Wats better Medifast Diet or speacial k diet?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Wats better Medifast Diet or speacial k diet? Thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. Welcome to the home of the SHORTIES all those vertically challenged MFers!.

We are newbies and goals-met successes, young and well seasoned, single and married or divorced. We are diverse. We cover every area except the tall ones. You know the ones - the overhead bins in airplanes, the top shelf in the grocery store, the light bulb in the dark closet, those elusive lofty places.

Some people call us.


, and we actually think that is a compliment, as we are.

Slim Hotties On the Road To Intelligent Eating and Stability.

We have to deal with special issues due to our height (or lack there of), and we can really relate to each other. We like that saying, The best things come in small packages, and people often say that about us we are small, but mighty! We also tend to be feisty, daring, passionate, vocal, and we have a lot of love to give..

We are always welcoming new SHORTIES to the group (and anyone else that wants to hang out with us), so come on in, introduce yourself, let's get acquainted, pull up a chair and sit a spell! We're here to help each other as we travel together down that road to health!.

Heres our banner code, so you can add it to your signature. Just copy & paste, then edit it to delete all the little * in the text:.


Of course, you are free to make your own SHORTIES banner, if you like..

The Questions of the Day:.

"Creation Sunday" What is something you plan to do this week to make a change in your life?.

"Measuring Monday" What are your measurements this week (bust, waist, hips) and your total inches, all measurements, lost since you started?.

"Tempation Tuesday" What temptation did you face this week & how did you handle it?.

"Wonderful Wednesday" What victories are you celebrating this week?.

"Telling Thursday" Anything you want to tell about areas that you are less than happy with your decisions, behaviors, strength, etc. - where can we help you?.

"Favorite Friday" What was a new food that you tried this week that you consider one of your Favs now?.

"Sharing Saturday" Whatever you want to share with the group....

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Comments (91)

I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1


, thanks for getting the new thread started!.

I don't have a lot to report - came in to the office today just to see if I got any payments coming my way today....

Enjoy the Medifast weekend!..

Comment #2

Thanks again Shelley! OMG, it's almost 2011! HAPPY NEW YEAR SHORTIES!!!..

Comment #3

Thanks for setting up the new thread, Shelly! Happy New Year's too all my Shortie friends...

Comment #4

Adrienne, I know those icons in your post are toasting with sparkling seltzer, right?..

Comment #5

Happy New Year, SHORTIES! Looking forward to a healthier 2011!..

Comment #6

Checking in to wish everyone a Happy New Year..

This one will be just as good as the last one. Last year I started MF. This year I will make.


And next year at this time I will be getting ready to celebrate 1 year at goal. Those are MY resolutions today!..

Comment #7

HAPPY NEW YEAR Shorties! I am still around, just have been really busy, but keeping an eye on all of you!.

I went to a Wedding on NYE and it was really nice and fun. A great way to end the year! I have ended the year up a little more than I want to be in weight (see ticker), so back on task with the new year. It will be nice for things to get back to "normal"..

I look forward to continuing our healthy journey together ladies, thanks for all your support and motivation!!..

Comment #8

SHORTIES are pretty quiet this year, so far. Everybody getting back to work and such? Still on school break here, but DH and I have to work this week. Weather seems to have settled down, after the tornadoes on NYE. None very close to us, however. Now it's just cold, as is normal for January..

Happy New Year!..

Comment #9

School break here, too; we start back next week..

Mondays are a non-duty day at work so it has become my running around day - WI at the Medifast center, piano lesson (my turn to learn), laundry and any other appointments/shopping that I can get done. I WI at the center, but the weight I record here is from my own scale first thing in the morning. My scale is within half a pound of the one at the center and at home I can control what I wear and what time of day I weigh in so I have more consistency. This morning I clocked in at 136 - which means I'm down just over 50 pounds. Yay me! I will probably record the 50# loss at the center next week, and that means 2 free boxes of MF..

I have only 11# to my original goal of 125, but I'm thinking I just might be happy at 130, and then getting very serious about the C25K training and using my free weights. I'm going to give it another 3 weeks and see where I am at weight-wise. Right now my counselor and I are working on getting me recording my food more faithfully and accurately as we feel that that will be THE key in transition for me. (it is my one huge weakness on Medifast - not recording means I don't have to take responsibility for what goes in my mouth. We all know that is a big fat lie).

So that's where I am today. Hugs to my fellow Shorties...

Comment #10

Hi fellow Shorties,.

I haven't logged on in a few months. I made it to my goal weight (118) in September, and have not transittioned very well since. Mostly I still ate the Medifast food, but allowed myself to cheat with other foods instead of slowly transitioning the way we're supposed to, reintroducing fruit, more calories, etc. Though I maintained the first few months, then slowly put on 3 or 4 pounds (I was ok with that much fluctuation), this morning's check of the scale showed I am now up 9 pounds after the holidays! Aahh!.

Back on the diet (withough the cheating) today. I will have to be vigilant this time, and really do the transition the right way after I get back to goal. I got a new job in August, and I'm told that they provide lots of free (but not very healthy) food during tax season, so I will have to just stick to what I bring with me. I have found that once I cheat, I have trouble stopping..

