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First of all Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Curves, What Really Works? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another quick question... We have the Jets trash talking the Patriots all week which will do nothing but fire up Brady. I look for a 14+ point win for the Pats this week. They have not lost at Giants Stadium since 2000..

My boys the Giants are going to Dallas to face the Cowboys at "Jerrah's World", the multi-billion dollar monstrosity he built. I wish I had a good feeling about the Giants winning in Big D but I do not. I think Dallas takes this one..

Any predictions for games this week? College or pro...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Jets/Giants all the way - no doubt..

I think the Jets can take NE - as long as the D keeps the passing game under cointrol, the line can hold the ground game most of the time = of course you know what they say about opinions..

Comment #2

Cutler pulls his head out, Forte gets the touches he needs, the D rallies around Hunter and takes it to the Steelers.......of course if it is a close game there is no telling what the hell the long snapper for the Bears will do, he might hike it to the other team this time (dumb ass!!)..

Bears 23.

Steelers 20.

Bear Down Chicago!..

Comment #3


New Orleans @ Philly.

Looks like an interesting matchup. New Orleans high scoring offense and Philly's defense flying around should make for an awesome game..

With McNab doubtfull, I'll take.

New Orleans.

In this one..


NY @ Dallas.

This one is always a great game and on the surface one would think Dallas has the advantage, however, I like the.


To win this one. I think their pass rush will have Romo shaking in his boots..

3. My homer pick....

Seattle @ SF.

...I like what Singletary has done with this team, they seem to be tougher and more disciplined. It is an important divisional game so it's going to be a close one, but I have to pick the.


By a field goal..

As far ast he Jets vs. Brady goes....I'm just tired of hearing about Tom Brady all the time. Look...he's good I get it, but the NFL doesn't need to force feed him like they do. He doesn't walk on water and I haven't heard that he can heal the terminally sick yet. IMHO..

Comment #4

I also love the Niners this week Ron. Singletary has really changed the attitude of the team...

Comment #5

There ain't no way the Steelers are losing to the Bears this week. Sorry Bear dude..

Colts over the Fins (though I'm worried, for sure)..

Comment #6

Steelers were lucky as hell Bironas missed 2 FG's or else Tennessee would have won. I like the Bears in an upset...

Comment #7

It would be nice if 9'ers could have a good one. Been a drought over here. Last week's game was nice...but not a solid...

Comment #8

9ers kicked their ass! Yes the 9ers will win the division!!..

Comment #9

What a game! I can't even talk right now! sit down brady! J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets! q great game to attend....

And I did cheat a little but I kept away from the carbs...rum and diet coke - and bacon vodka with bloody mary mix - yummo.

Seriously tho, I think it was a wash - some bbq shrimp and clams and a lamb chop or two - we'll see tomorrow tho when I weigh in..

Comment #10

Just back from a day at the Soccer fields....DA BEARS !!!!!!..

Comment #11

It was a hell of a close game today, but man am I glad to see the Ravens come out on top vs the Chargers...

Comment #12

Scotland FTW to spoil the Cowboys' new building opener! (Lawrence Tynes is the only player in the NFL to have been born in Scotland.) I am a Titans fan, not a Giants fan, but man...I can't STAND the Cowboys..


Comment #13

Any team that plays against the Raiders, Broncos, Giants, Patriots is my team for the week....

Go Chargers!...LT needs to "nut it up" and run tough...The defense needs to recover after some tough injuries.....

Comment #14

Not bad...3 for 3, and even got a little jinx in on the Patriots...

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