Website database help! Does anyone know anything about 's SQL servers ?

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First of all Website database help! Does anyone know anything about 's SQL servers ? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Well I have tried this is impossible to install I give you after a week of trying. Does anyone know were I can get a real shopping cart?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could answer your iPage question..

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Ok my iPage hosting company supports all the stuff that this thing needs, so I goto install it I upload it to the right spot, goto the install (because I'm not upgrading). I clicked Import Database, and Auto config. I type in the database info that my iPage hosting company gave me I have clicked persistent connection on and off and files and distrubtion and everytime I do it I get an error:.

Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2).

I have tried every comination of everyhting and it won't work, I am passed stress for trying to do this the whole week it just wont work. If anyone can help that would be aprecaited, I would give you something if I could, but well you get the point on how desperate I am...

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Post the link (and if you know how to change your db password, the password and other details). We'll see if we can install it live from here..

If it installs then you can change the db password...

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Post a link to what?.



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That should work although you'd be better off with an actual resolved iPage domain name.. resolves to

Do you want to post the db username, db name and db password? Is the db server localhost?..

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Well it is but it changes it to a IP to that.....

I don't really want to post the pass becase it could be used ofr other things and don't want to risk that.... but I also really need help. But after I type in that stuff is when I get the error.

Database Server: localhost.

Database Username: root.

Pass: *********.

Database name: (don't I just put anyhting into here?).

Persistent Connection:.

Session Storage: []file []database..

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Make sure that you have created a database... You must put your database name there.. Whatever you named it when you set it up... Remeber everything is case sensitive!..

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Check your iPage hosting control panel it should show the databse name..

Are you sure your db username is root? Are you the only one on that server?..

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How do I create a database?.

Don't know were that control panel is.

And ya thats what they sent me, and I am the only one on the server to my understanings, unless you count the other 4 webpages I can make with my plan..

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Trust me, if you've got a plan which allows you "4 other webpages" you don't have the server all to yourself..

It's a little unusual to be the root user on a shared server and it certainly sounds like your're on one...

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So I cant use the cart? then why do they offer one?.

O jeez I'm confused to hell and back..

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I'm puzzled as well. What kind of plan did you get? It sounds really limited..

The whois shows the host as being but it looks like a Verio reseller...

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Thats my iPage hosting company, hope that helps....

And my plan.

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That's more like it. You can run the store on that. You could run six..

Here ya go. Read all about how to find your database details: xxxxxxxxxx.

(I don't understand why.


Flips to.


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If you're still stuck after reading that (it looks like all you need is the db server name) PM me. Default user.


Root which is kinda rare on a shared server but who cares...

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Thank you for that I will look into it, geat help buy the way...

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Hay, looks like you're running into some problem, I'll try to help you out here, first of all, you should grab a copy of the installation instruction at :.


Then, you need to log into your website's control panel which may look something simular to this :.

Now go to the database section which may be something like : "MySQLServer" or anything related. Dig through it and try to find your SQL Database. If you have one already, great, if not, creat one..

While you're here, you need to make sure the user name you've created has full access to your database account. Usually if you just create one with the database, you do not have the full access, you need to go edit that user and enable it to full access..

Also, you can look for a link to "SSL" in your control panel here and tell them to generate you a temporary certificate if you want to use the SSL function with your site..

When you're done with that, you're ready to run the installation..

From what you've posted earlier, the information you've enter is not correct if that's what's exactly what you've enter, it should look something like this :.

Database Server :

User Name : site_jonny (if that's what you set your DB's user name to).

Password : 12345.

Database Name : site_data (what ever you call your database).

Well, the other stuff I think it's pretty much straight forward, you can fill it in yourself. Make sure you read the installation instruction, there are a couple of file you need to set and reset permissions on during and after installation using your FTP Program..

If you run into error at the end of the installation, most likely you need to reset the permission on that file such as the "configure.php".

What you do is using your FTP program, go to the file that's having problem, select it and right click on it. Then you use the "chmod" or "change permissions" option to do so..

I think this should help...

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Thank you everyone I got it working.

Now is there an instruction manual on how to play with it?.

Also is there a way to make drop down menus for say... I have a candle and you pick colors? (e.g. red, blue, yellow, white).

If I have more questions I will ask and again THANK YOU ALL.

I love the layout of the cart I hope we get cusotmers soon I could use the 20% of the sales..

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