The Medifast Diet, did it work for you?

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Quick question: The Medifast Diet, did it work for you? Hoping for any answer or 2. My other question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' MONDAY - WEDNESDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe...

Comment #2

Good Morning Captain Sexy! Hope your Monday is a good one!.

Toni where are you this morning?.

Ok checking back from last night then have to get these girls up and out the door. Check back from work...

Comment #3

For those of you that heart gs cookies, stay away. I love them too, however I was so "in the Medifast mode" last year at this time that I didn't have a single cookie. I bought a couple boxes of my favorite to have in maintenence which I finally remembered I had at Christmas time. It can be done, it's all in your head!..

Comment #4

Hey Peeps!.

I was up and at the treadmill! Day 1 of week 2, geesh those 30 extra seconds of jogging each stretch does make a difference......

I'm glad this is a gradual process!!.

I weighed was like what I thought....I will change the ticker......

Comment #5

True dat! And when you are in a good head space about this those kind of things are like victories knowing you have them but haven't eaten them! I am back in that space, I avoided some parties this weekend because I wasn't sure I was, but now it is all good!..

Comment #6

Oh and can someone hook me up with the right banner??..

Comment #7



I drove my son to school because he refuses to wear a coat.

Today is de-claw and de-ball day for my cat...yay!!.

Down 2 this weekdouble yay!!.

Gotta get in the showerhave a GREAT day!!!!.


Comment #8

Good morning ladies (pffffft).

I'm 134 today..

Still need to get to the gym...

Comment #9

Good Morning from work too!.

Way to go Robyn on the 2lbs!! Yippee!!!.

Hi Lori, Lara, Toni, and Ang and everyone yet to check in! Have a great day!!..

Comment #10


Feeling great today! Wish every week could start like this. I have all my weekly case notes completed, finished some additional paperwork for my files, went to the gym for the first time in almost a year (walked a 20 min mile, not great but ya gotta start somewhere) and now I have oatmeal cookies cooking in the oven..

DH is back to work YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAY!!!!! That should dramatically lessen the stress in da house!.

As far as being OP, Im struggling. I am losing slow and I know that is because of BLT's (sometimes it's BIG bites, BIG licks and BIG tastes....) For the last week I have been totally OP, AND gotten all my water in. I dont know why I am struggling so much to get back into this and do it the right way???? I have been reading the boards, and although the tough love group scares me (so I dont post just soak in their thoughts)... I like their strict attitude and that has helped me start some more healthy self talk about what is OP and what is NOT.... Ramble ramble ramble.

Ovens beeping gotta go get cookies out!..

Comment #11

Morning guys!.

The last 2 days kind of got away from me. DS had a friend spend the night Saturday night. I took them snowmobiling yesterday morning (bbrrr!) and then we watched the football games yesterday..

Kind of weird for me...wasn't really cheering for any one in Bears/Packers game. Grew up being a Packer fan so kind of happy they won it, but would have been cool for the Bears to come back and take it from them in the 4th quarter. DS was sad the Bears lost..

Today we have data meetings at school to be sure all the students are getting the services they need. We do this 4 times a year to make sure no one is overlooked. It has to be done, but I would much rather be in the classroom with my kiddos!.

Hope everyone has a GREAT Monday!..

Comment #12


If you're struggling - you need to come here and talk about it..

I said before the year started that I had no intention of being so flighty about the fact that this IS a diet board and that I did not plan to be so chill about people not sticking with the plan..

I'm always happy to throw down an assbeating..

Just sayin'.....

Comment #13

Checking in from work. Hey Ang, Melissa, Jill, Toni and Dawn..

Capt- is that a -5 this week? Yeah WTG!.

Dawn- Snowmobiling sounds fun b ut cold. Hope the data meeting isn't too bad. I totally understand wanting to be in the classroom vs. sitting in a meeting. Sometimes I question my move into managment because of the loss of contact with my kiddos. Trust me I find time often to go play..

Jill- Please continue to come here to get help when you are strugglling. It makes it harder when you don't, plus yo azz will be hurting after Capt kicks it real hard!.

Toni- Love that you can get TM done in the morning. I just can't get myself up any earlier than I already do, plus my TM sucks and I do better going out to the gym. Go week 2 c25K..

Ok guess I oughta work today. I'm going to go soak chili for lunch then work on this mountain of evaluations and care plans I must do. Not to mention I now have to do the SLP's and other OT's because they are not here- WTH?..