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you all much success & happiness..


Comment #11

Kelly - I hear you about the importance of transitioning well. I did optifast five years ago and because I was trying to get into a maintenance class before the holidays, I didn't transition as slowly as the program suggested. And little by little I put the weight back on, because going back on the all-liquid optifast was not recommended. Each week of maintenance I would put on a pound or so and by the time the 6 weeks of maintenance was over I was so discouraged I gave up trying to watch what I was eating and then the weight just came back in a rush..

Good for you for getting back OP. I know tax time can be tough in so many ways, but we're always here to help you through it. Ok, the eating temptation part - you're on your own for all those tax codes and math and stuff!..

Comment #12

Happy New Year Shorties!!! I did get a little off track over the holiday but I am happy to say it was brief and I'm all in for 2011. Looking forward to all the good things 2011 has in store for us!!..

Comment #13

Welcome back all the returning shorties!.

We're happy to see you no matter what state you're in...

Comment #14

I thought the holidays were a disaster, but found out I maintained my weight in spite of it. Am back on the wagon, though, and expecting a loss tomorrow..

Welcome and welcome back!..

Comment #15

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. Both DH and I have been battling a virus of some sort, leaving both of us - and me more so - totally wiped out. DH is back to work today after having the past couple of weeks off for vacation and I'm trying to get myself back into my normal routine. My exercise is temporarily suspended while I deal with recovering for this bug and a fouled up neck - coughing and tossing and turning at night really knocked it out of alignment. Oh well. Such is life.

In the mean time, I'll focus more on my eating habits..

My transition from Medifast to regular food did not go well and my weight has slowly been climbing over the past few months, so it's time to crack the whip and buckled down. I NEED to get this excess weight OFF - permanently! No more messing around, no more half-hearted efforts!..

Comment #16

Ditto what MT said!.

Shelly - I hope you feel better soon! I am back in the saddle with you for 2011!.

Kerry - Congrats on doing better than you thought over the Holidays! Glad the worst of the weather missed you; I am pretty much ready for spring!.

Cdemaio - Happy New Year!.

Donna - you are doing great - woo hoo! Piano lessons - what fun!.

Kelly - The Holidays were tough for a lot of us, good for you for re-focusing now!.

For those of us getting back on the horse in 2011, I have good news to report, after just a few days of "clean eating" I am back down to 141.8 from 144 on 1/1 - so it works!..

Comment #17

It really is a matter of making good choices..

Thanks for the reminder,.


And as.


Already reminds us, drink your water!.

I hope this first week finds everyone doing well. Still quite busy at work and at home (where is all this stuff coming from?). I've joined the Medifast group on ravelry and I'm going to try picking up knitting and crocheting again. In my spare time! LOL but actually it might be something I can do during meetings. Some of the meetings are long and seem less productive than they could be. This might be the one thing I can do to help make the seem more fulfilling..

I'll let you all know how that goes!..

Comment #18

Morning Shorties..

As I near goal I find I"m terrified to transition. I'm doing Medifast to lose the weight and keep it off. I don't want to YO-YO ever again. I don't ever want to buy bigger pants than where I'm now. Sorry I did the rant thing again..

I taught myself to crochet a few years ago. I can start but not finish. I had a pretty good size scarf once going and took it all apart..

I do that!.

I taught the kids one summer how to cross stitch. They loved that. I have several pieces started. I work on them mainly during the summer when the kids are swimming and I'm enjoying the sun. I will take it out during a really good snowstorm as well..

Got to run. Lots to do today..

HAve a Great Day!..

Comment #19

I'm down 2.5 lb. this morning! Woo-hoo! Starting the new year off right, and I plan to keep it that way. It will be easier now that party season is over...

Comment #20

Mia, I'm worried about transition and the yo-yo effect as well..

But I've still got a ways to go, and at a shortie pace, it will likely be months off yet..

Have a great On Plan day!..

Comment #21

Thanks Kelly for pointing to this thread! I'm 5'3 and looking to get to 125. I did Medifast for 5 months and then took a break for the holidays ( 3 mo. off ) and gained back 14 pounds.

But I made no effort to try and eat lean and green at all so I'm not really surprised. But holidays are over and I'm back with a vengance!!.

I'll be a Sunday weigher, anyone else?..

Comment #22



! You can do it and we're happy to help any way we can (short of coming over to cook that is!.





, I totally get what you're saying. That's one of the things that made Sue go back to 5&1. She felt out of control again. I am happy to report that if you continue to live what you learned while on 5&1 and in transition, you will not yo-yo. The key is learning what your meal plan is while in transition and then living it. Forever.

We all get so focused on the weight loss phase but that's the easy part. The true commitment and the hard work is in maintenance... but it can be made easier and maintaining can be made as simple as 5&1. You just have to do a little more planning, a little more shopping, a little more thinking. One of the things I would encourage you all to do if you haven't already is to get a calorie counting applet for your phone.

It's free and contains a huge library of foods. This way even when I'm on the road I can look up the calorie, salt and fat content of foods so I can be sure eat within my plan. If you go to clean eating it's even easier because that eliminates a huge array of foods that might have otherwise dragged you down. How you do maintenance is totally up to you, but it's possible. Congratulations on your losses to date and on sticking with it to goal..

