Was Nutrisystem a big fat person before creating this diet?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Was Nutrisystem a big fat person before creating this diet? Thanks in advance for any answer. My other question... A couple of things has me being introspective about this, first my wife mentioned to me that I seem to point out heavy people more, and seem to be less understanding since leaving their ranks. I wrote it off as her being extra sensitive to it as I don't think she has fully come to terms with the new me, i.e. should she feel threatened or whatever.

I don't think it was the person's intention, but it definitely got me thinking..

It's weird because although I'm obviously a lot thinner now I still have the self image of being fat. I kind of like it that way, which I know must sound weird, but I'm hopeful that it will help me to keep the weight off. Despite that I do catch myself watching something like the Biggest Loser with some kind of disdain. Not so much that the people are so big, but that they would let it get so bad before doing something about it..

I thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss with a bunch of reformed and reforming fatties, and we haven't had a good discussion topic around here for a while it seems. I suppose it might be like smoking. It seems that the most vehement opponents of smoking are ex-smokers. Anyway, what do you think?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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For the record, I still am overweight, but here's my take on how my views have changed since I started NS..

I don't look at overweight strangers any differently than I ever have. How they live their lives really isn't my business. They are strangers. If someone were to ask me about NS, I would tell them how easy it is and definitely recommend it, but I'm not going to go up to strangers and proclaim the wonders on Nutrisystem to them unsolicited, but I don't look down my nose at them either..

Now, friends and family, that's a different story. I don't look down my nose at them, but I have become more aware of their habits. Most of my friends are pretty sedintary. They get up to go to work or go to Sonic or Pizza Hut and that's about it. A few of them even scoffed when they found out I started NS. It pains me to see them eating crap and feeling like crap.

Maybe it wil eventually..

Thankfully, three of my friends have started eating better and exercising (about the same time I did) so I've got them fall back on...

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I think I'm much more aware in general, than I used to be. I mean I put so much energy and attention and thinking and work into losing...that I'm just more tuned into looking at physiques now. The lifting also influenced this..

I'm basically MORE sympathetic to fatties now, then I used to be. I basically never included myself in the population until running this program. I mean I knew I was FAT. But I was not one of "them". And I would never do a diet program...I mean I should be able to lose on my own...after all I wreslted in high school..

And I don't mean sympathetic in term of giving them a pass...more in terms of caring about them (a little) and in feeling like I have something in common with them...

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Hmm I guess Im partially responsible for the change since I mentioned a mildcontempt for the overweight in the other thread. I'll clarify my position. My contempt was for people that have given up or say they can't lose weight after asking me how I'm doing it. I don't really look down on them, but it's been so easy for me I have a hard time understanding why anyone would resign themselves to such a gloomy outlook. Its not that I think Im better than anyone else at all, I don't look down on these people, I just wish they could share in the same success Im having. Life is full of choices, Im choosing to improve my personal appearance and health instead of a case of beer or 30 seconds of joy from a snacky cake..

For me, Im still a fat guy but I don't want to be fat. A lot of the fuel for my commitment to my diet is from the negative image I have of myself. Heck I even keep a picture of myself at 400+ in my wallet to remind me of the fat sob I used to be. Even though Ive lost 150 lbs I still think and at times act like I am that mountain of a man. I often brush aside compliments on my weight loss in public because I don't feel like I've earned them yet. I'm no where near my goal yet.

Before my diet my definition of fat/overweight was much broader than it is now oddly. Because I'm a photographer and portrait retoucher an area where impossible physical ideals and slender figures are the norm perhaps my perception is a bit off as well from the norm. At any rate I plan on getting as close to those ideals as possible and Im really enjoying the ride..

Ok I might of gotten off topic in that rant...

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Technically I think I still classify as morbidly obese, God could they make a set of words any more offensive if they tried. I try really hard not to judge anyone but there is one set of people that still trip my trigger. I have seen people that were not a lot bigger than me that hop on those electric carts to cruise around in Walmart. If they have some type of physical ailment I have no problem with this, but if they are just too lazy to walk while they shop then it makes me feel they are totally doomed and apparently they are OK with this and that makes me mad. I know I should not expect anything from total strangers, I just don't want to associate with anyone that has completely given up the fight...