Comment #14

Morning shams,.

Still cold here but above zero so there's hope yetlol. This weekend I watched the movie "Inception" with Leo DiCapriohas anyone seen it? Wow, that's one bizarre movie. I had to keep watching it all just to figure out what was going to happen. The guy who wrote it sure has an active imagination. Then I also watched "Going the Distance" with Drew Barrymore and her boyfriend Justin Long but wasn't crazy about that either. Pretty harsh language that I didn't expect thinking it was a standard Rom-com.

I also watched my first episode of the A&E series "Heavy" and found that really interesting. The 2 people they focus on weekly really struggle (as I guess we all do). The man was almost 700 lbs. but he really worked at this loss. It seemed much harder emotionally for the woman but she was much better in the end.

Every bit of motivation I can get helps. Still working with my 5 & 1 plan but due to some financial concerns, have been using Adkins bars occasionally. I try to read the labels and hopefully they won't kill the Medifast results. I did place a recent Medifast order so I've got that covered also. Gotta catch up on some emails so I'll check back later..

Comment #15

I think I'll try that 30 seconds deal. Great idea. Thx!.

How old is your son? Mine are 14 and 15 and also share this aversion to outerwear. I don't know when keeping warm became "uncool". I actually have to threaten the older one with getting something he likes taken away in order to get a coat on him, regardless of temp. He believes a hoodie will ward off all temp change. Whatev....

Good morning captn..

And good morning angela..

And you too Melissa, good morning..

Awesome NSV! Woot!.

We do this at my school too. We call them "data days". Headache but really puts the effort and resources where needed most..

It's Monday, and that's get-er-done-day. I ordered some chili, haven't tried it yet. Should arrive tomorrow if UPS is accountable..

Coincidence, Hubby and I watched this last night (and Social Network too). It was just too bizarre for me. And I'm not a Leo Dicapprio fan typically. But enjoyed Social network quite a bit if you haven't seen that one..

Well, I have figured out that one of the medicines I take, a diuretic, has a direct result on the scale. I take them 4x per week (nearly every other day). So on days that I don't take it, the next morning I weigh a pound more. On days that I do take it, the next morning I revel in the 1 pound result. And on Sunday morning, after taking both Friday and Saturday, I get really ecstatic. Then Monday comes and up a pound we go.

It's good that I have made the correlation..

My dilema for the day: I have a board meeting tonight and will be at work until 9pm or 10pm. I brought all my Medifast meals, and forgot about a L&G for 6pm. So, I have a grocery store within reach, and various fast foods, but nothing to warm anything with/cook. So should I buy a salad with grilled chicken at fast food? Anyone got a great idea?..

Comment #16

Good morning. It is so cold here - my feet are like icecubes. Thessaly is sleeping as are my dogs. I'd like to join them, but I need to get back to work..

I'm down another 4 pounds! This came after a hard-fought weekend of passing up beer and other fried, cheesy, and/or unhealthy foods at a brewpub (I stuck with salad and more shrimp!) and passing up one of my favorites...Auntie Anne's cinnamon and sugar pretzels. My husband had the beer and fried foods, my mother-in-law had the pretzel. Plus, my father-in-law wanted pizza later that night. I stuck with the diet, though, and I'm glad..

Jill and Toni - I need to take your leads and get to the gym. I haven't been there in too long!.

Barb - Inception was an interesting movie! I haven't seen Heavy yet, but wanted to watch it..

Hope you all have good Mondays!..

Comment #17

Hi All from work....chugging my water.....

Congrats on the 4 pounds Jess! Don't worry about exercise until you are a ways in it. Lori will chime in about this no doubt.....

And she has good advice!!!.

Muffy - the C25K week 20 amps up from 60 second jogging intervals to 90 second ones as part of the gradual process. Any kind of interval training is good though..

Speaking of Heavy and exercise...I watched that show this weekend too and it inspired me. I think exercise just bites at any size. But to watch that show and see the very heavy people doing it really inspired me. They were exercising and the trainer was like imagining working out with a refridgearator (sp?) on your back....which is what his extra weight was equal I figured I can easily get on the treadmill everyday!!!!..

Comment #18

Good afternnon all... today is no exception that things are crazy at work. thinking about y'all... wtg on all the great losses here! bbl..

