StartLogic Web iPage hosting review - Anyone?

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First of all StartLogic Web iPage hosting review - Anyone? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question... Hi Guys,.

I am looking into installing an ssl cert on my store, I am told that in order to do this I must have a dedicated IP address..

Is this true??.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably can help you..

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My host says that a dedicted ip is gonna cost me an extra 9.99 per month, is this a realistic price or am I being taken for a ride??.

Also what files in osc do I need to change to run ssl as this is my biggest concern?.


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It seems that UK hosts are more expensive. For that price you could have an entire new account with dedicated IP in a lot of places...

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What are you paying now?.

Only files requiring change are the two configure.php files..

Does your host have a shared certificate?.

Unless I am mistaken, the 9.99 is about $18 US?.

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: 31 August 2004, 14:23..

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I dont pay a thing a the minute, I got a special deal for a year with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, mysql databases etc..

I have just realised how much of a tight a**e I actually sound!.


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I have sent my host an email asking if they have a shared ssl cert I can use..

If not I guess I will just have to bite the bullet and fork out the dosh!.

Cheers Guys,.


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Me Again!.

This is what my host has come back and said, your thoughts would be appreciated..


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That will only help during payment....

It wont provide you with SSL during the account signup which will put customers off..

If you are paying 9.99 for a dedicated IP then move to another host..

You can find recommendations at

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Hi Mark,.

Thanks for the advice, but I really dont think I will find a better deal than what I have at the minute..

I only paid a fiver for a whole years hosting, including unlimited diskspace, pop3's,bandwidth,mysql databases etc etc..

If anyone can give a better price than that then I would swap but I think the 9.99 a month will just about equal what I would pay another web host..

If I am wrong then please let me know..


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1.) There is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth..

2.) Yes, you need an SSL. If your host doens't offer a shared one for free, you will need a dedicated IP. Normally, a good host will charge about $1-$3 per month to add one to your account..

3.) Trust me, you do NOT want to use 2checkout. Look into their forums on their iPage website before trying to take this route. There is a reason there are 100's of complaints in there, and just look at how they treat customers with complaints..

4.) You should be able to find a good host, with a dedicated IP, and everythign you need, plus pleanty of bandwidth for under $15 per month. (or whatever that works out to in your currency)..

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9.99 a month is not outrageous for a dedicated IP. If it also includes the SSL Cert, then so much the better...

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That's a good point. If that price includes the SSL cert, then it's not a bad deal. If it doesn't, and that's the additional cost for just the dedicated IP, then yeah, I think it's outrageous...

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PS, BTW, IPs normally cost the host aobut $1 each, in bundles of 10, and with no limit to the number they can have per server. So, if their cost is $1 each, I would think that 1000% markup is a little heavy..

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: 31 August 2004, 16:32..

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Remember also that the prices US hosts pay are far *far* less than a UK host would pay. Geography plays a big factor on pricing....

(note: I have assumed Mark is with a UK host, as he has bee quoted prices).

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: 31 August 2004, 16:34..

Comment #14 before the thread descends into a "my host costs XYZ" discussion and gets deleted....

If you do a search over there, you'll find out why UK pay more - we're just a little island in the middle of nowhere. We only got electricity in the 80's you know.

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: 31 August 2004, 16:38..

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Why dont you just switch iPage hosting companies to someone that will give you a dedicated IP included in the hosting,.

I dont like the sound of a iPage hosting company that gives you a free year..

Sounds too good to be true, and with too good to be true iPage hosting companies, you better hope that they are even around for a year..

Also in order to be able to afford to do that they have to oversubscribe the servers, way beyond what you would like, and it all boils down to a slower server and bad service,.

Even if it's good now, what will it be like in a month, two, or three??.

Just my 2..

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Yeah, I remember well how quickly this sort of thread can degenerate..

What's to stop someone in the UK from getting a US host, then? With bandwidth and speeds the way they are nowdays, I'd think there wouldn't be much difference..

For instance, I'm on the East coast, and our server is on the west coast, but I never incur a delay. I know that's not exact they same as crossing the atlantic or anything, but I wouldn't think it'd be too much different...

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Ah unlimited bandwidth.......

Upload a dirty movie and share that with the world... see how long the unlimited bandwidth lasts..

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The difference is noticable on speed, not to a great extent, but tracroutes and Pings show quite a large difference..

Also there is the problem of the nightly Cron jobs that are run on US servers - middle of the afternoon UK time - so that can see a slowdown at peak UK times..

In addition, there is also the problem of Technical Support. As above, UK afternoon time is approximaltey US night time - if the US host doesn't have 24/7 Tech Support then the UK customer may be stuffed until the next day (US Time)..

Of course the same is true on a UK host, UK customer, but at least the UK customer can email/call the host and expect a fairly quick turnaround at say 2pm UK time....

It makes sense to pay a little more and host in the UK if your iPage site is primarily aimed at UK users...

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Also as a side note.. I would not trust in a million years any host that offers what you are getting....

If you are serious about eCommerce then you get what you pay for... dont scrimp on iPage hosting as you will live to regret it..

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Hi Guys,.

I guess I have sparked off a bit of a debate.

I must be honest with all of you, I have never had any downtime, the customer service responds to emails within an hour..

Obviously your not going to see the price I paid for my hosting..

Have a look at there iPage site and tell me your thoughts please..


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: 01 September 2004, 08:20..

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As mentioned earlier in this thread this isnt the place to dicuss the webhosting company..

If you want opinions go to.


Having a quick look I wouldnt use them in a million years for any serious webhosting..

I am going to lock this thread now before it gets out of hand.

If you want to continue then click on the link above...

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Hi Guys,.

I am looking into installing an ssl cert on my store, I am told that in order to do this I must have a dedicated IP address..

Is this true??.


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For your own ssl, yes you need a dedicated. for a shared cert not necessary. thus you will probably have to change hosts. no problem on doing so, cuz you can be running while the store dns propogates from one server to the other...

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