) Love you guys have a happy OP day!..

Comment #62

Lynee, I'm married with kids (boys 13 and 8) and my Mom lives with me..

When we're part of a squadron I am out with the girls at least once a month. Right now my dh is stationed in another state but I see the girls once a month or every month, during the day normally though since none of us work FT. I really need the social network, b/c my dh is often away from us for months at a time and the spouses all lean on each other for support, moral or real..

We also make a point (my dh and I) to go out at least once a month and usually an overnight alone every couple of months. We're fortunate to have my Mom here for the boys...

Comment #63

Catching up a little teensy bit - no chopped tofu!.

Goddesslynne: yes, scrap all those time-based goals. Put your head down and live 5&1. There is no speeding it up, there is no slowing it down, there is no spoon..

It'll take the time it takes and you WILL get to goal!.

I'm... uh... simply DEVASTATED that I missed all the farting in Target and shrinking boob stories a couple days ago. Thank God I'm taking my lunch break to catch up..

CHICKIE - LOVE THE NEW HAIRCUT!!! You're so beautiful!.

Connor: yes, I'm pretty sure that the only reason people post pictures is to make you feel hideous. I'm glad you finally figured it out..

Alucas: I don't know you, so I can't really say whether you're totally crazy and about to snap. But I've always surrounded myself with a lot of crazy people because I find them entertaining as hell, and I get to have drama vicariously without having to be in the middle of it myself. I don't know if you do the same thing, but it's possible you like crazy without being crazy yourself..

CHRIS - WALKING!!!! OMG! I'm so sorry I've been out of touch for a couple days, and THRILLED to hear she's doing better. Yay!!!..

Comment #64


I'm married with 2 little guys and I'm 32. Before I headed off for the year, I was happily a self-declared "boring" person..

After growing up in a pretty dysfunctional family it gives me so much joy to actually just be at home with my family at night quietly reading or watching TV together. Once a week we have "family home evening" where we set time aside to just focus on each other and strengthening our family....

My husband is a book-worm as well, so we love to just have that time together after the boys are in bed to read...whatever.

The happiest I've ever been in my life is when I realized that drama has no place in my life so I tend to avoid most social situations where it seems to lurk....


Comment #65

Chris thanks for stopping by..

I agree that the blogs are just filled with negativity of late..

Yours today was great, tho..

Freya nice to see your smile today. I suppose we have Morty to thank for it, wink wink..

Beth - Glad you are moving around a bit today and feeling better..

Got one entire closet finished today. WOW it feels good to organize stuff. I always tell my kids to just do things as you go and you won't have a mess to take care of. I usually take that advice myself, but I've been traveling so much lately, I found myself just dropping and shoving too often..

Hubby is due home to grab me in a bit and we are heading to the city for the Game..

Go Blazers!..

Comment #66

I love this.....yes just being home, keeping my home, making dinner. I just feel fulfilled....and a lot of what I don't miss is the talk about whichever one happens to not be there........

Anna-you totally need the support of friends with hubby gone......I can't even begin to understand the burden you gave......same with Racael's hubby..

Comment #67

How do you guys manage your sodium intake? I see that 1500 mg is the recommended daily amount, but 5 Medifast meals take me beyond that, and that's not even counting my L&G...

Comment #68

Interesting question..

I suppose the answers will depend on a person's definition of social. If it is the 'bar scene' you mention in the last paragraph, then I'm anti-social..

But since I'm a social gal, my definition must be different..

I'm a mom of 4 kiddos too. The two eldest are married and our daughter is the one carrying the PINK bundles under her heart. My Boy/Girl twins are in their 3rd year of college. I do motivational speaking/teaching and keep busy every day. I also mentor a group at a local High School and volunteer in many philantrohopic organizations..

I love being around kids of all ages and up until a couple years ago I was teaching 2-3 year olds which I've done for over 17 years..

I also love mentoring young moms, too. I am a trained coach for the Anti-partum ward at hospitals and spend time helping those moms struggling to just chill and give their babies every moment they can ineutero, cause the trade off is phenominal for the rest of their lives when they are born..

I have also run a dance association for the past 30 years and just love being involved with the arts and performances..

I'm also active in my home church and teach and am on several committees there too..

Ok, I'm sure I've forgotten a few of the things I do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, but it is all good and keeps me outta trouble..

I cherish my alone time (what little I have) I like ME and the woman who I've become and it is refreshing to not have to be ON or in the spotlight all the time..

OH and I forgot to mention, I'm married to my High School sweetheart. A man who absolutely adores me and always has no matter what size I am. We are preparing to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary and he still causes my heart to skip a beat when I catch a glimpse of him in a crowded room...

Comment #69

I should add to what chatty said the girls and I don't typically go to bars, we usually meet for coffee.

I didn't even to go bars when I was young. My dh and I do go to the Dueling Piano bar a few times a year though...

Comment #70

Connor for right now I don't worry about my sodium it's way lower than it was pre MF...

Comment #71

I think I've got a good balance. I have my "girls night" at least once or twice per month. We go to our favorite restaurant and catch up. That's when I feel like "me" (not mom, not wife, not co-worker)..

I've got my "work friends" nights where we go to a sports bar for a happy hour. This happens about once a month too. This is "work-but-social" me..

Then I've got "old friends" night which happens only once in a few months. These are the women who have been my friends for many, many, many years..

I love being home alone sometimes too, where I can nap or sing or clean or read or anything I want without interruption..

But the majority of the time, we are home, snug in our house..

Each of the above fulfills me in different ways!..

