Survey: Nutrisystem, Daniel Craig or Craig Ferguson?

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Quick question... Survey: Nutrisystem, Daniel Craig or Craig Ferguson? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: Has anyone tried the aerobic dvd that comes in the welcome package? I was flying through weight loss over the pass 6 weeks then I really slowed down. I expected it but I tried to push not exercising for another week or 2. lost 27 lbs, but still don't like the way my body looks.. The weight loss is very noticeable but I look like a less Fat dude...

So now I'm ready to exercise, especially since it's starting to really get really warm...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

At 45 I'm as fit as the average 20 year old male if not better. I've exercised well over half my life and am glad I have..

Here's what dumb to do. Exercise just to lose weight. Then when you hit goal, quit. Like NS, it's a lifestyle. You start you keep going. You don't have to work out everyday, but be consistent with it...

Comment #2

I've met professional trainers who insist it's best to lose the weight first, then do strength/resistance training. Boggles my mind, to hear that kind of totally wrong information..

I started out the first 25 years of my life doing intensive physical activities. Swimming competitively, wrestling, karate, handball, all sorts of sports. And weight lifting. But I didn't get hooked on weight lifting, and I wish I had..

Now, at 57, I'm "lifting" more than I could at 20, but I've still got a good bit of body fat to get rid of. When I get there, I'll probably agree with Niner to some degree about being as fit as I was at 20. Or close..

Though the normal aches and pains don't go completely away. Heh..

My point is, and I totally agree with Niner on this, get hooked totally on exercising, and don't ever stop doing it again..

Smitty.... I really think you should consider doing resistance training. That might mean some inconvenience for you, what with going to the Y or a gym, and having to research to develop a total body workout program and figure out how to work the Nutrisystem food program in with the activity..

But as you progress with the weight training (or strength training, or resistance training, whatever) you will not just be losing body fat, but also gaining muscle mass. Not that you will likely ever be considered a "body builder"..

But it will make you look great, and feel better, and live longer. And later on, you can add some cardio (aerobic it was called when I was young) activity too..

I have a friend who is pretty solidly built, in his early 30s. He weight trains almost every day. His wife is head trainer at the Y, so he has a free membership. And he has placed pretty high in some well-attended power lifting events (squats, military press, bench press... no gloves, no belts, no braces or wraps, just you and the iron). You see him in shorts and a t-shirt, he's darn impressive..

But he has decided not to compete anymore. And isn't interested in more muscle mass. So he has reduced the intensity of his workouts to lessen the chance of injuring himself. Sort of maintenance mode on the muscles..

Whats important is he knows he will be doing that the rest of his life. And he wants to...

Comment #3

I have a severe back injury which has limited my ability to workout in any way. I have lost 25 pounds in 7 weeks (5 pounds to goal). I am only able to do light aerobic excerising with no impact to protect my back. I am merely stating that it can be done without exessive strength training!.

I do wish I could workout more, but until my back is healed that will not happen!..

Comment #4

I've been riding the fence on this issue for awhile. I'm down 38 pounds since March 1st with Nutrisystem and soley cardio workouts. I generally run 3 miles or do some combo of running, elliptical or biking. I want to hit the weights because I would like to start tightening up a bit, but I'm afraid to do it until I hit my goal weight because I feel like if I start lifting, I may never hit goal. I realize I'll be trading muscle for fat, but muscle being heavier, I may not lose the remaining weight that I want to lose. So I'm stuck...I love working out and getting to the gym, but I just don't know what to do right now.....

Comment #5


Stick to what you like! Do both, do one, do something, that is all that matters. As I stated in my post, I can only do lite cardio and as long as that works, I am ok with it..

I played outside linebacker in college, I am ok without carrying all of that muscle weight again!..

Comment #6

I am at the age and mindset, that large muscle mass is not imprtant to me. I don't mind being firmed up, but to have large bulging muscles is not what I want at this time. I spend most of my time doing cardio, like jogging at the high shcool track or doing hard, hot physical labor around my place. I will, a lot of times, leave the riding lawnmower in the shop and grab the push mower instead. I usually work in the yard until I am drenched with sweat before stopping. It seems to be working, and, I am scoring good points with the wife at the same time!!!!!!..

Comment #7

Okay so let's think about this. Let's say once you get to goal you want to "tighten up". So you start lifting. Guess what's going to happen? You're probably going to GAIN weight. It's practically inevitable. So what's really holding you back?..

Comment #8

Cardio will tighten you up also without bulding the short, fat muscles (bulk)! As long as he is excercising and not just stroking his ego by walking a mile a day, who cares!..

Comment #9

Cardio is aerobic which doesn't tighten you up (unless you're doing HIIT cardio) because the resistance is minimal. Muscle length is determined by your genes so you really can't shorten them with exercise. "Fat muscles" isn't a term since fat isn't muscle and vice versa. I was giving him the info he needed to hear if he was going to lose weight then add lifting to his program later. It's better if he lifts now and works on losing weight while doing it...

