Solution to transferring "unlocked" website to 123 reg from Hosting city?

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My question is Solution to transferring "unlocked" website to 123 reg from Hosting city? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question.. This year was the first time I decided to start participating in SnapNames HostGator names auctions and drops. I wanted to share the results to date. Ive spent $2,254 on acquiring HostGator names through there system. I wont specifically list what each name was purchased for, but I will say that I did not spend more than $200 on any of the following names.

The following names are in order from when they were purchased. The top is the most recent and the bottom was the first..

PoliticalAdvantage <dot>com.

LegalStructures <dot>com.

MassPerformance <dot>com.

MusicalResources <dot>com.

DataShock <dot>com.


Harboured <dot>com.

DataInnovation <dot>com.

ClickBeyond <dot>com.

CollectionPlan <dot>com.

ItJust <dot>com.

ElectronicEvents <dot>com.

WebDebug <dot>com.

PrivateConfessional <dot>com.

ElectronicRomance <dot>com.

MyBoulevard <dot>com.

Misclassified <dot>com.

CapitalTactics <dot>com.

Fashionsupplier <dot>com.

Fleeced <dot>net.

Socializes <dot>com.

Afflicting <dot>com.

Vlig <dot>com.

Shrivelled <dot>com.

SecretRomance <dot>com (sold).

Ikmu <dot>com.

Yovs <dot>com.

Thuz <dot>com.

Vz0 <dot>com.

W0n <dot>com.

Q3p <dot>com.

Filed <dot>info.

SexPredators <dot>org.

Im actually quite happy with how things have gone with Snap. I think a lot of rookie domainers are intimidated by SnapNames because you feel like you cant compete. There are still great names to be had at reasonable prices ($60-100)..

Many of the domains Ive picked up as of late, have kept there age. Many of them are 7+ years old, with continuous registration..

Some of the names you may be scratching your head on. And honestly, so am I. On occasion Im guilty of finding a HostGator name via age and liking it that very moment, backordering it and winning it. So, I will honestly admit there are a handful on there I wish I could hand back..

But I think my point is that you dont need "Deep" pockets to participate, at this time anyone with a reasonable amount of available funds and plenty of time to research can still do some damage..

My favorite of my Snap acquisitions? CapitalTactics <dot> com - More than likely I will use this for a future business venture..

- Justin..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Hmm, well thats news to me. I've bought close to 100 names from snapnames and not a single one had kept it's original reg date. Oh well...

Comment #2

I think there are some decent names there for that value. I still like searching for new terms and words to reg. I think drops will eventually have less quality names because registrars are starting to keep ones with traffic/revenue, or auction them off themselves...

Comment #3

Good list..

I started backordering names on Snap just a week back. So far I've won 5, and I've been pretty happy with them (they were all good LLLL.coms, so they can sell for much more..and I got them for the $60 fees).

In fact, I've come to a point where hand regging names seems a bit absurd...

About the HostGator age, all my names have lost their age somehow..

Comment #4

Hi there Sasha. My question is if your HostGator loose their age, would it still retain it's traffic?..

Comment #5

Like I said, it's been only a week since I've had those names. Uptil now, the traffic has been pretty good for the older names. I'm not sure though how long they'll keep it..the.


And the backlinks have to go down with time, especially for parked pages...

Comment #6

Can you report the week of traffic stats you've gathered?..

Comment #7

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