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You are going to be a stud. Get that body shaped!..

Comment #6

Every time I see someone get on the electric carts to go zipping around Wal-Mart or target or shopping in general I always think of WALL-E. My wifes grandfather lived till he was 92 years old, when he was in his late 70's early 80's the doctor offered to help get him a cart to get around. He flat out refused it and walked everywhere amazing man who is really my inspiration for this journey...

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Only my friends. I wish they'd ask me how I lost the weight. I would LOVE to help them work the Nutrisystem plan! But most of them won't even mention it...

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I wish they would "wake up" and see that it can be done..

I also wonder about the enablers in their the extreme, how can a man weigh 1000 lbs and not be able to move - where they need a crane to take him out of bed and bring him to the hospital? who's buying the crap he is eating? I beleive can be applied to most people (including myself)including "fat friends make you fat" - that's a different psychology altogether tho.....

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Like Hey Stupid said above, my only thought is to somehow be able to get across how ACCESSABLE this weight loss journey is!! No freakin gut surgery, no drugs, no real hunger, trivial expense. I just want to shake 'em and get them to HEAR it and believe it! It's not a freaking celebrity marketing gimmick. It's REAL and DOABLE for any knucklhead!! I don't feel any contempt, more sympathy with wonderment that they don't seem to care and a real desire to help them fix it..

Interestingly, my self image was never a fat guy, even though I probably fell into the seriously obese (morbidly - whoa!) catagory at over 300 lbs for all of this decade till NS. I honestly saw myself pretty much like I am now and knew I simply had to "get around to it" some day. Now THAT's strange. Maybe because I was totally lean throughout my formative years - up until my late 20's anyway..


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For the record, Im still fat and obese, but here is my take on how my views have changed since I started my weight loss journey!.

Before starting nutrisystem I never looked at overweight strangers, now I do look at the overweight community differently than I ever have before. My heart goes out to all of them! I'm way more sympathetic and caring about them now then I used to be. I never included myself as one of them until starting nutrisystem!.

I love meeting new people daily and talk to them about anything, sometimes during the conversation family, occupation, recreation and health always comes up! Ive shared my weight loss journey with some of them! (Of course always unsolicited, they ask me).

Thankfully, four people take notes and started eating better! They lost anywhere from 20-80 lbs. each and still keep in touch! (1 family member, 1 friend and 2 strangers)..

Comment #11

I'm cool with fat people..

Now ... Had you asked me my opinion on.


Whole different story - can't stand the little bastards...

Comment #12

Now that's funny! We can always count on Sean..

Interesting discussion, thanks for your thoughts. Everybody can go back to burning calories...

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Not sure I belong in this forum but the topic caught my eye and I had to respond to the "Walmart cart-people" topic..

I've always avoided the carts because I know people will give me dirty looks for being obese and riding in one. But the truth is, I need one. I have very bad arthritis (bone spurs) in my knees, and walking through Walmart or the grocery store will pretty much lay me out for the following two days, making it impossible for me to go up and down stairs or even walk across the room without very bad pain..

My whole life I've been judged by peopleI remember snide comments at age 5. But the reason I was never able to lose the weight wasn't for lack of trying, or laziness. It was bad weight-loss advice. Calories-in Calories out doesn't work for me. I have a problem with insulin over-reaction to food, eating.


Carbs (fruit) stimulates my appetite, and the insulin overreaction can cause weight gain ALL BY ITSELF..

The condition is called Hyperinsulinemia, and there are double-blind studies that prove insulin ALONE will cause weight gain. (Take two twin rats, give them identical food and exercise, inject only one with insulin and it becomes obese.) Insulin is also the HUNGER hormone, so it's a vicious cycle..

Now that I understand how it works, eating enough protein with an apple, for example, I can control the hunger. But most doctors still don't understand this principle, and the reason people stay fat is they're HUNGRY. Have you ever asked yourself, when seeing the thousand-pound man on tv, why is he so freakin' hungry? Nobody addresses that. If he were normal, he'd get full and stop eating sooner. Obviously, something is wrong with his hunger level, or he wouldn't be eating half a cow for lunch..

