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Question I have... Weight watchers, nutrisystem, LA Weight loss, Nutrisystem which one works? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question I got... Ok, so overall I think I did well today. But I ran into an issue... First, my work schedule for Mon - Fri is 5pm to 1am.

So this pushes my breakfast out. Then today, I hadn't planned on really starting so I didn't have stuff for add ins, so I wound up only eating half my breakfast, then eating the other half an hour or so later..

Lunch was of course later, and I wound up skipping the snack between lunch and dinner thinking I'd have it as a late night snack with the other snack... Well that would have been fine (and more like my normal eating when I start munching at the end of my shift), but I went to eat dinner at 7:30pm, and man... I was so stuffed (I'm still stuffed as I type this and will be heading to bed very shortly) from dinner that I couldn't bring myself to eat my desserts (oh wow... I can't believe I even typed that. I'm a HUGE dessert / snack person)..

I'll see how this plays out next week, and may call a counselor about this, but I think I'm going to have to move my dinner to lunch, and then eat my lunch later (I really don't want to feel this full again this late at night when I go to bed). I also realize some of this is my body getting used to the major change I put it through today (but I'm floored at how full I am still. My wife and daughter were eating pizza tonight and I had no interest in it as I'm satisfied (can't say I was ever satisfied when eating the normal junk I ate)..

So any thoughts or comments from you pros at this? Is swapping Lunch for dinner something that can be done? May also need to go easier on my salad serving... LOL..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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I know what you mean. I had 1500 calories today and I was thinking to myself thats one sit in at wendys which used to be a regular occurance to me. Good luck to you...

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Hey mfrazz - Way to go! Coming in at 1400 cals is right on for guys with less than 100 to lose! I see you've got about 100, so try to get it all in if you can. Having a day UNDER calorie (first day, no less!) is nothing to actively worry about, but there is a method to the system that could make trouble for you long term. Practice getting it all in religiously. No problem shifting times/meals around to fit your schedule..

Even though I've been doing this for over a year, I'm still amazed at how satisfying these lilttle Nutrisystem entre's are. That's the Nutrisystem magic..


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You will get used to the calorie intake in a week or so. Make sure you drink plenty of water. I like to bang down a galss before I eat any meal because it makes me feel more satisfied once I finish the portion..

Swapping dinner and lunch is not a problem within the Nutrisystem plan, you have to adapt this new eating lifestyle to your schedule. Stay positive and keep up the good work...

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I asked the same question about meal swapping a while back and got the same answers. I, too, have trouble getting in all the calories for various reasons, not the least of which is I an not hungery..

Gordon, you wrote: "...but there is a method to the system that could make trouble for you long term". What problems are you talking abour?.


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Thanks guys. And Gordon, I have 160+ to lose, so yeah, I don't want to be too low on cals. Good to know on swapping meals..

As for the trouble I think Gordon was referring to was if you don't get enough calories, your body will go into starvation mode (you'll start losing muscle and not burning fat as it tries to "save" itself)..

Thanks again guys! This forum is great!..

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Yeah - that's it. Nutrisystem is designed on averages. Some lose easier than others - iow, since there is a large variation between individuals and we're all on the same basic calorie uptake, some folks' calorie deficit is greater than others. What this means is that if you're a "fast" loser, you're already at the low end of calories. It has been reported, and I've personally experienced, that if you go too low for a period of time, your metabolism will actually slow and reduce your loss rate..

I'm not going to even try to explain this. Every explanation I've heard either uses circular logic or nutri-babble. It makes no sense to the engineer in me as it seems to violate the Change in Weight=calories IN - colories OUT principle..

Anyway, this is kinda the esoteric stuff that you really don't have to worry about until it happens. Going short on calories probably won't hurt you, but could set you up for a binge later. That's the biggest threat to you now. If you let the Hungries get a grip, you're in trouble!.

You won't know about how it really affects your loss rate until you've got a good baseline on yourself after a couple months..

The ONLY way to go for newbies is to stick as close to the program as written before trying to second-guess it. You won't really have a decent baseline of experience for a couple months, and then only if you're really the analytical sort who can seperate the noise and wishful thinking from the data in this weight loss thing..


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When I first started Mike I had trouble getting all the food in also. It was the five little meals as opposed the three big ones that messed me up. Now, it is easy!..

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