Comment #19

Hi... hey lara. thinkin about you doing reviews of your staff. need to confront one of mine today and give him bad news.... ugh...

Comment #20

Back at work after two days off = no fun at all!!!..

Comment #21

I am going to try and stay off the scale for at least 2 weeks so that I don't stress about it. Not sayin' it's going to happen, but I am going to try. Also, back at the gym today fo'sho'!..

Comment #22

Kori babe, you need to update your shamrock banner, here's the code. Remember to take out the ***.


Comment #23

Hi Angglad you're safely home and someone besides myself is around. However, I'm heading out to an Al-anon class in a few minutes so I'll guess I'll see everyone tomorrow. As you can tell, I'm not going to TN this weektoo lousy of weather. I'll wait a couple of months...

Comment #24

It is kinda slow around here tonight. I haven;t seen any of the movies you all have mentioned, I may need to get out more. Well at least rent more movies maybe. Jess great job staying OP and the great loss as a result. It gets easier every time you resist. andrea hope confronting your worker went ok today.

Barb glad to hear you are still going to Alanon (sp?) and taking care of yourself. Also glad you have a shipment coming. Just seems to be better when it's Medifast vs other brands. Need to place an order myself...

Comment #25

Just checking in..

I'm heading down to have dinner..

Mad love...

Comment #26

Hey Peeps!.

I just got home and had to scarf down some food. I only had 1/4 of an L&G and 1 Medifast meal between 6:00 am-6:00 pm, ruh roh.....

I have some make up eating to do!!!!.

I am trying something "new" this week to stay OP and mirror more typical eating...and I was finding that with the morning treadmill I was starving in teh morning and eating 2 Medifast meals 1 before and 1 right after which set me off to be off all day. So, this is my plan:.

1st. meal - post workout = 1/4 of an L&G as seen here:.


Well really a variation of this, but I made one with spinach and salsa (no olives) the whole thing is one L&G, so I have 1/4 which is a huge piece and makes me meal like I have more substance than an Medifast meal..

2nd, & 3rd. Meals = Medifast drinks at work (2 spaced out).

4th. meal - I came home and made this, to equal another 1/4 of an L&G.


Well really a variation of that too as I don't eat the cheese, the eggbeaters count as 1/4 lean (total = 1/4 L&G; 1MF meal).

5th. meal= 3.5 ounces of tuna, mixed with healthy fat and eaten with the above "bread" with some raw spinach thrown in to make up some G (total = 1/2 L&G).

6th. meal & 7th. meal (spaced out into the evening) - brownie pudding cups (2 Medifast meals).

So yeah I messed up with only one drink at work, but I was mad busy. And yeah this was a long post, but I kind of had to sort it out myself too. This is a whole lotta food, it basically means 5 Medifast meals and L&G split into 2 quarters and 1 half..

Anyways, mad props to Cody Jo for her blog and recipes! interesting stuff and the sandwhich maker may just be my new BFF!!!!.


Comment #27

Barb! I'm way proud of you going to the Al-anon meeting!!!!!..

Comment #28

Rock on! (as long as you are OP of course)...don't let the numbers get you down!!! Weight ain't nothing but a numbah.....

Which reminds me, I saw the funniest thing as per someone's FB status: Age ain't nuthin' but a number, and yeah jail ain't nuthin' but a room.......

Comment #29

Hi from home! Quick stop because I have to go make dinner!.

Toni - I have tried both of those recipes and the tomato sandwich is my favorite. I also LOVE the breafast sandwich with the pancakes egg and MSF sausage patty. My new favorite way to eat the pancakes..

Hi Barb, Ang Lara and Lori! I will come back later and catch up but right now I am a Hungry Girl!!..

Comment #30

Toni I am totally impressed with your planning. However if I had to cook that many things I wouldn't make it. That is one thing I like about MF- quick easy and not much thinking...

Comment #31

Go eat Melissa- we don't want you to miss dinner. I may have to check out this blog for some recipes just in case I decide to get creative...

Comment #32

Yeah but I spend one day a week cooking/preparing....and store up. The egg things lasts for 4 days at 1/4 portion each, and I pre-mix all the tuna with everything measured out. I cook and prepare in bulk!! (for one person!)....the sandwich maker thing is easy...more mixing than cooking......

Comment #33

Fact of the day: If you overcook the Cream of Chicken soup in the microwave you get Cream of Chicken dumpling soup. That is if you catch it before it overflows in the bowl and starts exploding everywhere!.