I went to nutritional counseling for months, back in the 90's. The nutritionist had me eating an apple for a snack. I explained, back then, that eating the apple was an appetizer; it stimulated my appetite. I could go all day and not eat, no problem..

So I asked if I could SKIP the apple, because then I wouldn't be hungry. She said no. I ate the apple, then I had to eat a sandwich, and so on..

Most nutritionists and the medical community in general, do not understand how strong the survival hunger drive is in people who are carb-sensitive..

They need to learn how it all works, then teach overweight people how to eat to overcome it. The answer, for people in my category (and I believe it's most of the morbidly obese population) is eating Low Glycemic Index, and eating enough protein with the low-glycemic carb, to stave off hunger..

I hate the fat-prejudice that exists in the world. We are not fat because we're lazy fat slobs. There is a medical reason behind it all..

I know people that can eat whatever they want and not gain weight, and they are NOT athletes or working out, they're just blessed with a good metabolism..

But for those who are not blessed in that way, a Low Glycemic diet such as Nutrisystem, where there's enough protein and we can eat enough food not to go into starvation mode, is the answer..

JMHO, thanks for the read and sorry if it's redundant, I'm no writer...

Comment #14

Midget (daihatsu).

Midget (mgm).

Midgets, can't stand the little bastards either!.


The obese community and discrimination!.

As obesity rates continue to rise, so might our acceptance of those who are overweight. But the trend is rather than feeling tolerance in our society; the overweight and obese feel more heavily discriminated against now than they did a decade ago..

A team of researchers questioned 1,100 subjects, aged 35 to 74, twice over a 10-year span. (Once between 1995 to 1996, and again between 2006 to 2007)..

The respondents answered 11 questions about whether they had been discriminated against in the context of common life experiences including applying to college or for a scholarship, renting or buying a home in a neighborhood they desired, applying for a bank loan or dealing with police. Participants answered nine additional questions about everyday experiences, such as how they were treated in restaurants, and whether they had encountered name-calling, harassment or threats. The subjects were asked to indicate the reasons they felt they had been discriminated against, whether it was because of age, gender, race, weight, physical disability, sexual orientation or religion..

Between the two survey periods, the rate of discrimination due to weight increased a great deal!!! The fat-prejudice that exists in the world is not going to change anytime soon!..

Comment #15

Thats true for some of us (and I realize you're not talking about everyone), me? I got obese because I ate things I liked instead of making responsible choices...

Comment #16

Ditto for me, I completely understand those with thyroid problems, and other medical conditions, and I feel for their conditions, but in my case it was a matter of choosing to go to McDonald's and order double quarter pounder combo large sized WITH a 10 piece mcnugget on the side, or going to Taco Bell and spending 12 bucks, off the 79 cent menu!! Not to mention my old gorcery shopping habits which was mostly frosted flakes and little debbies. I knew I was doing wrong, but I still chose to do it instead of doing something about it. So like mesturge I was a fat lazy SOB, but I do recognize that that was my case, and I do not judge others for how they personally got in their condition, that would be wrong, and a huge assumption on my part. (And to clarify, I am in now way saying that anyone in here does judge others, we are all on the same team, and in the same situation as far as supporting one another's goals)...

Comment #17

To be candid and completely honestno..

I've seen a lot of talk on these boards about how those with success getting healthier for life (not me by the wayyet) look a little differently toward those who haven't found the answer that they did. Since you asked, I'll answer. I'm not saying that's right or wrong; that's just not meno..

Those who do this unsolicited seem a bit like those in a religious faith who go out recruiting others. I've got a bit of contempt for that. So unless asked, I'll keep my opinion to myself, just like if I want someone's opinion I'll take it when I ask for it. Each of us is free to pursue this life path the way we choose, even if it's right off a cliff..

For example, if a (legal adult) baseball player wants to roid-up until their head explodes all over my peanuts and crackerjack, that's their business, not mine. Worried your kid will use that player as a role model, good, use them as a example of what not to do..

Just because one person feels enlightened doesn't mean that another person would consider it enlightening. Even if by any objective measure that first person is quite correct...

Comment #18

If you weigh 420 pounds and consume 1500 calories (female), you will lose. Regardless of insulin issues. There's just not enough energy in the 1500. your metabolism can't drop low enough to keep the weight on. your body will burn fat to stay alive. So yeah...insulin might be a headwind.

