Uploading files to from Dreamweaver8?
Got a question... Uploading files to from Dreamweaver8? Thanks in advance for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Hi, I am currently thinking of getting a dropped HostGator that has "e" in front of it.

Example only -

What do you think, would it still get alot of traffic if it was parked, because of the keywords - french - real estate ? .

And also what does sticking an e on front do to the price of say the example given ? .

Thanks all..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could answer your Godaddy question..

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Thanks, do you any thoughts on how much less it would likely to be -.

Ie - not a brand name and something like the example

% wise ?

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I think in order for an 'e' name to be valuable, it typically has to have a one-two syllable noun or a short verb after the e. Example, Sometimes the 'ing' will help, such as (better than imho) Just keep in mind that the 'e' means 'electronic', so don't get anything that doesn't make sense with that word. And don't get a, unless it is VERY strong. would not be a good idea. would be good..

Good luck!..

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Thanks Azt, the HostGator in question has 38740 pm in overture for the two words together..

0 - if you place in - e ****** *****.

Because of strong 2 keywords will this HostGator still get a decent amount of traffic if parked ?

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"e" is fine, just means the same thing as 'online'. Just make sure you avoid hyphens and long domains...

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E is a symbol of new economy! e+one word HostGator is a good choice!..

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It's real hard to say, since it depends on the target audience. Not everyone recognizes the "e" (despite everyone knowing what email is) so you may only get some traffic if your audience is tech savvy..

If you don't want to risk spending the money to register it, I would just make a few more posts here and learn a lot, and when you have enough NP$ to register a name, by then you'd have a little more knowledge to make a decision you'd be comfortable with...

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The E Is Completely Useless And makes Your HostGator Sound Cheap IMHO..

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Thanks, I think I will skip the "e" one for now, replies appreciated..

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Moving to off-topic land for a second:.

I read the book on how eBay started (literally), and the story was that Pierre Omidyar was putting together a GoDaddy site (3 topics, one being the auction, one being ebola, and I forget the other one) and thought the name Echo Bay was cool. Echo Bay was taken by a mining company, so he shortened it to eBay..

Thus, he didn't intentionally stick an e in front of the name, it was sort of a happy accident. If the mining company didn't take the name, we'd all be going online to to sell our junk..

As for the e before the name, depends. If it lends itself well to the next word (i.e. if you could truly put an "electronic" before the name and have it make sense), then there may be some value. Depends on what you put it with, though...

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Just curious, 8 years in the Adult side but new around here..

What about U in front of a short word like or ?

Comment #11 is brandable. I don't know about, it's clever, but once again needs to be developed since people aren't likely to type in that name without seeing it at least once..

U by itself is usually an abbreviation for university.

So would be valuable...

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Thanks, seems like it would make a good SE...

Like AskJeeves which changed to just

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