Comment #23

Hi Ladies! Happy New Year!.

The losses have been pretty slow for me these last few weeks, and getting slower with every month, it seems. I just keep thinking that as long as the scale is moving down, then I'm good....

Yay! We made it through the holidays; cheers everyone!..

Comment #24

Hi there Angelacraft - glad you joined us. And welcome back to being OP. This is a great place for advice and support..

I appreciate all the current talk of transition and maintenance. I have about 11 pounds to go for my original goal weight, but I'm thinking I may call 130 goal instead of 125. I have a large amount of clothes that I bought when I got down to 132 a few years ago and I'm just about fitting in all of them. I'm afraid that if I get down to 125 the clothes will be too big. For some that might not be a problem and may even be incentive, but the last few years have been tough financially and a whole new wardrobe for me is out of the question. (DH is back on his bike and watching his calories and in 25 pounds HE is going to need the new wardrobe) Plus, I kinda like where my body is now and in 6 pounds it will be even better.

My counselor and I are going to talk a bit more seriously about goal weight when I've lost about 5 pounds...

Comment #25



- I'm a Saturday weigher, although I do look on Wednesdays as part of another group. That way I'm looking at the scale twice a week..


- my losses are getting slower too - but it's my fault. I'm hoping this month is better...

Comment #26

My losses have been slower, but I attribute that to my laziness and BLTs. I've been really careful since NYD, and plan to stay 100% OP. Otherwise, I get into trouble. No PB for me, that's for sure! (Who can stop at 1 Tbsp????) Going to add in exercise, too. Regular exercise, not just the occasional Wii that I've been doing. Time to get serious!..

Comment #27

I think for many of us shorties, as we approach goal, the losses can seem pretty infinitesimal, compared to our perceived effort (in my case, at least). The fact that I am not alone in this and have you all is one of the things that keeps me going with fractional weekly losses, despite being 100% OP..


, I, too am in my smallest clothes comfortably, and don't want to have to replace them, so I am going to have to call goal soon (I originally said 125, but wanted a cushion for T&M, and I'm at 123.5 this AM). And then I am going to have to try transition again..


, it's not so much that I felt out-of-control. It was just like the 5&1 for me, plus 1 cup added 5&1 veggies. No problem. It was that I felt my weight was out-of-control, and I didn't know why..

Just plucking up my courage.....

Comment #28

I stil have plenty of clothes that are too small, because they are something like 20 years old. (I never get rid of anything!). Sizes have changed dramatically in 20 years, so some of my 10s and 12s from then don't fit, while modern 10s are borderline too big, and 12's definitely don't fit. Still trying to fit into the clothes of my youth!.

My weight loss has been pretty steady, but never more than a pound or two (this past week was an exception, but I figured it was because last week I didn't lose any!). That's why I like this thread. I don't feel bad when I only lose one pound, because I don't have 12 other people reporting losses of 5 and 8 and 12 lbs..

I'm not sure how I'll handle transition. The whole idea scares me! Can I maintain control over my eating when I am not on 5&1???.

Good luck, Sue!..

Comment #29

Kerry - same here, with the size thing. NO WAY is my body a size 8, and yet I can put on jeans that are 8s. And some of the changes are just in the last five years. When I was this weight five years ago, I was a 12, bordering on a 10. And no, I didn't keep any of those pants to do a comparison (at least I don't think I have any hiding in some box somewhere). Just recently I came across some photos of friends and me in high school, and good grief I was thin.

I remember hitting 122 in junior year and in a complete panic because there was a chance I'd have to buy size 9 jeans. I dropped 5 pounds PDQ! And my girls see those photos and can't believe that we were ALL that thin and we all thought we needed to lose weight..

I hear ya about T/M. Scares me to death, too. So glad we can do this together. I'm working at the mind game of telling myself I will simply follow the T/M program like I've followed the 5/1 and just let it work. But at the back of mind is the thought that because I am short, I may have to tweak T/M to be as successful maintaining as I have been losing with 5/1...

Comment #30

Hi Everyone!!.

So.. it's been a while since I've written, seems all my penpal support folks have quit the plan or just stopped writting so I don't log in too much anymore... although I'm going to try and do it more often... I've been on a plateau for several weeks now.. not sure why.. up one, down 3, up 1, down 1 and so know the drill! I'm sure my PCOS has something to do with it, but I'm happy to report that I haven't gone off plan once..

Needless to say this plateau has been frustrating... I think I may have broken that cycle this week (GOD I HOPE) and will know on Sunday! Just figured I'd put a little update in here and say hi!.

The good news is that I have lost 11.8 inches since my last measure about 6 weeks ago, so I am doing something right!! It definitely shows in my clothes and how I look and so many people are commenting now, which is so nice to hear!.

Still have 30 lbs to go, but I'm determined and I will get there.. LOL ... eventually.... gosh, I must be the slowest loser here!.

Anyway.. just wanted to say hi again and wish everyone a happy, healthy and slimmer new year!.


Comment #31

I think several of us Shorties are getting to the last 15 pounds or so... We've been such slow losers, that we've had time to get totally used to the 5&1. I guess other "bigger losers" may reach their goal quicker, so Transition may not seem so scary, because they haven't been on 5&1 so long either..

