Thoughts on Nutrisystem Diet? Costs?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Thoughts on Nutrisystem Diet? Costs? Thanks for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Has anyone tried this? To have one day per week away from Nutrisystem foods? Not to use that day to binge by any means, but rather stick to 1500 calories, but eat different foods, like Subway or Healthy Choice soups? Seems like this would help not to get bored with Nutrisystem foods and add some variety without adding calories..

Thoughts? Has anyone tried this?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Hi Smails,.

I wouldn't do it. Seems to me like it would be a good way to sub-optimize your loss rate. Also, the nice thing about Nutrisystem is not having to think about it too much. I say just do the program, it works great as designed. And I never got bored of the food, I ate more variety on Nutrisystem than off...

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I wouldn't do it either. In my opinion, this is about a mindset of fixing your mind on a goal. If you always know you have "a day off," then you will be more likely to cheat. I would rather stick hard for three months, than have a day off and be on it for six months...

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My day off was yesterday, and I stuck to 1500 calories. Subway sandwich, healthy choice soup, and some whole grain pasta for dinner. Was able to stick to the calories relatively easily. I know one day off per week isn't for everyone, but so far it worked for me, lost 3.5 lbs in first week!.


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I agree...That isn't what most people would call a "day off". Most think of it as a day they can regress back to their previous eating habits, which is the worst thing you can do when trying to change..

If you are able to make it work, more power to you. I am not sure why you wouldn't just stay on NS, if you are "doing the plan" anyway, but that is your choice..

Best of luck,.


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Yea, when I go "off plan" I really go off - but I think your approach is fine if you are a good calorie counter and can keep it to 1500 calories.....

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My kind of day off would be like that. A nice treat would be something from Subway! Congrats...

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Usualy once a week (sometimes twice) I eat out with friends. I'm sure I go over calories when this happens, but not by an absurd amount. Yeah it's slowed down my weight loss, but oh well..

I think going off plan once a week by a few hundred calories wont kill you, just understand your weight loss WILL slow down...

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If you consider going off plan for a day not eating Nutrisystem foods then I do it all the time. If you consider bein on plan eating the way the Nutrisystem program is laid out, then I have rarely been off plan for the last year. I am a CPA and I take clients, attorneys, bankers and others to lunch, ballgames and etc all the time. When I do, I do not take Nutrisystem entrees with me. I use it as a practice for when I am off the Nutrisystem program. Can I stay away from the fries and chips?.

I would be very careful of this. Its too easy to let one day become two and then it just grows from there...

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As long as you stay in moderation and close to the plan, a day off once in a while allows you to stick to it longer. Just don't make it a habit...

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I don't think I have enough control to go off plan. Was worried about Christmas and New Year's dinner ... and I still went off plan and confess to pigging out. It cost me 3 lbs that week ... I'm down about 1 lb of that so far this week but essentially the 'off plan' meals cost me two weeks of weight loss, maybe more. We all probably do it a few times on the Nutrisystem program but the key is to get right back on plan and focus on the road ahead...

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Well I just saw that this website has a dining out guide and they didn't say NO - BAD BOY! They had some good tips. Basically I think it's like anything else in life: moderation. E-..

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I plan to do this once I'm 2-3 months away from goal to try to ease myself into maintenance. But absolutely not until I'm that close...

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I think it is a great idea. It will teach you how to do Nutrisystem on your own..

Caveat- If you don't have the discipline to eat correctly off plan, it will lead to a relapse on your day off. Be ever vigilant...

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I totally agree about getting ready for maintenance, however I believe it really matters where you are in the program..

Assuming you will be on the program to reach your goal for at least 6 months, I wouldn't recommend going "off plan" for the first three months. This gives you time to understand program and build it into your life style..

During months 4-6, I would begin to experiment with maintenance as long as you continue to lose weight on a pace you are happy with..

Once you reach goal, you need to assess your strategy for eating to ensure you don't gain the weight back (which is by far the hardest part!!!!!).

When this thread was started, I assumed the question was for a person just beginning the program, which might have been a mistake on my part..

I completely agree with thinking about maintenance while you are on the plan, since that is the place you should spend most of your time in the future..


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Actually, the counselor I spoke to mentioned Nutrisystem helps you set up maintenance using your own food. May be a good idea to make use of that resource and ask them questions...

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