Oh...and if you need to ride the cart, ride the cart. (I mean I use the Smith machine for my knees, Sean would give a dirty look). But drop that weight. 420 will kill you early. You will be happier after it is off. that's worth more than excuses...

Comment #19

You misunderstand. I.


Losing weight..

I just wish I'd known how to overcome the hunger many years ago. Now I do..

It makes me happy and hopeful..

And frankly, whether or not you think my story is bull doesn't phase me in the least..

People will believe what they want, and judge others how they want. Me, I just wanted to add my two cents and I've done so..

Maybe someone out there will read this, recognize their own story, and finally get help...

Comment #20

Well, to the person who said that they have disrespect (not a quote, paraphrasing since I cant remember) for the ppl who are overweight and have given up... You can not tell when someone has "given up", unless they straight out tell you that they have, and even if they say it (take this from personal experience), they might be saying that because they feel uncomfortable talking about their weight with ppl..

Like one of the others, I do NOT look at ppl who are overweight more differently unless they got out of their way to make you..

This is how my best friend and I feel, we love being curvier, and I dont WANT to be my recommended 105lbs. I will be happy at 130lbs, and there is a difference between being a fuller figured girl, and a fatty. A fatty is someone who doesnt care if theyre wearing an old huge t-shirt with stains on it and throws on a pair of stretch pants that are half way up one of their legs... you can be fuller figured and still be classy and dress nice and smell nice and take care of yourself....

Its when ppl look like hobos that I look down on them... I see no reason for being unclean..

When I was younger, I often WISHED I was fuller, at 103lbs at age 12, I wanted to be like Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, Betty Davis... I didnt look up to supermodels, and wouldnt waste my time looking at skinny women, because I didnt find them attractive (and most of the men I know dont either), in fact, my boyfriend wishes Jessica Simpson wouldnt have lost weight... lol..

There is never a reason to look down on, or pity someone, because they dont want nor need pity. It is their decisions to do what they want, and we all have freewill..

My boyfriend actually taught me this when I would say things about really BIG girls that have their belly sticking out from their shirts that say "Juicy" or something... he said "Why? Shouldnt you just be happy that theyre happy and comfortable in their own skin?" ... and he is a man..

I thought about that, and it's true, if theyre happy, then I am happy for them. I am not comfortable in my skin, and I am making an attempt to change it, and I will be when I am at 130, in fact, I might feel good at 140, wherever I feel good, is where I will stay, regardless of the goal, cause he knows, I may have changed since I was 15, then again, I might be happy at 120, wherever I feel good..

Just be happy for ppl, and dont judge ppl. Its NEVER good to judge anybody based on their appearance. The only ppl I feel like I am better than, is the ppl who judge ppl, so plz, get to know someone before you judge them, it might be the best thing you ever did..

And... in fact you CAN eat under 1500 Calories AND keep weight on and even GAIN it....


Thanks Pam!..

Comment #21

Good for you, keep going cjshines2!.

Hi Jenny,.

Follow the Nutrisystem plan and you're going to lose weight!.

Did you read your article???.

First, your article said she's not losing weight because her food intake is less than 1000 calories per day and her metabolism is suffering greatly. If you were to consume that many calories per day your body would have virtually no choice but to begin liberating stored body fat. This is not the solution. It's unhealthy! Many are able to maintain their level of obesity with the following formula in very precise ratios: starvation + binges + sedentary lifestyle..............

Follow the Nutrisystem plan and you will lose weight!.

(Not 100, 300, 700, 5000 or 8000 calories, but 1500 calories per day!).

Best of luck!..

Comment #22

Yo, Poly!.

Don't tell anyone, but ....

I use the Smith Machine when I do "to the neck" bench presses - so as not to choke myself out if I fail. I seperated my shoulder last February when I dropped my Harley and landed on it (and my helmetless head)..

- used the Smith Machine for rehab and fell back in love with it. I wouldn't break balls over that, man!..

Comment #23

Maybe I didnt explain myself correctly..

I realize this, but this is what I am saying....

I am 254lbs. I didnt get there by eating 1500 or more calories a day..