However, I read someone's blog the other day, and it resonated - basically (I'll paraphrase) - we've got a disease called obesity, and we are treating it currently with the 5&1. Once in Transition and then in Maintenance, we will continue to treat the disease, although the treatment may change slightly. Because once we stop treating it, the disease will re-occur, and we'll be obese all over again..

The good news is that we have finally discovered that this is a treatable disease, and that we CAN do something about it! The bad news is that we have to treat it for a lifetime!.

Anyway, just a thought... So, keep up the treatments, Shorties!..

Comment #32


, as if the differences in sizing among manufacturers wasnt enough (I have always had at least 2-3 sizes in my closet, all of which fit), the new vanity sizing now adds the variable of how old the clothes are, and therefore what size the current clothing is versus the clothing from years ago, even though they have the same dimensions. Men have it so much easier. Ill have the 36/30, Fred. End of discussion..

Add to whether one can control ones eating in T&M, without the benefit of ketosis, the scarier question is whether one can control ones weight, even when doing T&M according to the book..


, I think you are right when you speculate that we may have to do some tweaking. T&M calories for us are not going to affect us the way they will someone 57 with a goal weight way higher than ours. Every time I lose a pound, I see my TEE going down big-time, and it's not very high to begin with. The generic 1500 calories they talk about for maintenance would put weight back on me, unless I want to be a gym rat. Which I dont..


, PCOS must really complicate things. Congrats on staying OP. Must really chap your butt that you stayed OP during the holidays and no scale validation! I hope tomorrows WI is wonderful. Let us know. At least your inches lost and your clothing fit is letting you know something good is happening. We can be your new penpal friends!.


, no matter how you look at it or what you call it, this has to be for life. I think this may be the first time Ive actually internalized this...

Comment #33

Hi Shorties, Happy Saturday! My low is a new Medifast low - down another 1.8 pounds this week! My goal for my first 60 pounds was 2 pounds a week (average). My actual average was 1.8 pounds a week..

My goal for the final 15 pounds is 1 pounds a week (average). We'll see how it goes..


- I think this is the first time I've internalized that this weight battle is for life too!.


- awesome about the inches lost - even if the weight hasn't been cooperating as much. It's great to have this Shorties group to continue to encourage us to measure, because the scale isn't the only indicator!..

Comment #34

Except I remember CallOfDuty saying that he (or someone he knew) did a survey of guys jeans and a 36 waist could actually measure anywhere from 34 to 41 inches. Good grief...

Comment #35

Hi! New to Medifast - just started yesterday. So glad to find this group! I'm 4'11" so I hope I'll "fit in"...

Comment #36

Hi all. Another shortie joining in, if I may. I'm 4'10" and a smidge. I'm starting on the 21st, I have a work trip to England from the 15th to the 20th and I know I won't be able to keep compliant while there so I am planning my start date when I know I will not be tempted in any way..

I did Medifast in 2005 and lost 30 lbs but strayed and put it back on again. I tried again in 2006 but just never stayed with it. I'm determined this time. I'm looking to lose 35 lbs for now as my first goal and see how I feel then. I have always had trouble being able to comprehend the "recommended" weight for me I'd never be able to eat at all. So I am going with the weight where I felt comfortable in my skin which is somewhere around 140-145..

I found this group searching for "ravelry" reference as I am a big crocheting nut and spend a lot of time on ravelry. I guess I followed MTCup here; because she is the one who posted about it..

I'm looking forward to having a support group...

Comment #37

Welcome to all you newcomers! Glad you found us. We'll be happy to help you through some of the unique issues that us fun sized folk have compared to the "normals"..

Or just share a laugh and day to day stuff. I wish you all the best of success..

AFM, been busy with work and other things. Staying on plan in maintenance but these last couple of days I've had trouble getting my water all in. It's the thing I need to work on right now. Otherwise things are going really well. Hugs to all who need them!..

Comment #38

Happy Sunday shorties! Hope every one has a great week...

Comment #39

Hello Fellow Shorties!.

Long time no post. The HUGE exam that I was fretting about all fall 2010 was administered and I am pleased to report that I passed all 8 sections. Yeah for me! I was saddened to hear that all the other members in my study crew have to retake 1-3 of the 8 sections. The overall pass rate was around 30%..

You have all been very busy posting. Congrats on all the losses and maintaining efforts. A big hug for all who are getting back on the PLAN. I took a few weeks away from the boards. Given that I am not really technologically minded, unless I have to be on a computer, I won't. Life without a cell phone is truly a blessing, as I can focus on what I need to get done and not get distracted.

So, the holidays were fun-filled and relaxing. Was able to get away for 10 days with DH, DS, and Dd (our golden retreiver). Ran on the beach, ate lovely foods (a few tastes of holiday treats, but nothing too crazy) and even 2 flutes of champagne (one to celebrate the passing of my exam and one on NYE). Saw "The Black Swan." WHAT A WONDERFUL FILM! I think one of the most intriguing aspects of the film was the insight provided about the athleticism needed to master the "sport" of ballet. At the same time, the film provided a multifaceted internal and external perspectives about the ballet world. While the physical skills are incredible, the mental stamina and psychological persistence are equally essential tools if one is to dance in the big leagues.