Hope everyone had a great MF'n day!..

Comment #34


I've never had a problem heating up my COC.....

Comment #35

Oh shitz! This made me laugh so hard! Love it!..

Comment #36

Going to have to try those recipes. I have checked out CodyJo's blog before but never actually tried any of the recipes. I really like your "plan" for spacing the foods out and may try something similar this week too...

Comment #37

Got to get home. Have a butt load of things to do..

Hey to Lara, Ang, Dawn, Robyn, Andrea, Barb, Lori, Toni, Renee, Jill, Melissa, Muffy, and all the rest of the Shammies!!!.

Hope I didn't miss anyone. Will try to do better with the shout outs tomorrow!..

Comment #38

Yeah you still need to adapt them for what works for you (the recipes) some add quite a bit, but she explains all this and how to count it and/or choose to use it...

Comment #39

OK good night lovelies. Toni change that banner ho'- Capt even posted the new one for you earlier (I think) See you all in the morning...

Comment #40

Toni you're like mad scientist with these recipes....i saw all those fractions in your post and my eyes glazed over.

No offense intended, it's impressive!!.

Sorry I don't have any more shouts for y''s 903pm and my benadryl is kickin' in...glad to see everyone hangin' in there!!!!.


Comment #41

Hi Shammies. I am having fun. Hope everyone is doing great. I am doing a morning power walk, have taken 2 salsa lessons, bought a swimsuit and coverup from the vendors on the beach. I hope here is a link of a couple of photos -.


Comment #42

I only recently acknowledged that it is 2011....Ican't find it......

Someone hook me up again......

Comment #43

Hey lovelies!.

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Night!.

And an early Howdy Y'all Happy Tuesday for good measure!!.

Thus begins day one of two crazy weeks here. and Capt - send some of that az-kickin' my way. i'm in need..

Headed back to Tampa for a 2 day conference and won't even have time to see family. then back for a one day conference after which I need to go into work late Friday night - SO not my plan... weekend off (but is it ever really...) then two day class followed by another one day class. OH I can see the emails at work piling up now UG! and SUPER UG! AND my manager is on vaca at the same time. notonly UG but UGLY! :P.

Anyhow - FOCUS and drink my water. I'm wearing my runnin' shoes to Tampa and I WILL be using them. and Zumba on Friday has my name ON THE WALL. This week may be a break even week but it WILL NOT be a gain. **on my honor**.

May not be around much... depends on cell service at the Hyatt.

But will be thinking of my OP gals gettin' it DONE!.

Later lovelies! off to plunge into the class I need to blitz through and test out of tonight.


Comment #44

Hello Everyone!.

Wow! What a busy day I had. Stayed OP! After Jack left the scale did not move today.

It is SOOOOOOOO COOOOOLD here! -2 this am ~ warm of 10 today here in NJ. Hope tomorrow is warmer. Just talked to DH who is in Aruba! Beautiful 80 degrees there. Now they are talking about more snow this week! Can I just bug out to some warm climate and not have to plow or shovel?? OH...I can't wait for spring! The dog's don't even want to go out. The cats watch you open the door and run the other way, probably to some nice warm corner by the heater. Lucky them..

Well, I will try to check in tomorrow. Hope you are all well and staying OP. Stay warm!..

Comment #45

Morning Peeps! I'm headed down to the cold, dark treadmill room.....

Is it wrong that I am getting my workout in so that I can be back in time for the end of Iron Chef?!?! The secret ingredient is bacon!!!!!!! So, if this is wrong, I don't wanna be right!!.

The end is the best when everyone tries everything. I am back to getting the vicarious benefits of other people eating.....bring on the food porn!!!!!!..

Comment #46

Here's that new banner! Go ahead and try it on. You may decide you like 2011 better than 2010!..

Comment #47

You go TM queen. Heck I say food porn is good as long as it doesn't temp you..

Morning Capt when you get here this morning. How are you doing- been a little quiet lately and that makes me worry..

Michele- try to stay warm my friend. I'm also so ready for spring. I think I may have had to go with DH to Aruba. We are going in June and I cannot wait..

Andi- Girl you know that plan and you've done it before even when going to conferences and classes. Plan ahead and take your food with you. You can do this! I expect you to keep your gs promise **on my honor* Check in when you can- we'll miss ya..

