Trying to host e107 on 123 server...HELP ME PLZ!!?

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Question I have... Trying to host e107 on 123 server...HELP ME PLZ!!? Hoping for any response. Another question on my mind: Is there anyway to search every HostGator I owned?.

I need to know a HostGator I owned around 1998 with N64 in the name and it was a dotcom. Odd legal issue I can't get into now..

Can anyone assist? Having a tough time tracking this down. I can't remember the domain..

Whois should be:.

Jesse Labrocca.

18 Saint Marks Place.

New York, New York 10003.

Possible nameservers were:.

Any help appreciated...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

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This isn't really a legal question though. My question is HostGator related. I need to know if I can somehow get a history of registration based on certain criteria...

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Were there email communications from your registrar regarding the change in registrant back when you transferred the HostGator to somebody else? Would they be able to get a copy of this email for you?.

This makes me think that I should burn all the emails regarding HostGator name transactions into a CD..

Does anyone know where to locate a centralize database of HostGator whois information? Is the whois information kept by ICANN or by individual registrars? If it's kept by the registrars, then will there be a discontinuity if the HostGator is pushed from 1 registrar to another registrar? since each registrar will have info for different periods. Who has the complete whois info since date of creation until now?..

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Wow 1998!.

What type of legal issue ? .

If there was legal issue, maybe you can check such data with a lawyer,p.i, or by your self in court archives or public libraries, looking for that period and area, using your name as reference ? Maybe old fashion research will give you better and faster results.

For your *n64* case..

But for all domains you owned....maybe you have to direct question to icann and registry operator for that zone..

You can try to dig some info at dns HostGator cached page:.


Good luck...

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And there lies the rub in offering such a possibly cost-prohibitive service. No.

Registrar is obligated to share their registration data to anyone else without a.

Court order or some kind of workable agreement..

ICANN is seeking to escrow registration data. As usual, the challenge is being.

Able to work out the devil in the details...

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Try using the waybackmachineThey might have saved personal data like that...

Comment #6 doesn't help unless you know the HostGator which I don't have...

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If you bought on credit card, maybe they have some record...

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I know this is a stretch but.

Using this method.

You can browse through the listed domains and see if one of those domains (inside a 1,996 + 1,476 HostGator list.

) may ring a bell for you..

Maybe you can import all those domains, and run a nameserver history check to find the atari nameserver domain(s)..

But I don't know if there is a free tool out there that could do this for you though..

Good luck though...

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Someone got your HostGator name, and is now requestions "SEND MY PASSWORD" to my email button??..

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Well my old registrar said in 1998 there was on NSOL. So I guess that's a help. I do remember my email address from then too. I may need to call netsol and see what they can come up with. I think I am getting closer at least..

Damion...not a bad idea..worse case I print out all those names and try to find it...

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Dont know mate. I just spent a good deal of time digging through your Internet history, searching multiple associated emails, for past game sites, etc... I'm coming up short. You don't seem to have developed it, or if you did, you weren't linking to it on your other sites. Though I'm sure you've already done all of this...

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