I read that Natalie Portman trained for 1 year and lost 20 lbs doing so! Hey maybe Medifast should incorporate 8 hours of ballet training into it's program and we'll have all hit our goals yesterday (NOT!).

Will weigh in for the first time this year on Thursday. Suspecting a few pounds up, but given the balance of time spent with family and friends, and the nibbling of probably too many low cal , too salty snacks explains what I anticipate will be recorded. What I have come to realize is that my goal weight is a number to which I am committed for life, so getting back and holding on to is my life long responsibility. So 98-100 lbs, here I COME!.

Overall, feeling pretty positive about 2011. It is the year of the rabbit in the lunar new year (starting Feb 3). Here is what one website predicts for the year (.


) :.

The year of the Rabbit is.

Traditionally associated with home and family, artistic pursuits, diplomacy, and keeping the peace. Therefore, 2011 is very likely to be a relatively calmer one than 2010 both on the world scene, as well as on a personal level..

Happy New year one and all. Let's make this the best one yet!..

Comment #40

Welcome Scrabbler and Make It Happen!.

Welcome back Sunflower!.

The scale was kind to me this morning, recording a 2.4 lbs loss. Sounds huge for a Shortie, but I know it's just water weight - and I'll take it! The last couple of weeks have been miserable - I caught a bad cold and had TOM at the same time, then the cold progressed into the flu, and back to a cold again. All that equals massive water retention. I finally have a little energy and the water weight is coming off (just in time for the next round of PMS!.

). I'm going to log a couple of walking miles on the treadmill today and up my water intake, and see if I can't flush some more of the excess fluid and the remaining cold/flu crud out of my system. I may not have hitting the ground running this New Year, but I'd get back up to speed soon...

Comment #41

Ah, the joys of the mid-winter cold and flu season. I haven't been sick (touch wood) but DD3 has a nasty cold and was in bed with a fever for two days last week. I'm not ready for summer, but I really am tired of being cold..

Welcome to all the new Shorties. So glad you joined us. scrabbler7 enjoy the trip to England. DD2 spent a semester in London and would give her last cookie to move back...

Comment #42

Woozy congratulations on the test results! Welcome back!.

Shelly congratulations on the loss, that is huge. Hopefully it's the start of a downward slide for you..

*knock on wood* so far all the winter colds have bypassed me. Work pc is flakign out so busy trying to make that work this morning. Very frustrating...

Comment #43

Woozy, that's wonderful, especially given what happened to other mbrs of your group! You must be totally psyched to have that over with completely. Congratulations!.

Shelley, wow, that is huge for a shortie! Send some of that scale mojo my way!.

Sorry for all those who have been ill lately. I see it over and over on the boards and have to wonder whether some people's immune systems are affected by MF. But it's probably just the time of year and the fact that we have many people who are teachers, nurses, and are otherwise constantly exposed to every germ that's out there..

Hope everyone gets well and stays well, soon..

Revised my goal down 5 pounds, but at the rate I'm going, it feels like it will take as long as it did to lose the first 33 lbs! Having mixed success with exercise. Some days I'm good, other days I make excuses. Did the first Week 1 of C25K. Felt fine doing it, but for 3 days afterwards my hips were killing me! Almost afraid to try it again, so have done the elliptical instead, when I do anything..

Reading the Beck book. Definitely some excellent ideas, although many we've already implemented being on this program, if we're doing it OP..

DH away and incommunicado for a week for work, which leaves me with 7 very demanding pets all by myself (still easier than kids). Add to that more snow coming and I can't work the big, commercial quality snow blower DH insisted on buying (men and their toys), so it will be the shovel and my back doing the work. Well, at least I'll be able to mark off intentional exercise that day!.

MT_Cup, having done both, it's why I have a Mac. But I realize you have to use what everyone else at work is using. Hope you get it working right...

Comment #44

Sue - I started the C25k as well. I did the first week for 3 weeks and then we went through a super rainy/freezing spell, so I haven't been out for about a month. I hear about the excuses - but I feel so much better when I get out. I'm starting on week 1 again and I'll probably do it for 2-3 weeks before moving to week 2. Added bonus (?) is that we live in a hilly neighborhood, so I really get a workout...

Comment #45

Congratulations, Woozy! We are proud of you!.

Welcome, newbies and returnees! Congrats on all weight losses! (I'm too scatterbrained to do individual shout-outs, sorry!).

Sue, I have only had one cold since starting on MF, so I was thinking just the opposite. Could be that being self-employed with most of the work being done at home has kept me away from germs. Whatever the case, I'll take it..

Speaking of work, better get back to it!..

Comment #46

Hi Shorties, Happy Monday!.

I think I'm with.


On this one - I think my immune system is improved by Medifast - then again, maybe I'm healthier because I've lost some weight, and so I can fight off colds better. At any rate, I haven't had a cold since starting Medifast in May..



Make It Happen.

- welcome to the Shorties Board!.


- welcome back!.


- congrats on your awesome loss for the week!.