OK off to get the morning madness rollin'...

Comment #48

Ok, ok, I changed the banner......

Food porn helps me cope, I will be lurking by the crepe place later!!!!!.

I am so thankful that no one is in teh fitness room this early....medifarts took over the workout.....

Sheesh I hope it helped burn more calories!!!!!..

Comment #49

I hate when that happens! There are always people around though when I go. I just keep going acting like I don't notice it. Luckily there are so many others and the fact they are silent, that nobody knows it's me. OK TMI!..

Comment #50

I guess it is the Lara and Toni show this morning. Where is everyone?!?!?!?.

My fitnesss room is in my building and peoepl hardly ever use was way bad this morning though, I couldn't stand my own self!!!..

Comment #51

Morning lovelies!.

Quick 'Ra run this AM. creepy car so we went a different (and slightly more populated and defintely more lit) route. but it was shorter than planned. Prob good anyway - need a show and finish packing in the next hour....

But I did finish my neonatal class last night! HOORRAH!!!.

Have a great day and I'll catch yyou when I can..

And Toni - way to ROCK the TM this AM - dreams of food porn help..

Comment #52

Morning Toni, Lara and Andi and those still to come,.

Thank goodnes Medifast food has never given me gas. I hardly ever have that problem with anything. It always kills me to be around guys that thinks it's cool to fart wherever they are and then laugh about it. It's often my son that thinks this is funny and I yell at him and then his wife for not speaking up. All in fun though. Nothing much going on today.

I'm learning from Al-anon to do what's best for me and if being with DH right now cuz he's in a nice, normal place is ok. So, guess it's still one day at a time. I got my new Fossil purse I ordered from Zappos yesterday and don't like it. They're using alot of that shiny crinkly look leather on purses now and seeing it in person just doesn't work for me. That's why I picked Zappos, free returns and it was on sale.

Oh well, I'll keep looking. Have a good day everyone..

BTW Sandy, I couldn't get your pictures to download. Can you try again or did it work for everyone else??..

Comment #53

Good morning from work!.

BTW, I LOVE food porn...if you can't eat it, the next best thing is watching it. I watch Diners, Drive-Ins, And Dives and The Best Thing I Ever Ate all the time...

Comment #54

Hi from work..

Sorry I haven't been here..

I crashed super early last night and I got up super late today..

I feel like I have glass in my throat..

No, Robyn, it's NOT a pubic hair..

Mad love to all!..

Comment #55

Good morning Shammies. It's a new dammmn day. And it needs to be because yesterday blew-chunks..

I was completely without plan for my L&G and had a 14 hour day. So at 5pm I went to Wendy's, ordered the chipolte grilled chicken salad, drove away to the board meeting. At the board table, I open it and it's breaded not grilled chicken. I sit and peel off all the breading that I can, and eat. Probably way over but I had 4 hours before I could get home so I ate..

Exhausted, and grouchy, I drive 45 min home and walk inside to find DH scrambling eggs and ham. He hands me a plate with "do you want this?" and I crash to the couch and eat it. (Duh, I want it, and I want ice cream too..but...) Ham... not on plan. 3 extra eggs, also not on plan. Why did I do this? Frankly, it was a concious decision when I ate and I chose to do it and didn't even try to rationalize anything more than exhaustion..

So again, yesterday svcked..

Routine seems to be a key for me. On a "normal" day, I'm fine and have my 5 Medifast meals all planned out and in the lunchbox. It is now apparent that any day longer than normal will take some extra preparation..

Sorry, didn't mean to enter this confessional with 'forgive me, I have sinned' because I think it bears no respect..

I am trying to learn how to do this and do it well. So what did I learn....

Make 2 L&G the night before a big day, take 20 extra minutes for myself so that I don't blow it. Funny, the scale didn't kick me too hard this morning. Odd..

Okay, enough with the sob story of 'why yesterday blew-chunks'. Movin' on..

H2o going down...

Comment #56

Muffy - Just try and plan a little better - and stop beating the shitzz out of yourself..

Barb - Sorry the purse didn't work out. You know I love me some handbags...

Comment #57


Just getting my act together. Went back to bed to get some sleep. Was up until 3:30 am. DD came in at 2:45 am and I was up waiting for her - let's just say I was NOT HAPPY!!!! She will get it tonight when she gets home from work. So, then I was crazy mad and could not sleep. Took DS to school at 7 am and then back to bed until 11:30am.

