Some gourmet Medifast recipes with chicken!!!!!?

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Quick question: Some gourmet Medifast recipes with chicken!!!!!? Thanks for any response. My other question... I have Medicare and Medicaid through the same company. The bariatric nurse that had my case used the Medicaid guidelines instead of the Medicare guidelines and it caused them to deny my claim. Now I have to appeal that decision because she didn't do her job correctly and it will take at least another month before I know anything. I am so frustrated and this messes up everything..

I wanted to have.


In December so I could go back to.


In January so I have to decide if I am going back to.


Or waiting until May to have my.


I just want to scream and cry. This is so difficult at times..

The reason was because my case didn't show any co-morbidities which I have several and it didn't show an unsuccessful Medifast diet attempt. I am so mad I have diabetes and.


Apnea and I worked with a nutritionist for about 18 months..

Please pray for me that I will not give up...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Don't give up, you have worked too hard to get this far. Appeal it and see where that goes. Don't get down yet. I will say a.


For you..


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Don't give up! I will try to "keep on you". Just remember people make mistakes, so take it easy on them. Why wouldn't you be able to return to.




? Others return to work within a few days. I was just told not to travel for a month, but I think they just wanted me to stay close in case I had any problems. Don't get discouraged! It will happen! Best wishes to you...

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Insurance companies are the Great Satan, and usually screw up! Keep your mind on the future, and keep your eye on the prize...

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SUX! We seem to have adopted a "Things happen for a reason" mentallity about these things. Think about kicking up your Medifast diet and.


, so you can be safer for.


And relieve some of the impact of those co-morbidities..

I will offer a bit of advice...imagine...When I went back to.


, the 1st semester was a real kick in the ass, and mine was online! (BTW, I finished the three years with a 4.0 and became disabled the same month I graduated! I never used that degree, officially, and it was a real degree. Online doesn't mean easy or cheap!).

Even with an earlier.


Date, you could really be compromising both your WLS experience and your.


Start up..

Maybe, give yourself a break and put yourself and your health first. Give your self the best start you can...jus sayin...sorry, but Keep on Keepin on.....

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I may have to have an open.


And I am disabled already and tend to have a longer recovery time than most. I won't be able to go in the spring if I have to wait for months to have.


Because I to am going to college online and it takes all my energy to keep up my 3.84 grade point average. Math caused it to be lower B's in math, yuck. Thanks for the support and I know it happens for a reason but I am barely maintaining my weight loss with the meds I am on now and it just means having to undo all my plans. I know we make plans and God laughs...

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Hang in there it will happen, I had my.


Done thru Medicaid and medicare but I really did not have any problems getting an approval,I just had to complete a 6 month supervised Medifast diet and that was it, but that was in Maryland so the insurance might differ a bit from state to state, I will pray for you that all will work out....sending you a cyber hug ((((Carlucybug)))..

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