Tips on sticking to Medifast Diet?

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First question I have is Tips on sticking to Medifast Diet? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new team:.

November Knockout's!!.

Everyone is welcome, newbie's such as myself, and ALL others!.

I created this team because I was having a hard time trying to figure out what team to join. So instead of joining another, I decided to make my own and let everyone else decide to maybe choose my team! I just started a few days ago and I think that creating this team will help me to stay OP and hopefully receive and give motivation..

A little about me: I am 24, married, with a 15 month old daughter. I have about 60lbs + to lose, but 160 is my first goal. I went to college to be an elementary teacher but not yet employed (thank you recession that has forced all those retirement age teachers to NOT retire!). I hope to find support through this thread and hope that it finds you interested in joining..

Below, I have created a banner and if you would like to join and grab the banner to add to your signature that is great! I hope to help those who may not be able to find another team to join...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

I'm on Day headache is finally starting to go away. But that might be because my 15 month old daughter who is getting 4 teeth is napping...well she WAS napping. I think I hear her now. Anyone else out there in week one? Those that are not, does the headache stay for very long?.

Also, let's brainstorm a challenge...there are already Christmas and Valentine's Day challenges so let's think of something else...

Comment #2

I figured it out! hahah Great team name!!.

And HELLLSSS yes we are knockoutttts even if the only knocking-out Ive been doing is to the springs on my bed!..

Comment #3

Hey lindsss hope it was ok to make your banner smaller with no blinggg xo..

Comment #4

Little Info about me!.

Age: 24.

Status: Single.

Babies?: nonnnezo.

Lbs I'm kickin' to the curb : 100 (thaaaaass right a HUNDO!).

Start Date: Nov 15. 2010..

Comment #5

No problem! I'll be back on later tonight or tomorrow with something for this team to participate in. Any ideas are welcome!..

Comment #6

Well it might just be the two of us! Haha, but that's okay. We'll keep each other motivated. I was thinking last night of a new years resolution challenge, but I see some has already created one, so I might join that one. I encourage you to as well! I think it will keep on us track!.

What hobbies do you have? I always find it helpful to keep my scrapbook stuff close because I can spend hours doing that (especially with trying to finish my daughter's first year scrapbook). When I am not subbing, it helps me stay away from cravings, which hopefully will go away now that I am on MF..

I am also bound and determined to find a new recipe for the chocolate chip pancakes! I want to like them so bad!..

Comment #7

Hi guys! I'd love to join your new group.

I'm pretty new myself, I'm on week 3. I couldn't figure out a group to join either haha!! I'm in the sweetheart challenge, you guys should do that it's only on week 2!.

You were wondering about the headaches, and yes they do go away!! I think my first week was kinda rough, then one day I woke up feeling really great, it was awesome. So just hang in there.

Here's a little info about me: I'm 33 with an almost 4 year old daughter. My husband is in the Navy and he's currently stationed in Washington state and we're in the Boston areaBOO!!! But, he's coming for a visit next month so I am determined to get to 159 by 12/30 for his visit!! I am a stay at home mom and we looove to travel...I just pack up a suitcase for my daughter and me and we go on little trips. It's gonna be so nice to have some support and friendship while trying to lose these pounds!!..

Comment #8

Hi All!.

I'm a veteran, started Medifast 3 years ago on November 1st. I lost 130 pounds, and started running like a fiend. I was working with a trainer who wanted me to switch to a different diet plan.and here I am, still not at my goal weight. ENOUGH! I have maintained the bulk of my loss, but am determined to get to where I want to be finally. So much more to the story, I'm glad to share as I go along..

I guess because I started in November of 2007... I still consider myself a November starter... mind if I join in on the group? I found that being a part of a regular group was so critical to helping stay on plan..

Day one for me.. off to clean out the pantry, have my morning coffee and get movin!.

Have a great day,.


Comment #9

Hi guys! I'd love to come aboard also! As of November 1st, I'm back on Medifast for a second round. I lost 40 pounds about 2 years ago and loved the program. Now I'm back to take off the baby weight (plus some) from having my beautiful son a year ago. It's time for me to make my health a priority again!..