- woohoo on passing the entire exam in one try! I know that's a huge relief and a huge accomplishment!.


- hope your computer gets fixed soon..


- I hear you about the cold/rainy weather. I'm ready for some 70's again!.


- I'm still chugging along. My office building got foreclosed on, so they've stopped providing security - which means my family really wants me out of the office by dark... which means I've got to re-program myself to start going to bed earlier, and then getting up earlier and getting into the office earlier. I'm not terribly thrilled about any of this....

Have a great On Plan week, SHORTIES!..

Comment #47

Very excited about a NSV this morning. I've had this long skirt that is a size 2 petite. Yes, a.


Now, there is no way in heck that I can squeeze my butt into a 2 normally, so I know it has to be a REALLY BIG 2 petite - however - it fit this morning and I am wearing it right now at work!.

Go me! Feel so skinny today, even if it's just a farce..

Comment #48

Well, you LOOK darn skinny to me, Katerie! Way to go!..

Comment #49






- you look great!.

I am on the side of Medifast keeping you healthier. I just had my first cold in over a year, and it was very mild..

Congrats to you.


, and I am glad you are feeling better!.

Hello to all the other great Shorties! I am just popping by during a quick lunch break at work. It has been almost too busy for me lately at work. Hope everyone has a great day and week!..

Comment #50

Thanks, everyone! It's really hard to imagine myself at 105 pounds (which is my goal). My husband doesn't think I should lose more than 10 more pounds...I'm not sure when I should transition. I guess I'll just take it one day at a time..

Comment #51


Who cares what size is printed on the tag! You look fabulous in that skirt! So nice and slim!.

Keep up the GREAT work!..

Comment #52

Hi Everyone,.

So... the scale is still quite stubborn, I was -1 lb at this weight in, but I don't count it yet because I'm still not below where I was when this yo-yo of up one down one, etc.. started... now if I lose a pound from here... then I can say ok, back on the losing track, but right now even with this weigh in, I'm where I was when I last logged my weight. SOOOO Frustrating!.

Thanks to everyone who is offering support, I need it... I'm so motivated, but so frustrated at the same time! I just think of how far along I could be.. heck, I could have been almost at goal by now if this stuff didn't start in the middle of November! Yes, the PCOS does NOT help matters, but hopefully this cycle will end soon!.

Hope everyone is having a great OP week so far!..

Comment #53

Thanks for the welcomes everyone!.

Kattrout - You look *awesome* in that skirt. I'd take the size 2 ... and own it!.

Morada - thanks for the well wishes on my trip. Never been to England and I'm going alone, so I'm a tad bit apprehensive about getting myself around. I figure I will just use taxicabs and let the company bear the expense. No sense in getting myself lost on the tube..

I have been going back and forth on wanting to start before I go, but I know it will be a bad thing so I'm hanging tight until I return and eating sensibly until then...

Comment #54


, like Shelly said! Ignore the tab and wear with pride. You look fantastic. That sweater is adorable too..


, be safe!.


, big hugs to help you over the hump. You can do it!.

So for me, last two days I've been a good girl with my water; now to keep the momentum..

Hugs to all who need them. Early start today so I can catch up on almost 3 full hours of lost time from my craptop acting up...

Comment #55

We're in the middle of a snow storm expecting 6" maybe more. We shall see what the morning brings!.

Good night, shorties. Wishing you all a wonderful OP day tomorrow...

Comment #56

5-8 predicted for me, I'm on the NJ side of the delaware water gap so we'll see. Doubt it will be that much. Still I love the snow and I'm looking forward to it...

Comment #57

Had at least 12" of snow by 5:30AM, and it won't stop until this afternoon! Was out shoveling by then so the little dogs could go out and do their business. Will wait until it's over before digging the rest out. It's wet and heavy, so I hope my back holds out. I am so logging this as exercise...

Comment #58

Only got 5 inches here. boo!! Officially we got 6.5 but I don't see that extra around my yard. LOL. Good luck digging out Sue and take small bits at a time. Rest frequently and buy a back friendly shovel (has a bent handle)...

Comment #59

You know, I don't know how you do it, snow for months and months. I think I would go insane. (However, snow instead of the 2 foot high weeds in my backyard might not be so bad.).

I like snow, I also like the fact that it will be about 71* here today. But the weather gods will have their due. When most of the country is enjoying summer and harvesting summer veggies, the West will be baking in 100*+ and whining for fall. Ah, weather...

Comment #60

I hate hot weather. Really I do. I love snow. I don't mind shoveling. I love ice skating, skiing, you name it. I love to roll in it, build forts and make snow angels.

I would be content with 3 months of warm weather and then back to winter... as long as I have mountains and hiking. Hmmm.. maybe I should move to the Himalayas?..

Comment #61

I love the snow, but I know I couldn't handle 3 months of darkness! The continual cloud cover in the winter is bad enough. We have 4-6 inches here. School restarted today, much to DS's disgust..

I lost a pound this week. I was hoping for more, but we shorties know how that goes! It seems it gets slower the closer to goal..

Time to shovel, since DS is at school and can't do it for me!..

Comment #62

Happy Hump Day Shorties!.

I love to watch the snow. We have about 9 inches and it's still snowing. I don't shovel! The Dh and kids do that. They clean the outside and I clean the inside..

