US iPage web host that hosts website that end in

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My first question is US iPage web host that hosts website that end in Thanks for any response. Another quick question... I'm working on this page.


And whenever the main part of the page gets longer...the background on the page begins to tile, and as you can the background fades from dark purple to light. So when it starts to looks there a way that I can get the background to no tile? and just stretch along with the page?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an anything. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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I'm talking about the Purple Grid thing..I know the medicine symbol tiles..and thats cool. But I don't want the purple grid thing to have to scroll down to see it tile. It's very obvious what I'm talking about, once you click here..and scroll down.


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I see exactly what you mean... what entimp told you to do is the right way of doing it! so..... do it!..

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Ok I see what you mean... try this:.


<style type="text/css">.

Body {background-image: url(/images/lipswwhite300.gif); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed;}.



I think the above with a change to your bg image and route to it will do the job...

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Karinne I was half right, I think he/she means the BG should not scroll... the previous post will fix that...

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Maybe I missed something here but when the page loads I don't see the purple background tile. infact when it gets done loading you can't even see it...

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I changed the file this right?.

<style type="text/css">.

Body {background-image: bg2.gif; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed;}.


Or do you need the {backgroun-image: url(/image/bg2.gif.


Or can I just put it like I have above..just bg2.gif, and leave the rest the same?..

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Yes you need the url part..

Is everybody not listening to me, I don't see the tiel or the background..

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The blue grid thing in the background. Starts white and ends up a pale blue towards the bottom. It's fixed now... looking at it anyway it seems it is..

Didn't mean to ignore ya... what with all that blue fur and the blue background... just couldn't see the woods for the trees...

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Just a question..whats the difference between bgproperties="fixed" and the /style you gave me?,,I used the Bgproperties="fixed" and it worked...and it seems much simple. But, is there a difference between what you where telling me to do? or are they both the same thing/function/result/quality? Just one is more simple?..

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Bgproperties="fixed" is deprectated and might no tbe supported in the next version of html..

Hehe True, but when the page loaded I saw the background, but the page loaded so fast that I got to see it in like 2 seconds. also once the page is loaded you can't see but 1 inch of it at the top, so why worry about...

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Yeah... but here could still put the background-color just in case his page is longer non?.

One more thing Davinci27.... You have a bunch of <style...> open and close..

You don't have to open <style.. everytime you add a new one just put all your styles between 1 <style....> ... </style>.

OR, you could simply put all you styles in an extenal style sheet with a .css extension and put <link rel="stylesheet" href="yourcss.css" type="text/css">.


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