Comment #10

Welcome everyone! Glad to see some more interest in the group. It's so nice to have support from friends on the same plan. A little more background about myself:.

I have always been aware of my weight issue. It kind of runs in my family and I am determined to not let that make me who I am. I was up to 218 my freshman year of college and then lost 40 lbs by exercising and doing Weight Watchers. Then I slowly gained 20 lbs back by the time I got married after I graduated from college. Then I got pregnant with my daughter and gained wayyy too much. I've taken some of that weight off with Weight Watchers, again, but need a more strict plan.

So glad to be a part of this community of supporters!..

Comment #11

G'mornin, everyone!.

How'd did you all do yesterday? I found that I really enjoyed being back OP, it just seems to naturally fit my lifestyle. My hardest time is that afternoon of day 3... which I will hit tomorrow at work. Sometimes it waits until day 4 or 5 to creep up on me, but I am just going to take it one step at a time. I ordered my stash of products yesterday, as most of what I had left in the pantry was out of code (some as far back as 2008.ewww!). Was kind of wondering why my scrambled eggs tasted so gross yesterday morning.

Had the brownie for the first time last night as my last meal.. WOW! With a little reduced fat whipped cream on top - mmmmmm. Satisfied the sweet tooth..

My biggest problem now is getting back to water drinking. I used to be soooo good, drinking 1 1/2 gallons a day (for real!). Now I'm lucky if I can choke down 6 glasses. I can't seem to kick the crystal light habit. Anyone else run into this? I'm wondering if I add just a dash of crystal light to my water, just enough to give a hint of flavor, if that will help wean me off. Hm.....

Anywho... hope you all have a great day. You can do it!!!!.


Comment #12

Morning all! Coager, it sounds like we have a lot of similarities with our weight. I was never skinny, but it got out of control in college until I joined ww in the summer. Weight started creeping on again after I got married (I think I was trying to be Betty Crocker and cooking and baking too much), so I joined Medifast and lost a lot. Then I skipped transition and maintence so I could start our family and I gained too much in my pregnancy. I tried to do it myself, but I wanted to go back to what worked before and really do it right this time..

Tamaisin, I totally agree about the water. It's harder this time to get it all in! Plus, I'm a teacher, so I can't just leave the kids to take a bathroom break! Also, it's harder this time around with kids! Sometimes my toddler is literally trying to shove cereal and cookies in my mouth! Talk about temptation!.

Enjoy the end of your weekend ladies!..

Comment #13

Hi everyone! Cubsfan, I know exactly what you mean about your kids trying to shove goodies in your mouth! My 3 year old daughter tries to give me bites of everything she eats, especially her halloween candy..grrr! I just keep telling myself that if I lose all of my weight, eventually I'll be able to have a little bite. Today I am going to make this really yummy sounding recipe that I keep seeing everyone on the boards talk about. It is a cauliflower crust pizza...I cannot wait! It'll be nice to have some "pizza" again. I hope it turns out good..

Tamaisan, wow 130 pounds!! That is soo awesome! It's nice to know that the plan actually works, and I'm sure you have a ton of great advice! Well, I'm off to some outlet stores..have a great day everyone!..

Comment #14

Hey! I'd love to join the group! I made my first order last Friday and I can't wait for it to get here! I'm 25, not married but living with bf. My 2 kids are my dog, Davis and my cat, Loki (AKA Toot). I'm a certified pharmacy technician but currently not working. I started walking a few miles a day a few months ago but have not lost, but gained weight. I'm so happy to find support on here! When I told my friend I was starting medifast she asked why. I said I'm tired of being fat.

I said Well, I am..

I'm happy to find ya'll!.


Comment #15

Exercise is on my mind! I used to take 2 classes a week at the local gym, but now I am down to one because I start coaching last week. I take cardio kickboxing and I love it! It's a 45 min intense class that always has me leaving dripping with sweat. I missed class last week because my husband had parent/teacher conferences. This week starts a new 6 week session and I am determined to make at least one class a week..

I think I will add another mini goal: once I loss 20 lbs and I buy new workout clothes, I will also join the gym (to go on my own and not just the classes)..

