Smart Ones VS Nutrisystem Cuisines?

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First of all Smart Ones VS Nutrisystem Cuisines? Looking forward for any comment. Second question.. Started the program today. I am confident I can stick with it and I know it works. My challange is a remote fishing trip next week with 9 beer drinking friends. I can pass on the beer - the food may be the challange as the camp does not have a microwave. Normally I would not be too concerned - except it is week 2 - any thoughts?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

Comment #1

Awesome, Glad you have started. I too often have these issues...Bars for breakfast and lunch, use prebagged salads and the spray type dressing, boil water for cup foods for lunch and dinner...The important thing is to cut down on useless carbs during trips like this....

Good luck!..

Comment #2

Follow the flex plan (research it). also, research what food is going to be there and tak other stuff if needed. Part of succeeding at Nutrisystem is planning. You have to stay on plan even when there is no microwave..

If you think that the temptation to drink or otherwise will derail you, I would pass on the trip. After a few months of working at this, I feel very confident and don't get temptations and people don't mess with me. But if it were my first week, would avoid situations like what you describe. Use your judgement..

Good luck...

Comment #3

That's going to be a challenge this early in the plan but hopefully you will have had enough success to motivate you even more. The advice so far is right on. Bars, cereal, and add-water meals should get you through. I know some people are not aware of this but there are things called stoves and some of this stuff can actually be put in a thing called a pan and heated up on the thing called a stove. The chicken could even be put on a stick and heated after you rub 2 other sticks together and make fire..

Seriously though, this is doable if you want it to be. If your buddies are not supportive, you have to ask if they are really your friends...

Comment #4

Thanks everyone - it is a 5 day trip. I considered starting when I get back, but it seems like there is always something going on and I jut need to suck it up and do it. I appreciate the support. If I lose 4 or 5lbs prior to next Wednesday, that will be some good motivation..

I'll report back...

Comment #5

I also wouldn't wait...Just another delay when you need to change your life style..

It is all about portion control...Avoid items you know are not on the Nutrisystem list and control everything else..

I would be sure to bring lots of fruits and vegies and not limit them (in place of over eating steak or potatoes)..

Best of Luck,.


Comment #6

Right off the bat it's important that you let others know that you are working on losing weight. Not a big announcement or anything, just let the guy cooking know that you have some of your own food but you'd like to have whatever vegs or low-cal food that they are making..

After that you'll find some guys will try to talk you out of the diet, "just for the week" or "just one steak won't hurt". Identify them and ignore them. Your pals are going to be the ones that let you be on the diet..

About the food, the dinner cups are OK cold, not as good but still OK. The rest can be packaged muffins (especially around the camp fire LOL) and the various breakfast and lunch bars..

Good luck and enjoy your trip...

Comment #7

If you can boil water you can have a hot Nutrisystem meal, even in the outback. In Arizona, in the summer, all you gotta do is set it out in the sun for a while. Buy the way, if you can forgo the beer, and brats, and eat the Nutrisystem diet while on a trip with beer guzzling buddies, my hat's off to you. But, it can be done if you really mean it. At least you can fake the beer drinking (see the movie "Coyote Ugly") and eat reasonably small amounts of the "good stuff."..

Comment #8

Can you bring a small microwave with you? How about eating them cold. I know the infamous Cardinal used to do that. Or put the unopened meal in boiling water over a campfire. Don't know if that will work, just an idea...

Comment #9

Well, crap, Yellerdog - NOW you tell me!!! I did the whole darn plan without thinking of that!!! lol..

Comment #10

I still need to buy a wok. And deflower my George Foreman...

Comment #11

Am I correct to guess that everything will be cooked over a fire pit or propane(camp) stove? If so, Nutrisystem dinners are perfect because you just dump the contents into a small pan and heat. Same for water - boil and add to the 'in a cup' meals or bring the lunch bars(although they might melt depending on temperature).

If you have Nutrisystem breakfasts those travel well but non-perishable proteins will be tricky..

If you can, pop into a camping shop before your trip and see what food items they have..

Fruits like apples, grapes and citrus last a long time without a fridge, and so do carrots and cabbage..

Hang in there and do the best you can..

P.S. - You could bring some veggie dogs or low-fat hot dogs and not tell - see if anyone notices...

Comment #12

Canned tuna in water is an easy non-perishable protein...

Comment #13

The George Foreman is a great, very fast way to prepare chicken breast as well as fish - even from frozen...

Comment #14

Thought I would report back - the fishing was great......I stuck to the program most of the time. I was smart enough not to weigh in right away - stuck to the weekly concept. I am down another 3 lbs - total of 11 in two weeks - even with a vacation - great program!!!..

Comment #15

Great job....

It just shows that you can fit this plan into your life style..


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