In fact, for years I ate one meal, at about 1000 calories at most a day... my problem was not that I wasnt working out (I was), nor how much I consumed, but the fact that I didnt consume enough in incriments of time, and so my body was storing every single little thing that I ate at my one sitting..

This is where I was confused before... I was working out for 2 hours a day, drinking water, and eating one meal at 800 calories a day, & 1200 at the MOST, which was rare, and I was wondering why I was GAINING weight. This discourages A LOT of ppl I am sure..

So, to say....

"If you weigh 420 pounds and consume 1500 calories (female), you will lose.".

Isnt necessarily correct, like the person who wrote the article, you would think so... but I have learned that it's more important to space those calories out and make them into 4 separate meals, than to just worry about staying under in one large meal..

For years, it's the way Ive been eating, no breakfast, no lunch, big dinner thats been ruining me, and got me to this weight..

In theory, eating 1500 calories will make you lose weight, but not if you eat it in one big sitting....

You seem confrontational though by asking me if I read the article... of course I read the article, or I wouldnt reference it. Its a for instance that this girl happened to be eating 700 calories, but at times, I ate 1200, and I still had the same problem as her..

I am glad I read the article though, because I realize now that if I gain weight at first, it's because my metabolism (which is very crappy) is just trying to straighten itself out..

I am also saying that at 420lbs, the lovely Miss CJ could have eaten 1500 calories a day (if it was in one sitting, and not eaten anything else during the day) and stayed at the same weight, or even gained..

I am not here for confrontation, just to add my opinion since the question was asked and make friends who understand how hard it can be...

Comment #24

I appreciate you (Jenny) taking personal responsibility for your weight gain, as do I. I did not appreciate CJSHINES statement about people who weigh 420 pounds (all) having medical conditions that made them gain weight. She may not have meant to say that, but that is what she said. To me that wreaked of victimhood and I despise that. We all have are crosses to bear, and the second we start blaming others or God for them, we are doomed to failure. I am glad she is here and losing weight. Maybe she can educate others with her medical condition and other medical conditions, but please don't come here and tell the guys "poor me." I will lose weight as I puke!..

Comment #25

Cjshines wrote:.

IMHO: I watched the 1,000 teenager and a light bulb went off. He was eating like a pig, ruining his life and his families because he is involved in a very bad.


Plus he thinks he is.


To do anything about it. The more you eat the more you want. Same as alcohol, just a very severe bad habit. Thats why we hear over & over on these boards, "You can do this".

Now if I can just remember this for the rest of my life..

True, cjshines, the Doctors just say eat plenty of fruits & veggies, never explaining how they can control their appetite...

Comment #26

There is a tendency, especially here in the men's room to think "results typical" They are not. It's a bell-curve range of responses. Theres's significant number who fail to lose, or lose so slowly it is almost imperceptable, even with strict adherance to the Nutrisystem program. There is a HUGE range of personal metabolic/hormonal/size- influenced responses to The Program. There are some, (luckily few), males in that group, but a significant number of ladies. Most of the men fade out of this room due to the HooRah - it always works so there must be something wrong with you - mindset.

It's not always their failure to follow the program, though I'll agree it most often is! Outliers, especially males, are rare..

For those so afflicted - Hie thee to a Nutrisystem counselor! They have answers!.


Comment #27

Dear lord ladies, if you are going to come in here, keep it short and leave your baggage at the door..

Comment #28

1st pink post: 526 words..

2nd pink post: 389 words..

My Translation: 32 words =.

I gained weight eating one 1200 calorie meal a day. I should have had 5-6 smaller meals. My boyfriend likes me this way. You d*cks shouldn't judge anybody based on their appearance..


Comment #29

Drive4show: thanks. I am taking responsibility, and I am doing something about it..

IhopeIcan: Agreed! Everytime I watch one of those shows on TLC, I dont even know how those ppl can eat all that in a day, Id die..

Gordon: I am glad that you are the beacon of reason. Everybody is different case to case. Some ppl think cause it's easy for them, it should be easy for everyone, and ppl who especially have been in the situation should identify, not pity..

Napoleon: The only baggage Ive ever had is on my thighs. I am low maintenance except when it comes to Chanel purses, and I dont carry any baggage in those either. lol..