What are your exercise habits and goals?..

Comment #16

I try to take my dog for a 1-2 mile walk almost everyday. I'm in south texas and this cooler weather has been great!!..

Comment #17

Today ends my first week on Medifast and I have lost 7.4lbs! That's awesome! I know the coming weeks probably won't show as big of a drop, but I think my goal is 2-3 lbs a week. I think I will add a bigger goal of entering onederland by Christmas!.

I boxed up a few foods last night to send back for exchange. I wish it wouldn't take so long. It's like they are forcing you to have to go and buy the replacements so that you are not short on food..

Here is a list of food that I decide on reordering or trying:.

(Tried and I like): Brownies, Choc. Pudding, S'mores, Lemon Meringue, Choc. Chip and Caramel Crunch Bars, Dutch Choc. and French Vanilla Shakes, Honey Mustard Pretzels, Parmesan Cheese Puffs, Hot Cocoa, Raspberry Tea..

(Things I have to try again): Tomato Soup Grilled Cheese, Choc. Chip Pancakes, Cappuccino, Chicken Noodle Soup Chips.

(Things I want to try either by itself or in a recipe): Broccoli Soup, Scrambled Eggs, Shake Cake..

(Things I have tried and will not order again): Coffee & Choc Mint Soft Serve (I might try the mango sometime and make it a smoothie), Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup by itself (maybe I have to try it with bouillon).

(Foods I want to order to try and would love feedback on):.

I have Chili Nacho Puffs and Cinnamon Pretzels coming as two of the exchanges, I would like to try the infusers, I am interested in the Beef Stew, but nervous, other crunch bars like Peanut Butter, Fruit & Nut and maybe the plain Chocolate. Not sure what else looks good. Definitely not the oatmeal, but then I thought about ordering it to try muffins..

So what are your thoughts on the food? Did you try something you didn't like more than once. I liked the Lemon Meringue bar better the second time around. Anything you would never order again or be sure never to forget in an order?.

Have a great day knockouts!..

Comment #18

Lindsay, good job on your first weeks loss!! I love this diet because you see results so quickly and it's very motivating. You know what's so weird about the food, is that I notice that everyone likes different things...for example you wrote that you would not order choc mint soft serve again and that is my second favorite thing!! haha...and you love the hot cocoa but I was literally gagging trying to drink weird..

I've decided to try to do mostly non-soy products, because I've seen a few posts about some women having troubles with their period and I definitely do not want a 2 week period or anything lol!! Here's my list of food preferences:.

LOVE: Choc. Mint soft serve, choc. mint crunch bars, antioxidant dark choc. shake (my fave).

LIKE: Peanut Butter crunch bars, tomato soup, chicken and wild rice soup, cinnamon apple oatmeal, peanut butter soft serve (it's ok).

NEVER AGAIN: pancakes, hot cocoa, strawberry shake.

TRY AGAIN LATER: vanilla shake, vanilla pudding, parm cheese puffs, cinn apple pretzels.

I really want to try the brownies, I've got some coming in this months order. Since I'm trying to do mostly non-soy it limits my choices, but I'm ok with that..

Ok, after reading your post about excersizing, I've decided I definitely need to start!! Have a great day everyone!!..

Comment #19

Hey gals! It's so hard for me to post during the week with my sched, but I'll catch up on the weekend for sure..

So far, 100% OP since I restarted saturday. Lunch date today, so a little nervous. pizza place but I scoped the menu and am doing salad with shrimp. dressing on side.

You all are doing great - so proud!! Keep up the great work... can't wait to hear more..



Comment #20

Hi..I started on Sat(11/13). Yesterday and today I have had a headache. I hope they go away soon!..

Comment #21

My headache lasted 2-3 days, but now it is gone! It was a dull ache compared to the migranes I used to get. Don't worry Barbara, it'll go away...

Comment #22

Good Afternoon Girls!.

Day two and I am feeling good.

OP so far! Hope everyone is doing great!.

@ Lindsey- I like the broccoli soup.

