Weight watchers or Nutrisystem whats better and why?

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Question I have... Weight watchers or Nutrisystem whats better and why? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question... Hi All,.

I figured if I'm going to do this then I need to open up and do it all the way, including the discussion boards... My name's Gene and I'm about to finish my third day on this lovely program. Today was a rough day... didn't cheat but body is still craving the big portions... I'm sure it's going to take a while for that to go away. My goal is to loose 50 lbs.

But as I'm thinking about it, I would probably need to loose another 30 to be medically considered healthy. so 80 is the goal... actually no, keeping 80 lbs off is my goal......

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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Welcome Smitty! Congrats on your decisions to man-up the last few days - that's what it's all about!.

Keep us posted on your progress!..

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Welcome Gene! Stick with it, hang around here. It really does work and it does get easier as you fall into the rythm of the program. The portion sizes are real shockers at first..


Comment #3

Welcome, listen to Tom above, as you can see, he has this thing figured out..

I too don't worry too much about the salad veggies quantity. It hasn't impacted my ability to lose weight and helps to fill up a little more..

Just make sure to drink the water and follow the plan...

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Smitty - welcome, and congratulations on starting your journey with a clear goal..

The guys in this community have been invaluable to me with their support and assistance. Many success stories among the group here, and lots of tough love. I lurked long before I spoke up. I admire your diving in from the beginning..

Enjoy the ride my friend. Before you know it, you'll be at maintenance..

If you stick to the program, and do even a little exercise (a 20 min walk at least) works..

Good luck, and welcome aboard!..

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Welcome aboard, Smitty. It took me a couple of weeks to get used to the "small" portions. I now realize that they are normal sized portions. I was just used to the super sized world I was living in. It gets easier. Hang on and keep going...

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Thanks all... Yeah.. the portions are going to take time getting used to. Luckily the food is tasty, and I had no shame when my wife caught me licking the meal dish... I wanted every crumb, every calorie... I always ate slow, but now my bite sizes unconsciously got dramatically smaller which is funny to me..

Oh almost forgot, Yes, I had to increase my spinach and brocoli intake for dinner already, but it was cool because both days my daily calorie count was under 1000, which easily was a meal for me before.....

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Just to confess with Tom, I do not measure my salads or Veggy's either. Oh and I Never eat 1/2 a banana. I think that is a crime against the fruit world. 1/2 a banana, why?..

Comment #8

+1 That's a great line! "Crime against the fruit world" LOL.


Comment #9

Welcome Smitty,.

Come on in and make yourself at home. Sounds like your committed to the plan, so just follow it 100% and great things will happen for you...

Comment #10

Welcome Smitty!.

I've never measured my veggies either. I have yet to see someone that got fat eating vegetables. Not only that, but you would have to eat a boat load to get into serious calories...

Comment #11

Did you mean under 1500 both days or really under 1000?.

Under 1000 is way too few calories for the average guy per day. The program is designed for 15000 (up to 1800 if you have more than 100lbs to lose) to keep us healthy and to keep your body from going into starvation mode and actually storing fat rather than losing it..

Welcome to the program, I can testify that it works if you follow the plan and drink the water. Actually more than the recommeded water. All those trips to the bathroom really help you slim down..

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The Veggies seems to be the trick... The one thing I really like about this program compared to other programs I've been on over the years is right now I'm not craving anything.. Except more food.


Anyway to incorporate fish into the program or should I just stick with the program for the first 28 days, then start experimenting?.

Baked of course.....

Comment #13

Smitty - I'm just a week and a half ahead of you so still new to this as well. It gets easier after the first week, although I'm just starting the notorius 3rd week so I'm looking for extra encouragement this week.

Rarely do I feel hungry on this plan. If I do I can look back during the day and see I missed a fruit or veggie serving here or there. When I eat ALL of the food (and still at or around 1500 calories) I'm not hungry. And get the water going early in the day. That helps the hunger too...

Comment #14

Smitty, I would suggest you don't go off the reservation for at least 60 days. You are building new habits and it takes a while to ingrain them. After you have it down pat, get a low fat or low Glycemic Index cook book and then experiment 1 or at most 2 days a week for dinner. I have a great fish recipe from an old Nutrisystem cookbook that uses flounder rolled around crab meat, shrimp and a few bread crumbs made from Low GI bread (I use sourdough). Best of luck to you my Friend. Stick to the program, it works...

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Welcome to the program Smitty. Lots of good advice from all these folks. Keep at it and it works...

Comment #16

Hey Smitty!.

Welcome to the program and to the boards. Stick with it and you'll soon see that it does get easier..

Also, You stated that your looking to lose 80 lbs. I think you need to up your cal intake to approx. 1400-1500 cals. I'm trying to lose around the same amount of weight as you and I've been hovering around 1450-1550 cal a day since starting the program and I've lost 33lbs so far..

1000cals is way too low for guys like us..

It's a fine balance between feeding your body and not making it go into "starvation mode" by not feeding it enough..

Lots of water and a little exercise will help. Even walking around the block a few times will help alot..

Don't forget to post here often, especially when you feel like your slipping. There's a solid support system here and we will definitely kick your a$$ back on track when needed!!.

Stay strong brother!!.


Comment #17

Welcome Smitty - this works and rocks. Use the program - read the boards - keep going!..

Comment #18

When a cup of leafy green salad is only like 5 calories... is it really worth measuring? And how do you measure a cup of salad anyway huh?..

Comment #19

I told my wife I was starving myself... she just laughed at me. she's trying to get my life insurance... 1000 calories just seemed too small. hmm. I added an apple for lunch, and veggies for dinner, was still under 1000.

Add a salad to lunch... not a fan of yogurt but I could use the dairy....

Thanks for keeping me on the right track guys......

Comment #20

When the yogurt gets me down, I reach for the greatness that is lite string cheese.....put that with a piece of fruit, and all is good..

If you're looking for non - yogurt protein/dairy....give it a shot...

Comment #21

At 1000 cals, it sounds like you're not eating everything the plan suggests, just the Nutrisystem foods. Make sure you follow the meal planner and record your food there or on this site. Here's what you should be eating:.


NS Breakfast.

Protein / Dairy.




Protein / Dairy.



NS Lunch.

Salad (if desired).

Afternoon Snack:.

NS Snack.


NS Dinner Entre.


Fruit or Salad.

Fat (PB is my fav).



NS Snack Item.

The choices aren't either or, they are ALL..

Comment #22

String cheese... That's cool, and filling for a snack thanks for the suggestion...

Comment #23

Yes love the planner... You're right though... I'm just starting to incorporate other foods the plan suggests... I knew eating 2 oz servings more than my 2 yr old Son wasn't correct... Thanks...

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