Sean: Thanks for counting my words for me. It was something I planned to do when I had nothing else left to do in my life. lol, sorry, sometimes I get to explaining and I feel like I'm not getting across. I hope this is short enough for you, if not, you can just read your little love note to save you some time..

With that, I think Ive learned not to come in to the mens room unless I am talking football, so see you around Draft time...

Comment #30

My purpose in sharing my story wasn't victimhood..

I was hoping to spread the word to others. I believe that most people who are morbidly obese have hunger issues, because of the insulin response, and don't realize it. Criticizing someone for not being able to control a survival mechanism is not helping them. Telling them how to control it is..

If they could learn to control their hunger through the low glycemic index and companion 7+ grams of protein, they wouldn't feel the drive to "eat like pigs.".

Some of you seem so concerned with maintaining your macho tough-love attitude that you are missing the point..

My hope is that some poor 400+ pound "slob" like me will read my original reply in this thread, have a lightbulb moment, and give the plan a try. I was explaining the mechanism and how the medical community (for the most part) is clueless about the glycemic index. Going to your family doctor will not likely get you the answer you need..

I realize it's manly to shoot off your mouth and slam others, but I like to be treated with respect. I'm a nice lady and don't deserve to be slammed..

I love men who treat women with respect, my idols growing up weren't bad boys but Dudley Dorights. Handsome is, as handsome does..

I thank JadedEyez/Jenny for her support in this thread, and those of you who were kind in your responses, even though you may not agree with me..

I'll go back to the other forums now, I don't have enough testosterone to grunt with the rest of you..

Tommy: Does this photo make me look ugly?.

Richard: No, your replies do...

Comment #31

Is the OP asking if Nutrisystem made me a shallow asshat? Wasn't shallow before and not shallow now. I was fat, other people are fat...they just have not got motivated yet...and our society isn't that good on motivating people to get thin anyway with all our fast convenience. We let Stouffers and any other wiz-bang company cook for us and our families and we are all suckered into can you blame anyone for being fat. They are just a product of what America has become...

Comment #32


Try it next time you think you may be rambling. chances are ..... you are...

Comment #33

Ahh peace and quiet.

God bless us fatties and god bless the United States of America..

Midgets included..

Comment #34

It was an interesting topic. Perhaps when a new thread is posted it could say "Men Only"..

Comment #35

You can also just use Microsoft Word and go under "Tools" and "Word Count"..

Comment #36

We never said that marj, just asked to keep it short and to the point...i don't think we mean any disrepect altho it may have come off that disrespect intended..

Comment #37

I feel like I need to clarify something here, I was the guy that mentioned the carts and I did say in my original post I was not talking about anyone with a medical condition that makes it painful to walk..

Sure there are medical reasons some people can not lose weight easily, but that is not true of 90% of us, myself included. I am also sure some of the large people that ride carts have medical reasons but I am also sure some of them are too lazy to walk..

To clarify I don't actually say anything or act any differently towards people because I am the first to tell you I do not know their story. I also think I mis-spoke when I said I judge them, to be honest it is more like what have I done today to make damn sure I will not end up like that. When I said I did not want to associate with anyone who was not willing to fight there is also a very good reason for that, in the past it has not been that hard to drag me away from my goals. I do think I have beaten that now though. When the guys at work offer cupcakes now it just does not feel like a temptation anymore...

Comment #38

Here I was going to stay out of this conversation completely, then the victim card was pulled out and sent me to the moon!..

Comment #39

I may be female, but I'm butting in just to answer this question because I find it interesting..

I'm still very fat, however, I have found that my opinion of fat people who claim they "can't" lose the weight has changed. I used to feel sympathy, now I'm pretty cynical and annoyed. You CAN you just don't want to TRY..

At the grocery store the other day a woman (250 pounds +) and her grown daughter (probably at least 400 pounds) made rude comments on how much FF yogurt I was buying while their cart was full of chips and regular pop. That attitude pisses me off...

Comment #40

Those are the kind of people that make me glad I have Nutritoots. I just follow them around the store and leave them presents...

Comment #41

You really shouldn't do that..

You should let them follow you around the store so they get the full effect...

Comment #42

Well done kim - it's a matter of education for some people and they just don't (and may never) understand what to do as well - so there still needs to be a bit of sympathy there.....