Off to work soon in the weather! Hmmm, I may go tanning later!.

Have a Great Day...

Comment #63

I like watching snow too - from a safe distance - on TV, in movies, on the internet....

But I love 70 and sunny weather that we get to live in most of the time. Of course we pay for it - in lower wages, higher home prices, higher taxes, etc!.

Have an awesome week, Shorties!..

Comment #64

It's so lovely outside! Fresh snow as far as the eye can see! I love winter..

I'm with you Adrienne - give me a few months of warm (not hot) weather for summer, then get back to sweater weather for fall, then bring on the snow. The more, the better. We've gotten somewhere between 18 and 24 inches so far today and it's still snowing, though it's slowed way down in the last couple of hours. Everything is shut down and DH got a rare snow day off from work. We'll go out and clear off the cars later this afternoon so we don't have to mess with it in the morning...

Comment #65

I am in the camp of not a snow fan, but I am glad for those of you who are getting it and enjoy it! We did get only 3" here in MD yesterday, which is fine for me. Just enough to see the beauty of it, but not too much to keep you from going places..

MT - My Aunt and Uncle live on the NJ side of the Delaware Water Gap too. They are in Blairstown (work at Blair Academy, teachers). I have been there a few times - just beautiful!.

Sue - definately count shoveling as excercise - I did for today too!.

Everyone stay warm!..

Comment #66

I'm about a half hour drive north of them,.


Right now it.


Lovely out !.



, that's ideal weather for me!..

Comment #67

I like snow enough to have LOTS of screensaver pictures of snowy places..

I also like that the air is cool outside, but the sun has warmed it all up to 75*. We've been wanting to go to the bay for an evening bonfire and I think the weather will cooperate for this Saturday. The non-MF people have hot dogs and s'mores, DD1 and I make foil pouches of protein and veggies and set them in the fire/embers. This time I think we'll do a piece of mahi-mahi fish instead of chicken, with mushrooms, zucchini and celery and I like spinach in there, too. I'm seriously going to try putting a caramel crunch bar on the skewer and warm it up for dessert..

If this all pans out and we do go, I'll take pictures and let you know how it turns out...

Comment #68

Donna, don't let that bar fall into the fire!!! Are you in SF? My favorite city ever...

Comment #69


You could always take along a couple of S'mores bars to the beach..

Did I mention that I love winter?.

When we went out to clear of the cars around noon, we found that we'd gotten well over 2 feet of snow. A bunch of us from our apartment complex were out there at the same time, so when one person finished with their car, they moved on to help the next person. Unfortunately, only about a quarter of the residents got off their duffs and cleared off and moved their cars, so the plow guy could only plow a few small sections of the parking lot. Not good. He'll come back tomorrow and hopefully be able to give the lot a thorough plowing. The snow removal guys were through our lot 3 times this morning and blew out the sidewalks twice.

By the time we'd all finished shoveling our cars out, we'd logged a good 2 hours of hard physical labor. DH is going to feel it more than me in the morning - he's not used to that kind of exercise anymore...

Comment #70

Sue - no, I'm at the other end of California - San Diego. Ok, really just east of San Diego, but close enough to call it home...

Comment #71

Morning. Yay for 6am meetings. I need coffee to be human. *drags self off to find the coffee pot*..

Comment #72

6 AM, Yuck! I barely manage to get my kids fed and out the door at that hour of the morning. Heaven forbid I should have to get myself out the door!.

Very cold here today, single digits. Think I'll stay indoors as much as possible...

Comment #73

Well good news for me is I work from home so it's roll out of bed and into work. That's also the bad news because sometimes I just don't get a break. So easy to let yourself burn out..

I agree on the staying indoors today! Bitter cold and windy here...

Comment #74

Walking dogs in 2 feet of snow for a living sucks..

Morada, I love San Diego, too. Been there twice. Wish I was there NOW...

Comment #75

Hi there Shorties! It's been over 9 months since I've posted anything on this site. We'll I'm back on Medifast (started last week) and hope I'll be able to get the support and motiviation from everyone to hit my goal by summer. I'll definitely be rooting for all you too! Cheers to our success in 2011!!.

Morada - we're neighbors. I too live in San Diego!.

Btw: Does anyone know how to post the ticker?..

Comment #76


I'm so sorry you have to do that. Yuck..



! Instructions for getting your ticker going are found here:.

The best of success to you!..

Comment #77

Hi all,.

Fellow shortie, just finishing my first week. I see there are some snow-loverscount me in.

! I'm about 40 min. north of NYC, and my whole family enjoyed a spectacular snow day yesterday, even hubby had off from work..


Comment #78

Welcome Marion! Enjoy the snow. I have a lab and I can't get him to come in most of the time. We have a good time outside right now..

Happy snow angel to you!..

Comment #79

Welcome to Marion and to Mlong (howdy neighbor? I'm actually out in Lakeside, but no one knows where that is)..