Comment #10

There are two sides to this argument that are never going to come together and both work! Both have some positives and both have some negatives. I believe the bottom line is do what works for you and what meets your immediate and long-term goals..

I did nothing but cardio for six months because I wanted to move the scale and move it fast. Mission accomplished. I started adding resistance training to my routine in the seventh month and have been quite pleased with the results. I lost 90 pounds in a little over seven months and have added about 10 pounds of muscle in the last 4.5 months with the added resistance training. My trainer at my gym would have preferred me to lift the whole time, but admitted to me (when I started strength training) that I did not lose that much lean muscle doing things the way I did and he complemented me on a job well done..

Like I said before, there are two sides here and there are those who will not agree with my methods, but the bottom line is my methods worked for me and I couldn't be happier..

Besides, someone here has already stated the blatant obvious - DO SOMETHING!..

Comment #11

Roger that... I agree that exercise just for the sake of exercise is a drag... i'm trying to get myself into some more active hobbies now... get my fat butt off the couch and out moving around... it may not be quite as effective as a good workout in the gym, but i'm a lot more likely to do something I find fun that I am to do something tedious....

If I could only convince myself that it was "play out" instead of "work out"....

If Rush Limbaugh told me that water was wet i'd still go check for myself....

Your mileage, of course, may vary......

Comment #12

Well here's my 2 cents. did just Nutrisystem the first 3 weeks, weight loss was consistent..

Then, last week, I hit the gym 4 times, tues-fri, alternating treadmill (jogging), with eliptical/ machine weights. I was worried about not enough calories from reading previous posts, so I added 2 extra hard boiled eggs a day. Still about 400 calories burned after adding the eggs in according to both the gym machines and mutrisystem. Didn't lose anymore weight for 6 days during this time..

I didn't get a chance to get to the gym for a few days due to busy schedule, six flags 3 out of the last 4 days... and lost another 3 pounds..

Any ideas on what I can do for the weight loss to stay consistent? Should I leave out the eggs and see what happens, or add more calories still? I'm confused.....

On the plus side, my belt has dropped a notch so there is progress, I would just like to see it more consistant. I am gunning for a half marathon in mid november...

Comment #13

It's very normal not to lose weight for up to 2 weeks when you first start exercising because your body is adapting to it by storing more glycogen which takes up a lot of fluid. Also when your muscle repair it retains water. So keep exercising...

Comment #14

I'm not going to stop exercising, just curious about whether I need to up my calories. According to a basic metabolic rate calculator, just being alive I burn almost 3000 cals a day, then if you add in another 500+ being burned at the gym, that is a calorie deficit of almost 2000...

Comment #15

I have been on Nutrisystem for 2 weeks as of this morning and I am down 12.5lbs I have been going to the gym and heres my work out routine:.

Mon: Chest & Back- 4 exercises per muscle group X 3 sets of 10 (To fatigue).

Wed: Biceps & Triceps & forearms (same as above).

Fri: Shoulders and Traps (same as above).

Sat: Quads/Hams & Calves (same as above).


Abs: 4 sets of 25 crunches every day after a pre-stretch and prior to lifting.

Cardio: 1 hour a day and I switch machines each day. I cardio each time immediately after lifting.

Water: 128oz a day..


I add protein to my salads using the Perdue short cuts chicken (oven roasted only) @ 2oz each time X 2 salads per day. I am also eating 3 egg whites in the morning consistently as my protein/dairy over a slice of wheat toast with franks hot sauce with my Nutrisystem B-fast. For mid morning snack it's 8oz of skim and a shot of OJ. So between the chicken, the skim milk, and egg whites I figured that should be enough protein to get the job done..

I know that to gain serious muscle mass you need to eat 1g of protein per pound so for example if you weigh 150lbs, you would need to consume 150g of protein to add lean muscle mass to your diet and eat super clean. Thats how the body builders do it and thats why you see those guys eating huge amounts of food. I am not looking to do this...maybe when I hit goal perhaps..

My advice to you is to keep up on Nutrisystem 100% as best you can and add protein to your diet and drink a gallon of water per day. Thats what I have been doing and its.

Working well for me.

Not professing in any way I am a fitness buff ( hell I wouldnt be here if I was) I would try my routine for a week and see how it goes for you. What do you have to lose? The worst that can happen is you will get exercise. Seems like a good deal to me...

Comment #16

Man, I fight this feeling almost every day. Keep doing what I'm doing because I know it works or switch to something different that's going to produce different results. Results that I'm totally unfamiliar with. I've never been muscular so I don't know how to measure the effects of a weight training program that is definitely going to add weight (building muscle) after going to so much trouble to lose the weight. I'm venturing into the resistance training aspect of this very slowly because I'm still so tied to the "weight loss" goal. I believe that I'd look better if I did the weight training but I'm still reluctant to go whole hog with the weights because that means, in order for it to be effective, I'll have to add more calories (I'm already eating 1900 calories to support my cardio).

