Tasty Medifast recipes for fish and chicken that are also healthy?

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My 1st question is: Tasty Medifast recipes for fish and chicken that are also healthy? Many thanks for any comment. Another question I got... I have my gbs on the 11th dec and have to be at the hospital 7am on the 10th can anyone tell me what happens on this day please..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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Yep yep.. what Lauri said..


Citrate that afternoon, then nothing to drink or eat (you're prob on a.

Liquid diet.

Anyway at that point) after midnight. Your surgeon didn't give you any pre-op instructions?.

Good luck!.


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I am going for my pre op so guess I will find it all out then it just seamed like a long time from 7am the day before but guess I get to spend that time with the toilet!..

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The day before mine 5/20/10 I was on all.

Liquid diet.

And nothing after midnight. Good luck with your.



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Why are you having to report in so early? I was scheduled for 7am.


, and didn't have to report in til 5am that morning. I have NEVER heard of anyone going in 24 hours early..

Also...I didn't have to do the.


Citrate, like so many others...WHY? probably because I had a doctor who was smart enough to have me dieting..I mean really dieting pre-op...and not just that 2 weeks before. The last 2 weeks which were 18 days before.


, not 14, I was doing the oh so lovely.

Liquid diet.

, and lost 22 pounds in that 18 days....

When I called to ask about the mag citrate thing, my doc asked..."what exactly do you think is still in there to poop? Your lungs? ".

So not EVERYBODY has to do this. after almost 3 weeks with no food...there simply wasn't anything left..

The day before.


Was clear that was hard. and nothing red. why red? best I can tell, it's something to do with the red dye itself. who knows, but that was the rule, and nothing after midnight at all..

So from 10:30 pm, on sept 14, to 8am on Sept 16, I had nothing at all...that was the hard part...that first drink of water was like liquid six weeks later, I struggle to get all my liquids in everyday....

I would just call and ask why I had to be there so freaking early...that sounds weird to me...what are they gonna do, sit around and play cards with you til the next day?.

Just sayin.....

Comment #5

My preop was almost exactly like Beths was. No.


, and a 2 week preop.

Liquid diet.

, clear liquids was for 3 days with no red dyes also. I did have to go in for my preop the day before, but only for like an hour. The hospital weighed me, took my blood pressure and pulse and drew blood. Asked me some basic preop questions...allergic to any meds? Any chance of being pregnant? Stuff like that...I wouldn't think they will require you to stay 24 hours before.


So I would double check with the hospital...

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By the way, my pre-surgery visit at the hospital, was three weeks before my.


, not the day before...and I gave no blood, and had no tests...just peed in a cup, and answered a ton of questions, was informed on how things would unfold the day of.


, and given a short tour of the hospital, from the where I would report to check in, pre-op arrangements, where the OR was, and the recovery wing, and then the floor where I would be staying til discharge...all very interesting. I was totally prepared for what was to come...

Comment #7

The day before my.


My program required that I did to the citrate.


I was on clear liquids that day. Some people have a cut off time of midnight while I was instructed twelve hours before.


So I had to cut myself off at 7:30pm of any fluids. No red dye or purple popsicles. I had to rinse my mouth several times during the day with Listerine (the stringent yellow stuff) and again the morning of.


My program also instructed us to shower and cleanse with a soap called.


(antiseptic soap)..

Each bariatric program and surgeon is different so ensure they give you instructions as to how they want you to prep before.



Best wishes..


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From what I have heard, most people who live in Great Britain have to go in the day before. Their medical system is just different from ours..

I am sure they will explain it all to you at your pre op visit..

Congratulations on your.


Date.... mine is December 13th, we will both be having a great Christmas on the losters bench!...liz..

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I have my gbs on the 11th dec and have to be at the hospital 7am on the 10th can anyone tell me what happens on this day please..

Comment #10

Thank you for your reply's I am going to a support group on the 8th nov so will def bring this up and ask why and then my pre op is the 29th nov so will prob find out more then. Lizzienoble good luck for the 13th I will watch out for your post telling us your home and how your doing, I will save you a seat on the losers bench I cant wait...

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My advice is to bring some magazines or a book and something to take your mind waiting to go down to theatre in my case I had to report for.


At 7am and there were three of having gastric by pass I was number 2 and my.


It was about 2pm for my turn was back on the recovery about 4pm by 8pm.


About the ward now 11 weeks on fine...

Comment #12



Is scheduled for Monday morning. I went in for pre-op tests on the Oct. 21st. They did blood work, EKG, Xray. I have been on a high protein.

Liquid diet.

For 2 weeks consisting of 2 protein shakes a day and a sensible meal at night. My only instructions were to stop certain meds and vitamins 7 days ahead of time with nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before and be at the hospital a 6 a.m. day of.


No one has mentioned a "cleanse" of anykind and I am sure if that were the plans they would have said so since they have been very good about explaining every detail of what to expect..

The "no red" or purple is so that there is no mistaking it for blood when it comes out. That was my instructions recently when I had a colonoscopy and did the clean out requirement..

I am so excited about my.


On Monday. I just want to be on the "other side" of this. Let's get this party started!!!..

Comment #13

Good luck for monday i.


Everything goes well and a speedy recovery..

Comment #14

Nothing to eat or drink after 12 midnight. I didn't have to drink the yucky liquid stuff...

Comment #15

When I had my lapascopic GBP.


2 yrs ago we were to report the morning of the.


Was able to eat any Medifast food the day before. Just couldn't have anything (including liquid) after midnight. Didn't have to clean out system at all. Had no problems after.



Each dr does things differently. Definitely check with your dr...

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Josie is right, as are most, every experience is different. You should get a very specific pre-op prep from your surgeon. Mine is simply no Medifast food or liquids after midnight. I report to.


At 9 a.m. the next day with.


Scheduled for noon... Must remember to bring my chapstick!..

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I was told nothing to eat after 12 noon and then nothing to drink after 9pm. I pigged out until 11:59 eating my favorite foods thinking Ill never have them again. I was wrong. I can still have them, but in smaller portions. I was never given.


Citrate by my doctor. I had to change from.


To blood thinner injections 5 days before.


I stuck to my post.


Instructions of liquids for 30 days, Then 4 weeks of pureed and soft foods, then normal food. I did this to the letter. It was hard to get down the liquids because a couple of sips made me full. My first soft Medifast food was a scrambled egg. It made me sick to my stomach after a month of no solids, but I have a soft boiled egg every other day for breakfast. The other days are shredded wheat minnies, or low sugar apples & cinneman oatmeal.

I have 4 oz cups I got at the dollar tree...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.