Big snow coming tomorrow AGAIN! YUK!.

Anyway, I can see I will be cranky the rest of the day...staying OP though..

Will check back later...

Comment #58

That is just so not fair that you are in the cold like that while DH is in Aruba...

Comment #59

Will try and get some more shout outs in later. Got to work this morning and remembered about an IEP that I have today that I had forgot about previously. So...spent the morning writing that and have the meeting in about 30 minutes..

Check in later hookahs...

Comment #60

Hi again from work..

Muffy - you are at least concious about what is going in your mouth. I have found planning was and is ESSENTIAL for me. Without a plan, I totally tank. Also, not sure if this applies to your area but I found that when I'm in a pinch I can ALWAYS get a plain salad and some cooked shrimp from the supermarket..

Comment #61

It is hard for me to use the iPod touch. Miss you...

Comment #62

Drive by.....

Logging water for the day and every morsel that crosses the lips..

Took my Medifast soup with me to Rotary club for lunch. Lots of questions and my answer was... "oh, you know, New Years resolutions, I'm keeping mine. How about you?" Mostly the answer was "oh good for you" and no further questions..


Drive by over, back to wk..

What do you do when you get attacked by a pack of clowns?.

(You go for the juggler. Get it?)..

Comment #63

Quickie from work! My Manager took us to lunch today for all the hard work we do. Luckily one of the guys picked Subway! I was able to have a salad my way and stay OP without any temptations..

I kind of blew it last night too..

Those Damnnnnn Almonds!! I don't think I can trust myself having them as a snack option. First off they were salted, and second...10 just doesnt cut it for me! Before I knew it I ate about 30 (not sure cause I stopped counting!).

I faithfully logged them even though I didn't want to. Well I weighed myself this morning hoping it didnt cause too much damage and I actually was down .2 from Sunday. So if I did gain at least it wasn't past my Sunday WI. Lesson learned. I am 100% back OP today!.

So I have learned that cheese and almonds are triggers for me. I love cheese and it is so hard for me to totally keep it away, but I am controlling it at least. I am learning to live with just a sprinkle instead of a handful!.

Oops gots to go...boss is a calling!!!!..

Comment #64

I bought the 100 calorie packs of almonds so this way I stay portion controlled. Also, I ONLY eat them as a work snack since I will only bring one bag to work:.


Comment #65

The Baby has her 6 month evaluation in an hour...I will try and get back on later..

Comment #66

Afternoon all, it's Tuesday so super busy around here- GS and soccer tonight..

Muffy- You can do this so just remember to plan a little better..

Melissa- I have to stay away from nuts also- BIG trigger, one which I fell into a couple of times..

Ang- Hope the eval goes well, let us know..

Sandy- Glad you are having a good time..

Barb- Too bad about purse, it'll be at the outlet next week since your sending it back. I wasn't able to see Sandy's pix either..

Kori- Hope the IEP went ok today..

Lori- Hope your day gets better and the pubic hair goes down, I mean the glass- lol..

Hopefully will get time to BBL. Need to figure out L&G for tonight. Really need to get to the grocery store...

Comment #67

Oh and I forgot to tell you all that I'm going to a bellydancing class on Friday with my cousin- should be funny!..

Comment #68

Hello All-.

I came home and inhaled my dinner! Tonight was the tuna with COC sandwich maker bread, it actually made a normal-size sandwich...spongey, but normal size..

How is everyone?.

Lara - Belly dancing is fun....I did it at my largest. I actually had my coin belt on this morning shimmying around a little. I'm still trying to get Lori to go to a pole dancing workshop with me in March.....

Muffy - Please no clown jokes. Seriously I supervise some professional clowns and it ain't all juggling and red noses!!! You wouldn't believe the drama.....

Melissa- I can't do the almonds either...messes me way up. The only time I coudl justify is if I did long (like day long) bike rides in the summer, but even then they weren't doing me any good..

Sandi - I hope you are having fun!.

Barb - Buy some shoes to make up for the bag!!.

Andi- hope your travel back to Florida goes well!.

Ang. - 6 month evaluation for what?.

Lori - hope you haven't made yourself pass out!.

Kori- I need to move to California and some warmth!!!!.

Jess- Where you at?.

All right, sorry if I inadvertantly dissed anyone!!!!..

