Tell me which company provide the Godaddy domain name free thanks.?
Quick question: Tell me which company provide the Godaddy domain name free thanks.? Hoping for any comment. Another question I got... I dont have an ebay sellers account because I lack a C.C. Is it possible to have someone sell your HostGator name for you on ebay. Sorta like a broker but at a flat rate...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably can help you..

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Someone would be taking a risk selling a HostGator on your behalf, especially if it closed for big dollar amounts and you didn't follow through with your end of the bargain. They'd get stuck with the fees and the negative feedback..

I'm not saying any of you would do that but I wouldn't sell a HostGator for someone unless I knew them well or had the HostGator secured in my account first...

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I lack a CC also, however I have a paypal account also...

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That and get the money for fees up front as well as 20% of the final sale..

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EBay fees are just too high, IMHO. First you have to pay a listing fee, depending on your starting price and then you have to pay a final value fee if your product sells..

EBay charged me around 8$ for a 200$ product I sold last week...

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Nowhere else is cheaper and as well known.

Ebay is great..

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In Australia ,having No CC is No prob. Trying to use AMEX CC is ..

Strange how their rules are different in Various parts of world.

Selling Domains on eBAy is DifficultToo many clowns wanting.

$XXX,XXX for Dodgy Name. Even Worse Ext..

Valid Alternatives Sales Options are Discussed Here at NamePros'..

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You would think that seeing as they own paypal that that would be something you could use. But I guess since it's at paypal they already have your money anyways lol. I think if I were to get someone to do this for me Id push the name to an account that they have control of and give them a %, but the bank account thing seems like the best bet for me..

Thank you all for your replies..

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They don't "own" your money. Paypal is sort of like a bank, holding it for you. They in no way can take your money, unless it is warranted by legal action...

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They do infact own your money, they use it as they need it, thats why they limit you to 12 withdrawls and pay you interest..

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This is true, but it is no different from a bank, if you want to take out every last dollar you have in paypal, there is nothing stopping you., IMO paypal is the best.

Better than a bank in fact, they do not take monthly service charges either as far as I know..

As far as ebay being too expensive, I have an ebay store and some of their charges are a little stupid, like this new thing they have now, if your item sells the first time, you pay nothing, kinda kool, but if it doesnt you have to pay. b4 it was the other way around. if it sold right away you payed, if it didnt you could relist and then if it sold the second time you did not have to pay. I swear by ebay, but it definatley needs some improvments.....

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Just reading a few lines I thought of.



Np$ app. if reged. and paypal if you make a mill.... lol..

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I don't believe you HAVE to have a "credit card". I believe you can use a mastercard or visa debit card as well. Just be more careful about the amounts you leave in the attached account in case of fraud. Or make sure your bank covers debit card fraud...

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If you would like to Resell domains via Ebay, I will gladly do it. PM ME. YOU MUST HAVE 10+ Feedback...

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You need a credit card to sell, for that buyer protection thing, to gaureentee that you are the seller..

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Actually no, all you need is a bank account....

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As far I know, paypal does not "limit" you to 12 withdrawals, because I have requested and received about 15-20 checks for them. So that 15-20 withdrawals.....

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I mean bank transfers. You can only put money into your bank account 12 times a year. It works out b/c thats once a month. But it limits their money lose aswell..

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What a ripoff... $2 to list a 3 letter .US HostGator with basic features!!!!!!!!!.



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Watch out for people asking things like this I took someone up on a offer to sale things on ebay using my paypal account and let just say I got screwed...

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I would help anyone if I could but know there are some not so honest people around.

Anyway I had 3 sites on ebay last week and not one sold and I only started them at 1..

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Hi mate.

If you can get egold payment than I have a source though which you can get credit card.


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