I add a couple pieces of broccoli (from my green for the day) to it and it tastes really good..

Comment #23

I am having a hard time not thinking about having a couple drinks next week during the holidays.....

Comment #24

Lindsay- I'm worried about the same thing!!.

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do."-Eleanor Roosevelt.

We can do it!! My food comes tomorrow and I'm so excited!..

Comment #25

Hi Knockouts!!.

I am sooo excited I just bought some sugar free syrups from Da Vinci...I got pumpkin pie, gingerbread, eggnog and carmel..yuuuummy!!.

Sarah-good luck starting can do it!!! I was like a little kid when my first box of food came haha!.

Barbara2-Is your headache gone? I hope your feeling better.

How do you like the plan so far?.

Volcom-Yaaay for getting thru the first couple of days!!.

Lindsay-I was just thinking the same thing about the booze haha!! It's going to be hard when everyone around me is drinking, but I just try to tell myself that one drink is not worth all my hard work this past month!.

Tammy-How did your lunch go?? It's hard going out to eat on this diet!.

Well, I hope everyone has a great tomorrow!! Nicki..

Comment #26

I had my epidural injections today for my back pain, oh boy! I am in some pain right now. The numbing medicine is starting to wear off right now and I am icing it, even though it is freezing out and all I want is a hot bath. I can't take advil until tomorrow. The discharge papers say weight gain as a possible side effect of the steroids in the injections, I really hope that I do not experience this particular side effect..

Nicki- Those flavorings sound amazing. Did you order them online?.

Sarah & Nikki- The more I have thought about it, I have come to the conclusion that a drink is not worth it. Plus I wouldn't stop after one drink, I would probably have a few, then like everyone says...drinking leads to picking at food...which I DO NOT want to do. I think I am going to buy myself some lime flavored seltzer (poland spring makes a really good one). I wonder if having a squeezed lime would be bad?..

Comment #27

Gettin' into the groove of this plan! I am stoked to report a 5.4lb in TWO days!! TWO days! isn't that insane! Its only been two days and I am feeling great! I just know this is it for me.

Jonesy- Thanks!! I am stoked to see what tomorrows loss will bring.

Linds- Have you decided whether or not to go off plan for the holidays drink wise? You have done so awesome so far I think you can do it!!.

Keep up all the hard work!!..

Comment #28

I have decided, and I WILL NOT go off plan for the holidays. I have spent too much money on this plan and have seen far too good of results to go OP for a drink. I will be sticking to seltzer...

Comment #29

My food came today! My first medifast meal was at 4, fedex came late. Should I still try to do the 5 and 1 today? or just what I can fit in the rest of the day? btw dutch chocolate shake isnt that bad!..

Comment #30

Lindsay those injections sound awful.

I feel for you!! About the syrups, yes I ordered them off their website...I can't wait to put them in my coffee!.

Sarah-I say go for it!! You have a lot of motivation so what a great time to start! I haven't had the dutch choc. shake..hmm I really love chocolate so I'm thinking I should try it. Good luck and keep us updated the next few days!!.

Off to get my eyebrows waxed, have a great night everyone!! Nicki..

Comment #31

The dutch chocolate shake is really yummy. I do mine up in the MB with lots of ice and blend it realllllly good. I think I am going to try it mixed with coffee sometime. I had the COB soup today and I wasn't that impressed. I did add a LC cheese to cream it up a bit and a tsp of parmesan cheese and cooked it on the stove. Didn't turn out too bad, but I just don't think the soups are for me.

Shook it up in the shaker with the water, a little more than they recommend, and a few ice cubes then pour it over more ice cubes. It is a little thicker than the teas, but I enjoyed it. I bet it would be good blended with ice too, like a smoothie!.

Hope everyone is having an OP and fabulous day. 9.4lbs in 9 days for me! I think I will be more than 10 lbs down by Thanksgiving and well on my way to losing the last 12.2 lbs of my baby weight by Christmas/New Years! Then maybe I will reward myself with a great outfit..

On the booze topic, I am going to stay OP throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas, then if I see great results I might give myself a treat of a few drinks NYE. We'll see...

