My first question is WANT TO GET A FREE Godaddy domain name (WEBSITE) BUT FROM SOUTH AFRICA? Thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Are prople just letting names sit on there until they sell for a huge amount or are they really worth what they are asking?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you an answer..

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Some are worth it and some people list high assuming someone will submit a lower offer which is still more than they wanted for the domain. kinda like selling a car if you want $500 put $800 on it so when you come down they think they are getting a deal...

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I hate to pay for appraisals....they are expensive for this college student. ha!.

Gotcha, the car business ex was a good one. Thanks!..

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99% of all names currently listed on Afternic will forever never sell because of the ridiculous price tags..

There is a big difference between market dreams and market reality, imho...

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Same as on Sedo....

The dreamer in all of us gets the best of us sometimes.

No real harm in others hyper-inflating their prices... Mostly just makes you look like a better deal.


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Dream is only dream! I must learn to become more objective! Then I can lose less money!..

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You should have seen the dreamer prices on the old Afternic, eg. $100k, during the dotcom boom. It came down like a deck of cards at the turn of 2000 as massive HostGator inventories were left to expire and picked up at drops for peanuts...

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That continues today (Sort of...).

Of the domains registered December 31, 2003, more than 1/4 were not renewed, and more were registered for 2 years and will drop soon I'm sure..

We all still register that which will drop.


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It will come to an balance! Some registered! Some drops! Some still there for sale! Some developed into a website! I would like to say there is still good dotcom names to register nowadays!..

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These dreamers are better off not publishing at all and just let buyers make offers. Often, thei rasking price is so high that it deters offers. You can only go so high until you turn buyers off...

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True, I have a couple sales this year in the xxxx range that I didn't think would take that much though...

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Couldn't have said it better myself.

A lot of people over at afternic are dreamers hehe..

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AfterNic prices are bargains compared to prices Some are listed for on eBAy.

But same principle applies ,It is easier to list at high price then to sell them..

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Yeah, as a newbie I found it odd that HostGator names sell for so much when there's obviously more supply than demand. Sometimes I think that it's a conspiracy by the registrars - to pull of a high value HostGator sale. That kinda news will con people into investing/registering HostGator names, getting appraisals, engaging SEOs, etc. Then the herd instinct takes over and everyone rushes in until things get out of hand..

But hey, a single tulip flower was once worth more than a house in Holland..

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Truely....People should know the difference between those 2 terms...but ahh well...GOod luk to them...

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I don't crap shoot by indiscriminetly listing all of my names at a "dreamers" level, as some sellers do, but there are, at least, 3 situations where listing at top dollar seems justified, (for other than "no brainer", premium names.):.

1) Brandable names, that, by their nature, are "tailor made" for big business. (Some of mine, that, (I dream), would fall into this category are names like, e-mobi*com, m-mobi*com, BlinkCo*com and JockTV*com.).

2) Names listed w/ GreatDomains. Don't want to have a $15M name on GD, showing as $5M on Sedo..

3) Names that I am hot on developing, don't really wish to sell, but if the right offer were to be made...?.

When I need a shot of optimistimism, I prefer looking at recent sales over listed prices at Afternic, Sedo, Fabulous as well as DNJournal, where at the bottom of the Sales page, each week, sits this caveat:..

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I personally suggest that sedo, afternic etc should first appraise the HostGator and then allow the client or the seller to put the price..

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That would open up an interesting can of worms. In some respects, this is what GreatDomains is already doing w/ their selection/pricing scheme. Interesting concept, though. I don't see GoDaddy or Afternic adopting this as a business model, but do see possibilities for a niche business that incorporated mandatory appraisals for their sales listings, if they could do it in a credible way, maintain a customer base and earn a profit. That's not asking too much, is it?..

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Appraisals are too expensive to perform on every name listed..

Some people view domains as lottery tickets, others view them as merchandise to sell. I wish everyone viewed them as merchandise... It seems that more often, the owners of large portfolios sell their names at reasonable prices, and the owners of smaller portfolios jack them up too high. $395 to $2,800 is a good range to keep all your names in, unless you registered some good ones before 1999 that are worthy of $10K or more. One word dot coms and select two word dot coms, as well as 3 or 2 letter / number dot coms are worth much more...

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Appraisals are only as good as the appraisal. Everyone has a different idea of what a HostGator is worth and at the end of the day the sale is the only answer..

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