Sodium intake daily on the Nutrisystem diet what is it?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Sodium intake daily on the Nutrisystem diet what is it? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... I've read four threads this morning and a woman has posted in all four. What's happening to the men's board?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Take it from an old-timer. Here are the excuses:.

1) I just look at the recently-posted links and don't bother to determine if the posts are directed at men..

2) My husband is an ass, but it's easier to pick a fight here than at home..

3) My opinion matters, dammit....and don't you forget it, Buster..

4) Free speech, yadda, yadda, yadda......

5) I can post wherever I please and you can't do anything about it..

6) I have to ask questions here on behalf of my husband who wants to lose weight but doesn't want to actually pick his lazy ass up off the couch to learn anything for himself..

7) I want my husband/son/uncle to lose weight, so I am going to get some information here so I can browbeat him into my Nutrisystem program...

Comment #2

9) It's all men, they need a woman to tell them what they're doing wrong...

Comment #3

If a man says something and there is no woman to hear it, is he still wrong??..

Comment #4

I wonder how many women have read this thread already. I dare them to post...

Comment #5

In other words, you want them to do the very thing about which you complain. You must be a Mensa...

Comment #6

10) I'm a lesbian and hate all the fluff fluff in the estrorooms and I know guys love lesbians...

Comment #7

This sounds like a movie, Four Threads, Four Women..

Make that 6...

Comment #8

First time I've ever looked in this section, but a dare's a dare. Hmph...

Comment #9

Maybe it people who just look at the "New Posts" category and don't realize they're replying in the Men's Room ???? I know I sometimes want to reply but then notice it's the Men's Room....I always back out....except of course right now. :-)..

Comment #10

That was reason #1 on Dean's list. Helps to read the whole thread before posting also.....but then that would be too logical for you gals, huh?..

Comment #11

Oops - Guess I missed that one. I'll back out now !!! You're a tough group ! :-)..

Comment #12

I had to look it up to be sure I was thinking what you were thinking, so I guess that disqualifies me right there...

Comment #13

Just checked in and we are up to 8 with one actually posting twice...

Comment #14

I read the Men's rooms every single day. I prefer your humor and I don't see any of:.

1. I held 3 jellybeans in my hand! I'm not sure how many calories it is but I'll punish myself with extra cardio and no add-ins today..

2. I'm really stressed out. My Father-in-law's neighbor's niece's classmate's penpal's class hamster fell off the wheel and into the thinnest patch of sawdust in the tank! This is causing me bad stress, food cravings and I need a prayer circle started ASAP. Does anybody have any other sort of drama we can talk about tomorrow?..

Comment #15

I've noticed lately, it smells like sweaty nuts and lilacs in here..

Could be a good thing...

Comment #16

You guys should really stop wearing that scented underwear, then...

Comment #17

No underware here, I do the commando thing with nuts a swingin'..

Comment #18

That's kind of what my wife said. She just finds men more interesting. I'm glad for that as long as I'm the main man she's interested in...

Comment #19

I love you, Damon.

But all y'all forgot the most important and over-used excuse on the books:.

"I work/hang out with mostly men, so I can relate more with what you have to say.".

My personal fave, though, is Damon's excuse for me...

Comment #20

We just wanna hang out with the cool kids :0).



Comment #21

1) all my friends are men.

2) just getting tips for my DH.

3) asking a question for dear hubby.

4) we love Damon..

Comment #22

Phew, when I first read the title, I was afraid it was going to be a "2 girls 1 cup" kinda post...

Comment #23

Sorry must be me...the ladies follow me wherever I go!..

Comment #24

The thread is funny and all, but this post pretty much sums up the reasons why many of the guys don't want women posting here on a regular basis.....

Comment #25

Just like in real life, some women are tolerant of the ways of men, while others look at us just as a marginally necessary evil. For every woman that posts in here, just remember that there are a multitude come in, hold their nose, and back out quickly. After all, how many women can say they remember waking up one morning with their head in a urinal? Nuff said...

Comment #26

Don't women think that one of the sole purposes for being put on this Earth was to annoy men. You don't think Eve annoyed Adam endlessly? So, where can they go to find men to annoy? Here!!!! Purpose realized......

Comment #27

But all you guys are so much.


To annoy! And besides that, I had to add a little.


To this thread!..

Comment #28

How (or why) in the world did this year old thread get revived?..

Comment #29

If we don't have a woman nagging us, will we get lost?..

Comment #30

Better40, when you lost your weight did you give it to the cat? That is one big feline...

Comment #31

Everybody likes a fat pussy!.

Gibb: I'd love to ski off of that chart line. Great job since your return...

Comment #32

That cat is also on a diet and has gone from 20 lbs to 19 lbs. (5% loss) in three weeks. The vet says 17-18 lbs would be about right for him. He is just a large old (10 years) tomboy...

Comment #33

I have to take my skeeter to the vet today. snip snip. I hope he puts on weight after they make him nutless. He is not going to be happy...

Comment #34

[quote=Damon_;3726479]I have to take my skeeter to the vet today. snip snip. I hope he puts on weight after they make him nutless. He is not going to be happy..

Good Luck, skeeter...

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