For a few weeks I've been thinking that I might be satisfied with 130 being my goal weight instead of 125, but not last night. Last night I became very aware that I still have a good bit of baby fat around my middle (yes, I blame it on my three daughters - it's their fault I have no stomach muscles) and I just want it to go away. So I am not only focusing on eating OP, not that I go off plan, but I want to really notice the type of L/G - making sure I'm not eating strictly Lean options, but mixing it up. I don't know if I can physically drink more water - I'm up to 84+ ounces but I guess I could shoot for 2 full litres per day. What I need to work on is exercise. I haven't been walking for two weeks and that has to be the problem.

Ok, break is over. Time to get back to work...

Comment #80

Thanks for the welcome! Just finished my first week, and lost 4 lbs!!!! This really works!..

Comment #81

Congrats on a great first-week loss. Onward and downward!..

Comment #82

Hi all! I'm down another lb this week. Only 6.6 more to go! I'm not sure if my goal of 130 will be where I stop, but it's where I'll re-evaluate! Bought some size 8 jeans this week! Cannot even remember the last time I've been in that size. Definitely before kids!.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!.


Comment #83

Hey Shorties - how are you doing?.


- great job! I was actually wearing a size 6 the other day! Color me amazed!.


- that's a great loss for a shortie!.

Mlong09 and Morada.

- I'm in Poway!.


- hope the snowy dog walking gets better - snow and dog walking was part of the reason I moved to San Diego!.


- when I lived in Germany about 19 years ago, I bought a dirndl (sp?). It was a size "36" - and of course, I haven't been able to wear it since. Well, I dug it out yesterday, and it's TIGHT, but the buttons actually buttoned!.

Hope you have a great On Plan weekend!..

Comment #84

Grkism - congrats on your dirndle (like you said, sp?)!..

Comment #85

Welcome Marion and Mlong!.

Marion - woo hoo on your great 1st week!.

Sue - LOL on the dogs in the snow! While I am not a winter fan, I do like having the 4 seasons, each new season makes you appreciate one or more of the other 3 for one reason or another..

Hello Shelly, Adrienne, Donna and all the other great shorties! I just watched "The Soup" and "Fashion Police" on E!. I love those shows, very amusing!..

Comment #86

Adrienne, E! is the E Entertainment Network, usually available on basic cable, depending on where you are..

Welcome Marianne and Mlong!.

Gkrism, once that dirndl fits, I expect a vlog or youtube video featuring you, the dirndle, and yodeling. Don't disappoint us!.

Alymark, you are so close to goal! I'm still re-evaluating my goal weight. Enjoy rocking those size 8s!'.

Donna, I have a similar problem with belly fat. I've read a lot lately about what happens to fat distribution after you hit 40. Don't know how old you are, but at 62, my fat migrated from butt and thighs to my middle. I still have more there than I want, but boy it hangs on like grim death. Meanwhile, you can see my ribs where they attach to my breastbone on my chest! Guess we don't have a lot of control over where it comes off. Hoping exercise will help..

Happy 3-day wkend, shorties...

Comment #87

Sue - I'll be 51 in a few weeks. It has taken me almost the entire year to admit to my age being "that number". I loved being 30, was ok with 40, but the last birthday was not fun. And yet the year turned out wonderfully - Medifast found me and took away 50 pounds! I thought about taking a class at the Adult Educ center, like yoga or something. I'm intrigued by belly dancing but when I mention the possibility, I get the "uhm - you belly dancing? are you nuts" look from the family. Not that I'd be interested in performing, but it might be fun...

Comment #88

Hey Shorties - so vanity sizing is really in effect. My dirndl (I looked up the spelling) is apparently a size 6 - but it's really tight on me. New size 6's in the stores are fitting fine!.


- I can't find the apron that goes with the dirndl! I'll have to keep looking for that. And lose the final 10 pounds and see if my new weight distribution will allow me to wear the thing. No video will be forthcoming, but I might try a picture..


- sounds like great shows to watch. I've certainly changed my style after watching TLC's What Not to Wear. No more horizontal stripes!.


- so for my week 36, I was down another 2. So, my total is now 65.2, an average of about 1.8 pounds per week. Words can't describe how great this is!.

Also, I'm reprising my role as "Fancy Grace" tonight at the kid's program for church. (Basically it's a take-off on Nancy Grace, and this time I'm grilling Moses on the environmental disasters he unleased on Egypt)..

Have a great weekend, Shorties!..

Comment #89

Could be that it's Euro sizing. Their stuff always seems to be smaller than U.S. sizing..

Congrats on the -2 lbs!!!.

So, is Fancy Grace as obnoxious as her namesake? (Apologies to anyone here who thinks she's great)...

Comment #90

So don't belly dance for you family! If you get FitTV where you are, there's a show called "Shimmy," which shows belly dance moves. You can do it alone in front of your TV and who will know? We won't tell..

Funny, the 50's and any birthday's previous didn't bother me at all. But when I turned 60, I was totally incredulous. Doesn't help that everyone in my family doesn't make it much past 65! But I am taking better care of myself than they did. I hope...

Comment #91


- yes, Fancy Grace is just as obnoxious, and I have to force myself to watch the real thing to get into character!.

But hopefully it'll pull in some laughs... and keep the kids (and possibly adults) entertained. Or maybe that'll be reversed - keep the adults (and possibly the kids) entertained!..

Comment #92

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.