Comment #32

Hope everyone is having a wonderful OP week. Thanksgiving is coming up and it will probably be a little stressful but you can stay on OP and feel great. I had my first dinner yesterday (one of four!!!) and brought mashed cauliflower as my dish to pass and had turkey. Just being around family made me feel so good that the food didn't matter!.

Bringing an OP side to eat with your turkey is a great idea because in my mind I was thinking that I would be able to eat other veggies already on the dinner table...boy was I WRONG! Squash, sweet potatoes, stuffing, mashed potatoes, coleslaw...none of it is OP. So I am glad I decided to bring the cauliflower or else I would have been only eating turkey. I am going to make it for each dinner I go to, it's so cheap. I think I might try to make my own stuffing for one dinner and then I'll either bring green beans or a tossed salad so I have more options...

Comment #33

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!.

I hope that we are all able to resist some major temptation today, and that tomorrow we will feel great about ourselves!! I made some of that OP crustless pumpkin "pie" lol..we'll see how that tastes...I am soo super excited because today is my weigh in day and I lost 4 pounds last week!! I couldn't believe it, so I weighed twice haha...that's the most I've lost since week 1 and it's my 5th week.

I'm finally in the 160's...So there is NO way I'm going off plan today and losing all my momentum!.

Have a wonderful day today.


Comment #34

Awesome loss this week Nicki! I hope you have a great day!.

And to everyone, Have a Happy Thanksgiving!..

Comment #35

I want to be a November knock out!! I've been searching the plethora of groups forever... Starting the 3rd week tomorrow... Is it wrong that I look forward to my weigh in every morning and I can't sleep!?!..

Comment #36

Hahah I do the same thing.. some lady on here accused me of having emotional problems on my blog because I weigh myself every morning after going to the bathroom. soooo lame!..

Comment #37

I do the same...and no one is going to get me to stop! I am just genuinely excited to see what's on there. Yea, sure it would be just as exciting to see a bigger lose at the end of a week, but I have never been like that...

Comment #38

Haha @Volcom are you freakin kidding me??? Well I guess we ALL have problems if we are on here anyway, clearly! However, emotional? And from stepping on the scale from being on a "lifestyle changing" diet? Typically, people want to weigh themselves when they're working hard like this!! LOL Whatevs!..

Comment #39

I'm glad to see that everyone is still posting here...How about a new topic to discuss?.

What will you be wearing for the holidays?Anything special?.

What are you doing for New Year's Eve? Any special new outfit for the occasion?..

Comment #40


Decided to stay home for NYE which is my biggest party of the year drinking like a fish etc. Id much prefer to avoid that altogether and be close to my food and beverages of choice, aka water and MF. However, my fiances sister decided to invite herself over, one thing led to another, now were having a party here! OYE. Oh well at least I'm close to my own food and can easily get away with this safe and OP..

I have a cute new lil sequin black top I bought for my bday last month but it was too fitted for my taste. I am a loose and baggy comfy kinda gal most of th time, and at all costs avoid fittd clothing. Tried it on today, not so bad but would care for a bit more room around the boobage. Hoping to pull it off by NYE with hopefully a cute pair of new jeans or a skirt!.

How about you?..

Comment #41

I have already decided that I will probably have a few drinks on NYE. I have come to the conclusion that if I cannot control having a drink here and there while on the diet, then I wouldn't be able to when I am not on it anymore. I have done great having three drinks at Thanksgiving and then one this past weekend. I do not see if damaging my weight loss so I am comfortable with having some on NYE. The past two years we haven't really done anything for NYE because two years ago I was pregnant and last year our daughter was still really young. I want to go out and have a great time, where a great outfit and be with great friends..

Not sure what I will wear yet. For Christmas I just bought a new sweater dress and leggings and an AWESOME pair of boots. I have a red short dress that I wore to a wedding just before I got pregnant that would be a good NYE dress, but it all depends on what we decide to do...

Comment #42

Good for u! U deserve to go out!, guess I am saving up all this drinking for what will be a crazy summer. I definitely need a good cute pair of boots that are walkable! The red dress sounds hot!..

Comment #43

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.