Comment #43

You know for people like that it may just be good to say you are on "Nutrisystem and it really works. I have lost X amount of pounds in x weeks doing it." I told a truckdriver on Thursday about Nutrisystem. He weighs over 300 pounds with a big build. I was blunt and honest with him and he appreciated that! Then I dropped a nutritoot and life was complete. Just kidding on the last part!..

Comment #44

That explains a lot!!!.

I am however very glad you are here to share your wit!..

Comment #45

First, if I ramble a bit please forgive me but some of this is going to be cheap thearpy for me..

As some of you know I lost my mother the first part of December this last year. My mother and I had very similar builds a year ago. My mother when she passed was something like 5'4" and 300 pounds..

She used to talk about losing weight but it was always talk. She would eat a salad and drown it with dressing and pile on croutons and say she was eating healthy. I always thought that since my grandfather (her father) had his first heart attack at age 39, had several strokes after, and died at age 68 that she had just accepted that as her fate as well. Basically she had just given up. I think there is a lot of overweight people who just give up. We do not know why.

Maybe they look at the cost of Nutrisystem and think (not really thinking it all the way through) it would cost more then what they are doing currently..

Eating poorly in this country is just too easy. Look around at the food choices in gas stations. Everything you need to reach 307 pounds is right there, relatively inexpensive. I know I have been there..

Getting back to the question, I guess I look at overweight people the same as I always had. I wish that they would do something for themselves, for their families. I think of my mother passing at age 69. Ladies these days routinely live until 89 or 90 if they take care of themselves. My mother passed 20 years too early. It saddens me when I think about what my daughters are going to do in the next 20 years knowing she will not be here to share it with them..

I see someone who is morbidly obese, I would like to shake them and ask them if they realize what they are doing to themseleves and more importantly to their familes. Just like now I wished someone had shaken the hell out of me..

Sorry for the ramble and thanks for the free therapy...

Comment #46

/agree. And yet, I never do actually try to wake them up..

My biggest dilemma now is trying to figure out how to get my brother to join. Intellectually, he knows he needs it. He's bigger than I was when I started. Intellectually, he knows it works, he's seen me drop sixty lbs in 4.5 months. We work at the same company, so he knows work shouldn't be an insurmountable hurdle to it; it wasn't for me. He has even said a few times he's waiting for a milestone of some kind to start.

I'm trying to walk that fine line between respect for my brother's decisions, and not wanting to feel negligent / not doing enough...

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At what point Matt, does it become your business? When he is in the hospital with any of the multiple problems that could kill him? I would be honest with him and tell him in love that the time for his obesity is over. From there it is up to him to make the decision! Best thing you can do is be a shining example of what a new body can do!..

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Matt - You've shown him the way, now it's up to him to make the decision..

Rick - you can inflict your free therapy on us any time!.


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The thing is I'm shaving my head bald for a fundraiser in 18 days~! I have never done this and I'm positive there are quite a few dings, scars and dents on my noggin' after all of the years of abuse! We'll see ....

Hey - chicks dig jerks (and scars) so I'll be fine..

Check it out if you're bored on the board:.


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Guys you and only you can decide when and if you want to lose weight. My wife nagged me for years and years. When your brothers, mothers etc decide for themselves they will do it. A little shove may help, but they have to want to do it..

As for family history, my dad died at 52 and his dad died at 52. Here I am at 61, opps. Neither of them had a weight problem. So history is good to know but not an exact science..

Yes we all have the best intentions and want our loveones to be happy, live healther and longer lives..

I knew my health was at risk and knew all the right things to do. It was only when I decided it was time did I do something about it. And do I look at other fat people differently? YOU BET YA! I want to shake them and drag them into the Nutrisystem program...

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It's hard to nag someone into losing weight. But the cold hard proof of DOING IT...says a lot. Really it does...

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I had to decide for myself to lose weight. Other people telling me to lose weight did nothing but cause me to do the exact opposite of what they said. Losing weight takes a lot of time and commitment. No one is going to go through all that if they think they are doing it just for someone else. Your motivation comes from knowing you are doing it for yourself. People are stubborn (and rightly so) and want to decide things on their own...

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