I have some great role models here - Gordon and Privateer being two..

My 1/2 marathon is in September and I will begin the training for that next Monday. My daughter is insisting that I add more calories (to the 1900 I already eat) if I'm going to be working on a sub 2 hour time. She says I can't get faster if I don't eat enough food to support the muscle construction I need to go faster. We'll see...

Comment #17

That is where I am confused. I don't want to over do the extra calories, but I don't want to sell myself short either. oh well, time will tell......

Comment #18

The way to tell if you're under-calorie is to try adding a significant, measured dose each day you exercise (that's why I recommend the 330 cal Muscle Milk - I'ts high-cal and high-fat and will kick-start you if that's what you need). If it does not result in a rapid weight loss within 2-3 days, it probably is NOT what you need. For me, it's really a guessing game..

Even though I'm working on muscle growth now, I'm in Tom's camp. I agree with everything he said and if I were to do it all over again - I'd do the same thing - focus on heavy cardio, with some lifting, adding protein calories as needed to the Nutrisystem program to keep my body in the "losing zone" (NOTE: This is VERY different for EVERYONE - One size does NOT fit all. Can be found with a Body Bug or by trial and error as I did). Using that approach, I lost reliabaly 3-4 lbs per week with 10 lbs/month average inclusive of many planned deviations (1 or 2 serious, no-holds-barred craving-killer deviations every month, but limited in duration)..

I waited until I was within 15 lbs of goal to shift to a muscle building routine. Since I've backed off the cardio and started focusing on lifting, my loss has slowed dramtically to maybe 1-2 lb./week, and has become very inconsistant, but muscle has gained, so it's all good..


Comment #19

I agree with this completely. I was told today that I need to bump my calories up by 300-400 per day..

Ironically, I have not been able to do any Cardio for a week now and I have been staying around my 1800 cals per day....and low and behold, I have dropped 2 pounds in 5 days..

So when I get Cardio back in my routine, I will be bumping up my cals to around 2100 per day...

Comment #20

But when do you rock the muscle milk? Right after your workouts?..

Comment #21

See, I was trying to stay away from expensive supplements. I am going to stay the course for now and if I continue to plateau, then add in the hard boiled eggs..

Too bad the air suspension went out on our expy yesterday...

Comment #22

I drink it immediately after showering on my way back to work after "lunch"..

There's a lot of opinions on timing and types of protein supplements, but this has worked well for me. I'm no body builder or nutritionist, just an average Joe loser trying to figure out what works for me, so take everything I say (as well as anyone else) with a critical view, shake it up, and find out what works for you..


Comment #23

Thanks for the info Gordon. I will give it a try here next week...

Comment #24

Good luck, Mack! You're really doing well so far. You've got a heck of a workout routine and a great attitude. That's fantastic. Keep pushing the envolope and you'll find the sweet spot..


Comment #25

Remember guys, immediately after a resistance workout you need protein fast. Well, within 30 minutes..

Muscle Milk is great stuff, but it's too "slow" for that use. Whey proteins are the way to go. Whey base is ingested and turned into amino acids very fast, but only stays in your bloodstream for maybe an hour at the most. Also with wheys, you can only take 1 serving (whatever the brand says is 1 serving, usually 1 scoop) because more would just get urinated out..

I use Muscle Milk several hours *before* a workout, and several hours *after* a workout. That way, the casein base gets to work over many hours, as they do so well..

If you want to try one ring to rule them all, ON Nitro Core 24 claims to have whey, casein, and egg-based proteins, so it should be good right after a workout and take care of you for about 10-12 hours...

Comment #26

Yes it's important if your able to why not...but I did it with only Nutrisystem foods...

Comment #27

I am not sure if my weight loss is typical but I might be on to something here with the way I am eating. I have been doing breakfast with a Nutrisystem entree, 3 egg whites over wheat toast slice and franks red hot and a glass of OJ. My morning snack for the last 17 days is 8oz of skim milk and 4oz of orange juice with 8oz of water on top of that. Then for Lunch it's the Nutrisystem entree with a salad and 3oz of chicken breast/1 hard boiled egg/lite dressing, Nutrisystem dessert bar for afternoon snack, then eating right on plan for the rest of the day. I have been drinking 8oz of water each hour until 6pm. It has been said in here before that if you find something that is working well for you to post it so there it is.

Happy Fathers Day out there to all the Dads!.


Comment #28

My physical therapist told me that whey protein is great but nothing can replace fresh fruit after my swim. That may be because I am only doing limited work. If I was working out at a heavy pace including weights I would add a whey shake. Unfortunately I have to wait until I have my hernia surgery and I along with my surgeon decided that we will wait on that until I lose more weight and then I can get an abdominoplasty since my hernia is right next to my belly button. The more my gut deflates, the more I'm looking forward to that..

Donna you are my hero and one of my original inspirational NSers. I love you!:wink:..

Comment #29

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