Comment #72

Chatty-you are def not anti-social, but, described a wonderful life......I just don't get putting my family aside no matter what for "girl time".....admittedly once upon a time my priorities were royally screwed up. Hence the drinking, over eating, etc.....I love just being me and like you said not being on all the time..

Congrats on the 40 years, by the grace of God we are almost 22 and my heart still skips a beat and my belly flutters when I catch a whiff of him..

So I am thinking I am pretty normal-I do have lunch once in a while with a but in general our out time is together, either alone or with my B and Sil or other couple friends-never separate night outs..

Comment #73

Thank you for validating what I suspected! If you guys could uglify yourselves a bit in order to boost my own self-esteem, that would be much appreciated..

Clearly, as my Target tale reveals, I am one sexy catch. LOL!!.

Ah, Freya. I miss you when you're away from the thread!..

Comment #74

Hell yes!.

Congrats on the closet organizing! I must confess to a little bit of that myself. So far, Morty has brought over one toothbrush. Not even a pair of socks yet. But last night the "make room" urge hit and I cleared out a medicine cabinet shelf, a basket in the closet for some clothes/socks, and a bookcase shelf. Just in case..

It's not that crazy, really. He did just spend 4 nights at my place, and a good chunk of the days. I just want him to be comfortable there. *happy grin*..

Comment #75

Say a prayer for H's twin sis....They are 43 and he just got a call she is in CCU....All that drinking and smoking has to go. She has a new grandbaby to stay healthy for. After dinner we are heading up to see her..

In the old days this would have meant dinner on the fly and stop for a drink after......Now it is cabbage, chicken soup then we are heading up..

Comment #76

Chatty, you made my heart skip a beat. This is so precious...

Comment #77

Does my heart good....The excitement is contagious my friend!..

Comment #78

I manage my sodium intake very carefully. It requires planning and forethought. I have 2 cans of Tony Chachere's creole seasoning - one at work, one at home. I have 2 baggies of salt in my laptop case. I keep a salt shaker on my desk, and soy sauce. At home, I have soy sauce, seasoned salt, bacon salt, various colors/flavors of sea salt - and it's all handy, right by the stove.


And then I make sure to salt all my food before even tasting it - even pancakes, pudding, cocoa, and bars sometimes. So far, I'm managing just fine. But I know if I stop being vigilant I could end up with a bland salt-free meal and then, well, the world would just freakin' end..

End I tell you...

Comment #79

Awwww, thanks!.

Connor, I miss you too! I just can't seem to turn my computer on when there's a man to pay attention to. Dunno why, must look into that!..

Comment #80

You need to invest in better porn sites..

I like your sodium management plan. Nuff said!..

Comment #81

I think you're right. I'll starting doing the research right away..

As for salt, now I'm all craving a salted bar... I've got an hour until my next meal - should be perfect timing for the "nuke 10 seconds, press salt into the melty chocolate, then freeze" routine. Yay!.

(I just wish I had my delicate flakes of pink sea salt with me, rather than the boring day-to-day "real sea salt" that's mined from prehistoric deposits of a dried inland sea... Oh well, I can't have everything at once.)..

Comment #82

Oh Freya! So glad you are back. Your posts are a definite for our group..

Chatty, congratulations on 40 years!!! WHat an accomplishment. YOu have such a full, wonderful life. You should be very proud (and I'm sure you are.


Oh yeah, I totally rocked the biggest loser weigh in today. I've lost 10% of my body weight and the closest one behind me was 4.2%.

I am now $32 richer. lol!..

Comment #83

Congrats, Chickie!!!!! I'm so thrilled you're the biggest loser!..

Comment #84

Congratulations Chickie! Of course you won!!!!.

Freya - your salt maintenance plan is a great one. Thanks for taking a Morty break. We missed you..

I stayed home from work today. The wee one is sick. Just got back from the doctor; it's an ear infection and slight throat infection. Mr. Sunny went to pick up the prescriptions and all will be well. So, I am currently enjoying an afternoon of nick jr. Good times...

Comment #85

Chickie that is awesome!.

Cheri hope the little one feels better soon...

Comment #86

I love you all. Thank you all for being positive and funny..

Freya, we were tiptoeing around all weekend. We were so quiet. Did not disturb..

Chatty: DH and I: 41 years and it's just not long enough..

OMG, I forgot the rest!.

Enjoy your brains, TLers!.


Comment #87

Drive a herd of elephants through the room, you won't bother US! *snicker*.

That blasted man keeps hiding little adorable notes everywhere. Found one in my microwave last night..

He's just hell-bent on hanging onto me. Which I fully endorse...

Comment #88

Did some one say porn? *looks around* I unfortunately get to see all the booty clapping, booty shaking and boobs on the computers here at the library. I'd rather see pictures of the guy who's name rhymes with lemons..

My longest relationship ever was a year! I've been more committed to my lipstick than a boyfriend. So Congrats to all you long-timers.

Beth- you are an inspiration for me. Keeping me motivated!.

Question about weighing food for my green:.

I make a sautee of spinach, diced tomatoes, and broccoli to put over spaghetti squah. I can measure out my squash eash enough by weight but I'm confused how much of the mix I should be eating. Because it's all mixed together so I can't weigh the proper amount for each. any suggestions? I've been eating the equivelant of 1.5 cups of the mix..


Comment #89

Steph, you're doing it right. 1.5 cups of green is the plan guideline. The weights chart is cool, but IMO it's not as accurate as measuring, since the plan calls for measuring. Keep on doing what you're doing!..

Comment #90

Just saw this:.

So cute! Thank you for checking on me!..

Comment #91

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.