Comment #69

Okay... how about this then....

Why can't you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom?.

(Because the p is silent.).

Stuck at work late, drinking the water. It's warming up here in Iowa, a balmy 27 today..

Sandy it's so cool you can check in from vacation amazing the technology..

MelissaI love almonds. I won't even buy them because I'd finish the jar..

Barb I love a good purse sale. I love a good shoe sale more. No kind of therapy replaces new shoes, new purse, and new hair color/cut. I've known my hair guy since 3rd grade, and he knows all my dirty secrets so I tip him very well..

Oh... I bought the car. Chrysler 300m. Maroon, grey leather interior. Needs new tires so I can't drive it until Friday or Saturday. Hubby says it's a sporty lil' car for his new skinny wife. Wonder who she is.....

Comment #70

Hey Hookers,.

Heading down for dinner..

BBL fo' sho'..

Mad love...

Comment #71

Muffy, glad you got the carlove the Chrysler 300's. I picked up another purse. Not bad looking and it was 40% off with another 20% cuz I'm old and it was senior discount day. It's a really pretty turquoise color. It's funny how purse colors have changed the last few years. Bright, bold colors are everywhere nowadays.

However, I don't think it was enough food for my L&G so may have to go check out a chicken strip or two. Hope everyone has a good night. Lara, remind me why DH is in Aruba now. Aren't you guys going back there in a few months or is he staying home then and it's a girls trip...

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Hi, everyone,.

For those of you that have been on the program for awhile, just wondering if anyone lost any hair?..

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Nope but I have a ton of thick hair (on my head) to start with and I've taken Biotin all along......

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Are you takin' names and kickin' azzess?!?!?.

I did but I ain't got numbers......

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I just realized that my birthdya is on Easter this year....ughhh...I gotta share my last year of my 30's with JC rising again....great.....

But the following week I am running my first 5K in Minneapolis!!!! Well, my first 5K ever but it will be in Minneapolis...I love that city and have a good friend there. She is doing the 10 K (and has done marathons) I might go for that, we'll see.......

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Just wondering what the hell is going on around here these days...

Comment #77

Oh yes, we should all be so conscious of what is going in our mouths.

Especially you Toni...

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Your Toronto ticker makes me kinda sad. DeJaVu that at your Halloween ticker of 2009 I was pushing it to get to 150. I didn't quite make it by the time you arrived, but I stayed OP (except for 2 rum and diet cokes) throughout and did shortly after......

I don't think I will be 150 when you get here in March......

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Maybe you should worry a bit more about stepping in butter again, you never know when things can get a bit slick all of sudden......

Comment #80

No - but you can probably be in the 150's...

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Alrighty then! now that I got THAT out of my system.

Hi everyone!.

Sandystill working on the envy, but VERY happy to see pics and to see you checkin' in!! what a good ShamROCK you are!!!.

Andii'm so glad we shared a bed in AC, cuz now when I read your posts, I can hear your super-chill voice talking to me and I don't feel as lazy and useless as when I didn't know your voice!.

You're always so BUSY girlfriend! you know you'll be fine, cuz it's par for the course!.

Capi didn't think you had a pubic hair in your throat, I thought you had a dozen pubic hairs in your throat.

Barbsorry you didn't like your bag! me no likey returning things.....

Larabelly dancing sounds awesome!!! pics please!.

Muffyyou aired it, does it make you feel better? remember, you gotta watch what yo' puttin' in that mouth! or maybe you don'tnew car anyone?.

Melissanuts make me nuts!!.

Michelleno more snow!.


Angi second Toni's question6 month check up for what???.

AFMpicked my kitty up today after his surgery, he's like "where's my claws? oh wait, where's my BALLS???" (imagine a kitty voice) and he was sent home with kitty painkillers...really? it's easier for my cat to get a prescription than me? did he have to blow someone? i'm gonna sue.....

Tip of the dayif you'd like to naturally rid yourself of some water weight, take a potassium supplement (if this works for you with other medications etc) like a charm! -2 from yesterday after forgetting to take them all weekend! me likey.

Just registered for the Jeopardy online test to be a contestant someday...don't worry, if I ever to make it on TV, i'll choke.

Gotta get some bills paid and other fun stuff.

Love you girls madly.

So sorry if I missed anyone..

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Me too!!!!! vince and sonny were like "what?".

Never mind..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.