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Quick question... Vote: Yahoo SiteBuilder or 123 reg WebsiteTonight? Hoping for any answer. Second question of mine... I am wondering what people's opinion of Estibot and it's accuracy/reliability are?.

I found that I sometimes received vastly different estimates for the SAME SEARCH. For one, I received estimates of 3,000, 80, and reg fee on three separate searches on the same day (for the same name!). Does anyone know why this happens? And, do you think Estibot is therefore entirely unreliable?.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you help..

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My guess is that the parameters are changing, or your site stats (traffic etc) are changing..


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Today I love Estibot!.

I love it's appraisal of my latest domain, someone want to buy it from me for 4899?.


Keywords (Autodetected) e90.

Frequency 8,160,000.

Anchor Text 136,000.

Title 230,000.

Backlinks 8.

Alexa Ranking Not Ranked.

Estimated Traffic / Day N/A.

PPC Advertising Score 2/10.

Exact Searches/mo 1355.


BETA Valuation.

USD 4,900..

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No one is really answering the question of whether they think most Estibot estimates are accurate..

What does everyone think?..

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Personally, I like it a lot. It's impossible for any system to be dead red but the logic and metrics behind it make a lot of sense to me..

I like using it to make buying decisions on borderline names. Good data always helps..


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I use it too. Josh keeps tweaking it, so that could be why there are changing valuations from the same name. I don't think that I'll get what estibot says some of my names are worth, but it definitely gives me some "working knowledge" on a name, and whether or not it may be worth buying. It also gives out some other good info on the name such as alexa and backlinks (saves me the trip to a few different webpages). The actual sale price will have to be determined by a human...

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Well it appraised my name 10 times less than what moniker appraisal said..


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It's always comming to the same point I think. Estibot gives you an opinion of the value but it always depends on what the potential buyer wants to give..


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I tryed to estimate same HostGator for 2 days. both times it gave completly different prices...

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Its giving a value of $7,500.

Wonder if thats a custom tweak?..... Josh.. you giving my domains better value then they would have on the market?.


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If I may partake in this discussion, without it being interpreted as self-promotion in this forum as I believe I have the answer to the OP's question..

First of all, I think Bill has it just right:.

This is exactly the way I want EstiBot to serve the domaining community - as a tool to get a lot of relevant data at a glance..

The dollar valuation is provided as an added feature to help get a rough overall idea of the potential value of the name. It's often in the right ballpark, especially for dotcoms, but it is meant only as a pointer, think of it as a quick visual feedback summary of the commercial potential of the HostGator name..

If the valuation is very low, chances are that the metrics are unfavorable across the board, and often such HostGator names are hard to sell. If it's very high, then the HostGator name probably has some significant potential. If it's somewhat high, in the thousands or so, then consider this as a pointer that the HostGator name, at the very least, deserves a closer look..

The valuation is very much in Beta, although, as it is based in statistical analysis of a constantly updated previous sales database it does seem to reflect market prices reasonably well at least for many short dotcoms and pure keyword domains. I've come to trust it enough to just glance at the dollar valuation and see whether the HostGator is worth further research. But sure, it can make significant misvaluations; get a second opinion here on NamePros and do your own research. Also, use to look for similar sales in the past in order to get even more quality info..

My main point is; use it as a tool if you will, but don't make a purchase or sell decision based on the valuation, at least not before doing your own careful research and getting a second opinion here at NamePros or some other trustworthy site..

I decided to go public with this even though the valuation algorithm was still unfinished. I wanted to get the other functions available for free use, and at the same time I needed domainers to test and criticize the valuations so that I could make it better. This has worked very well, I have received a lot of good feedback, managed to make it better and I'm certain that I can still make it a lot better..

As for the OP's question about fluctuations in value, I know which HostGator you mean, as you emailed me about this issue, and I have not seen any significant fluctuation in value; it's always at about $3,000. Fluctuations are usually caused by differential capitalization and spelling, and in this case the HostGator was one of those domains that are very easy to misspell upon repeated searches. There are other possible reasons as well, and in order to save space here, I've provided a lengthy explanation in the thread that -RJ- mentioned above, just follow this link and check the latest post:.


Justin, where can I send the check? At $7500, is a steal..

I'll say it right here, without, making EstiBot would have been much more difficult and time consuming, as it has been my main source of past sales data. I'm very grateful..

Besides, your HostGator names are almost always good. I've added a DomainSpade bonus for any HostGator that has your whois info.

Just in case....let it be known that no domains are treated individually by EstiBot, they all go through the "universal" algorithm and the results are always objective, if not always correct.

That is not to say that domains are not categorized. For instance,,, geographical names, etc, are all treated differently due to differential inherent values between categories. The HostGator names all go through the main algo, and then a category value adjustment is made, as well as a multitude of other adjustments..



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Perfect explanation. I've never been a big fan of automatic evaluations, but your own words convince me that Estibot is a valuable "tool" to use. Just the fact that you communicate about it's purpose and flaws, makes it all that more credible. Obviously it's not meant to be taken as gospel, but at a quick glance it definitely helps you to determine if a HostGator has potential. Maybe Estibot is seeing something that we missed, good or bad... It's just nice to be able to go to a website, run a name through, and see what it comes up with.

It's not meant to be a determining factor, as you stated, but merely an additional tool in the research process..

Personally, I don't put too much stock into it, but if I run a HostGator through and it shows a nice value, I'll definitely do a bit more research and spend additional time considering the name. So in that respect, it's very helpful. Overall just a good tool to have at our disposal as long as we acknowledge it's strengths and weaknesses...

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I personally like it very much, And it is about as accurate as anyone could expect for an auto valuator, Imo..

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I've found estibot to be a great tool. Most of the names it said were reg fee, were in fact reg fee stuff. The ones with good estimates, were often somewhat-standout names to say the least. Its not meant to give you a professiona, current appraisal. Its just a bull park figure. ITs given a few off appraisals, but it's given alot of reasonable appraisals.

Check the stats on I checked it up, and I regged the name. I like estibot...

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Josh - All checks can be made out to Cash and sent to the Address for's whois (lol!).

A DomainSpade Bonus huh? Get Read to change that - is getting ready to launch, all whois info will soon reflect that! LoL.

Hey Bud, I love Estibot - you did a great job with it..


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