Uploading domain (subdirectory) to website with 123 reg?

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First off, Uploading domain (subdirectory) to website with 123 reg? Many thanks for any comment. Another question... I need help in choosing the best HostGator name for a 123 reg website that will offer several hundred names for sale. Most of the names have to do with globalwarming, pollution, green and alternative energies..

I need to decide between,, or Which would you choose?.

I know in most cases it's usually best to go with the shortest name but I really like the longer one. It seems to have a good 'ring' to it and both 'Global' and 'Green' seem to be real popular words right now..

Please help me decide. I'm really have a tuff time picking the best name..

Your help will be greatly appreciated....Thanks..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could assist you..

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I must have really scared the crap out of you with my pm about how scary your old site name choices were. Anyhow, these 3 new ones are VERY GOOD. Go with my. The word "my" has become extremely popular among HostGator names and nobody forgets it. "i" is also good, but my is better. good luck...

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I've attached a poll to your thread to make it easier to keep track of..

I'd vote for "my" or "global", personally, although "global" makes the name awfully long...

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Keep in mind that what people "Think" is the best name and what people "Respond" to is not always the same thing. I have a similar dilemma and i'm going to let the visitors decide for me. How you ask....

Google Adwords!.

Do a split test of your ad for the site, use the same ad copy, tagline and only change the headline and display URL..

After a minimum of 30-50 clicks per ad you should have a pretty good idea what gets people to respond..

When unsure... Test Test and Test again..



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I think that mygreendomains is a good name, and shorter which is desirable, however I'm still leaning more towards GlobalGreenDomains. I think that the name is highly brandable, and contains two very relevant keywords. Plus I think that it may have further uses other than just what you're thinking of doing at the moment (always think towards the future and allow yourself room to grow). Just my .02 cents...

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My thoughts exactly and thats why I'm having a hard time deciding..

I expect most of my traffic will come from ppc pages where I will also have a for sale sign that will direct them to my website. I don't expect much url type-in traffic so I really don't see too much value in the shorter name for this particular site..

Thanks to all of you for your votes and comments and a special thanks to Etab for putting the poll insert at the top of the thread. That really helps!.

Are there any others out there who can help with this poll? Be assured I appreciate it. Thanks..

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J just voted for GlobalGreenDomains, but now I actually think I like MyGreenDomains better.

It just sounds friendlier. I suppose, then, if you're going for a more "corporate" sounding name, go with "Global". If you want something more personal and friendly sounding, go with "My"...

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With all of your help I've finally made a decision. I'll go with MyGreenDomains. I really like 'GlobalGreen' but I think 'MyGreen' is simpler and more easily remembered..

I really appreciate all your comments and suggestions..

Good Luck to you...

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