Weight Watchers, Curves, Medifast, Nutrisystem, Nutrisystem, etc?

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Question I have... Weight Watchers, Curves, Medifast, Nutrisystem, Nutrisystem, etc? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question of mine... I saw this in another post (Quiet, Too Quiet) and thought I would start a new thread on this. Especially since Poly is making me start a new thread this week for the Biggest Loser Challenge!.

I am a huge believer in daily weighing. My reasons start six years ago. Back then I lost something like 60-65 pounds. I did this with exercise, eating right, drinking more water and weighing myself daily. Sounds pretty familar to what we are doing now doesn't it..

Even then there were a lot of folks telling me to only weigh once a week or even once a month. Because the weight changes would dicourage me. But I weighed myself each morning, but I only ever counted my Monday morning weight as my offical weight and whenever anyone asked how much I have lost I would only quote the Monday morning weight..

For me it is how I daily rededicate myself to my weight loss goal. If I am up, I try to run through the previous day - Did I drink the water?, Did I cheat?, Did I exercise? If I did not stick to the program I rededicate myself to getting back on track. If I did stay on the program, then I refocused on staying true and made certain that I did not stray from the program to be certain to give myself another chance to get the needle to move down again..

My previous downfall came when I came down with the flu. I stopped eating right when I had the flu. I went with the comfort food and stopped exercising. A week of comfort food became a month. The pants became tight and I knew that I was gaoing but I did not want to weight myself. That month became a summer of burgers and beers.

Five years later I was within 5 pounds of where I started..

Now, I weigh myself every morning. For me I want to make it a life long habit. Just like drinking 1/2 oz for each pound I weigh of water everyday..

I am getting close to my goal weight. I have not figured out my maintenance program yet. But I know that it will include at least three things - Daily water intake, daily exercise and daily weigh ins. Lately, there have been a few returns to the Men's Room. I bet that if guys examined where things turned for them, they will point to a period when their weigh ins stopped...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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I'm definitely a believer in daily weigh-ins. I've gotten to where I can judge by my nightly weigh-in what I'll weigh in the morning. I'm always 1.2-1.5lbs lighter in the AM then in the previous evening, so I guess that makes me a twice a day weigher!.

My wife is a firm believer in the once per week method, and I understand the merits. But for me, I find the constant monitoring to be very motivational...

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It just seems sort of evasive to be so "woried about getting discouraged". Think looking things in the eye is better...

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Great thread, Rick. Exactly what I was hoping for. People teeing things up...

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I like weighing in daily also. I have tried to pass the scale up but always come back...

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Ya, it's a good way to work it. Is definately true you can have daily fluctuations that aren't really real... and that give me a few WTF moments until I got used to only judging myself by the Sunday morning numbers..

But I think the daily weighing is an important habit anyways, just to build the discipline. I've only allowed myself 3 cheats total since I started (one piece of cake on my birthday, thanksgiving dinner, one Bud Light at company xmas party), and was still mostly good at each one. Because in the back of my head I knew I was going to be hoping for a bit more progress looking at the scale the very next morning...

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Matt, this is a bit OT, but have you tried the new Bud Select 55? It's not bad, and only 55 calories, and 1.7 gm of carbs, IIRC. It also has less alcohol, which is both good and bad, depending on your mood....

I had 2 on Thanksgiving, and found they satisfied my "need" to be part of the party. I'll likely do the same later this week...

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I have. It's a pretty good beer, kinda wished they'd had it at the party..

Granted, it's not exactly a belgian white beer, or a hefe-weizen, or a scotch ale, or an irish stout. (Yea no mystery where some of that weight came from <sheepish grin>) But the Bud Select 55 is a quality low-cal beer...

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Me too. Daily weights - Weekly recorded weight. BTW - IMO, Thursday's are better "official" days than Mondays..

Seeing all the guys who have returned is motiviational to me too. Thanks..

I'm halfway to my Goal 2 - Maintaining under 200 for 1 year - and I intend to make it!!.


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Weighing daily drives me nuts - I fluctuate 5 lbs or more sometimes - no idea why. maybe I need a better scale...anyhow, I weigh 1x a week. I know if I am not on I will not lose and if I am on sometimes it still wont show - sorta like watching your stocks daily - it's not a short term deal, it's a long term investment...watching my stocks daily would drive me nuts as well......

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I've seen this subject discussed a few times before here. It seems that this issue usually end up at about 50/50. My wife and I were also daily weighers while we were on program. Now I weigh 2-3 times a week just to keep me in the zone. That doesn't mean that it works for everyone but it certainly worked for us...

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If you weigh every day in morning, stripped after a leak before will not be too maddening. There is some variation from defecation, but if you are regularly eating similar, low-fat, low-sodium food (not alcohol or sausage stuffing), your variations will settle down..

It will actually teach you a lot. Just like the stocks, you will learn to see how much the daily chatter is versus the long term trend. Thing being aware of that will help you..

I think your bigger issue is intermittent days of cheating and also the starve in the morning to allow off plan in the evening. Those are bad behaviors. That's not the scale's fault! If anything, avoiding the scale is a behavior that facilitates the cheating. A little more stick from the daily scale might encourage you to stop those behaviours. I bet you are misbehaving early in the week and then trying to recover later in the week. It is a danger of weekly weighing that it promotes that behaviour..

You should be blowing this program away like you were at the beginning of the journey. I want to see the old bobm with the rocking loss rate. There's no reason (other than cheating) for a healthy, non-elderly man not to have a kicking loss rate. Old ladies...sure...they may have to deal with the 1 pound per week. But not you, bob...

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Could be exactly that. When I first started I had an old scale half buried in dust that I never used. Oldstyle spring based bathroom scale, went up to 300, but um, since I was...heavier... than that, the needle swung around for the rest..

Used that one for the first couple weeks and it varied a LOT. I mean I'd get a reading of 317 and then 30 seconds later, didn't eat anything, didn't take a shower, carefully kept my feet in the same relative posistion on the scale... it would shoot up to 320. Another 30 seconds later I'd take a third reading and it would drop to 315. Drove me nuts. Everytime I got a good reading I'd wonder if it was "real" or not.

The scale was only rated to 300 lbs. I was a good bit more than that. I basically overloaded the spring to the point where it didn't really work anymore, I think. Or maybe it was just a craptastic product. Either way, I couldn't trust it..

Bought a new scale that day, rated up to 450 lbs. Digital scale, operates by strain gauges attached to safety glass, measures the flexure of the glass to calculate your weight, no springs of any kind. I still take 3 readings every day, but each reading is now within 0.4 lbs of the last...

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Couldn't agree more about getting a good scale, since it is the base measure most of us use!.

I started with an old spring based scale which was very sensitive to where I had my feet positioned and how I was standing (I could lose 10 pounds by leaning backwards.

). Getting a digital scale that also track previous weights really help (it also accounted for the one blip on my chart when I transitioned to the new scale)..

I agree with the idea of developing the habit of weighting yourself. It makes you accountable for your decisions..


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Ok, I am going to get a scale and try it again.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.